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Massage Gun Best Deals, Coupons, And Latest Discounts

This page will inform you about the best massage gun discount deals. We share up-to-date massage gun coupon codes and offer practical tips for discounted products from top brands.

The Top 2 Massage Gun Deals: [Updated On: June 19, 2024]

Deal 1

All EKRIN massage guns come with a Lifetime Warranty. Use the code MGA25 at checkout to enjoy 25% off .

Deal 2

Alternative Therapy – Best Smart Therapy Cupping, from Achedaway!
Get $25 off at checkout when using this link!. Use the code MGA25.

Deal 3

Brandenburg – Equine
$250 off, Get the deal!

There are more Father’s Day best deals with up to 25% OFF: For more details and other promotions, see below: ↓

We will also tell you what you should stay away from. This information will change occasionally to keep the table fresh with new deals and updated massage gun promo codes.

Best Deals, Best Brands!

Who doesn’t want a massage gun’s best deal on a high-end device from one of the top names in the business?

Well, here you can see all the discounts and coupons you can get from the best massage gun brands out there, including Theragun, Hypervolt, Ekrin, and Achedaway’s alternatives!

Ekrin Coupons and Deals

ekrin promo codes
Ekrin massage gun

Ekrin is kind of the outside underdog that carries a lot of weight. It’s a successful American brand that we voted the top brand of 2023.

While they don’t do a lot of price drops (because their devices are always in demand), we have some exclusive coupons to share!

Ekrin Promo Codes

Ekrin 2024 Premiere

Ekrin Kestrel – A brand-new massage gun from Ekrin, now with a $100 OFF premiere discount. Limited time only! Use our code MGA100 at checkout to get the deal.

July 4th Sale: Enjoy 25% Off on All Ekrin massagers with this exclusive offer. To apply the promo, use the code MGAJULY4 at checkout for the selected device. Links below:

Ekrin Kestrel – regular price is $349.99, now $249.99.

Father’s Day Deal: Enjoy up to 35% Off on some Ekrin massagers with this exclusive offer. To apply the promo, use the code MGA25 at checkout for the selected device. Links below:

Best Deal: Enjoy 20% Off on All Ekrin massagers with this exclusive offer. To apply the promo, use the code MGA20 at checkout for the selected device at checkout.

Don’t miss the chance to save BIG!

Note: when you click the links above, the promo code will be applied automatically (at the checkout).

Total Savings
Ekrin B3725%
Ekrin B37s25%
Ekrin 36530%
Ekrin Bantam30%
Ekrin Kestrel35%
EKRIN Massage Gun Discounts

Things to Know

  • Ekrin products are backed by a lifetime warranty!
  • We tested their customer support. It’s friendly and effective.
  • Read our Ekrin massage gun reviews to find your model.

Bob and Brad Discount Coupons

Bob And Brad Promo Codes
bob and brad

Bob and Brad’s devices are affordable, quiet, and pretty solid (especially the latest ones: the D6 Pro, D5 Pro, and the Air 2 mini).

Warranty Extension

Bob and Brad contacted us recently and offered our readers an additional one-year warranty extension exclusively! Just follow the instructions below:

After you buy any Bob and Brad massage gun, contact [email protected], provide your order number and include the phrase “Massage Gun Advice Warranty Extension” – your warranty period will be extended!

Other discounted devices in their Amazon store include:

Bob and Brad DEALS

CountryList PricePromo CodeFinal PriceTotal Savings
C2 ProUSA$109.99FATHGIFT10$78.9928%
Q2 MiniUSA$69.99FATHERDAY5$56.4919%
D5 ProUSA$169.99FATHGIFT10$120.0029%
D6 ProUSA$249.99$184.9926%
C2 ProUK$99.99FATHDAY10$71.9928%
Q2 MiniUK$99.99FATHDAY10$69.9930%
D5 ProUK$79.99FATHDAY10$51.9935%
D6 ProUK$249.99FATHDAY10$174.9930%
Massage Gun Discounts

Achedaway Discount Codes

achedaway smart cupping therapy massager
Smart cupping therapy massager by Achedaway.
achedaway logo

Achedaway has optional devices such as the Smart Cupping Therapy with awesome devices.

You can find their discount coupons online if you care to look. However, none of those beats our own.

Achedaway Promo Code

Achedaway sells a single unit for $169 and a double pack for $299. But we have a coupon – MGA25– that gives you a $25 discount so that you can get a single one for $144 and a double one for $274.

Use the special MGA60 code at checkout to get $60 off Achedaway Pro. Pay $239 instead of $299.

Also valid for other Achedaway devices.

Apply the coupon here.

Things to Know

Achedaway Scraper Specifications
It combines muscle scraping therapy and heat therapy in one device.

Another therapeutic device from Achedaway is The World’s First Heated Muscle Scraper! Check our article.

Achedaway Promo Code

Achedaway sells for $249, but our coupon – MGA25– gives you a $25 discount so that you can get one for $224!

Hypervolt Discount Codes

hypervolt promo codes
hyperice massage gun

Hyperice is another big name in the industry, going head-to-head with Therabody. They love sports people and make lots of devices for them. They have celebrity hype on them.

