Hypervolt Plus Review

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Review

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After the release of Hypervolt, Hyperice acquired an image of a Luxury massage gun brand. Therefore, in mid-2019, the release of the ‘new’ Hypervolt Plus grabbed everybody’s attention.   

Quick Update: The Hypervolt Plus, on August 3, 2020, has a newer version, Bluetooth Hypervolt Plus. Additionally, Hyerice introduced the Hyperice app (Only available on the app store).

Attributed to this attention, even the ‘slightly upgraded’ Hypervolt Plus got more popularity than its predecessor. But surprisingly, the release of ‘affordable’ Lifepro Pulse FX and ‘innovative’ Theraguns affected Hyperice’s reputation.

Both these features are similar to what we have seen in Theraguns.

Now the question is, “Does the Bluetooth Hypervolt Pplus worth buying in 2020?.” The concise answer might disguise under factors that play a role in the choice of massage gun.

But we’re sure that at the end of this Hypervolt Plus review, you will have a specific decision. If you want to make a quick move, Jump directly to “Is Hypervolt Plus right for me” section.

Hypervolt Plus Specification

Hypervolt Plus features
FeaturesHypervolt Plus
Stall Force~70 lbs
Stroke Length13 mm
Weight3.0 lbs for Non-bluetooth Version
2.5 lbs for Bluetooth Version
Battery LifeRemovable and Last upto 3 Hours
Noise Less than 65 dB
Speed options3 in non-bluetooth version
In Bluetooth version custom via app 
Number of Attachments5
New Features in [Bluetooth Model]It syncs with the app.
Have many pre-determined programs for a better massage.
Allow custom speed range.
ProsTop of line manufacturing Quality.
Percuss very strongly.
ConsHave to buy a separate carrying case.
Slightly expensive.
Our Rating9/10
Overall Review:Durable and strong, and now became advanced.
Price:Check Price

Detailed Hypervolt Plus Review

Many people call Hypervolt Plus an overrated massage gun. We might consider them ‘Right’, talking about the non-Bluetooth version.

But the Bluetooth Hypervolt Plus is seriously providing some real percussion with advanced features. You will find more as this Hypervolt Plus review goes on.

Design and Built-Quality

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus massage gun

Initially, Hypervolt has the honor to revitalize the design of percussion massagers. Hypervolt Plus continued this legacy and has a standard handheld design.

However, in comparison to other massage guns, it feels highly well-built. The manufacturing quality of every part is highly supreme. Additionally, the grip is stellar and ergonomic at the same time. 

The design, individually, might appear ordinary, but with the top line of built-quality Hypervolt Plus becomes highly classy.

Thus in design and overall construction, Hypervolt Plus beats most of the massage guns.

Stall Force and Stroke Length

hypervolt plus controls
Hypervolt Plus Control Panel

Hyperice doesn’t mention stall force with any of their massage guns. Therefore, after comparison with other massage guns, we extrapolated stall force. As the stall force was slightly above LifePro sonic, we concluded it to be around 70 lbs.  

With such a high percussion force, Hypervolt Plus proves a good option for healthy therapy enthusiasts. Additionally, for highly muscular people, only such high power can prove therapeutic. 

Although, the stroke length or ‘percussion depth’ has improved, compared with Hypervolt; still it is low for a good massage gun. The therapeutic value of Hypervolt Plus would be many times more if it could be percussed deeper. 

In short, Hypervolt Plus is the combination of superlative stall force, and ordinary stroke length.

Speed Range & Options

In 2020, speed options are playing a more pivotal role in the choice of massage than ever. Therefore, the three-speed options of Hypervolt Plus are considered below average. 

Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth App
Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth App

Additionally, the Theraguns took speed options to the next level by allowing you to custom adjust it. This feature became a threat to massage guns like Hypervolt Plus. 

Update: In Bluetooth Hypervolt Plus, Hyperice says that the massage gun will automatically adjust speed. But after the one or two app updates, we are expecting a custom speed range.  

While in the speed range, Hypervolt Plus is comparatively better. It provides a range of 1400-3200 percussions per minute. Despite being challenged by many, the speed range is still top of the line. 

Overall in speed, Hypervolt Plus shifted from an average to an exceptional massage gun.

Battery Life

removable battery hypervolt plus
Removable Battery Pack

Since it was released almost one year after the Hypervolt, we expected an improvement in battery life. But surprisingly, the battery life declined.

Hyerice attributes this falling battery life to the powerful motor. Actually, they are right. Moreover, in comparison to other high powered massage guns, battery life seems excellent. 

Besides the battery, having a removable battery keeps one step ahead of many of its competitors. This removable battery also contributes to the portability.

So, in battery options, Hypervolt Plus is better than many newly released powerful massage guns.


For a long time, very loud massage guns dominated the market. Fortunately, now companies are putting a lot of emphasis on the noise level. 

Ideally, 60 decibels is the gauge for moderately quiet massage guns, but 60-70 dB is currently the standard. 

So, you can perceive Hypervolt Plus as a standard sound-producing massage gun. But the best part is; this sound is exceptional for a powerful motor.

Weight & Attachments

We know that Hypervolt Plus has solid built-quality and a powerful motor, but even these things can’t answer for its hefty weight. 

In comparison to other massage guns, it is heavier than most of them. Even the King-sized Tim Tam power massager is lighter than Hypervolt Plus. Only Theragun G3PRO manages to beat it in weight.

