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Best Massage Gun under $100 – Percussive Therapy on a Budget

Looking for the best massage gun under $100 that delivers reliable results? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve personally evaluated over 20 models in this budget-friendly range and are poised to guide you through your best options.

Many online resources are outdated, but we ensure you get the most current and useful information right here.

Dive in with us as we explore the best massage gun under $100 based on hands-on reviews and testing.

Are There Any Massage Guns Under $100?

Truth is, a few years ago – make that a year or two ago – it was almost unheard of that a massage gun would cost anything less than $200 – not even knock-offs were that cheap.

But fast-forward to 2024, and the market has been flooded by new brands eager to sell these devices. Prices have significantly dropped over the last year.

So much so that the pioneer brands have been forced to significantly lower their prices to remain competitive or add new features that justify the higher price tag. Both are good news for us, the customers.

The surge in availability of these devices on the market has been triggered by an increase in their popularity.

To be fair, though, you are probably more likely to find an excellent massage gun under $150. However, we searched far and wide for some sweet deals under $100.

Let’s explore them.

In a hurry? One full-sized and one mini-sized gun you can’t go wrong with:

Urikar Pro 2 Percussion Massager With Heated Head

Urikar Pro 2
The best bargain at this price point with its good performance and unique features.
The PRO2 coupon makes it only $93 in Urikar’s store. Scroll down for more info or click here to jump right to it.

Lifepro Dynamini Small Massage Gun

Lifepro Dyna Mini
A mini massage gun with decent power, great battery and a lifetime warranty. You can get it in Lifepro’s store. Scroll down for more information or click here to jump right to it.

What Makes a Good Massage Gun Under $100?

We recently tested best massage guns under $300, under $200 and under $150 and we debated among ourselves whether it was worth doing a post for under $100.

To be honest, even though the market is now flooded with thousands of Hypervolt knockoffs, most still cost more than 100 bucks. But given the experience we’ve had and our zeal to never stop buying and reviewing massage guns, we were certain we could find some gems under $100.

But there’s a catch.

Urikar Pro 2 Brachioradialis Arm Massage
Amplitude, Stall Force, Percussions – 3 Performance Features Worth Looking At

Most cheap guns desperately lack in key parameters, that is, amplitude and stall force. What that means in massage-gun language is that these devices may not be able to offer deep percussive therapy massage.

The best they can do is vibrational therapy, which is okay if you just want to relax or have a surface-level massage for other benefits that include proper blood flow. However, they won’t be able to punch deeper due to a significant lack of power.

More on differences between cheap and expensive massage guns here.

That said, our top picks have the best possible specs and we tried as hard as we could to make sure they’re percussive devices and not vibrational therapy tools.

But, realistically speaking, you shouldn’t expect to find insane power in these devices. This is because most are entry-level at best and you should brace for low to medium power.

Another thing you also need to know is that some of these devices are mini massage guns. These serve a particular niche and are meant to be portable and discreet. However, it’s not unheard of to find some great mini massage guns with superior performance features. The main thing is that we made sure to not only pick the small but powerful, but also the affordable.

Best Massage Guns Under $100 – What We Recommend and Why

Urikar Pro 2 – Great Amplitude, Heated Tip

Urikar Pro 2 Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
Our testing impressions:
  • 12 mm amplitude for deep tissue massage
  • Variety of attachments and rotating arm
  • Heating massage option
  • Excellent Value for Money (with the coupon)
Get 60% OFF with the URIKAR02 code.
Apply Coupon

We made sure to include Urikar Pro 2 our list as our top recommendation because, for its price, it offers exceptional value.

While the standard retail price is $169.99, it falls well within the $100 bracket when you apply the promotional code URIKAR02, bringing the price down by a whopping 63% to $62.90.

First, let’s take a look at the video overview we’ve prepared for you:

The Pro 2’s motor can withstand up to 25-30lbs. of stall force. While this might not deliver a bone-deep, super-intense percussive massage, it’s still one of the best massage guns you can find under $100 (especially when you use the aforementioned promo code).

urikar pro 2 massager attachments

Its amplitude is noteworthy, despite the fact that the advertised 15mm stroke length is a bit exaggerated. In our tests, we found it to be 12mm, verified with a digital caliper.

