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achedaway pro review

Achedaway Pro Review – Not Really Compact, But Who Cares?

Here we are again, doing another review! This time it’s the hands-on Achedaway Pro review.

Before we delve deeper into it though, it’s important to note that this is a powerful gun and will serve you well if you’re looking for deep percussive therapy.

achedaway pro reviewed by luke massagegunadvice
Achedaway PRO review by Luke.

Achedaway Brand

That said, Achedaway is not a novice in the massage gun industry. They have been in the market since 2019, and if you’re aware, that’s just about the time things were starting to cook in the massage gun space.

It suffices to say that considering how crazy things have gone on since then, with thousands of similar products flooding the market, Achedaway has done pretty well to stay competitive.

Achedaway Brand

Their maiden gun was pretty standard, it packed a considerable punch and delivered just what the market needed at that time.

The new Pro is their second gun, also doing pretty well thus far. But just what is the secret behind Achedaway’s success? We found out that, in order to develop their products, they consulted the best in both the fitness and tech industries. 

Their name literally means “pain relieved” or “pain taken away” – whichever way you choose to interpret it. That aside, their Pro device will provide a deep tissue percussive therapy and do so at a fraction of the price a Theragun or a Hypervolt would.

In this post we’ll explore whether the lower price means something’s been sacrificed or not. Just a hint though; this is an awesomely powerful gun but with a few minor flaws.

Hang on as the ride is just beginning!

Achedaway Pro Massage Gun Review

Achedaway Pro Massage Gun Review

Achedaway Pro Specifications

Achedaway Pro Massage Gun Box Bg3
Our testing impressions:
  • Impressive stall force
  • Great size and ergonomics
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Accessories

Our review score:


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FeaturesAchedaway Pro
Stall Force80 lbs
Stroke Length16 mm
Percussions1700-2800 ppm
Speed options5
Battery Life2-4 hours (removable, 3200 mAh)
Weight2.75 lbs / 2.65 lbs
(with the flat head / with no attachment)
Noise 40-60 dB
ProsPowerful motor
Great stroke length
Very quiet
Original design
Swappable batteries
ConsA bit bulky and heavy
Warranty2 years
Retail Price:$299.00 $239.00 with coupon
Discount for our readers:$60 OFF with the code MGA60
Get it at achedaway.com
Achedaway Pro Specs

Video Review

Above is our exclusive hands-on video review of the Achedaway Pro massage gun. We unbox, test, and break down everything you need to know, including attachment details and the charging process. A perfect visual supplement to this in-depth review.

First Impressions

First things first, and we have always loved massage guns that come in a carrying case. We have a feeling it should be standard at this point.

We’re glad the Achedaway Pro comes in a nice two-zipper carrying case.

achedaway pro package box
Achedaway Pro comes with a carrying case.

Inside, everything’s pretty well organized. The gun sticks out smack in the middle of the case.

There are other compartments for the attachments, and a real nice touch from them with a compartment for the removable battery as well (Theragun should take a hint).

The gun comes with the battery already inside, so we’re guessing the spare apartment is for a spare battery should you decide to get one.

We also found the dedicated charger nicely tucked away in its space.

The device itself looks unique enough, or at least it looks a bit different from the standard look of every Tom, Dick and Harrys of the massage gun world.

It borrows a bit of the retro design. But it’s more upside-down L-shaped than the usual T-shaped that you get with many Hypervolt knockoffs.

Also, the angled handle just cements its uniqueness here. It’s no Ekrin B37S (direct competitor, more details to follow), but the idea is pretty much similar.

Achedaway looks to have solved a conundrum with the ventilation on the side rather than at top like most guns do. That said, it’s made of different materials.

The top part is aluminum, but the rest of it is plastic. The satin paint gives it a classy look that we liked. The build quality is awesome as well and makes it look like a well thought out device.

It has the one button that is both for turning it on/off and cycling between the speeds. It works by long-pressing to turn it on/off, while quick presses will change the speeds.

It doesn’t have an LCD or a touch screen for any kind of display. However, this simplistic approach is actually a plus because then you don’t have to keep checking if you have the right setting or not.

There are LEDs around the power button though. The 4 on the right indicate the battery level, while the 5 on the left indicate the speed gears.

