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Best Massage Gun under $100 – Percussive Therapy on a Budget

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What is the best massage gun under $100 like? Can you get a good device at less than $100 price point? We’ll be answering that question in this post and you just might be surprised at what you can get.

Best Massage Gun Under $100 – Prices Went Down in 2021

Truth is, a few years ago – make that a year or 2 ago – it was almost unheard of that a massage gun would cost anything less than $200 – not even knock-offs were that cheap.

But fast-forward to 2021 and the market has been flooded by new brands looking to sell these devices.

So much so that the pioneer brands have been forced to significantly lower the prices for their devices in order to stay competitive – which is good news for us customers. The avalanche of these devices onto the market has been triggered by a rise in their popularity.

To be fair though, you are probably more likely to find an excellent massage gun under $150. However, we searched far and beyond for some sweet deals under $100.

We couldn’t find many posts on the internet that had something nice, the ones that came close are actually outdated. We hope you find this post useful!

In a hurry? One full-size and one mini-sized devices we recommend:


Addsfit MAX
The best bargain at this price point with its good performance features.
Use the coupon MASSAGE30 here at for a 30% discount. More info can be found below.

lifepro DynaMini Massage Gun

Lifepro Dyna Mini
A mini massage gun with decent power, great battery and a lifetime warranty. You can get it in Lifepro’s store. Scroll down for more information or click here to jump right to it.

What Makes a Good Massage Gun Under $100?

We recently did cover best massage guns under $150 and under $200, and we debated among ourselves whether it was worth doing a post on best massage guns for under $100.

To be honest, even though the market is now flooded with thousands of Hypervolt knockoffs, most still cost more than 100 bucks. But given the experience we’ve had and our zeal to never stop buying and reviewing massage guns, we were certain we could find some gems under $100.

But there’s a catch.

how to properly use a massage gun
Amplitude, Stall Force, Percussions – 3 Performance Features Worth Looking At

Most cheap guns desperately lack in key parameters, that is, amplitude and stall force. What that means in massage-gun language is that these devices will not be able to offer percussive therapy massage.

The best they can do is vibrational therapy, which is okay if you just want to relax or have a surface-level massage for other benefits that include proper blood flow. However, they won’t be able to punch deeper due to a significant lack of power.

That said, our top picks have the best possible specs and we tried as hard as we could to make sure they’re percussive devices and not vibrational therapy tools.

But, realistically speaking, you shouldn’t expect to find insane power in these devices. This is because most are entry-level at best and you should brace for low to medium power.

Another thing you also need to know is that some of these devices are mini massage guns. These serve a particular niche and are meant to be portable and discreet. However, it’s not unheard of to find some great mini massage guns with superior performance features. The main thing is that we made sure to not only pick the small but powerful, but also the affordable.

Key Criteria for Choosing The Best Massage Gun for Under $100

Here’s what the best massage gun under 100 should have.

Stall Force

Stall Force: This is the amount of pressure it takes to stop the motor of a device consequently shutting it off. Sometimes when you need a deep tissue massage, passing the massage gun head over a particular muscle doesn’t always do the job. Pressing hard against the muscle can get you the required results. A stronger gun can withstand much force. 

Full disclosure here from us that you should not expect a lot of power from cheap devices, and the fact that our list has some mini massage guns means that the stall force is much lower.

We got a little lucky with Addsfit Max which has pretty good stall force if you consider its price. However, apart from it, the others aren’t as powerful. But, from our list, expect at least 20-30-plus lbs. stall force.

That said, a good under $100 massage gun should have upper 20s to lower 30s stall force.

Stall Force Comparison of Massage Guns Under $100


Most massage guns under $100 are entry-level devices with low stall force, usually within the 20 – 30 lbs. range. However, as the graph above demonstrates, sometimes you can find a device with more power (Addsfit Max, Taotronics).


Stroke Length: This is the length travelled by the massage gun heads as it hits your skin in the back and forth movement. The stroke length plays an important role in a device, because with it you can tell what kind of a massage you will have. 

Most guns under $100 will not have more than 10mm amplitude. Most of them are clones of the original Hypervolt which was more of a vibrational therapy tool than a percussive one. They try to make up for lack of amplitude with more percussions per minute (more rpms) but the best you can get with these devices is a surface-level massage.

For a massage gun to really be considered a percussive device, at least 11mm or ideally 12mm is required. Even so, for a device like this to really be effective, a lot of stall force is also needed. This is because a better stall force can make up for a short amplitude.

