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Recovapro SE Review – Surprisingly Good And Versatile Device

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Welcome to this Recovapro SE review.

It’s a different proposition from the MAX and Lite devices we were also looking at before. If you find the RecovaPro MAX too expensive and want something less costly, this is a powerful alternative.

We tested the SE model for a few weeks alongside the MAX, and we have a few things to report – most of them good. We’ll also discuss the specs and whether they are true to what is advertised and clarify whether it’s worth buying.

Finally, we’ll compare it to competitors and list the best alternatives in the UK.

About Recovapro

We already covered this part extensively in our Recovapro MAX review and will not belabor the point here. However, it’s important to note that Recovapro is a well-known recovery technology company in the UK.

Just like Therabody, they make premium products and sponsor sports athletes and teams. Some teams include Wolverhampton Wanderers in the English Premier League and Rangers FC in the Scottish League. They also sponsor Britain’s top cycling team, Ribble Weldtite.

Recovapro uk massage gun brand logo

They don’t just make massage guns. Like Therabody, they manufacture other gears like vibration rollers, compression gears, and more.

They operate 3 physical demo stores where you can try the product on yourself before buying it. Apart from Therabody, we haven’t seen any other massage gun brand do this – they all tend to sell online. Recovapro has 2 stores in London and 1 in Kent. 

Recovapro SE Review

Recovapro SE 2.0 Specifications (Verified)

Recovapro SE 2.0 Specifications
FeatureRecovapro SE Specs
Stall Force50 lbs
Stroke Length12 mm (advertised: 14 mm)
Dimensions24 cm x 16 cm x 7 cm
Weight2.65 lbs / 1.2 kg (advertised: 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg)
Noise (decibel)47 – 65 dB
Speeds5 speeds
Percussion Range1400, 1800, 2200, 2600, 3200 ppm
Battery Capacity / Life Time2600 mAh / 5 hours (advertised)
Number of Attachments5
Extra FeaturesPressure meter
Smart App via Bluetooth
ProsGood amplitude
Good stall force
Excellent Percussion Range
Great attachments

Premium feel
ConsAbove average weight
So-so ergonomics
Warranty2 years
MSRP£229.99 £349.99
Current PriceCheck here
Recovapro SE Specifications (1) verified by our own measurements.

Design and First Impressions

This one comes packed in a box that lists the key features. There is a carrying case inside the box. However, unlike what we saw with the MAX, this one is not a sleek shoulder bag. This one looks generic and doesn’t have that wow effect.

However, we like the quality and the size; there are two zippers, and the materials used are sturdy. 

Gun Impression

We felt confused when we first saw it. For a moment, we thought we got the MAX again.

Before we could kick up a fuss and request a return, we did a recheck. How else could we tell; the look and feel are similar to the MAX. Even the operation button and the LEDs are located in the same area.

The shape and size are uncannily similar. It feels like a “spot the difference” puzzle we had to wrestle with for a few minutes.

recovapro se and recovapro max side by side
Recovapro SE (left) and MAX (right) – spot the difference (hint: look at the handles).

Our patience finally paid off as we noticed some differences between the two devices. The first thing we noticed was the rubber handle patterns. The SE patterns are flat and slick.

Also, the SE feels lighter than the MAX. This is probably the standout difference if you had to pick them apart by looking and touching.

The other differences only become apparent once you start using the device – we’ll mention those in our review later.

Even though SE is cheaper than the MAX, it’s incredible that they kept the same high-quality build.

Another good thing is that they also kept the quality high in other aspects. For instance, the aluminum cover remains and adds to the premium feel. They opted to keep the color scheme as well.

The quality plastic at the top and the front of the gun remain as well. 

Our Take

What then can we say about the design and first impressions here? The SE is like the MAX’s clone.

It’s a full-sized gun that looks thick but isn’t tall. It doesn’t look oversized or bulky. Like the MAX, it has a premium feel and a modern look. We like that they kept the look and feel consistent with the MAX – which is a shame for their third device, Recovapro Lite, that deviates completely from this.