Achedaway Pro Controls Panel
The Achedaway PRO’s one-button controls.

The Attachments

The Achedaway Pro offers you the option of 4 attachment heads (half-ball, flat, fork, bullet) that you can use on different parts of your body.

A bit on the heads:

The Ball Head

We use this to get a general massage. You can use it if you just want blood-flow stimulation or a quick pre-workout massage.

The one on the Achedaway is more half-ball than full ball. We appreciate the tweak and we found it pretty useful.

It is slightly squishy, but not as cushy as the one on the Theragun Pro, for instance.

achedaway pro ball head attachment

The Fork Head

We use this one around the spine area, or when massaging the neck area. Some user like to use it on calves and around the achilles tendon.

We also like to use it for trigger point massage on larger muscles, such as quads, where it might be a good alternative to the single bullet head.

This one is hard plastic, which is exactly how it should be.

achedaway pro fork head attachment

The Flat Head

If you like an intensive massage, this attachment might be the one you are going to use most of the time.

The flat head targets different parts of the body but you’ll probably use it on larger muscles. We use it for our pecks, calves, quads, and glutes.

The one here is made from aluminum, so it is cold in touch. It has a smooth, slightly curved finish. They added a bit of shine on it that makes it look classy as well.

Best of all, the surface area is larger than in most other flat-type attachments. Well done!

achedaway pro flat head attachment

The Bullet Head

We also like to call it the focus head, because you can use it to really center on a particular muscle. We use it around the forearm and ligament areas.

The one on the Achedaway Pro is more tough aluminum than it is plastic. We like the personalized touch they added to it.

Great for different types of trigger point treatment, for foot massage and plantar fasciitis.

achedaway pro bullet head attachment

A few things to note here before we move on.

We would’ve appreciated a regular soft ball just as an addition so they’re 5, but for now we guess the 4 will have to do.

There’s also a very detailed instructional pamphlet that provides information on how to use the heads and the massage gun in general.

achedaway pro attachments socket
The Pro has a standard ‘push-n-pull’ attachment mounting system.

Size, Weight, Ergonomics  

We’ve always been believers in the handiness of any massage gun we’ve tested and later on reviewed. However, with the Achedaway Pro this is not the case because this gun is rather heavy and bulky. It’s actually noticeably larger than its predecessor.

In fact, looking at it, you get the feeling that it could be larger than the Theragun Pro and the Ekrin B37s which we reviewed recently.

Obviously both Theragun Pro has a unique rectangular design that makes it handy. But the Achedaway seems to be large partly because of its power-drill-like shape and the extra-long (and thick) handle.

However, since the target users of this device are people with large muscle or heavy physique (bodybuilders, athletes etc.), the size really shouldn’t be a big deal.

PRO TIP If you have small hands then this might not be the best massage gun for you. You’ll be better off buying the Ekrin B37s instead (link to the official store).

Unlike its forerunner, the Pro is quite heavy and weighs in at 2.65lbs with no attachment head put in, and 2.75 lbs. with the aluminum flat head put in. The original Achedaway was 2.5lbs. heavy.

Although this is less than Theragun Pro (2.9lbs.), it is noticeably more than the Ekrin B37s (2.2lbs.). Nevertheless, we believe the extra weight is mainly due to its large capacity battery (more on that later).

It has an angled handle, which ensures you get to reach as many parts of the body as possible. Plus it’s a big improvement on the original which had a straight handle. Even so, the handle on the Pro is longer to accommodate the lock mechanism of the removable battery.

The bummer here though, is that we don’t have the option of a rubberized handle. A simple 3-4 rubber stripes around the handle would’ve helped a lot. But we guess no big deal here as well. It’s not the end of the world!

Overall the ergonomics are good on this gun. A bit bulky and huge. But don’t fret because we talked too much about its size. You can hold it any way you want provided you are getting your massage done. There’s more to look forward to anyway.

Achedaway Pro Recovery Massage Gun
The Pro is quite heavy and weighs in at 2.65lbs. but ergonomics are good.


Amplitude / Stroke Length

Amplitude, or sometimes called stroke length, is how far the head of the massage gun travels, and this is where this gun shines.

