Best Massage Gun Brands

Best Massage Gun Brands of 2024 – These Brands You Can Rely On

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What are the best massage gun brands these days? This article will explore that question. We’ll explain the reasoning behind our recommendations and highlight which brands to avoid.

How do we know what we’re about to share? We don’t just say “trust me, bro.” You can rely on the information we provide. Here’s why:

  • We do hands-on reviews of different products. To date, we’ve completed over 70 massage gun reviews. We provide transparent review criteria.
  • We’ve been doing this for over 2 years, gathering extensive information about various massage gun brands.
  • We verify specifications ourselves to ensure manufacturers do not misrepresent or exaggerate their product specs. We use accurate tools for these measurements.
  • We pit different devices head-to-head to compare their specs.

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Best Massage Gun Brands – Our Top 5

Ekrin Athletics

ekrin athletics massage gun brand

Key Facts

  • US-based brand
  • Lifetime Warranty & customer-first policy
  • 4 massage guns for every type of person
  • Awesome quality to price ratio

Ekrin is our number one best massage gun brand of the year, and for a number of reasons. We’ve loved what they do since we first interacted with Ekrin Athletics.

They are an American brand that has sold hundreds of thousands of devices to its customers. They are a genuine brand and very good at what they do.

They also focus only on massage guns. We know many brands that started with massage guns and then moved on to other things – not so for Ekrin.

Even though they’ve enjoyed great success since launching their first product, they have remained humble and caring. The founders are involved in running affairs and helped to keep the standards high.

Ekrin Athletics massage gun lineup 2021
Ekrin Athletics’ massage guns, from left to right: Bantam, 365, B37, and B37S.

Ekrin is also one of just two brands that offer a lifetime warranty for their devices – the other being Lifepro. They have a working customer-first policy; if you want to return a device for any reason, the process is fast and easy (we checked).

We also love the quality of their devices. The batteries especially last a while. They are Samsung branded and not the cheap quality we often see with devices from other brands.

ekrin logo sticker
The Ekrin-branded sticker that comes included with a massage gun. They care about their brand.

Ekrin Athletics Massage Guns

Ekrin has 4 guns in their portfolio. All these guns look very similar (the design language) but work differently.

They include:

Ekrin B37

It’s Ekrin’s very first massage gun. We are not the only ones who loved it; many other sites voted it the best value massage gun as well.

It’s cheaper than Hypervolts and Theraguns but offers similar, if not better performance than those devices.

It’s a powerful gun that’s true to its specs. It’s good for athletes and can help manage health issues like back pain, sciatica, or piriformis problems.

Read More Our hands-on Ekrin B37 Review

Ekrin B37S

It’s Ekrin’s top device and the most advanced of them all. It’s also the most powerful Ekrin device, with more power on lower speeds.

It’s also pampered with more features compared to its counterparts. For instance, it’s the only one with a pressure sensor, dynamic speed modes, twist-to-lock mode for attachments, and more.

It’s the go-to Ekrin for bodybuilders and those who want a robust device with Theragun-like features.

Read More Our hands-on Ekrin B37S review.

Ekrin 365

This is an excellent entry-level device but with more power than usual.

It’s highly ergonomic, weighs a feather, and comes with a thinner but longer handle.

It’s the go-to device for women, elderly folks, and those with small hands.

It’s very fairly priced but also very well equipped.

Read More Our hands-on Ekrin 365 review.

Ekrin Bantam

We have voted it the best mini massage gun in many of our posts – it’s a hill we are willing to die on unless something better comes up.

It’s extra tiny, ultra-light, but pretty strong – we know many full-sized guns that are weaker than the Bantam.

We’ve taken it on numerous tests outdoors – it’s a great travel buddy.

Read More Our full Ekrin Bantam review.

INTERESTED? You can use the MGA20 promo code, to get 20% OFF the price of any Ekrin device. Save up to $66 by buying at Ekrin’s official website.

Fun Fact

Even horses love getting massaged with Ekrin devices – like a happy horse Tucker, pictured.

The customer reviews section is full of photos and testimonials from actual customers (and their beloved animals).

B37 equine massage gun on horse


Therabody Massage Gun Brand

Key Facts

  • Innovative, disruptive brand
  • High-amplitude, punchy devices
  • Great ergonomics
  • Expensive, but often worth it

Good old Theragun still has a huge hold on the percussive massagers industry. Without them, we probably wouldn’t have these devices or even percussive therapy, to be honest.