Usually, we don’t overemphasize weight, but when it becomes significant enough to affect your performance, we suggest choosing a lightweight massage gun.  

Update: The Bluetooth Hypervolt Plus now weighs only 2.5 lbs, which is less than Theragun PRO.

For attachments, we say there are no different from most massage guns. Manufacturing quality, however, is better than inexpensive attachments.

hypervolt plus set box


Removable batteries, a good carrying case, and somehow weight determine the portability. For Hypervolt Plus, you have to spend extra money to have a carrying case. This thing not only disturbs the price but affects the overall portability of the massage gun. 

So, with the standard purchase, we can’t call it a perfectly portable massage gun. 

Note: The portability of Bluetooth Hypervolt is the same as the non-Bluetooth version.

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Device review
Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Device

In Comparison to Other Massage Guns?

We are usually excited about this part because it requires the utmost effort. We are making a separate comparison with popular massage guns. But for the more in-depth analysis, follow our dedicated ‘Comparison Guides.’

Hypervolt Plus: Non-Bluetooth Vs. Bluetooth Version.

In the majority of their features, both the variants are similar. However, there are three significant differences between these versions. They are:

  • The Bluetooth version connects with the hyperice app. This feature will improve the current massaging experience, also in the future, via app upgrades, hyperice can make changes for better user experience. 
  • Non-Bluetooth version Hypervolt Plus has only three speeds, and we see speed variation in its counterpart. 
  • Bluetooth Hypervolt Plus weighs 0.5 lbs less than the non-Bluetooth version.

So, in Hypervolt Bluetooth vs. Non-Bluetooth version, the Bluetooth version is the clear winner.

Hypervolt Plus vs Hypervolt

Same as Hypervolt Plus, Hyperice also introduced Bluetooth Hypervolt. Both these massage guns are similar in their weight, noise, battery life, number of attachments, and even the warranty. 

But Hypervolt Plus has a better stall force and stroke length at the same time slightly more expensive.

Regardless of the price, in Hypervolt vs. Hypervolt Plus, we owe our vote in favour of Hypervolt Plus.

Hypervolt Plus vs. Theragun PRO and Elite

Hypervolt Plus vs. Theragun PRO

Theragun vs. Hyperice is the same as Mac vs. Windows. Therefore, we have a separate detailed comparison guide on Hypervolt vs Theragun devices. For this article, we are just making a brief comparison.

The Theragun Pro, with its high power and great depth, is currently among the top massage guns. Few of its features, like battery life and noise, are similar to Hypervolt Plus. But (after the upgrade), Hypervolt Plus is lightweight and has more stall force.  

Although both massage guns now have Bluetooth and app-control, Theragun PRO is better as a recovery device.

If you have a reasonable budget, Theragun PRO is the right choice.

But against Theragun Elite, Hypervolt Plus is better.

Hypervolt Plus vs. LifePro Pulse Fx

LifePro Pulse Fx belongs to a completely different category of massage gun (as it doesn’t have advanced features like app-connectivity). 

Against Hypervolt Plus, it is not only affordable but has a better design; lightweight comes with a case, and above all, has excellent percussion.  

Thus, if you learn how to use a massage gun correctly and don’t need fancy features, Pulse Fx will prove a better choice.

Should you Buy It?  

If you read our Hypervolt Review, we were skeptical about recommending it. But for Hypervolt Plus there is straight Yes.

The reasons are:

Caution: We recommend purchasing only Bluetooth Hypervolt plus.  

Initially, the Hypervolt Plus lacks Bluetooth and app coordination. After the release of Bluetooth variants, it is the second massage gun to have these features.

With these features, Hypervolt Plus will have the reliable, usual, percussion but an additional aid of innovation. Its pressure sensor will also help in recovery and guided massage. 

Secondly, after Hyperice became a recovery partner of the NBA, Hyperice holds more brand value than any other massage gun company. After the trust of players like Blake Griffin, we have high hopes from Hypervolt Plus.

Thus, with many new features and trust, Hypervolt Plus could prove a useful recovery tool.

Check current price at Amazon here

Hypervolt Plus Alternatives

Many people still don’t like Hypervolt, mostly due to price point, while few due to its Therapeutic effectiveness. Here are some of the Hypervolt Plus alternatives:

  • Highly Therapeutic: Theragun Pro (top-notch but High Priced). Theragun Prime (Inexpensive but slightly less powerful)
  • Beginner Friendly: Life Pro Pulse Fx (strong, and easy to use, but you have to tolerate the noise).
  • Similarly Powerful: Addady Biozoom (they discontinued the previous version and are now came up with a new and innovative device).
  • Affordable: Medcursor Mini (under $100) & Opove M3 Pro (under $200 and Hypervolt’s replica).

Hypervolt Plus Review – Closing Thoughts

One thing you might not notice in Hypervolt Plus is eccentricity in its features. If one element is impressive, its counterpart is ordinary. Thus, Hypervolt Plus is a combination of brilliance and a little oddity.

Here our Hypervolt Plus review has completed. We are hopeful that it will help you understand the features as they are. For further analysis, our comparison guides might prove beneficial.

Those who are choosing their first massage gun, we recommend reading our Step by Step guide. For personalized queries and recommendations, you can contact our Team.


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