It has a 16mm amplitude – the longest in the business. This puts it at par with the Theragun Pro.

Even the Hypervolt Plus lags ~2mm behind it. OPOVE M3 Pro is another herculean massage gun but with a 15mm amplitude.

There isn’t a big difference in terms of the punch you’ll get if you used any of these guns, but the Achedaway is a monstrous underdog here.

Overall it’s the perfect gun if you are looking for a deep penetrative massage. 16mm is as punchy as it gets.

achedaway pro Measured Amplitude
Amplitude? The longest in the business – 16mm.

Stall Force 

The stall force is the amount of pressure needed to stop the massage gun from revving. Often this happens when you press the head on to your body.

The stall force determines what kind of massage you will have with a particular gun. Higher stall force means deeper percussive massage.

The Achedaway Pro has an impressive stall force. The company lists it as being 80lbs. However, we did test it and we can say it felt like 60-65lbs. of stall force on the maximum speed. This is obviously an improvement on the original device. 

60lbs. is telling force, especially for a budget-friendly gun as the Achedaway Pro (click to check current price).

We did try to stall it by pressing it on to our palm, and on the top gear we found it very difficult to stop. We did finally manage to stop it this way but only after taking the speed down a notch. That means the stall force progresses with the speed, which is normal.

Be that as it may, we still think that the stall force on this device is great. You probably don’t need more power than that to get a deep percussive massage.

Performance Comparison

Let’s see how the Achedaway Pro compares against its competitors.

Stall Force (lbs.)


Achedaway Pro has plenty of stall force. While the claimed 80 lbs. feels a bit exaggerated, the device is indeed hard to stall. Great for demanding users.

Stroke Length (mm)


Stroke Length is best in business. 16mm is on par with Theragun, and slightly better than in Hypervolt Plus – another well-known device.

Percussions and Speed Levels

Here’s where things got a bit topsy turvy (not in a bad way) and a bit surprising quite honestly.

We’re used to seeing devices with a longer amplitude accompanied by less percussions per minute.

But the Achedaway Pro surprised us with a high 1700-2800rpm. Even the Theragun Pro does prove our point with the percussion range of about 2400rpm.

It’s not just that, the Achedaway Pro starts as low as 1700rpm. Theragun Pro starts at 1750. This is important especially when you want a precise massage and want to use more pressure while at it. 

It also comes with 5 speed levels that adjust as follows; 1700, 2000, 2300, 2600, 2800 – low to high in that order.

There’s also an important feature worth mentioning, and that is the auto-shut off after 20 minutes. This is perhaps to prevent overheating.

We have seen this in cheap knockoffs as well. The trouble is that they shut off after only 10 minutes. This is hardly enough time to get a good massage.

The pictures below show how we verified the advertised percussion numbers. As you can see, what Achedaway say is confirmed: the Pro is able to rev past 2700 rpms. Impressive.


Moving forward with our Achedaway Pro Review, another impressive point about this gun is its battery.

A 3200mAh battery is more than enough capacity. Not many in this space rival this amount of battery juice.

That said, with a single charge you’ll be able to use it for 2-4 hours depending on how intensive your massage sessions are. You’ll have to charge it every week or at least every 10 days if you use it minimally.

achedaway pro removable battery charging port
It is possible to use multiple batteries – and charge them individually.

There’s something interesting about their battery design though. When you remove the battery, instead of it coming off with the handle, only the battery comes out. We thought this would make the device less compact, especially when you are travelling.

However, we did notice that you can charge the battery separately from the device. Which is convenient because you can charge one battery as you continue using another (you won’t need a charging station for this). 

There is no spare battery though – you’ll have to purchase one separately if you want. It’s a bit of a bummer, considering Theragun Pro gives you two batteries. But then again Theragun isn’t as cheap as the Achedaway Pro, is it?

It’s not a USB-C charger, which would’ve been perfect, but we’ll take it.


The Achedaway Pro is likely the quietest massage gun we’ve seen yet. It’s almost the standout feature about it. If you didn’t like anything else about this gun, you’ll like how quiet it is.

We didn’t have to raise our voices while using it. In fact, we did a comparison with all the Theraguns (Pro, Elite, and Prime), and none even comes close to rivaling the Achedaway Pro. Even the Hypervolt Plus sounded a bit loud in comparison.