Nevertheless, 12mm is decent and more importantly, it’s enough to deliver a percussive massage rather than merely a vibrational therapy. In fact, it offers the highest amplitude on our list.

The Urikar website boasts an impressive percussion range of 3600 ppm. However, our experience tells us that such a speed wouldn’t be achievable with a 12mm stroke length.

Our tests revealed a range of 1040 to 2050 on the top speed. This makes the Pro 2 a less intense option, ideal for those who prefer a gentler, soothing massage (although it can still deliver deeper hits). We appreciate this aspect.

The Pro 2 features some interesting settings, including 3 “smart” modes of varying intensities and a manual mode offering up to 6 speeds.

The device’s handle, which rotates 180 degrees with a simple twist, is also a unique feature that we hadn’t encountered before. It’s an interesting approach to enhancing overall ergonomics.

Another unique feature is a special ceramic attachment for a heated massage.

Based on this feature alone, we voted the Urikar Pro 2 as the best heated massage gun out there. At under $100 (with our promo code), it’s an incredibly attractive option.

Despite being a larger device, it’s surprisingly lightweight for its size, weighing just 2.2lbs. It operates quietly, producing only 55-62dB of noise (we also inspected this). The battery has a capacity of 2600mAh and can last between 3 to 6 hours depending on usage.

It’s very well equipped for its price; 8 attachments that are nicely varied and comes with a carrying case. The Urikar Pro 2 is a decent massage gun for its price and will do what it’s intended to do.

Overall, it is an interesting, well-equipped device that isn’t super powerful, but with the heated head and adequate amplitude, it’s capable of delivering an effective massage.

Urikar Pro 2 normally retails for $169.99, but with the URIKAR02 promo code you get a whooping 63% discount. This means it will only cost you $62.9. Get it at Urikar’s store right here.

MORE INFO: Read our hands-on Urikar Pro 2 review.

Sportneer Elite D9 – Premium Feel, Good Power, Quiet

Sportneer Elite D9 Specification

The Sportneer Elite D9 might not be as feature-rich as the Urikar, but it stands out with its impressive performance, premium feel, and quiet operation. Check the video:

While its retail price is $129.99, the application of the coupon code AFDKOF at checkout brings it down to below $100. We believe it’s a small price for the benefits it offers, especially as one of the best Hypervolt alternatives available.

What we appreciate most about Sportneer’s device is its power (or intensity) and its whisper-quiet operation.

The stroke length we’ve got with our digital caliper is 10mm, just like the first Hypervolt. This is less than Urikar’s 12mm, but instead, you get much faster percussions.

The Sportneer Elite D9 operates within a range of 1300-3200rpm, an impressively wide spectrum. Two aspects stand out here:

  • Firstly, you can start low and gentle Many more expensive guns start at 1800 or 2000 percussions per minute, which is already fast. The Sportneer, however, provides a more relaxed beginning.
  • Secondly, its maximum speed of 3200 hits per minute is accurate and not overstated, which is often the case. This makes it a high-intensity device and therefore highly effective.

It has 6 speeds to go with the percussion. For the range, this is sufficient, and not overdone like some other inexpensive models boasting over 20 speeds.

Stall force is pretty good, too, maxing out at 35 lbs. of pressure on the highest setting. This level is adequate for an average individual, surpassing what’s offered by devices like the Urikar Pro 2 and Taotronics.

two best massage guns under $100
Sportneer Elite D9 next to our top pick Urikar Pro 2

Unlike the Urikar Pro 2, the Sportneer Elite D9 is a simple device, lacking any extra bells and whistles, such as dynamic modes. However, its quality isn’t compromised. Constructed from high-quality plastic with a rubberized handle, the device feels robust and well-assembled.

It comes with 6 attachments that are nicely varied but are not the best quality we’ve seen. Unfortunately, they all feel plasticky, and there is no soft attachment included in the set.

On the other hand, the battery is superb, and one of the largest we’ve tested, with 3350mAh of juice.

It easily last for 4-6 hours of use, which translates to about 10 days under minimal use (10-minute daily sessions).

It is also an incredibly quiet device. Even when it revs at maximum speed, it is pleasantly hushed and the sounds it makes is smooth and not disturbing.

SALE Currently, sportneer.com is offering a massive 50% off sale, so you can get this one for an even lower price ($64.99 to be precise). Please note that the deal may not last long, so it’s a great opportunity to buy a well-performing massager for such a low price.