What Else is Included?

Other accessories included with the gun are;

  • 5 attachments
  • A universal charging dock – it doesn’t have the Recovapro logo, feels generic
  • Charging cable with a wall charger and 4 international plugs
  • There is an envelope with several Hyperice-like cards. The cards have warranty information, a quick start guide, and attachment information.
  • Brief operating instructions

Size, Weight, and Ergonomics

We noticed it’s not as heavy as the MAX. With the flat attachment, it weighs 1.2kg, or 1204 grams, to be precise. The MAX weighs over 1.3kg, or 1338 grams, precisely. This one, therefore, is 10% lighter, and you can feel it right away.

But is it the best weight for a massage gun? In many cases, we say the optimum weight for the best device should be about 2.2 pounds (1 kg). This one is heavier than that. To illustrate this, it’s heavier than all the other Theraguns apart from the Pro.

However, sometimes the weight can be a blessing in disguise or a non-issue depending on who the gun is intended for.

For instance, a heavy gun helps when massaging a friend or partner because the extra weight takes care of the pressure you’d have to apply. Also, bigger folks won’t mind using a heavier device.

The size is nearly exact to the MAX device which we tested before we got this SE model. It measures 24cm high, 16cm wide (without an attachment), and 7cm thick.

Just like the MAX, the handle is short. This can be a good thing or a bad thing.

  • A good thing because it has a bearing on the overall size of the device (i.e., because the handle is short, the device isn’t too bulky). We saw a similar approach with the Pulseroll device.
  • It’s bad because you’ll have trouble reaching some parts of the body – for instance, your lower back or mid back over your shoulders. However, it wasn’t so hard to do this with this gun.

What about ergonomics? We haven’t seen any improvements or downgrades from what we saw with the MAX. The vertical handle and the added weight mean it’s so-so at best. Smaller folks may struggle when using it for extended periods. You may experience wrist fatigue.

You also don’t get multiple grip options like you would if you had a Theragun. Even Achedaway Pro has better ergonomics with the angled handle – it reduces tension to the wrist and allows for a more natural grip.

However, Recovapro mitigated the effects of the so-so performance here. There is plenty of rubber on the handle – the entire handle is rubberized. The rubber used is sleek. It doesn’t have the pattern used on the MAX, but there is plenty of grip.

We also like that they kept the main button slightly inlet, so you don’t accidentally press it. Accidental pressing could turn off the device or change the speeds unintentionally. 

Our Take

The uninspiring shape means this device has so-so ergonomics. However, Recovapro mitigates the problems by paying attention to detail. The weight causes little damage. 


We have the same set as the MAX. However, the extra 2 attachments – arc and lumbar, are not included here. Nevertheless, these are probably enough, unless you need the 2 extra, in which case you’ll have to purchase the MAX.

recovapro se 5 attachment heads

Here’s some info on these attachments:

  • Ball Head – It’s the softest one in the bunch. It’s made of silicone instead of the usual foam. It’s used as a universal attachment for massaging the entire body. Since it’s the softest, we assume it will also work on tender areas.  
  • Bullet Head – It’s made of hard plastic. It’s used to treat trigger points (2) and remove deep muscle knots. 
  • Fork Head – it’s also made of hard plastic. We like the gap between the two tips because they are wide enough to effectively go along the spine without touching the spine. 
  • Cone Head – It has a silicone tip. If you don’t like the aggressive nature of the bullet tip, you can use this one for targeted treatment and bony areas. 
  • Flat Head – It’s the universal tip. Here it’s slick-surfaced and works well directly on the skin. It will be a perfect choice for post-exercise recovery massage (3).

We love that they didn’t change the mounting system for this one and kept what they did with the MAX – a twist-and-lock system. This is the same system used for Ekrin devices. The key advantage of this kind of system is that you don’t have to force the attachments. Forcing the attachments damages the gaskets.

