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Best Massage Gun Under $200 – A Look At The Best Underpriced Gems

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Welcome to our best massage gun under $200 post. This one comes hot in the heels of the previous post where we tried finding the best massage gun under $100. That was a tough one, to be honest. We had to search nook and cranny for massage guns that are cheap but without compromising on our highly set standards. However, for this one, things are looking up.

Best Massage Gun Under $200

Just 2 years ago, it would’ve been difficult to come up with a best massage guns below $200 list. This is because back then, anything under $200 would only fetch you an introductory device, and boy were those awful!

But since then things have changed and the fact that the market is flooded with these devices means that many are cheap now. You can easily find a worthy massage gun with this budget. In fact, we have seen hundreds of devices under $200 and amazingly enough, a few of our favorite as well. 

We’ll be sharing our best picks in this category and coupons for devices that are slightly over our threshold to even things out.

So, let’s find you the best massage gun under $200!

In a hurry? If you have to go this early, check out our two best recommendations:

ekrin b37 massage gun

Ekrin B37
Great performance features and comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s normally over $200 but with our MGA20 coupon it falls below the $200 mark.

addsfit mini pro massage gun under 200 e1637429954583

Addsfit Mini PRO
A mini gun with some surprising features. It stands out but still cheap. Its MSRP is $159, but MASSAGE25 code gives 25% off. Get it here.

What Makes a Good Massage Gun Under $200?

Things are not as murky in 2021 for the under $200 category as they are for the under $100 category. Most under $100 massage guns are mediocre devices from unknown brands that we know will not survive one more year. However, as we saw in our post, you can get some good devices from trusted brands that actually care about their customers. 

For the under $200 category, now in 2021, it’s somewhat easy to find good massage guns that will serve you well. However, it’s also not uncommon to encounter devices that just won’t cut it – very poor performance features.

We believe it’s very important that the performance features be good enough because there are flashy toys in the market. All these brands do is embellish their products to look like Theragun or Hypervolt but with no real quality. 

Another thing that we also noticed in our research for this post, is that most guns are still vibrational therapy tools. Instead of more power and long head travel, all they do is offer intensive surface-level massage.

While this is also fine, for those just looking for a soothing device, we prefer percussive massage guns – those that deliver power, and punch deep into the muscle tissue.

Criteria for Choosing – A Few Practical Tips

Here’s what to look out for.

Stall Force

Stall force: Stall force is the amount of pressure it takes to stall the motor of a device. This happens when the device is pressed hard against the skin. Strong devices can withstand a fair amount of pressure before they stall. The pressure is measured in pounds (lbs.).

Almost 80% of devices on Amazon have 30lbs. or below of stall force. However, some under $200 guns will still offer more power – 40-50lbs or sometimes even more. We are believers in more stall force.

This is because a device that can offer more stall force is more versatile than one that offers very little power. Even though you may need a delicate massage, hamstrings and glutes will need a bit more power.

Stall Force Comparison of Massage Guns Under $200


Finding a massage gun with reasonable power under $200 was difficult two years ago but things have changed since then. Devices like Ekrin B37, Opove M3 Pro Max, or Addsfit Mini Pro and Ekrin Bantam (both in the mini category) all offer plenty of stall force while being reasonably priced.

Stroke Length (a.k.a Amplitude)

Stroke Length: Commonly referred to as amplitude, stroke length is the distance traveled by the massage gun head to give you the percussions per minute. The amplitude of a device tells you whether a device is percussive or simply vibrational. A long amplitude means the device can reach deep into the muscle, while a short one means it’s a vibrational tool.

A good enough stroke length, paired by just enough stall force can propel a device to the top of percussive performance. We believe that even for massage guns under $200, the amplitude should be at least 12mm long. Our top picks have more – 13 to 15mm long. 

We should warn you of cheap devices that have extra-long amplitudes but have very little stall force to back it up with – recent examples include Legiral Le3, Chirogun and Cansou.