It’s almost as quiet as some of the best mini massage guns. It’s advertised as 35-55dB (depending on speed). We were able to confirm that it starts at 55dB to slightly over 65dB. It also doesn’t rattle much when pressed against the skin.

It does however, transfer the vibrations to the handle which makes our case for a rubber handle. 

Price, Warranty, Where to Buy?

You can buy the Pro at $299.99 but if you use our MGA60 coupon you get $60 off and then now you can buy it at $239.99.

They also have an interesting package where you can buy Achedaway Pro with a spare battery, and that would cost you $309 with the MGA60 coupon applied.

We recommend you buy it from their website if only to support this aspiring brand. Also, while there you can read first-hand reviews from satisfied customers.

The Achedaway Pro comes with a 2-year warranty, which exceeds the industry standard of just one year, putting it on par with the warranty offered for the Theragun Pro. While it doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty like Ekrin, the 2-year warranty of the Achedaway Pro is a strong testament to its quality and durability.

Our Reader’s Long-Term Feedback on Warranty

We recently received this detailed feedback from one of our readers, Edouard, who reached out to share his long-term user experience with the Achedaway Pro:

I am writing this comment to bring long-term user feedback about the Achedaway Pro. The gun is great in all aspects described here (…) I am now on my 3rd gun in a little over a year. Achedaway does have a great warranty since they replaced the gun twice already (…) My first two guns ended up with burned-up motors (…) I originally bought the gun with 2 batteries and Achedaway sent me a new battery with each gun (again, great warranty!). I now have 4 batteries.

Edouard (full comment below)

Who is It For?

The Achedaway Pro is a pretty versatile gun but would probably be perfect for guys looking for serious power. If you have a lot of muscle, or a bodybuilder or an athlete then this is your kind of device. It gives a true deep to the bone massage.

We can also recommend it to amateur users who want a powerful massage gun to use at home. You probably won’t like its bulkiness though.

If you have been drooling over the Theragun Pro but the hefty price tag is a turnoff, then this gun is just as premium-grade but cheaper

For therapists and chiros, this a Theragun alternative if you want something with a replaceable battery. You can order a spare battery from the Achedaway store.

Achedaway Pro vs Achedaway

Achedaway Pro vs. Achedaway
Achedaway Pro vs. Achedaway

This Achedaway Pro review wouldn’t be complete without making comparisons to some of the key competitors, including the original Achedaway. So, how does the Pro compare with its predecessor? We compiled a few points. Here you go!

What did they keep?

  • The design language isn’t that much different (looks pretty much similar).
  • Same controls
  • Same 4 heads. There’s a slight change in some of the heads and generally the finishing. The Pro has aluminum heads now, the forerunner didn’t have this. Also, the original had a foam ball head, which is not included with the Pro. In our view the Pro has better quality attachment heads.
  • Both devices have 5 speeds.

Any Changes?

  • Pro is larger than the original and much heavier (2.65 lbs. compared to 2.5lbs.)
  • Pro has a better angled handle while the original has a vertical handle.
  • The Pro has a better amplitude (16mm). The earlier device had a way smaller amplitude (only 10mm). This is a massive upgrade.
  • Pro has a better stall force (as advertised: Pro 80lbs. Achedaway 50lbs.). Even though it doesn’t hit 80lbs. (as we confirmed) it’s still more powerful at 60-65lbs.
  • The original Achedaway vibrates faster (the smaller amplitude) at 1500-3200rpm compared to the Pro’s 1700-2800rpm.
  • Pro has a higher capacity battery (3200mAh vs. 2600mAh)
  • Pro has a removable battery (you can purchase a spare one).
  • Price: Pro costs $299 or $239 with the MGA60 discount code. The original one will cost you $229, or $204 with the MGA25 code ($25 off) – valid only in Achedaway’s store.


In this Achedaway Pro vs Achedaway battle, we’ll give the honors to the Pro. It will offer you great value for your money since it’s powerful and comes with great features. It’s definitely a huge upgrade of the predecessor. The original, even though somewhat powerful (the 50lbs. stall force), is not a good bargain with its price. We would go with the Ekrin B37s instead.