Our Take

We like that they included quality attachments with this device, just like the MAX. We like the excellent variety chosen. We also like that they maintained a similar mounting system as the MAX device. 


The controls haven’t changed here as well. It’s partly why we got so confused when we first saw the device.

It’s still the same one-button operation system. There are no LCDs or touch buttons either. Those tend to overcomplicate the operation. The only button is at the front of the device.

  • Press and hold it to activate the device (the blue ring lights up).
  • Press once to change the speeds.
  • To deactivate, press and hold the button until the lights go off. 
recovapro se controls panel
Simple one-button operation system. You ‘simply’ can’t get it wrong.


In performance, we look at 3 essential parameters; Amplitude, Stall Force, and Percussions Per Minute


Also called stroke length, this is the distance traveled by the tip as the device percusses.

The Recovapro MAX had an overstated stroke length, so we also doubted the figure given for this device. While the advertised value was 16mm, the actual figure after measuring was 14mm.

It’s the same thing here as well. Recovapro gives the figure as 14mm. However, after careful measuring with our digital caliper, the stroke length is 12mm

recovapro se measured amplitude
It’s a 12mm, not 14mm amplitude device. Overstated, but still within the sweet spot range.

This means the SE won’t be as hard-hitting as the stronger MAX or Theragun. However, 12mm is within the sweet spot range and can deliver penetrative percussive massage.

The device won’t feel as vibrational as devices with a 10mm (or less) stroke length. It’s also the right amplitude you want to have when massaging your arms, shoulders, or neck.

It’s slightly gentler than the high-amplitude MAX, Achedaway Pro or Theragun. Even on larger muscles, you can get good hits with this device if there’s enough stall force.

Stall Force

Stall force is the ability of the device’s motor to resist pressure applied to it.

It’s amazing how strong this device is. If you didn’t check the advertised stall force, you’d almost think it’s the MAX’s figure of 60lbs.; it’s that strong.

But for accuracy’s sake, the advertised figure is 50lbs. Quite impressive, and we are not arguing against it.

Even if we were to dispute that figure based on some variations when tested against devices with a similar stall force, we’d say it’s within the 45-50lbs. range. 

This is still less than what Achedaway Pro and Theragun Pro have. However, it’s harder to stall than Hypervolt 2 Pro. We would compare it to Theragun Elite’s stall force, and it may even be a tad harder to stall than Elite. 

This kind of stall force is good enough for pro athletes. Big guys and bodybuilders may want to go for the MAX, but this one isn’t really bad either.

Another advantage of this SE is that, despite being cheaper, it also comes with a pressure sensor. You can control the amount of pressure you apply.

The blue light around the main button will tell you how much pressure you are applying. We often don’t place too much value on this, but it’s not a bad thing to have.


We were surprised that Recovapro MAX could rev up to 3150RPM even though it has a 14mm amplitude. We wanted to know what range the SE has to offer.

The range is similar to what the MAX has – 1360-3140RPM through gear 1 to 5. We used our laser tachometer to check this. The specs indicate the range of 1400-3200RPM, which is pretty much the same as our findings.

The speed setup is the same as the MAX too. There are 5 LED lights above the main button to indicate the levels. 

Our Take Performance Summary

This gun’s performance is not as spectacular as the MAX. However, it’s still quite a powerful device.

Recovapro overstates the amplitude, but we still like the 12mm here. The device will still be punchy, especially when pressure is applied. You can apply decent pressure, and the device will not stall.

The 5th gear is super intensive, and the many vibrations will allow for deep tissue massage. This helps to reduce tension in the muscles and alleviate pain. 


Lower amplitude devices tend to be hushed, and this one is no different. Our dB values were 45dB for the first gear and 65dB for the top gear.

This is the same level of noise we recorded with the bigger MAX device. However, the sound here is smoother. 

How does it compare to other devices?

  • It’s quieter than Theraguns, but not by decibels because the noise here is smoother than Theraguns’ rough sounds. 
  • Achedaway Pro is quieter than this, even with the long stroke length. 
  • The noise levels are similar compared to Hypervolt 2 Pro.
  • It’s quieter than Pulseroll Pro despite having a higher amplitude.