Hypervolt Promo Codes

Currently, Hyperice does not offer any promo codes. Stay tuned to this page for updates, and we’ll share them immediately if they are available.

Things to Know

  • Hyperice allows HSA/FSA cards so that you can buy the device with tax benefits. For more details, read about HSA/FSA eligible massage guns for more details.

Other Brands’ Massage Gun Discounts

Urikar Massage Gun Deals

Urikar Massage Gun Brand

Urikar promo codes:

NEW! How about getting a huge 67% discount for what we voted the best heated massage gun?

Use the URIKAR02 code and pay $62.9 instead of $169.99! Buy it right here.

Here’s our full Urikar Pro 2 Review.

Lifepro Coupons

Lifepro Massage Gun Brand

Lifepro had some fantastic holiday deals, and now they continue their aggressive discount policy.

Lifepro massage guns are now 20% to 40% OFF!

DEALS: Use the MGA10 promo code for 10% off at checkout. Browse all the deals here.

OPOVE Coupons

Opove Massage Gun Brand

Opove has been doing great with its two recent releases:
* The high-amplitude APEX massage gun and
* the Hypervolt-style M3 Pro 2.

UPDATE: Opove’s new M3 Pro 2 now retails for only $11940% discount. Browse Opove deals here.

P.S. Did you know that Opove massage guns are one of the quietest?

Theragun Discount Codes

theragun promo codes
Theragun by Therabody massage gun

Theragun (or Therabody, as they call themselves these days) are the kings of the percussive guns. The whole thing started with them, and they arguably lead the industry.

Theragun – Current Deals

Currently, Therabody is not offering any special deals or clearance, but we are pretty sure this will change soon, as they often run occasion-related promotions and sales.

Other offers:

Things to Know:

  • They often have sales twice or three times a year.
  • Expect to save from about $50 up to $150 on top-shelf devices when the promo is live.
  • Theraguns are now FSA/HSA eligible! It’s official! You can buy a Theragun, and they will send you a receipt to claim the expense as eligible. More information on this page.

…And More Best Deals from Other Brands

Other brands also offer you different discounts and coupons for massage gun sales. We have compiled the best ones in this table.

BrandModelDiscountPromo CodeWhere to Use
ZarifaUSAALL5% OFFMGAUse this link
HomedicsAll15% OFFhomedics2315Use this link
(UK & EU)
10% OFFMGA10Use this link
RenphoALL10% OFFMGA10Use this link
TaotronicsALL10% OFFTT10Use this link
SportneerElite D9
15% OFFAFDKOFUse this link
RecoverfunOther$5 OFFMGA5Use this link
Massage Gun Discounts

Tips for Tracking Down Massage Gun Discount Coupons

Bookmark this page and come back to check it often.

We regularly update this page to include the best massage gun deals and coupons. This is because we are always in touch with different brands and are often the first website to share new deals when they appear. 

Sign up for brands’ newsletters.

Brands often communicate with customers through newsletters that share exclusive coupons. You can also follow their pages on social media.

Be fast to buy – devices tend to go out of stock quickly.

Watch for events like Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more!
Many massage gun brands (especially small brands) can’t sustain the increased demands during these events. Devices will run out of stock fast.

Even though these events tend to come around in November and December, some of these brands run out of stock during other months as well – we have experienced it firsthand. Buy early or risk losing the deal.

Watch out – don’t get scammed.

Don’t fall for no-name brand schemes that promise massive discounts, like a $499 device that only costs $29. You will receive a poor-quality device or, worse, nothing.

Go for proven brands that have been selling for a while – years! Go through our site to see the brands that we have looked at. We research every brand we write about or buy from. We figured out how long they have been in business and whether you can trust them. 

Take consumer reviews, especially on Amazon, with a pinch of salt.

Brands often offer customers bonuses for favorable reviews, and thus not every review on Amazon is genuine.

Surprised by the uptick in positive reviews for certain products, Amazon investigated and shut down more than 600 Chinese brands for manipulating reviews.

For trusted advice, read our buying guides and hands-on massage gun reviews. When checking out reviews, do it for multiple stores if and where possible.

Happy buying, and don’t forget to take advantage of the massage gun promo codes we shared above!

Bob and Brad DEALS

  • Bob and Brad D6 Pro – a Theragun Pro-like massage gun! Use the MGAD6PRO promo code at Amazon checkout to get an extra 10% OFF. Grab the deal!
  • Bob and Brad D5 Pro – Newest model!
    It’s a quiet device of great quality at an affordable price! It retails for $169.99, but get it for $139.99 when using the MGAD5PRO promo code at Amazon checkout (that’s $30 OFF). Get the deal!
  • Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini – a fantastic Theragun Mini alternative. Use the MGAAIR2MINI code at the checkout to get an extra 10% OFF. Grab the deal!
  • Bob and Brad X6 Pro – the most powerful Bob and Brad gun.
  • Bob and Brad T2 – the successor to the very popular Q2.
  • Bob and Brad Q2 Mini – the smallest in the range. Very tiny.
  • Bob and Brad UNI – another starter device.