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Best Massage Guns on Amazon: The Rare Gems That Really Stand Out

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What are the best massage guns on Amazon in 2021? This is a question our readers have been asking more and more this year (more than ever before).

You can’t help but notice how massage guns, a.k.a. percussion massagers have risen to the heavens of fitness and wellness.

We know this too, because there has been an avalanche of them on Amazon.

This could either be good or bad, depending on how you choose to look at it. Good because the prices are low, and bad because you just can’t catch a break with knockoffs. But, we believe there has never been a perfect time to buy one.

That’s why we have researched current products to find those worth your consideration. Because these devices evolve with time, we have tracked over 100 devices to give you an updated list.

Below, we picked 6 products from different categories. This list will be updated on the regular to reflect market changes as well as price changes.


Check out our two best guns that we know you’ll absolutely love.
Lifepro’s DynaSphere which gives you the best value for money, Achedaway Pro – the most powerful one, and Wodfitters Mighty Mini that stands tall among mini guns.

best amazon massage gun
Best Amazon Massage Gun – Our Top 3 Picks

How Did We Choose? Criteria For The Best Amazon Massage Gun

Before we dive into recommendations, we think it’s kind of important to share with you the list of criteria we’ve chosen to look at when when choosing the best massage gun on Amazon. Here are the most important one:

Stall Force

Usually a good massage gun should take a considerable amount of pressure to stall its motor. That is, if you press it against your skin, the gun should keep revving unless the force is too great. If you need a deep percussive massage you’ll need the number here (measured in lbs.) to be high. 

Be that as it may, we realized that over 80% of guns on Amazon have a low stall force. Most don’t go past 40lbs. (common range is 20-30lbs.).

With 30lbs. of stall force you can get a good relaxation massage, get those muscles activated before a workout session, get blood flowing well in your body, or break up lactic acid accumulation. 

However, 30lbs. is not enough if you want a true deep to the bone percussive massage. That’s why we made sure to include devices that at least have 35lbs. in stall force. Although we would still argue that 40lbs. is more ideal and ensures you are getting an effective massage.

It really should be more if we’re being honest, but sometimes you have to work with what you have, and Amazon didn’t give us a lot of choice here.

Best Amazon Massage Gun – Stall Force Comparison

Conclusion A good deep tissue massage device should have minimum 40 lbs. of stall force, ideally over 50. Most massage guns on Amazon, aren’t able of delivering more than 30 lbs, and that is 2.5 times less than our top pick, the Achedaway Pro.

Fun fact: the only mini gun on our list, the Mighty Mini, matches over 80% of full size devices on Amazon when it comes to stall force, despite being a tiny device!


Also known as the stroke length, this is how far the massage head travels as it revs against your body. Usually the longer it is the better. This is because a longer amplitude ensures a deep percussive massage.

We hold that the bare minimum for any full-sized massage should be 12mm amplitude. Ideally it should be up to 16mm, but only a handful of guns even come close to that. 

However, don’t be fooled by devices that promise a longer amplitude but stoop way low when it comes to stall force. We have used massage guns long enough to realize that it’s a bad idea to compromise the stall force. It’s common to find devices with shorter stroke lengths but higher stall force.

Even though you may lose the punch, the intensity (which is a must) is not lost. For example, Ekrin B37s has only 12mm amplitude but excellent stall force that makes it a top percussion massager.

Best Deep Tissue Massage Gun On Amazon – Stroke Length Comparison

Conclusion Achedaway Pro matches the industry darling Theragun in stroke length, while also offering more stall force. Also worth highlighting are Urikar Pro 2, which is able of providing a heated massage, and pocket-friendly LifePro Dynasphere.


This is the number of hits per minute. This is free for all and we won’t necessarily give our preferred measure here. Usually the higher the percussion range the better results you will get with a particular massage gun.

