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Adjustable Massage Gun – Which One To Buy And How to Choose

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Does an adjustable massage gun have an advantage over any other massage gun? What kind of adjustability can you get with a massage gun? Is it such a big deal to have adjustability in a massage gun?

Well, these are some of the questions we are going to answer in this article. We are also going to list best adjustable massage guns and give you plenty to choose from if you are planning on getting one.

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Urikar Pro 2 – A newly released, affordable massage gun. It has an adjustable arm, decent performance features, and special ceramic attachment for a soothing heated massage.

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urikar pro 2 massage gun in hand

How Can Massage Guns be Adjusted?

Adjustability in massage guns isn’t really a popular thing among brands that make these devices. We’d say, for now, it’s more of a fancy feature introduced by some brands to address their clienteles’ needs.

Some of these either have an adjustable arm or an adjustable handle. It’s more common to find a device with an adjustable arm than one with an adjustable handle.

Theragun were the first to introduce adjustability in massage guns. Their G3 Pro (3rd generation Pro) had an adjustable arm. That is also the case for their 4th generation Pro device. It’s the only Theragun with an adjustable arm (find full Theragun Pro Review here)

We have also seen other brands try to imitate what Theragun has done with their Pro. One such brand is Urikar, also with their Pro 2 massage gun that has an adjustable handle. 

But, as we’ll see with most of the products we have chosen to highlight in this article, arm adjustability is more common than handle adjustability.

There are hundreds of massage gun brands out there and each tries to outshine the other by being innovative. Some do it better than others though.

massage gun with adjustable arm
Massage gun with adjustable arm can help you reach more challenging spots.

Adjustability Benefits and, is Adjustability Needed at All?

Adjustability has its advantages but none better than the extended reach it offers for a DIY massage.

With the traditional and certainly many other massage gun designs, massaging your back and your shoulder can present a bit of a challenge. A massage gun with an adjustable arm can help reach these areas easily.

If you have to use the massage gun on someone else, an adjustable massage gun can help with the handling of the device to effectively massage a friend. 

how to adjust theragun arm

Depending on how flexible (they don’t all adjust the same way) an adjustable massage gun can be, you can also get an angle that helps you apply more pressure when needed. More pressure is needed when massaging large muscle groups for deep tissue treatment.

But is it written on stone that you must have adjustability in a massage gun?

Our answer is no. You don’t necessarily need adjustability in a massage gun. We know that physiotherapists and chiropractors might benefit from adjustability because they need both the ergonomics and precision of it.

However, we have barely needed an adjustable arm when working with most massage guns – we use massage guns every day, testing them or sometimes using them for recovery after working out. 

Also, we are not the only ones that find the adjustability feature peripheral, lots of physios and chiros use Hypervolt massage guns, and we all know those are not adjustable in any way.

If it’s about ergonomics, some brands have come up with tweaks to their design to address that. Such brands include Ekrin and Achedaway with their 15-degree angled handles. Others include a long handle that makes it easy to reach your back.

That said, adjustability is not a must-have feature for any massage gun – unless you really need it to address a particular situation.

If you are going to buy a device for personal use, we recommend looking at other more important features like performance, noise level, and accessories (number of attachments).

Best Adjustable Massage Guns

Urikar Pro 2 – Heated, Adjustable Massage Gun

Urikar Pro 2 specifications

Unlike other guns on our list, Urikar opted for a different approach by making a massage gun with an adjustable handle – they actually bent their way into the adjustable massage gun space.

The handle can be adjusted up to 180 degrees. Urikar claims that this design increases flexibility by up to 30%. This makes it easier to massage the upper, middle, and lower back areas than the normal fixed handles.

We are not certain you’ll enjoy using a massage gun with an adjustable handle better than you would enjoy one with an adjustable arm, but one thing is for sure, the adjustable handle is a clever way to improve the ergonomics of a massage gun.

For personal DIY massage, this massage gun is nice to have however, we believe Physiotherapists and Chiropractors will enjoy an adjustable arm more.