We say Theragun because, until recently, that is how they identified before they rebranded to Therabody and expanded their range of athletic recovery and wellness products.

They were among the first in the percussive therapy industry, alongside Hypervolt, their main rival. However, Theragun proved to be more forward-looking than its competitor, releasing five generations of their massage guns. The 5th generation was unveiled in late 2022, and now they’re rolling out the 6th one.

What can we say about Theraguns?

Theraguns are great at what they do. All devices have a high amplitude and are quite punchy and penetrative. They are also well-equipped with numerous accessories.

However, they cost a pretty penny. Unless you really want a Theragun, you might want to check out alternatives that cost way less but still offer similar or even better features.

Since the third generation Theraguns, we haven’t seen them offer something truly unique. Other brands caught up with them (Achedaway is a good example) and even worked out the features that Theragun struggled with. i.e., noise.

However, Theraguns still have things that other brands don’t. For instance, they patented the triangular shape and sued brands that infringed on this patent.

They also have Bluetooth connectivity for some of their devices. The devices can work with a Therabody app with this connection. However, we think it’s not a must-have feature for a device. It’s awesome for beginners if you can’t learn how to massage from their YouTube videos

Want Theragun but Don’t Know Which One?

There are currently seven Theragun models. Read our Theragun comparison article to learn about the differences, or check out our hands-on reviews for details.

TIP Planning to buy? Use the X8YZF10 code to save $10 when buying at


Achedaway Massage Gun Brand

Key Facts

  • Genuine, High-amplitude alternative to Theragun
  • Very quiet
  • Great attachments
  • Reasonably priced

Achedaway is a trusted American-Chinese brand that sells recovery products. They feature here as the number 2 brand for two main reasons:

Reason 1

They were the first to introduce a reasonably priced alternative to the most expensive guns – the Achedaway A3. The device still sells today, and we have an early unit that still works like new.

However, they became even more famous when they introduced Achedaway Pro to a market starving for a cheaper Theragun Pro alternative.

The Achedaway Pro features a 16mm amplitude that is rare with cheaper guns (amplitude is the distance the massage gun head travels as it percusses).

The Pro is also strong with a stall force (the pressure a device can withstand) similar to Theragun Pro.

Reason 2

The second reason we fell in love with Achedaway is that it’s a really hushed gun.

While most high-amplitude devices tend to rattle and annoy, the Achedaway Pro is amazingly quiet – we checked.

Thanks to it, everyone could point out the flaw in Theraguns – high-amplitude guns can actually be quiet. 

achedaway pro noise measurement

Apart from the two reasons, Achedaway equips their massage guns well. They come with great attachments, including metallic ones and semi-soft half-ball attachments (all about attachments in this guide).

Even though they only sell two massage guns, they always try to be innovative and disturb the usual norm of massage guns.

For instance, they recently introduced a cupping device that we reviewed a while back – it was pretty innovative. We are also aware that they are working on more solutions even now.

Want to buy it? Use the MGA60 code to get $60 OFF at the Achedaway official store here.

Read More Our hands-on Achedaway Pro review.

Bob and Brad

Bob And Brad Massage Gun Brand

Key Facts

  • Variety of devices to choose from
  • Great quality
  • Reasonably priced

Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck made a name for their brand on YouTube with their educational channel. They have launched a number of products, including massage guns, that they sell primarily on Amazon.

Their devices are known for being quiet and somewhat decent, but their latest D6 Pro (a Theragun-like massage gun), and the new-for-2024 Air 2 Mini massager have been some of the best we’ve seen in a while.

We also liked their mini Q2 model, as well as the X6 Pro and T2.


Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun Brand

Key Facts

  • US-based brand
  • Premium brand, NBA/NFL sponsors
  • Wide range of devices beyond massage guns
  • Expensive, so-so value

We like to give credit where it’s due, and Hyperice deserves a shout from us. We often put them in the same category as Therabody – they are direct competitors.

Hyperice runs a marketing campaign focusing on athletes’ recovery. Indeed there are many pro athletes who praise these devices. They are the NBA players, MLS, and NFL players. They all praise the effectiveness of Hypervolts. 

Hypervolt Line-up

Today Hyperice offers plenty of products other than massage guns, but Hypervolt percussion massagers remain an essential part of their repertoire.