However, this is not exactly written in stone. Some devices choose a longer stroke length over a higher percussion range. On the other hand, if a device has a less than satisfying amplitude, it then makes up for it with many percussions per minute.

For instance, Theragun Pro has a 16mm amplitude but only revs up to 2400 percussions per minute. The Ekrin B37s, which unfortunately is not available on Amazon, has 12mm amplitude but delivers up to 3200 percussions per minute.

However, if a device delivers up to 3800rpms, but has an 8mm amplitude, we can’t recommend it. In that case you’re getting vibration therapy and not percussive therapy.

Best Percussion Massager On Amazon – Max. Percussions Comparison

Conclusion Devices with longer amplitude usually don’t surpass 2800 percussions per minute. The only exception we’re aware of is Urikar Pro 2, which revs up to 3600 rpms with 15mm amplitude. Impressive!

Speeds/ Programs

In terms of speed gears that you can cycle through as you use your massage gun, we prefer 4 to 5 gears. Why? Because most effective guns have only that many.

However, we’ve seen massage guns that have 20 to 30 speed levels. We think it’s ridiculously cumbersome and to be honest, really unnecessary. Cycling through 20 gears just to get what you want must be a nightmare! 

Some devices are preprogrammed to change speeds automatically and we think these are awesome and very convenient.

Some guns have the heated massage mode with a dedicated ceramic head. In that case you can switch between normal and heated modes.

Other Aspects

Other minor but important aspects include:

  • Build quality: Must be well built with high quality materials.
  • Noise: No one wants a jackhammer that will draw unnecessary attention. That’s why we have only shortlisted devices that have a max. 65dB noise level (about the same as conversation).
  • Weight: There are way too many weighty massage guns on Amazon. That’s why our list doesn’t include anything heavier than 2.6lbs. 
  • Size: This is a sensitive aspect, because there are a lot of guns on Amazon that are cheap and bulky. A bad combination if you ask us. We prefer compact. That’s for regular sized guns. We also have an option for the best mini massage gun on Amazon.
  • Ergonomics: We love brands that show a commitment towards improving ergonomics. We highly recommend them here.
  • Accessories included: We look for a carrying case and number of attachments. We have seen brands that advertise up to 15 attachments included. In our opinion, this is simply a marketing ploy. Don’t fall for it!
  • Brand Trustworthiness: There are so many private label brands – some overseas – that it now matters more than it ever has who you choose to buy from. 
  • Battery Capacity and Time on Battery: We prefer a higher capacity battery. But we wouldn’t insist on it so much because more capacity sometimes means more weight. Besides, most guns these days will run for hours. You’ll probably need to charge them once or twice a week under normal use.
  • Warranty Offered: There’s a big problem on Amazon right now over this. Some say 1-year but customers find out after buying that it’s not so. There are rare gems that offer a lifetime warranty (e.g. Lifepro, Ekrin).
  • Value for money: No one likes an overpriced gadget. Fortunately with more devices flooding the market the prices also drop significantly. 

Best Massage Guns on Amazon 2021

Here is our list of the products we feel should top your priority list as you go shopping on Amazon.

Lifepro DynaSphere – Best Value for Money

Lifepro DynaSphere features

To be honest we were a bit surprised when we found this Lifepro gun on Amazon. We guess they made that decision not long ago. From what we know, the Dynasphere, until recently, was only sold in Lifepro’s store. But we’re glad we found it on Amazon and couldn’t leave it out of our list because we have plenty of praise for it.

First, it’s a really nice-looking gun. It is as T-shaped as any other gun out there but you can almost feel it’s a cut above the rest by just looking at it. The overall round design is perfect and adds a bit of leverage as you press it against your body.

It’s lightweight – just 2.1lbs. It doesn’t have an angled handle but it’s rounded enough to give you a comfortable grip.

lifepro DynaSphere massage gun
Really nice-looking gun from Lifepro.

In terms of performance, this is a powerful device. It has 66lbs. stall force, and this in a very compact body.