But what about the performance features of this device?

Well, Urikar claims that their Pro 2 has 60lbs. of stall force, that is Theragun Pro territory, but we are not so sure, it stalled rather easily. It might not have more than 30 lbs.

However, it has a 12mm amplitude that makes it a punchy gun – you may not get more applied pressure, but you will get some good punches. It can also rev at an intensity with up to 2050 rpm, as measured by us.

The Pro 2 has one killer feature – the heated massage attachment. It is the only heated gun on our list, and we recently voted it the best heated massage gun overall.

It has a good grip and dynamic speed modes that allow the device to change its intensity over time.

It costs $149.99 but Urikar will occasionally share discount coupons that can range from 20-45% off the normal price. Last time we checked, PRO2 coupon was working well, slashing the price by 45% to a very reasonable $87.5. You can also try using the URIKAR200 promo code. Get your Urikar Pro 2 here.

TIP If that’s too expensive you can go with the cheaper Pro 3. All these have the same adjustable handle but does not come with a heating option.

Lifepro DynaFlex – Also Recommended 

lifepro dynaflex features

If you have to insist on getting an adjustable massage gun, then this newly released Lifepro device should be your first choice.

It comes as a much needed alternative to the expensive Theragun Pro. Even the cheaper Renpho massage gun with its “astonishing” design isn’t the best adjustable device out there – at least not as far as performance goes.

This Lifepro DynaFlex has everything packaged in one device. It doesn’t just come with the adjustable feature, it is a powerful device as well, and all this at a very affordable price.

In terms of adjustability, this massage gun has an arm that rotates into 4 lockable positions (0o, 30o, 60o, and 90o). The 4 positions are lockable, unlike DynaFlex Mini (an adjustable mini gun by Lifepro that has been on sale for a while). The lockable feature is crucial for any adjustable massage gun. 

It works by pressing the big blue button on the side of the gun and pushing the arm up into any position you want. Pretty simple to use.

Apart from the adjustability, this massage gun has nice performance features – we love it. For starters, it has a 13mm amplitude – 1mm above the 12mm sweet spot. It’s not 16mm like Theragun but 13mm is good enough for a deep tissue massage even on strong muscles.

It also has 45lbs. of stall force. It’s obviously not as strong as the Sonic X which has a whopping 56lbs. of stall force but 45lbs. is Theragun Elite and Hypervolt Plus league.

It has a percussion range of 1500-3300rpm – pretty intensive. It has 16 speeds to cycle through and may take a bit of getting used to before you can figure out what speed works for you. It’s not a heavy device, just 2.5lbs – similar to the original Hypervolt.

It comes with 10 attachments and a carrying case as well. You also get a lifetime warranty and awesome customer support.

More importantly though, it only costs $149.99 and 10% less if you apply the MGA10 coupon. It’s then only $134.99 at Lifepro official store.

TIP Refer to our full Lifepro DynaFlex review for more details.

Renpho R4 Pro Massage Gun – Budget / Entry Level Choice

renpho r4 pro features

Renpho takes the prize for being the most peculiar massage gun on our list. For a device that has been on the market for 2 years now, it looks amazing and innovative. Many devices from 2 years ago had everything apart from decent ergonomics.

renpho r4 pro massager 5 adjustable angles
Up to 5 adjustable angles.

The R4 is another adjustable massage gun. It’s another one with an adjustable arm. It gives you multiple options to work with – up to 5 adjustable angles.

In terms of performance, however, Renpho R4 Pro works more on the surface than deep into the muscle tissue – it has the characteristics of a vibrational massage device.

One of the things that makes it unsuitable for a deep tissue massage is its 10mm amplitude. This again is only good if you are looking to warm up your muscles before a workout or a soothing massage. It does, however, have enough intensity to do the job well – up to 3200rpm across 4 speeds.

The stall force is below 30lbs. and won’t be good enough for an aggressive massage. 