Sportneer D9 Elite can be yours for only $82.87 when you use the AFDKOF promo code at checkout. It gives 15% off. Buy it right here.

Finally, Sportneer is a customer-centric brand, offering a 30-day return policy for any reason. All their massage guns come with a 1-year warranty.

MORE INFO: In our hands-on Sportneer massage gun review.

Lifepro Sonic – With A Lifetime Warranty

lifepro sonic features

Lifepro has a fascinating massage gun in the Sonic massage gun, especially given how much it currently costs.

Granted, it’s not as modern and feature-rich to compete with our top pick – Urikar Pro 2 – but in our test it performed great, and that made us decide it should feature here.

First of all, it is a heavy-duty massager with a telling 45lbs. stall force. If we selected our recommendations based on stall force to price ratio, then this gun is the clear winner.

As you can see, on paper, not even the Theragun Elite rivals this kind of power. We actually think the 45lbs. is slightly exaggerated, but nevertheless it is a powerful device.

To sweeten the deal even more, Lifepro gave this massage gun a 11mm stroke length. This is almost the same as the Urikar Pro 2 and will work perfectly with the surprisingly high stall force.

The percussion range is 1200-2800rpm. Now, this is good because you can start your massage at a low intensity and go up as you like it. There are 5 speeds to control the percussions.

The only thing that’s uninspiring is the noise at higher speeds. This device isn’t the quietest and can’t compete with guns like Sportneer D9. This isn’t a problem on low and medium speeds though.

It comes with a nice carrying case and 8 attachment heads that can be useful if you want to target different body parts.

Lifepro offers a lifetime warranty for this gun – the only device on this list with a lifetime warranty.

Deal Alert Score 20% off at Lifepro and get a FREE Massage Gun on orders over $100. The promo will be applied automatically at the checkout. Browse all the deals now!

You can get it at Lifeprofitness.com, where using the MGA10 code will give you 10% off.

Taotronics TT-PCA004 – The Cheapest One

taotronics TT-PCA004 specifications

Another Taotronics that made it to our list. As we wrote in our earlier posts, this is a kind of hybrid between a mini gun and a full-sized one. We like to call it a compact massage gun.

Take a look at our video:

It is the cheapest massage gun we have ever tested and recommended to our readers. You can get it for a mere $50.99 after discount (see below) and it actually a pretty decent gun. And here’s why:

Even though it’s relatively small and lightweight (1.6 lbs.), the Taotronics TT-PCA004 has a decent 25lbs. stall force (advertised is 33lbs., but take it with a grain of salt).

We think that for the size, this is a good level of stall force. Most small/mini massage guns will not be as powerful because their role is to sooth rather than treat.

This Taotronics will do more than just get the blood flowing. It’s a perfect on-the-go partner.

We measured the amplitude to be 9mm. You might say it is low, but this is standard range for mini massage guns – in fact, many of them don’t go past 6-7mm.

It revs up to 3200rpm, Hypervolt percussion range. Despite of the compact size and low weight, it packs an impressive 2600mAh battery, the same as the much larger Addsfit MAX.

It is what made this massage gun stand out in our test. Small size, low weight, and great battery life.

Because of its dinky amplitude, it’s a very quiet massage gun that didn’t clocked more than 53-54dB on our noise meter. It may reach 55dB, but that’s it. It comes with 6 attachments, and a decent quality carrying case.

DEAL ALERT: This Taotronics now retails for $59.99, or $50.99 with the TT15 promo code (15% off). This is amazing price if you consider how solid it is. Buy it right here.

MORE INFO: Navigate to our hands-on Taotronics TT-PCA004 review for more information.

Lifepro Dyna Mini – Best Mini Gun Under $100

lifepro DynaMini - mini massage gun under 100

The Dyna Mini really lives up to its name. It’s a tiny mini massage gun that has a lot to offer those who will dare try it.

Lifepro is a successful fitness equipment company that is probably best known for their vibrating rollers. Unlike most massage guns, the Dyna Mini is made of good quality metal (aircraft grade aluminum). If you needed a guarantee on durability, you’ve got it.

While the company’s website does not provide specific information on stall force, we conducted our own tests to assess it. Our results showed that it offered around 12-15 lbs of stall force.