Our Take

This is a reasonably quiet device that only gets loud at top speed. There are no crackling or rattling sounds. The screw-in attachments mounting system helps to reduce the noise levels. 


Another standout difference between the SE and the MAX is the battery capacity. The SE has a smaller-capacity battery. Whereas MAX had a monstrous 3350mAh battery, the SE has a 2600mAh battery.

This is often the standard capacity for many massage guns. Perhaps this explains the difference in weight between the MAX and the SE. 

The battery doesn’t drain faster though; one charge will likely last two weeks if you do a full body massage session a day. This is partly because the motor isn’t quite as magnanimous as the MAX’s. 

A vertical blue LED indicator on the left side of the device flashes when the battery is charging and remains solid when it’s fully charged.

There is a charging dock included in the box. It’s a generic dock with no Recovapro branding, but it works okay. The gun sits vertically as it charges.

There is also a standard wall charger with UK, US, EU, and AU plugs included. 

Bluetooth and Recovasmart App

Just like with the MAX, the SE is said to be Bluetooth enabled, but even though there is a card that says, “We made an app for you,” there seems to be no app. They call the app Recovasmart by Recovapro. We couldn’t find the app in the UK App Store or anywhere else. Even Google Play doesn’t have the app. Should we expect an app soon? We cannot say.

UPDATE: RecovaPro has finally released the app, but at the moment it is only available for Apple devices. You can download it from App store. We will share our thoughts on the app soon.

Warranty and Price

It’s not a cheap device by the market’s standards, but it’s slightly cheaper than the MAX.

Last time we checked, Recovapro SE was selling for £229.99. Check the current price at Amazon.

This is cheaper than Theragun Prime – Theragun’s entry-level gun. Hypervolt 2 is also more expensive compared to this gun. This means it’s a genuine competitor of the two giants, given it performs better.

However, we believe other alternatives may offer a better value for money. Some include the Achedaway Pro, which rivals the MAX in performance and costs about £205 if you apply the coupon MGA50.

Good thing though, Recovapro is a trusted UK brand with great advantages such as fast shipping, 90-day returns, and a 2-year warranty.

Recovapro SE Best Alternatives in the UK

Recovapro SE vs Recovapro MAX

Recovapro SE vs Recovapro MAX


  • Same look and feel.
  • Same high-quality materials.
  • Same so-so ergonomics.
  • A pressure sensor in both.
  • Same base attachments.
  • Same attachment mounting system (twist & lock).
  • Same percussion range.
  • Both have 5 speed devices.
  • Both are Bluetooth-enabled and there’s an app;
  • Same 2-year warranty.


  • Lower amplitude – 12mm vs. 14mm verified stroke length.
  • Fewer attachments (5 vs. 7 in MAX ; no arc and lumbar attachments in the SE).
  • Different charging docks included (generic, non-branded).
  • Lower capacity battery (2600 vs. 3350 mAh in MAX).
  • SE is lighter (1.2 kg vs. 1.34 kg MAX).
  • SE feels a tad quieter.
  • Slightly different rubber on a handle – sleek, no pattern.
  • It comes with the case (the MAX with the shoulder bag).
  • SE is less expensive.

Both lack

  • An angled handle or any other solution to improve ergonomics.
  • A detachable battery (Achedaway Pro has one).

Our Verdict

These are two surprisingly similar devices. The look and feel will leave you confused as to which one’s which.

The MAX is more powerful, but the SE doesn’t lag too far behind. We expected the SE to be way inferior, but it’s surprisingly strong in many areas and nearly catches up with the MAX in some areas.

Unless you are looking for top-notch power, as in the MAX, we suggest going for the SE, which is closely powerful but cheaper. It also feels like a universal gun and is well equipped.