Even though the device may not be able to hit deep into the muscle, it can be pressed hard against the skin to achieve this. We took this into consideration when choosing which massage gun to include in our list.

Finally, there are cheap guns like Legiral Le3 (which we reviewed), or Cansou that scream at you with their 16mm amplitude but have very low stall force. In their desire to be like Theragun, they miss out on what really matters. These are not ideal for a percussive massage.

Amplitude Comparison of Massage Guns for Under $100


Our best pick, Addsfit MAX is not only the gun with enough stall force, but it also has a very decent 12mm stroke length. If you want a deeper massage, this is it. In the mini category, 6 to 10 mm is a standard stroke length.


Percussions/RPMs: Most massage guns under 100 will be more intensive and have a high percussion range – typically 1800-3200rpm. This is often because they have short amplitudes. The ones with longer amplitudes tend to be less intensive.

There are devices that have over 3800 rpms. These are meant as vibrational therapy tools and cannot hit deep into the muscle tissue. Most have very dinky stroke lengths. 

Other Features to Look Out

  • Speeds: Cheap devices tend to be exaggerated here. It’s not surprising to find a device with 20 or 30 speed gears. Don’t be fooled by this. Typically the less speeds a device has the better it can serve you. We recommend 5 or 6 speeds. We can tolerate less – say 3 or 4 – or more – 7 or 8, but nothing more.
  • Pre-programmed massage modes: This is when a device has modes that change the intensity automatically. You don’t find many such devices in the under $100 category.
  • Build quality: It’s possible to get a very nicely built massage gun under $100.
  • Noise: Cheap doesn’t mean loud. There are very quiet guns that are less than $100. In fact, some are quieter than their expensive counterparts.
  • Weight: It’s not uncommon to find bulky guns in this category but we focused on the ones that are 2.5lbs or less. Ideally though, go for a gun that weighs 2-2.2lbs (full-sized guns).
  • Size: We chose the less bulky ones.
  • Ergonomics: We love brands that try to be innovative with their devices’ ergonomics. 
  • Accessories included: Number of attachments (5 or 6), travel case or pouch.
  • Brand trustworthiness: Don’t buy unless they can stand behind their product.
  • Battery capacity and time on battery: This is not an issue because most devices have batteries that will need to be recharged a week or 2 later. Bigger batteries mean more weight.
  • Warranty: Cheap guns will probably have just a 1-year warranty or nothing at all. There are gems that offer lifetime warranties, we tried to include many of those here.
  • Value for money: Our picks are under $100 or slightly more in some cases.

Massage Gun Under $100 – Our Best Picks 

Here are our top massage guns under $100, starting from our best recommendation.

Addsfit MAX – Premium, Good Power and 3-yr Warranty

addsfit Max features

We made sure to include Addsfit Max in our list as our top recommendation because, for its price, it offers astonishing value. It used to cost almost $200 when we first heard about it, but the price has since then been slashed to $129.98.

Granted, it is over the $100 threshold here, but if you apply MASSAGE30 code, you will get additional 30% off and it will then cost $90.99. Not only this is a great deal, but is a small price to pay for what you are getting with one of the best Hypervolt alternatives out there. 

addsfit Max Deep Percussion Massage
addsfit Max Deep Percussion Massage

Two things we like the most about Addsfit’s gun, is how quiet it is, and how balanced it is power-wise.

The amplitude is a respectable 12mm, which we consider a sweet-spot – not too punchy, not too vibrational either.

Stall force is pretty good, too. The devices maxes out at 35 lbs. of pressure applied, available on the top gear. This is really OK for an entry-level massage gun, and is more than you get with, say, Renpho or Medcursor (our number 3 and 4 picks, respectively).

It percusses between 1700-3300rpm, which is a tad wider range that you get with most other devices. It has 9 speeds to go with the percussion. For the range, this is just enough, and not ridiculously configured like some other cheap guns with over 20 speeds.

As Taotronics below, this one too is a simple device and does not have many bells and whistles. It is a very high quality device, though. It’s made from good quality plastic, the handle is rubberized, and everything is well put together.

It comes with 5 attachments that are nicely varied. It has a 2500mAh capacity battery that can last for 4-6 hours and up to 10 days under minimal use (10-minute daily sessions).

It has a 1-year warranty by default, but Addsfit is a customer-friendly brand and allows to extend the warranty to 3 years in total simply by registering the device on their website.

Addsfit Max massage gun can be yours for only $90.99 if you apply the MASSAGE30 discount code. Buy it right here.