Though it may fall short when compared to more potent mini guns like the Ekrin Bantam, it’s quite commendable for a device of its size. To give you a clearer picture, even the hyped and pricier Hypervolt Go 2 has a similar stall force.

Anyway, 15 lbs stall force may not be perfect for a deep percussive massage but it will be good enough for relaxation, muscle warm-up, treating soreness and getting rid of lactic acid after intensive training. It’s also a handy tool for runners seeking a portable massager.

When we checked out the amplitude, we found it to be about 6mm – standard for mini massage guns. Coupled with its stall force, it functions just as you would expect it to.

In our testing, we found its percussion range – between 1300-3200rpm – standard but intensive enough for the purposes it’s designed to fulfill. The device also has 4 speed options to switch between during use.

One of the standout features we observed was its powerful battery, which is advertised to last up to 16 hours. In our opinion that’s probably true if the device is used very minimally – probably on the lowest speed and with very little pressure applied.

Otherwise we estimate that you may run out of juice in 7-9 hours under intensive use – still very impressive!

The Lifepro Dyna Mini operates quietly, producing noise levels between 45-53dB during our testing, and comes with 4 distinct attachments.

Lifepro offers superb customer support and buying experience. On top of that, all their products have a lifetime guarantee.

Deal Alert Score 20% off at Lifepro and get a FREE Massage Gun on orders over $100. The promo will be applied automatically at the checkout. Browse all the deals now!

This tiny massager costs $89.99 but you can get it for only $80.99 if you use MGA10 coupon at checkout – 10% OFF. Don’t miss the deal, get the Dyna Mini here.

In conclusion, our hands-on experience with the Lifepro Dyna Mini confirms it to be a fantastic bargain from a reputable brand that provides a lifetime warranty on all their products.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Best Massage Gun Under 100 Dollars

Here’s what it should have.

Stall Force

Stall Force: This is the amount of pressure it takes to stop the motor of a device consequently shutting it off. Sometimes when you need a deep tissue massage, passing the massage gun head over a particular muscle doesn’t always do the job. Pressing hard against the muscle can get you the required results. A stronger gun can withstand much force. 

Full disclosure here from us that you should not expect a lot of power from cheap devices, and the fact that our list has some mini massage guns means that the stall force is much lower.

We got a little lucky with Sportneer Elite and Lifepro Sonic which have pretty good stall force if you consider their price points. However, apart from it, the others aren’t as powerful. But, from our list, expect at least 20-30-plus lbs. stall force.

That said, a good under $100 massage gun should have upper 20s to lower 30s stall force.

Stall Force Comparison of Massage Guns Under $100


Most massage guns under $100 are entry-level devices with low stall force, usually within the 20 – 30 lbs. range, which is usually enough for an every-day device. However, as the chart above demonstrates, sometimes you can find a device with more power (e.g. Lifepro Sonic).


Stroke Length: This is the length travelled by the massage gun heads as it hits your skin in the back and forth movement. The stroke length plays an important role in a device, because with it you can tell what kind of a massage you will have. 

Most guns under $100 will not have more than 10mm amplitude. Most of them are clones of the original Hypervolt which was more of a vibrational therapy tool than a percussive one. They try to make up for lack of amplitude with more percussions per minute (more rpms) butm in our experience, the best you can get with these devices is a surface-level massage.

For a massage gun to really be considered a percussive therapy device, at least 10mm or more is required. Even so, for a device like this to really be effective, a lot of stall force is also needed. This is because a better stall force can make up for a short amplitude. It is also required to keep the device revving fast under pressure.

In other words, we recommend to opt for a 10mm stroke length device that has more stall force, than for the opposite setup.

Even though the device may not be able to hit deep into the muscle, it can be pressed hard against the skin to achieve this. We took this into consideration when choosing which massage gun to include in our list.

Finally, there are cheap guns like Fitpulse (which we tested), or Butyce that scream at you with their 15-16mm amplitude but have very low stall force.

In their desire to be like Theragun, they miss out on what really matters. In our opinion, these are not ideal for a percussive massage. On a side note, we also found that they massively overstate their stroke length figures.

Amplitude Comparison of Massage Guns for Under $100


In our numerous tests, no other massage gun in this category could match our best pick Urikar Pro 2. We measured 12mm amplitude (advertised is 15mm). If you want a deeper massage, this is it. In the mini category, 6 to 9 mm is a usual amplitude.