How did they fit a powerful motor in there? It’s number one in our list because not many guns give you this kind of power at such a low cost.

That aside, the amplitude impressed us as well. 13mm with 66lbs. of stall force is serious stuff.

You’re not just going to get a relaxation massage, this device will give a deep percussive massage. 

The percussions per minute range is also impressive, starting as low as 1200rpm and revving all the way to 2800rpm. You say, what about those that go even higher? Well, those do not give you 66lbs. stall force and 13mm amplitude.

We highlight this aspect here because it starts way low (1200rpm). This is good especially if you want a quick warm-up massage and do not need to go intense. That said, it has 6 speeds to cycle through which is okay. Not too many. It’s also very quiet even at the highest intensity – goes from 50-60dB. 

It has a good 2000 mAh capacity battery that will last up to 7 hours on a single charge. If you use it for too long on high intensity, then you’ll probably run out of juice after 3.5 hours. It comes with 5 attachments and in a nice sturdy carrying case. It has a USB output port – can be used as a backup phone charger!

Lifepro are known for their excellent customer care. They also are one of the few brands that offers lifetime warranties for all their massage guns. That sweet warranty should also cover products purchased on Amazon.

Lastly, a friendly tip: If it’s sold out on Amazon, which could happen, head over to their store right here and use the coupon MGA10 to get 10% off the normal price.

For more details check our full Lifepro DynaSphere review.

Achedaway Pro – Best Deep Tissue Massage Gun on Amazon

Achedaway Pro features

In Achedaway Pro we’ve got something for demanding users. We’re talking bodybuilders, athletes, chiropractors and therapists.

People who are interested more in deep intensive results than a quick relaxing massage. This gun stands out from the Amazon crowd even from the way it’s built. It has a slanted handle that makes for great ergonomics.

Because it’s built for people with heavy muscles and those who want deep percussive therapy, it has some top of the shelf performance specs.

For instance, the stall force is advertised as being 80lbs. That’s as powerful as it gets.

Even the crème de la crème of the massage gun world (Theragun Pro) isn’t as powerful.

It actually made it into our “most powerful massage gun” list. It gets even more intense and deeper with its 16mm amplitude. Top of the hill in this space. 

It delivers 1700 to 2800 percussions per minute. Even we were surprised by this because normally a stall force that high with an even longer amplitude would be accompanied by a slightly lower percussion range.

The Theragun Pro proves our case here with a range of 1750 to 2400 percussions per minute. That said, it has 5 speeds that you can cycle through. Again, pretty standard and to our liking.

It’s also amazingly quiet while at it. We tested it and it’s 45dB to slightly over 60dB.

It has a superb 3200mAh capacity battery that will serve you for up to 4 hours on a single charge. The battery can be replaced, making it a great choice for chiropractors. However, you’ll have to purchase the extra battery separately. 

With all this rep, we were a bit disappointed because it’s really heavy. At 2.6 lbs. it’s the heaviest on our list.

By the time we compiled this list there were just 3 of them left on Amazon. But if it’s out of stock, you can also get it from Achedaway’s store. Use the coupon MGA25 to get $25 off the price.

More to read You can check out our Achedaway Review for more details.

Urikar Pro – Best Heated Option

Urikar Pro 2 specifications

Here’s another gem that is miles ahead of the competition on Amazon. We saw it and were impressed.

One of the reasons we love it is its rather unique shape. We are so used to the T-shaped routine design that we’ve learned to appreciate brands that are a bit innovative, just for a change.

It has a 180-degree rotating arm (lockable) that allows you to reach most parts of the body as you massage away.

It offers a different proposition as well. It has the heated massage mode along with other modes. It’s the heated mode that got our attention. It comes with an extra ceramic head that makes this mode tick.