Taotronics – Affordable And Well Equipped

TaoTronics TT-PCA003 - massage gun under 100

Taotronics probably isn’t the first brand that comes to mind when researching massage guns, but they do have many affordable models, and their geeky-sounding TT-PCA003 massage gun is one of our favorites in the under $100 category. 

To substantiate our praise, this device has above 30lbs. stall force. That is pretty good if you consider the price. There aren’t many massage guns with this kind of stall force in this category.

Now we know that sometimes brands advertise false stall force and sometimes it can be real low. That is not the case with this gun, it is really not easy to stall this massager

TaoTronics TT-PCA003 Massage Gun
6 Attachments, carrying case included

To sweeten the deal even more, it has a 12mm amplitude, which is not too vibrational, but also not too aggressive either (not as hard-hitting as Theraguns, for example). We think it is quite perfect for a percussive massage.

It has a nice percussion range – 1400-3200rpm – which means you can have a gentle, a relaxing, and intensive massage if you want to with this device.

It has 10 speeds to cycle through, which might be a few too many, but the wide percussion range kind of justifies that. It also has 6 nicely varied attachments.

The battery is a 2600mAh capacity battery, which is the standard sized one in its size category. Taotronics advertises 10-hour battery life on a single charge, but we would recommend taking it with a pinch of salt.

Our experience tells us that you will only get a battery life like this when you use the gun on its lowest speed setting, and avoid applying more pressure. Realistically, when used on different gears and with some decent pressure applied here and there, expect it to run for about 4-6 hours on a single charge – similar to the Addsfit Max above.

It also comes with a carrying case which is something you don’t see with cheap massage guns. To put it into perspective, Theragun Prime costs $299 but doesn’t come with a carrying case.

It’s a quiet massage gun, advertised to rev at just 42dB – again, it refers to the first speed, and will be up to mid 50s, but it is still quiet enough not to draw attention and cause disturbance.

It retails for $93.99 but because it is Black Friday, you can use the BL35 coupon to save a massive 35%. You can then buy it for $61.10, and we think it is a steal!

Medcursor MG02 – Also Decent

Medcursor MG02 features

The Medcursor MG02 is no Addsfit by any stretch, but it offers decent performance with “good enough” performance features. If you can’t opt for our top pick because of the extra bucks, this one should work just fine for you.

Some of its features include motor able to withstand up to about 25-30lbs. stall force. Now, this may not be enough to give you a deep-to-the-bone percussive massage, but it’s still one of the best you can get with the price point.

As two our earlier picks, this one too has 12mm amplitude which in this case is actually good enough to provide a percussive massage rather than vibrational therapy. Theragun Prime has similar stall force with a longer amplitude but we feel the Medcursor is more balanced

It also has 3200 maximum percussions per minute. It has somewhat confusing settings; there are 3 modes with different intensities, each of these modes has 4 speeds. That makes it 12 speeds to cycle through.

Medcursor funstions
Medcursor Control Panel

Other than that, it’s a light enough device – 2.2lbs. It’s also quiet revving at 35-65dB. The battery is a 2600mAh capacity that can last 3-6 hours depending on usage.

It’s very well equipped for its price; 6 attachments that are nicely varied and comes with a carrying case. Unlike Addsfit, it has a 1-year warranty. The Medcursor MG02 is a decent massage gun for its price and will do what it’s intended to do.

Overall, it is a basic device without any bells and whistles, but it gets the job done. When it comes to the specs, it is somewhat similar to the Taotronics. It is a tad noisier though, and this is why we ranked it slightly below the Taotronics gun.

You can buy it on Amazon right here.

Renpho R4 Pro – Great Ergonomics

renpho r4 pro features

Renpho has a fascinating massage gun in the R4 Pro. It’s not as powerful to compete with our top pick – Addsfit Max – but it has its own unique features that made us decide it should feature here.

For starters it’s uniquely built with good quality materials. The thing that made us feature it on our list though is its Theragun Pro-like ergonomics. It has an adjustable arm that can lock into 5 positions. This already means that you have a device that will make your massage sessions a breeze.

In terms of performance features, the R4 Pro didn’t impress us with its 25-30lbs. stall force. We were expecting more by just looking at it. However, this is not all doom and gloom because 30lbs. is still good enough to warm up muscles, treat soreness and give you a good massage in areas that have less muscle mass like arms and feet.

It has a 10mm amplitude to help with that. This is good enough only for vibrational therapy, it must be said, but it will be good enough for the gun’s intended use.

Renpho R4 PRO unique massage gun under 100
Renpho R4 PRO has a unique adjustable arm.