Amplitude Comparison of Massage Guns for Under $200


Generally, more amplitude is better for a percussion device but only if there’s enough stall force available. Our top picks all have pretty powerful motors (which doesn’t mean they cannot be used gently). Some of them, like Ekrin B37 have less amplitude (12mm) but plenty of stall force to compensate for that. In the mini category, 10+ mm is what you should look for.


Percussions/RPMS:  In this category, most guns will have a percussion range of 1800-3200rpm. This is standard percussion range for most guns.

However, there are devices with less percussions per minute. These often have long amplitudes. Some devices will have up to 4000 maximum RPMs. These are, in most cases, vibrational tools that need more intensity to get the work done.

Other Features To Look Out For

  • Speed gears: We prefer 4-6 speeds. 3 speeds is acceptable, and maybe 7-8, but really nothing more (cycling through 20+ speeds = frustration guaranteed)
  • Pre-programmed massage modes: When pressure changes means automatic intensity change as well. These are preferable.
  • Extras like pressure sensors.
  • Build quality: Unheard of 2 years ago but now there are awesomely built devices that cost less than $200.
  • Noise: There are many massage guns under $200 that are way quieter than even the so-called best in the business.
  • Weight: This is an issue for the full-sized massage guns. Some tend to be too heavy. We chose that are not heavier than 2.5lbs. Ideally though, go for guns that are 2.2lbs or lighter.
  • Size: Size is a real challenge for most cheap massage guns. Many are bulky. We prefer compact devices and we tried to find those.
  • Ergonomics: we gave more points to devices that tried to be innovative in this area.
  • Accessories: We looked for the number of attachments (5 or 6 is enough), travelling case/pouch.
  • Brand trustworthiness.
  • Battery capacity and time on battery: This is no big deal because most devices these days tend to stay juiced up for 1-2 weeks after a single charge.
  • Warranty offered: Many no-name brands offer just 1-year warranties or nothing at all. Trusted brands often offer lifetime warranties – we tried to find such.
  • Value for money: Obviously we picked devices under $200 but we also tried to pick those that offer the best bang for your buck.

Best Massage Guns Under $200 – Full Sized Devices

Below is our list of what we think are best massage guns under $200, starting from our best pick. We’ll first include regular-sized devices, and then follow up with our best picks in the mini/small category.

Ekrin B37 – Editor’s Top Pick

ekrin b37 features

Ekrin is one of our favorite brands not just because they have great quality products, but also because they offer superb customer care. We can never help it but go back for more.

When we compiled this list, their B37 massage gun was over our $200 threshold. However, because they have a great offer that knocks 20% OFF the usual price (use code MGA20), we had to include it here – and rank it as our number 1 recommendation too.

Straightaway Ekrin shines where it matters most – stall force. This device has a whopping 56lbs. stall force. In most of our massage gun reviews we have always ranked it right next to the mighty Theraguns because of this.

B37 Muscle Recovery Massage Gun
Ekrin B37 has whopping 56lbs. stall force paired with 12mm amplitude.

To go with the great stall force, it has a 12mm amplitude. This means that Ekrin B37 can give a deep-to-the-bone percussive massage. Even though the amplitude is not Theragun-like, the great stall force allows for this.

Other features that made us pick the B37 include the percussion range – 1400-3200rpm. It’s probably normal range for most guns in this category. But we like how the range is so spaced out. It means that with this gun you can start slow and climb up as you see fit. Instead of starting at 1750rpms like in Theragun, you can start at 1400rpms. It has 5 speeds to cycle through, which is just perfect. 

ekrin b37 15-degree angled handle
Ekrin’s unique 15° angled handle design.

It’s nicely built and comes in great size. It weighs 2.2lbs, which is just about the accepted weight limit for massage guns in its category.

It also has great ergonomics. Ekrin probably started a revolution with their 15-degree angled handle concept, many brands are angling this way.