Another cool thing about this percussion massager is the removable batteries feature. We don’t encounter this a lot with most massage guns. Physiotherapists and chiropractors love massage guns with removable batteries. It comes with 6 attachments and a carrying case.

You can buy it here for $99.

Lifepro DynaFlex Mini – Best Adjustable Mini Gun

lifepro dynaflex mini features

For some reason the DynaFlex Mini massage gun has been on the market for a long time before Lifepro released our top pick (the full-sized DynaFlex adjustable massage gun).

dynaflex mini massage gun Rotating Arm
DynaFlex Mini rotating arm for easy hard-to-reach areas access.

This one is a mini massage gun but adjustable as well. You get one advantage with this one; it’s not just adjustable, it’s portable as well. But it’s generally larger than most mini massage guns but it’s smaller than most full-sized guns.

We mentioned in our review how it’s bigger than Ekrin Bantam and OYeet Nex.

It rotates up to 90 degrees for extended reach.

But there’s one downside, unlike the bigger Dyna Flex, the arm here doesn’t lock into position. It doesn’t wobble around however, unless you apply too much pressure to the arm. 

In terms of performance, it has a 9mm amplitude – pretty small and obviously vibrational at best, but not bad for a mini massage gun.

The stall force is decent (very decent) with up to 45lbs. of pressure. It comes with 6 attachments including 2 metal ones.

It’s a very affordable massage gun and for $79.99 you can get yourself one. It’s 10% cheaper if you use the MGA10 coupon, so now it’s only $71.99.

TIP Read our full Lifepro DynaFlex Mini review →

Theragun Pro – Best for Professionals

theragun pro features

What about Theragun Pro? After all, wasn’t it the first ever adjustable massage gun? We’ll reserve the answer for the second question, but this post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Theragun Pro.

Theragun are the pioneers of the percussive massage guns industry and their Pro massage gun has a lot to offer, not just in adjustability, but a lot of other important aspects as well.

But first, the gun adjusts into 4 lockable positions. This greatly improves the already great ergonomics – it has the patented triangular shape that allows for multiple grips.

theragun pro adjustable arm 4 positions
Theragun PRO arm adjusts into 4 lockable positions.

The Pro is also the most powerful massage gun on our list. With up to 60lbs. of stall force, it’s one of the best massage guns for deep percussive massage. It also punches the best in the business. It has a 16mm amplitude – Theragun has had this for a while, other brands are catching up (like Achedaway Pro) but they were here first.

It has Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to connect to the Therabody app – an awesome feature that allows you to interact with your massage gun on a whole new level.

It’s made for pro athletes, physios, and chiropractors. It comes with 2 batteries included, 6 attachments, and a traveling case.

It definitely isn’t cheap, but it’s probably worth it given what you are getting. Get the Theragun Pro here at

Often Asked

How to Adjust Theragun Arm?

We know how good Theragun Pro is as an adjustable massage gun (the only adjustable Theragun model in fact). But how do you adjust the Theragun Pro arm? Well, it’s simple really:

  • Find the adjustability button on the gun. It’s just under the arm and clearly visible.
  • Press and hold the button down.
  • Move the arm up until you hear a clicking sound.
  • Do this for all 4 positions.

Sometimes the arm doesn’t click into position that easily. This shouldn’t worry you, just try applying a bit more force. Nothing too violent though, Theragun isn’t liable for any breakage that happens when you use too much force.

Massage Gun with Adjustable Arm – Conclusion

Finally, in our opinion, the Urikar Pro 2 is an interesting adjustable massage gun option.

Why? It has the clever mechanism to adjust the gun, heated massage mode and comes at a very affordable price. It’s also well set up as a percussive massage gun with good performance features.

The DynaFlex Mini is the portable option, but it’s vibrational at best.

If you have the budget for it, Theragun Pro presents all kinds of possibilities and still ranks as one of the top percussion massagers overall.

Still can’t decide or have more questions? Ask us here or leave a comment below.

Take care!

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