Percussions/RPMs: Most massage guns under 100 will be more intensive and have a high percussion range – typically 1800-3200rpm. This is often because they have short amplitudes. The ones with longer amplitudes tend to be less intensive.

There are devices that have over 3800 rpms. These are meant as vibrational therapy tools, which can also effectively penetrate deep into the muscle tissue. However, most have very dinky stroke lengths, so they do not give that deep percussive feel, which most customers look for when buying a massage gun.

Other Features to Look Out

  • Speeds: Talking from a personal experience, cheap devices tend to be exaggerated here. It’s not surprising to find a device with 20 or 30 speed gears. Don’t be fooled by this. Typically the less speeds a device has the better it can serve you. We recommend 5 or 6 speeds. We can tolerate less – say 3 or 4 – or more – 7 or 8, but nothing more.
  • Pre-programmed massage modes: This is when a device has modes that change the intensity automatically. You don’t find many such devices in the under $100 category.
  • Build quality: It’s possible to get a very nicely built massage gun under $100.
  • Noise: Cheap doesn’t mean loud. There are very quiet guns that are less than $100. In fact, some are quieter than their expensive counterparts.
  • Weight: It’s not uncommon to find bulky guns in this category but we focused on testing the ones that are 2.5lbs or less. Ideally though, go for a gun that weighs 2-2.2lbs (full-sized guns).
  • Size: We chose the less bulky ones.
  • Ergonomics: We love brands that try to be innovative with their devices’ ergonomics. 
  • Accessories included: Number of attachments (5 or 6), travel case or pouch.
  • Brand trustworthiness: Don’t buy unless they can stand behind their product.
  • Battery capacity and time on battery: This is not an issue because most devices have batteries that will need to be recharged a week or 2 later. Bigger batteries usually mean more weight.
  • Warranty: Cheap guns will probably have just a 1-year warranty or nothing at all. There are gems that offer lifetime warranties, we tried to include many of those here.
  • Value for money: Our picks are under $100 or slightly more in some cases. If you can spend more than a hundred bucks, check out our best value massage guns post.

Final Thoughts

Here’s a wrap-up:

  • Based on our testing and head-to-head comparisons, we believe the Urikar Pro 2 is the best massage gun under $100, with its heated massage capability, above-average amplitude, and unique approach to ergonomics.
  • It is followed by the Sportneer Elite D9, which impressed us with its premium feel and quiet operation.
  • The tiny Lifepro Dyna Mini is an excellent little gun, ideal for those who need a percussion massager on the go.

Aside from these three, all other devices on our list will also perfectly meet your needs without requiring a hefty investment.

With that said, if you’re able to slightly increase your budget, you might want to explore our post on the best value massage guns – there are some real treasures available for just a few dollars more.

PS. If you still have some doubts, or need a word of advice, feel free to drop a comment below.

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  1. Hi there
    would any of the recommended massage guns that are under $100 be too strong for someone that has osteopenia?
    Maybe it doesn’t matter which gun but the speed or the setting is the most important
    Any suggestions would be appreciated

    Thank you

    • Hi Linda, from my personal experience, when it comes to massage guns, you don’t really have to worry too much about them being too strong; even the most powerful ones, like the Theragun, can still provide a gentle massage. It all depends on the amount of pressure applied and the attachment used.
      More important is to make sure it’s not too weak; anything above 20lbs stall force should do the job. Also, look at RPMs and make sure it’s quite wide and the max is about 3000. Look at Bob and Brad’s Q2 mini (we’ve reviewed it here); it’s small but versatile. You’ll like it, and it fits your budget.

  2. Trying to use the MASSAGE30 discount code for the Addsfit MAX, but it is saying invalid. Is that still available? Really appreciated your review and was going to get 2 for Christmas presents. Thanks!

    • Hey Matt, thanks for the comment. Indeed, it looks the MASSAGE30 isn’t active anymore. It could have been for BlackFriday weekend only. The good news is that you can try going with the MASSAGE25 code for a 25% discount – so a few dollars more, but still pretty good deal I think. Ps. it would be great if you could consider using our affiliate link when buying from Addsfit. This way, we get a little kickback at absolutely no extra cost for you (helps us buy more devices and get them reviewed). Thanks!

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