In 2022, they retired the early models (Hypervolt 1, Hypervolt Plus, and Hypervolt Go) and introduced a new generation of devices to replace them.

They include Hypervolt 2, Hypervolt 2 Pro, and the Go 2.

Are Hypervolts good devices?

Yes, they are, but we their new full-sized devices aren’t as powerful as the older models.

Are they worth the money?

We have our doubts. Hypervolts are costly even though they don’t offer anything truly unique anymore. We know many devices that perform better, feel better to touch, and cost way less. All the devices from the brands above have better value for money.

Nevertheless, Hyperice remains a great brand. We are certain they will develop new ideas to spruce up their massage guns and make Hypervolts super-impressive yet again!

Best Of The Rest – Three Runner Up Brands

Here are our three favorite runner-up massage gun brands..


Opove Massage Gun Brand

Key Facts

  • Affordable but high quality
  • Modern technology
  • Reasonably powerful
  • Very quiet

Opove is among the early players. They are best known for making early Hypervolt clones that they sold for half the price of real Hypervolts.

However, they turned from the norm when they produced the Opove Apex – a high-amplitude, unique looking massage gun.

Opove Apex

We believe the Apex is the best value, high-amplitude massage gun.

The stroke length is 14.5mm, so it gives exactly the same punch as pricey Hypervolt 2 Pro, but has better ergonomics, attachments, and a carrying case.

It only costs $159 at Opove’s official website.

Read More Our hands-on Opove Apex review.

Opove M3 Pro

They also recently unveiled the redesigned 2022 version of their flagship gun, Opove M3 Pro.

It looks very more classic – it’s T-shaped, very quiet, and performs quite well.

It is a middle-amplitude device (12mm) but percusses faster than the Apex.

It’s also one of the better value guns and costs just $119. Buy it directly from Opove here.

FACT It made it to our best massage guns list.


Lifepro Massage Gun Brand

Key Facts

  • US-based brand
  • Lifetime Warranty and customer-first policy
  • Many devices to choose from
  • Reasonably priced

Lifepro, just like Ekrin Athletics, is an American brand. However, unlike Ekrin, they don’t just sell massage guns; they sell a host of other fitness products.

At one point, they dominated the massage gun market (at least in terms of the number of different models; they had 15 models). But they trimmed down the number of models and only kept the best-selling ones.

Lifepro Massage Guns

Among those they held on to include the early days’ bestsellers, Sonic and Sonic Pro. Both guns may be outdated by today’s standards, but they are still solid guns.

Their new devices include the Sonic LX, DynaFlex, and Dyna mini models.

Like Ekrin, they also offer a lifetime warranty for all their massage guns. Apart from these two brands, nobody else offers a lifetime warranty for their massage guns.

You can use the code MGA10 to get a 10% discount on all their devices.

Read More Browse our Lifepro massage gun reviews to find out more. 


Urikar Massage Gun Brand

Key Facts

  • Many devices to choose from
  • Heated option available
  • Reasonably priced

Urikar sells very affordable but basic massage guns. However, we have yet to see another brand offering a solid sub-$100 heated massage gun (with the URIKAR200 code – gives a massive 40% off).

Urikar’s Pro 2 model is the best Urikar by far, we voted it the best heated massage gun. Don’t expect it be one of the most powerful massage guns, but it is a good budget device.

Read our full Urikar Pro 2 review for more details.

urikar pro 2 massage gun in hand
Urikar Pro 2.

Other Good Massage Gun Brands


Taotronics Massage Gun Brand

The only brand with under $50 massage guns that we can actually stand behind. Though relatively basic, they feel like +$100 massage guns. The product quality is surprisingly high, and they the job done quite well.

Both models are worth the money, but it’s this TT-PCA004 device which we voted the best budget massage gun. Read our hands-on reviews:

taotronics massagers tt-pca003 vs tt-pca004
Taotronics TT-PCA004 and TT-PCA003.


Recoverfun Massage Gun Brand

They are a small but well-established brand that, in some ways, resembles Achedaway.

We like their Recoverfun Plus gun – it’s powerful and heavy-duty. Their mini massage gun is tiny but decent.


Sportneer Massage Gun Brand

They also appeared early in the market, and we have included their products in our “best of” titles. We loved their D9 gun the most – it’s quiet, stylishly done and reasonably priced.