Achedaway Pro vs Theragun

achedaway pro vs theragun
Achedaway Pro vs. Theragun Pro.

How about the Achedaway Pro vs Theragun? Well, the closest of the Theragun family that could compare with the Achedaway Pro is the more advanced fourth gen Pro. The others have way too weak features for a fair match.

The Theragun Pro probably takes an early lead with its rectangular shape and feels slightly more ergonomic. The Achedaway Pro is more power-drill than perfect massage gun.

Key resemblances

  • Both have 5 speed levels
  • Both have industry-high 16mm amplitude.
  • Both have replaceable batteries
  • Both come in hard nicely built carrying cases
  • 2-year warranties for both devices

Where Theragun stands out

  • Theragun comes with 6 attachments compared to Achedaway Pro’s 4. Even so, the Theragun heads are soft (a bit spongy), while the Achedaway Pro has quality heads made of metal.
  • OLED screen. The Achedaway Pro has no screen at all.
  • Reactive force meter built in.
  • 2 batteries included for Theragun. Just one for the Achedaway Pro and no spare.
  • Theragun has more grip options (better ergonomics). It’s also more adjustable with a rotating arm.
  • Theragun has Bluetooth connectivity and works with a dedicated app.
  • You can purchase it with HSA/FSA funds.

But the Achedaway Pro wins where it matters

  • More advertised stall force (80lbs. on paper compared to Theragun’s 60lbs.). In reality though they’re about the same. 
  • Achedaway Pro offers more intensity with higher vibrations of up to 2800rpm. Even though they tie in stall force and amplitude. 
  • Achedaway Pro is quieter than the Theragun. It’s not even close. Huge win here.
  • It is lighter than the Theragun Pro (2.65 vs 2.9 lbs)
  • Theragun Pro is exorbitantly priced ($599). With that kind of money you can get 2 Achedaway Pros and a spare battery.


We all know about Theragun and their premium-grade products. They’re a household name in the industry. On the other hand, Achedaway is a stable brand that has a powerful device that does the job and doesn’t bleed you dry. There are no bells and whistles here but it delivers what it promises.

Unless you really need the Theragun with all its extra features, we’d go for the Achedaway Pro.

Achedaway Pro vs Hypervolt

Achedaway Pro Vs Hypervolt 2 Pro
Achedaway Pro vs. Hypervolt 2 Pro

Finally, it’s time for Achedaway Pro vs Hypervolt comparison. The only member of the Hypervolt family that even comes close to rivaling the Achedaway Pro is the more advanced Hypervolt 2 Pro.

Similar Features include:

  • Both share the traditional T-shape design.
  • Similar noise levels, size.
  • Similar weight.
  • Both have removable batteries.

Hypervolt 2 Pro is better in:

  • It has one more attachment, so 5 vs Achedaway Pro’s 4.
  • It has a pressure sensor and indicator.
  • It’s Bluetooth enabled.
  • It has rubberized handle.
  • You can buy it with an HSA/FSA card (more details here).

Achedaway Pro wins where it matters:

  • It has a longer stroke length: 16mm vs. 14mm
  • It has a better stall force: 60-65lbs (practical) compared to the 2 Pro 35lbs.
  • It revs higher with its topping 2800rpm compared to 2700rpm
  • It has more speeds: 5 compared to just 3 for Hypervolt.
  • Comes with slightly better battery life
  • It has an angled handle (easier to hold, easier to reach the lower back too).
  • Achedaway Pro comes in a carrying case while the 2 Pro doesn’t have one.
  • Achedaway Pro has a 2-year warranty compared to Hypervolt 1-year warranty.
  • Achedaway costs $239.99 with MGA60 code while the Hypervolt 2 Pro is closer to $300.


As you can see, there’s even less reasons to go for even the head honcho of Hypervolts. Unless Bluetooth connection and a pressure sensor tickles your fancy, there’s really no practical reason to choose Hypervolt.

The Achedaway Pro betters it where it matters and that while being 30% cheaper. With the price of the 2 Pro, you can get the Achedaway Pro with a spare battery, and if you use our coupon, you still get to keep $55.