Alternatively, you can go for the Achedaway Pro. It has the following similarities and differences versus the SE:

Recovapro SE vs. Achedaway Pro

Recovapro SE vs Achedaway Pro


  • High-quality attachments.
  • Aluminum body.
  • The build quality is excellent.
  • A carrying case is included.
  • 2-year warranty.

Where Recovapro SE beats Achedaway Pro

  • Faster percussions (max. 3150 vs. 2700).
  • More attachments (5 vs. 4).
  • Better attachment mounting system (twist & lock versus push-in-pull-out).
  • Pressure sensor integrated.
  • A charging dock included.
  • International socket plugs included (Achedaway asks you to choose your plug).
  • Bluetooth is enabled – and there’s an app (iOS, Android not yet there)

Where Achedaway Pro beats Recovapro SE

  • More stall force (~60 vs. 45-50 lbs.).
  • Higher amplitude: 16mm vs. 12mm (verified by us).
  • Better ergonomics (angled handle).
  • Lighter (2.7 lbs vs. 3 lbs).
  • Quieter.
  • Better capacity battery – 3200 vs. 2600 (plus Achedaway can work with two batteries – mind this).
  • Detachable battery (there is an option to purchase the gun with two batteries).
  • Less expensive (with a coupon).

Our Verdict

Achedaway Pro has the Theragun feel. It has a 16mm amplitude and boasts a hard-hitting gun reputation. It also has more stall force than the SE.

The Recovapro SE massage gun will feel more vibrational but not so much because the many percussions more than make up for the shorter amplitude. Both are bigger devices meant for demanding folks.

Achedaway Pro ships to the UK without custom charges and is cheaper if you use the MGA50 coupon. You can get it for £205 or £262 if you buy it with a spare battery.

Read More Our in-depth Achedaway Pro review.

Recovapro SE vs. Theragun Prime

Recovapro SE vs Theragun Prime

Theragun Elite should be the match for SE as far as performance goes. However, we will compare it to Theragun Prime because of the price differential. 


  • High-quality attachments.
  • Premium feel & excellent build quality.
  • A pressure sensor integrated.
  • A charging stand included (Theragun has a promo right now, normally extra paid).

Where Recovapro beats Theragun Prime

  • More stall force (~50 lbs vs. 40 lbs).
  • Faster percussions (max. 3150 vs. 2400).
  • A wider overall percussion range (1450 – 3150 vs. 1750-2400).
  • Quieter.
  • More attachments (5 vs. 4).
  • A carrying case is included (vs. just a pouch).
  • International socket plugs for traveling included.
  • A better warranty (2 years vs. 1).
  • Less expensive.

Where Theragun Prime beats Recovapro SE

  • Higher real amplitude – 16mm vs. 12mm; both verified.
  • Ergonomics – much better.
  • Lighter – 1 kg vs 1.3 kg.
  • Bluetooth + app that works with the device (guided treatments – haven’t found in Recovapro).
  • Attachments compatible with a mini device (Recovapro SE attachments do not work with Recovapro Lite – see our Recovapro Lite review for details.

Our Verdict

Theragun Prime has a better handle and is lighter than the SE. However, when it comes to performance, the SE shines. The SE is also better equipped.

If you like the deep hits, Theragun Prime won’t disappoint. However, the SE is the smart alternative – it’s cheaper and offers better value for money. 

Review Summary

As we close our Recovapro SE review, it’s important to note that this device is surprisingly at par with the MAX as far as performance goes.

It has the right amplitude, a powerful stall force, and more than enough percussion to do the job.

There are a few overstated specs, but nothing too serious.

It’s not the cheapest device by the market standards, but it’s a top-quality device. You can get it at Amazon or at Recovapro store.

If you want a similarly priced higher-amplitude alternative to the SE massage gun, we suggest looking at Achedaway Pro.

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Our Recovapro SE 2.0 Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


Recovapro SE is a top-quality all-rounder with impressive performance aspects. It doesn’t have the best handle and is slightly heavy. However, it’s well equipped and well worth every penny spent on it.

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