Once turned on, the head heats up allowing you to have a heated massage. Heated massages are good for soothing muscles and effectively dealing with pain. 

urikar pro 2 massage gun case
Urikar PRO 2 massage gun include waterproof case.

It’s not just the interesting heated massage mode, this gun packs some serious performance features. It has an advertised 55lbs. stall force – we reviewed it and it felt actually closer to 40lbs. which is still the best among heated massage guns.

It also has a 15mm amplitude. Impressive and only rivaled by the Achedaway Pro and Theragun Pro of course.

The percussion range is great as well – 1200-3600ppm. That is a lot of percussions! It has 6 speeds that you can cycle through, which is just enough. 

Those two other modes are; the regular mode, which they call “intermittent” and the progressive or “ladder mode” where percussions automatically increase over time. 

It has a strong 2600mAh capacity battery that will last 2-5 hours depending on how you use the gun. That is, force applied, speeds, and how long intensely you use the heated mode. They say the battery can last up to 10 days before you need to charge it again, but we think that’s only practical if you use it at the lowest speed and if you don’t touch the heated mode at all.

It has 8 attachments. That’s a little extra but not too bad. It comes in a carrying case and with a 2-year warranty.

To get it you can check the availability and the current price on Amazon right here. If it’s unavailable, you can also head over to their store to get it – and If you choose the latter, apply the URIKAR200 code for a 20% discount.

More to read Best Heated Massage Guns

Wodfitters the Mighty Mini – Best Mini Massage Gun on Amazon

WODFitters Mighty Mini specifications

We looked at our Best Mini Massage Gun picks earlier and the Mighty Mini is the only one currently available on Amazon from our picks.

It’s a small unique gun from a small brand that probably is better known for their training bands. It straightaway stands out with its metallic build – a lot of these other guns are made of plastic. The metal used is aircraft grade aluminum.

We couldn’t find information on its stall force, but from testing it, we would say it’s in the upper 20s to the lower 30s. This is good enough stall force if you are looking for a semi-intensive massage. It’s also perfect for sore muscles, relaxation, and after-training muscle treatment. The amplitude is about 8-9mm. This is good enough considering how small this device is.

The percussions per minute range is 1800-3200, which is on par with full sized percussion massagers. You can cycle between 4 speeds while at it. It’s very quiet as well. It’s 30-55dB of noise. 

The battery is superb. They say it can last up to 11 hours with the one charge. Impressive, but that’s probably true if you’re using the lowest speed. Under slightly intensive sessions you’ll probably run out of juice after about 5-6 hours – still very good! It’s USB-C compatible as well. 

It has 4 attachments included. They have superb customer support and we did enjoy a great buying experience.

We did purchase it from their store and got a lifetime warranty. It should be the same on Amazon.

Should you not find it on Amazon, head over to their store and use SUPERDEAL coupon code to claim a sweet discount.

Medcursor MG02 – Best Budget Massage Gun on Amazon

Medcursor MG02 features

We had a bit of a debate about whether to go for the MG02 or the Flyby F1 Pro in this category. We finally settled on the former because Flyby is powerful enough yes, but it sells out with its meager 10mm amplitude – way below our minimum criteria.

We have Lifepro’s Dynasphere as our number one, but it’s slightly more expensive compared to the MG02. 

Medcursor’s MG02 is an entry-level cheap device but they have sold a good chunk of these. Over time they’ve been able to slightly improve the build quality. They are still, however, stuck on entry-level performance.

The stall force for instance, is only 30lbs. – too small for our liking but it will serve you well in relaxation, treating sore muscles, or improving blood flow. The 12mm amplitude just about matches well with the below par stall force. Too long and it wouldn’t matter as much. 

The maximum percussions per minute is 3200rpm which is great here. They did however, complicate things with the 3 modes. All three have 4 speed settings. That’s 12 different speed settings, which makes it slightly cumbersome. Be that as it may, we were impressed by how quiet it is – just 35-65dB. 