Review Conclusion 

We’ve come to the end of our Achedaway Pro review. But before we wrap things up let’s reminisce on what you can get with this device.

The Achedaway Pro has carved its niche in the market. It’s best suited for demanding users but it’s still very versatile. It guarantees a deep to the bone massage with its very impressive features.

The only bone we have to pick with it is the bulkiness. Otherwise it offers great value for money and it’s a reasonable choice over the industry giants in Theragun and Hypervolt.

Ps. If you decide to give Achedaway chance, consider supporting the brand by ordering it directly from their store, where the MGA60 code can be applied for a $60 discount.

Our Achedaway Pro Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


The Achedaway Pro made it on our ‘strongest massage guns‘ list for a reason. While larger and heavier than most other guns, it features best in the business stroke length and the stall force on par with the strongest guns out there. It looks unique, is versatile and has swappable batteries. Most importantly though, the new Achedaway Pro is able to reach the deepest of muscles – and this is precisely what it has been designed for.

User Review
3.88 (90 votes)

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April 14, 2023 We’ve just added an exclusive video review of the Achedaway Pro massage gun. This complements our detailed written review, giving you an insightful visual look at unboxing, attachment overview, stall force tests, and the charging process. (Author: Greg)

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  1. I have an Achedaway Pro, purchased on the recommendation here, and it has been my favorite massage gun of the five I have owned. Unfortunately, I can’t speak very highly of the customer service—it died six days after the warranty expired and their only option has been to allow me to purchase a replacement at a discount. Certainly their prerogative, but disappointing compared to similar issues I’ve had with other companies in the past.

    I just purchased the Bob and Brad gun based on the reviews here—here’s hoping the performance measures up to, and durability outlasts, the Achedaway Pro!

    • Hi CrockettJ,

      Thanks for sending us a message, and sorry for the delayed reply.

      Sorry to hear about the Achedaway Pro failing just a few days past the warranty period 🙁
      We are delighted you have found our website useful in helping you choose a replacement percussive therapy device. I’m sure you made the right choice by selecting a Bob and Brad massage gun.

      We wish you an incredible journey with it for the years to come!

  2. I spent years looking for data on massage guns following a bad tibial plateau fracture and then found your website. I was immediately hooked as you guys were the first source showing actual numbers, offering so many details, and so many great photos. It was like going from a Nokia 3310 to an iPhone 15. Your reviews are fantastic and I keep recommending your website to people asking how I managed to recover so much. I bought an Ekrin Bantam and an Achedaway Pro following your advice, using your promotional codes. I am writing this comment to bring long-term user feedback about the Achedaway Pro.
    The gun is great in all aspects described here but there is a serious issue with the cooling of its innards when used for large muscle massaging. I use it mostly for my leg. I am a cyclist and have relatively large leg muscles. I am now on my 3rd gun in a little over a year. Achedaway does have a great warranty since they replaced the gun twice already.
    I have never gotten the gun to stall (meaning I don’t push crazy hard on it) but I did use it for longer sessions in the past (up to 1h). My first two guns ended up with burned-up motors. At first, I thought it was a default with my particular unit, but when the 2nd gun burned down in just a few months, I realised the innards get crazy hot crazy fast since the heat is not well evacuated from the inside. The outer metal shell is not connected to the motor and does not dissipate heat well. There is no forced air cooling. You can only get an idea of the internal heat when removing the massage head and touching the head’s sleeve. I now keep the gun in my fridge (!!) so that I can use it for up to 25 minutes without bringing the inner temperature too high. This current gun has so far lasted me 6 months, and I am hoping this will do the trick. This is a serious design flaw from the Achedaway Pro that I hope will be revised in a future generation. It seriously limits the usability of the gun for larger muscle groups.
    Another long-term feedback: I originally bought the gun with 2 batteries and Achedaway sent me a new battery with each gun (again, great warranty!). I now have 4 batteries. None of them last over 75 minutes when used under load. Other guns get better battery life under load (for example the integrated battery of my Viberdon Q is well over 2 hours under load).
    Obviously, it is difficult for MGA to test a gun under load in a way that is repeatable. I reckon however that if you guys could figure out a test procedure to do this, it could allow testing internal temperature and battery life under load. This would give fantastic real-life data on the experience of owning a particular gun.