Read More Check the Sportneer Elite D9 review here.

sportneer Elite D9 ergonomics
Sportneer D9 Elite.


Renpho Massage Gun Brand

They are a reputable brand known for producing affordable entry-level devices. The guns aren’t as strong as our top options, but they are good enough for beginners.

Check out our Renpho R3 review here or visit Renpho’s store to view all the models.

renpho r3 mini massage gun
Renpho R3 Active.


(UK and Europe)

Recovapro Massage Gun Brand

They are the Therabody of the UK, so to speak. They are a reputable company that even has demo stores in a few places in the UK.

We love their two full-sized devices: Recovapro SE and Recovapro MAX. The mini version, not so much!

recovapro se and recovapro max side by side
RecovaPro SE and MAX.


(UK and Europe)

Pulseroll Massage Gun Brand

This is another leading brand in the UK. They sponsor sports clubs and celebrities.

They have a decent line of devices that include: Pulseroll Pro and Pulseroll Mini. We love their mini massage gun.


Homedics Massage Gun Brand

Homedics deals with various health products. They introduced unique features in massage guns, including a hot and cold feature for their DuoTemp device. We also like their affordable models – they are solid enough.

Any One To Avoid?

The brands we’ve listed so far are 100% okay and legit. However, you need to be aware of brands you should avoid. We will not give specific names here lest we appear judgmental.

Nevertheless, we will tell you how to figure them out. Here are some tips:

Clue #1

Brands that don’t control the design process – These brands only do dropshipping. They have no control over the device and are not involved in the designing process. They sell what other brands sell but with different names.

You can spot these brands by:

  • Finding out whether they sell identical devices using different logos.
  • Looking at their websites. In most cases, the websites are poorly designed and have little or no brand information. They use stock images, and the product descriptions are poorly written.
  • Look for a few user reviews online – check Amazon and Trustpilot. However, they have a high number of testimonials that praise the products on their websites.

Clue #2

Brands that overpromise on specs but underdeliver. Many brands selling on Amazon, especially those selling very cheap devices, tend to do this. They promise a Theragun but deliver a weak clone. Here are more deceptive marketing tactics in the massage gun industry that we expose.

Here’s how to smoke them out:

  • Only a few brands boast a 16mm amplitude – Theragun, Achedaway, and a few known others.
  • Find out if they promise a 16mm amplitude but also advertise a max of over 3000RPM. This is often overstated.
  • Find out whether they sell an under $100 gun that revs up to 3500+RPM. This is also likely false advertising. 

Clue #3

Brands that were part of the fake reviews scheme on Amazon; Including those that use incentivized reviews (they promise money rewards if you leave a 5-star review). There were more than 600 brands that were banned not long ago.

Here’s how to spot them:

  • Read the Amazon reviews and look out for mentions of gift cards or any other rewards promised for posting a review. Many users will say something like, “the brand promised me a $30 gift card if I post a review, so here it goes.
  • Beware of brands that have 1000+ reviews that are all 5-stars even though the device was only recently released. If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

All Other Brands Whose Massage Guns We Have Reviewed

Here is a list of percussion massager brands whose devices we’ve tested or plan to test in time to come:

  • Addaday
  • addsfit
  • Aerlang
  • Bitfinic
  • Blackleaf
  • Butyce
  • Chirogun
  • Cryotex
  • Darkiron
  • Everyfun
  • Fitpulse
  • FitRX
  • Flyby
  • Kingsfield
  • Legiral
  • Mebak
  • Medcursor
  • Naipo
  • NoCry
  • OYeet
  • Relxbit
  • Rexogun
  • TimTam
  • Toloco
  • WODFitters
  • Vybe


So now you know the best massage gun brands. We love Ekrin Athletics and Theragun, but we also value Hyperice (for being pioneers), Bob and Brad (for their latest D9 Pro gun), Achedaway (for all the inventions) as well as a few other brands for product/quality consistency.

Theragun started the whole industry and deserves mention. Besides, they actually make great products. Special mention to Opove, Lifepro (the only other brand that offers a lifetime warranty), and Hyperice, which is determined to keep a competitive edge over Theragun.

There are other brands that produce genuine and decent devices. However, watch out for brands that don’t offer what they promise and those that sell what they don’t produce at all.

Do you know any massage gun brands we haven’t mentioned here? Or maybe you represent one of them? You can always contact us here.

Until next time!

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