It is very well equipped for a cheap massage gun. It comes with 6 attachments, a carrying case, and a very informative user manual. The battery has 2600mAh capacity capable of lasting 3-6 hours depending on how it’s used. It’s a light enough gun, weighing just 2.2lbs.

It comes with a 1-year warranty. Not as good as Lifepro Dynasphere’s lifetime warranty. But, for those on a budget, this is a nice option to go for. You won’t get a deep massage, but you will get what it promises to give.

You can check it on Amazon right here.

Theragun Elite – Best Premium Gun on Amazon

theragun elite features

So, why Theragun Elite and not Theragun Pro, seeing that the latter is more effective? We thought about it but decided to go with Elite because it’s perfect for anyone.

Chiropractors may disagree because of the option of replaceable batteries, and we’ll not argue further. But, for the purpose of this article, Elite will have to do.

This gun has 40lbs. stall force, 20lbs. less than the Pro but still way better compared to many other guns on Amazon. Also, 40lbs is still enough for a deep enough percussive massage.

It has a 16mm amplitude to go with the stall force. Again this is Theragun-only class. The percussion range is 1750-2400, which is expected given the long stroke length. It has 5 adjustable speeds that you can adjust using their dedicated app

Being a Theragun, it enjoys privileges like Bluetooth connectivity, a dedicated app, OLED screen, and a built-in force meter. It comes with 5 attachments and you’ll be happy to know that you get a carrying case as well.

We had to select a Theragun just as an appreciation for what they do. They have stayed innovative especially with their unique design, excellent ergonomics and multiple grips on their devices. Unlike Hypervolt who still insist on T-shaped devices.

We just have a few Cons to pick with the Elite here:

  • It’s the loudest on our list. It will exceed 70dB. That’s still not too loud, but compared to the Achedaway Pro which has similar performance, we’d say it’s not perfect.
  • The battery will only last between 2-3 hours on continuous use. But you’ll still have to charge it after 4-6 days on minimal use, so no biggie!

Read user reviews on Amazon right here.

Our Wish List – These Should Be on Amazon

We have just listed our favorite massage guns on Amazon in different categories. We believe these are great guns worth your consideration.

However, there are some notable guns that are missing on Amazon. Being the best marketplace by far, Amazon deserves to host at least more of the best guns out there.

Here are the 2 we really missed on there:

ekrin bantam massage gun
Ekrin Bantam

Ekrin Bantam

This massage gun made our list for top picks in the best mini massage gun for 2021 post. We’ve loved Ekrin products for a while and this mini gun shares our love as well.

It performs well for a miniature gun. With 35lbs. stall force and 10mm amplitude it outshines many guns in its category. It could actually be right on par with some full-sized massage guns.

For now it’s only available in Ekrin’s own store. You can also read our full Ekrin Bantam review.

rexogun MINIREX massage gun

Rexogun Minirex

Minirex also belongs to the mini massage guns category. As we proved in our own Mini rex massage gun review, It’s slightly larger than the Ekrin Bantam but smaller than the full-sized guns.

It’s slickly made with top quality material and delivers perhaps more than what it promises.

For instance, they list the stall force as being 22lbs. but we tested it and it felt like at least 30 if not 35lbs. Same as the Bantam, it has a 10mm stroke length.

Unfortunately, this one isn’t available on Amazon. You can only buy it on Rexogun website.

Hopefully these guns show up on Amazon soon. They deserve to be there and we’ll make sure to update this post when they finally turn up there.

Best Massage Guns on Amazon: Conclusion

We come to the end of our best massage guns on Amazon post. Hopefully you know what guns to look at first before you make a decision.

We like the Lifepro Dynasphere because it packs impressive features and comes at a great price. We have Theragun Elite in the list as an honorable mention.

We have picked the top gun in each category. There could be more categories out there but none more important than what we have in this post.

We’ll keep updating the post in case of changes in the future. Bye for now!

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