    • Hey Edouard, thanks for dropping a comment! Really glad to hear you’re into our blog and this review.

      The Pro’s been a solid piece of gear for us too, standing its test of time in the fast-moving wellness-tech world. Actually, it’s our go-to for comparing with other massagers, and yep, we can’t get it to stall on our body either.

      About the overheating, we haven’t run into that ourselves, perhaps because we haven’t used it as intensely as you do. That’s super useful info, thanks. And we’ll use our connections to pass that along to the guys at Achedaway.

      It’s also great to know that Achedaway’s warranty has held up over time, definitely making it a solid recommendation.

      P.S. We quoted your comment in our post, hope that’s cool with you 😉 Cheers!

  3. After using this massage gun for eight months, I’ve got a few points of critique to share:

    Turn ON/OFF Button Difficulty: The ON/OFF button can be quite challenging to use on the higher speeds. I’ve often found myself having to switch to the lowest speed just to turn it off.

    Flat Attachment Discomfort: At higher speeds, the flat attachment feels more like a slapping than massage.

    Longevity Concerns: I encountered a longevity issue with my unit, as I had to replace it after just six months of use due to a battery problem. What’s more concerning is that after some research, I discovered that I’m not the only one facing this issue. It seems like a recurring problem with this product.

    Overall – if your unit will not break; then it is probably one of the better massage gun’s on the market

    • Hi Maciek, thank you for sharing your feedback.

      Yes, Achedaway opted for a one-button design, which has its advantages, but as you’ve pointed out, it can also have some drawbacks. Personally, I haven’t any issues with turning it off (simply holding the button down works for me every time), but I understand you may have some difficulties.

      When it comes to batteries, well, they tend to be the most failure-prone piece in massage guns. We have a more expensive Hypervolt 2 Pro sitting on our shelf, and its battery completely died after just three months of use (constant red ring, no charging). And our Achedaway Pro has been running smoothly without any issues for three years now.

      Could you please share more details about your battery replacement experience? Did you replace just the battery or the entire device? How did the process go? Your insights could provide valuable information for us and others.


  4. I have the tim tam power massager and absolutely love the power, but it makes so much noise it’s impossible to use at times. I’ve been wanting to buy one for a couple weeks and have narrowed it down this one, the Hypervolt 2 pro or the Theragun Elite. They all have their weaknesses; I would like if this one had a rubber hold, that the hypervolt 2 pro had more stall force and that the theragun elite was quieter. Which one of those do you think is best?

    • Hi James, thanks for your comment.

      In response to your question, it’s hard to say because you haven’t described your specific needs in detail. What I can tell you about these three is that the Achedaway Pro is the most powerful and has the largest amplitude for sure (okay, the Elite also has 16mm). The Hypervolt 2 Pro seems to be the weakest in terms of stall force.

      On the other hand, both the Hypervolt and Theragun offer a mobile app and Bluetooth connectivity, which can be really useful, especially for beginners. Plus, the fact that they are premium brands matters to some people.

      In the end, whatever you choose, I think you’ll be satisfied because all three of them are outstanding massagers.

      But guess what, I have a perfect match for you: the Theragun Pro (our review here). It combines a lot of power, high amplitude, a triangle ergonomic shape, Bluetooth, and the prestige of a premium brand – all in one device. And after they released the 5th gen, it’s even quieter than all three of those you mentioned. Only the price might be a bit steep :/

  5. Your weight comparisons for the Achedaway Pro don’t make sense. At 2.6 lbs, you say it’s: heavier than the Theragun Pro (which is 2.9 lbs), much heavier than it’s predecessor (2.5 lbs), and weighs about the same as the Hypervolt Plus (which is 3 lbs).

    • Hey Amy, thanks for the comment. Indeed, there was a mistake in the article. It has been updated. To clarify, Achedaway Pro weighs 2.65 lbs. with no attachment, or 2.75 lbs. with the flat attachment in. So it is a tad lighter than Theragun Pro (2.9 lbs.) and Hypervolt Plus (3 lbs.) but heavier than most other devices, e.g. Ekrin B37s (2.2). I hope it is clear now – sorry for the confusion!

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