It has 3200rpm as its maximum percussion which makes up for the dinky amplitude. It has 4 speeds to go with the percussions, which is enough for us.

It’s a quiet device and even at the highest speed will still do under 60dB. It has a 2200mAh detachable battery that comes with a charging stand making it very convenient. It also comes with 6 nicely varied attachments and a nice carrying case. 

It only comes with a 1-year warranty.

You can check the current price at Amazon right here.

Taotronics TT-PCA004 – Best Compact Gun under $100

taotronics TT-PCA004 specifications

Another Taotronics that made it to our list. As we wrote in our earlier posts, this is a kind of hybrid between a mini gun and a full-sized one. We like to call it a compact massage gun.

Even though it’s relatively small and lightweight (1.6 lbs.), the Taotronics TT-PCA004 has a decent 33lbs. stall force. For the size, this is a good level of stall force. Most small/mini massage guns will not be as powerful because their role is to sooth rather than treat.

taotronics Massage Gun TT-PCA004
Taotronics – Compact and lightweight

This Taotronics will do more than just get the blood flowing. It’s a perfect on-the-go partner.

It has a 8mm amplitude, you might say small, but this is standard range for mini massage guns – in fact, many of them don’t go past 6-7mm.

It revs up to 3200rpm, Hypervolt percussion range. Despite of the compact size and low weight, it packs an impressive 2600mAh battery, the same as the much larger Addsfit MAX.

This is what makes this massage gun stand out. Small size, low weight, and great battery life.

Because of its dinky amplitude, it’s a very quiet massage gun that will not rev past 53-54dB. It may (on highest speed) reach 55dB, but that’s it. It comes with 6 attachments, and a decent quality carrying case.

It normally sells for $69.99 but because it is Black Friday, you can buy it for only $49.99.
TIP: If you add something else to the cart, for a total cart value above $50, then you will be allowed to use the special BL35 coupon to get a massive 35% OFF!

Lifepro Dyna Mini – Best Mini Gun Under $100

lifepro DynaMini - mini massage gun under 100

The Dyna Mini really lives up to its name. It’s a tiny mini massage gun that has a lot to offer those who will dare try it.

Lifepro is a successful fitness equipment company that is probably best known for their vibrating rollers. Unlike most massage guns, the Dyna Mini is made of good quality metal (aircraft grade aluminum). If you needed a guarantee on durability you’ve got it.

We couldn’t find stall force information on their website but we did our tests and determined it was about 12-15 lbs. While it is not much, and behind the powerful mini guns such as the Ekrin Bantam, it is still okay if you look at how small it is. Plus, to put it into perspective, a hyped and expensive Hypervolt Go has about the same stall force…

Anyway, 15 lbs stall force may not be perfect for a deep percussive massage but it will be good enough for relaxation, muscle warm-up, treating soreness and getting rid of lactic acid after intensive training. It’s also a good massager for runners.

lifepro dyna mini massager
Lifepro Dyna Mini

It has a 6mm amplitude to go with the stall force. Again, this is a mini massage gun range and will do what it’s intended to do.

It has a percussion range of 1300-3200rpm which again is standard percussion but intensive enough for what the gun is built to do. It has 4 speeds to cycle through.

It also has a powerful battery advertised as being able to last for up to 16 hours. In our opinion that’s probably true if the device is used very minimally – probably on the lowest speed and with very little pressure applied. Otherwise we estimate that you may run out of juice in 7-9 hours under intensive use – still very impressive!

It’s a super quiet massage gun, revving between 45-53dB. It comes with 4 attachments.

Lifepro offers superb customer support and buying experience. On top of that, all their products have a lifetime guarantee.

BLACK FRIDAY deals are now on, and for a very limited time you can get this tiny massager for only $71.99 – a big 20% OFF. Don’t miss the sale, get the Dyna Mini here.

This is a fantastic bargain from a reputable brand that also offers a lifetime warranty for all their products.

Best Massage Gun Under $100 – Bottom Line

Hopefully you now know what best massage gun under $100 you would like to buy.

In our opinion the Addsfit MAX is the best pick with its premium feel, above average performance and up to 3-yr warranty. The tiny Lifepro Dyna Mini is a neat little gun that will be the best companion if you want a percussion massager on the go.

Apart from these two, all the devices on our list will perfectly suit your needs. And you don’t have to spend a fortune for any of them!

With that said, if you can stretch your budget a little further, you may want to check out our post on best massage guns under $150 – there are some real gems in there.

PS. If you still have some doubts, or need a word of advice, feel free to ask us a question here.

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