It has a Samsung branded battery with 2550mAh capacity that can last for 5-8 hours with a single charge. It’s also a fairly quiet gun (advertised as revving 35-55dB, but it starts at 50dB to slightly over 60dB).

Ekrin is our favorite brand because they offer a lifetime warranty for all their products.

UPDATE: B37 is temporarily sold out, but we’ve got a special coupon that you can use to get a better deal if you pre-order today! Use PREORDER25 code, save 25%. You can pre-order on this page.

With the MGA20 coupon code you get 20% OFF the normal price so you can buy it at only $183.99. Get it right here.

MORE INFO: Read our in-depth Ekrin B37 Review for more details.

Opove M3 Pro Max – Our Top 2 Choice

OPOVE M3 Pro Max features

The first Opove device we encountered was the Opove M3 Pro which was more Hypervolt-like than anything else. The M3 Pro Max (get the names right here) looks more similar to Hypervolt Plus, but stands out with great features.

Not only that, it’s a great bargain for what you are getting. It also slightly falls over the $200 mark, but we have a great offer that puts it right within our category here.

OPOVE M3 Pro Max
Opove M3 Pro Max

For starters, unlike our beloved Ekrin B37, Opove M3 Pro Max focusses more on amplitude. It has a 15mm amplitude that wowed us. We are used to seeing this kind of amplitude in high-end massage guns like Theragun and Achedaway Pro.

That is powerful company to be in but only if you have enough stall force. The Pro Max has plenty of stall force as well – 50lbs. We thought this was more advertising than real, but we tested it and it’s not easy to stall it. 

The Pro Max is a power tool ergonomically and our top product – Ekrin B37 – probably gets an edge over it here. It also weighs slightly more than the B37 – 2.3lbs.

It has a nice percussion range for a gun with a long amplitude – 1500-3300rpm. It has 4 speeds to cycle through but also has an auto mode that allows the speeds to change automatically. It comes with 5 varied attachments and in a carrying case. It’s quiet enough – 63dB at the highest intensity.

The best part? It’s normally $220 but with this link you can get it for $169 – it’s $50 OFF

MORE INFO Read our full Opove M3 Pro MAX review.

Lifepro Sonic LX – Top 3

Lifepro Sonic LX Professional features

The Lifepro Sonic LX is the third device in our list but don’t let the ranking fool you. As we said in our full review, this is a serious device with a lot to offer and at a great price.

But perhaps the thing that made us stop and pay attention to this massage gun, is its motor power. It’s a 72 Watt monster that we are certain can deliver a lot of power for a percussive massager. 

Lifepro Sonic LX Professional
Lifepro Sonic LX Professional

Yet, with that kind of power output Sonic LX has about 33lbs. stall force. We’d expect more, to be honest, but on the other hand we’ve recently seen a number o brands overstating the specs, so we’ll take the real 33lbs. instead of fake 50 or so.

One thing for sure: the LX massage gun definitely feels stronger than, say, Theragun Prime or Hypervolt.

To go with the decent stall force is a 12mm amplitude that guarantees a good punch.

It also has a great percussion range – 1800-3400rpm across 9 speeds to cycle through. Not many guns have a wide range like this one has.

It’s a power tool as well and unlike our beloved Ekrin B37, the ergonomics are a bit of a letdown. It however weighs just 2.3lbs which is superb for a full-sized massage gun.

It comes with 7 attachments and a carrying case. The battery is well juiced and can last for up to 4 hours depending on what mode you use. It’s a quiet gun – 60-65dB – maybe not the quietest on our list, but still ok.

It comes with a lifetime warranty. It normally retails for $199.99, but with our MGA10 coupon code you get a 10% discount. It then only costs $179.99.

MORE INFO: Read the full Lifepro Sonic LX Review for further information.

Addsfit ELITE – Top 4

addsfit elite specifications

The Addsfit Elite is an interesting percussion massager. For starters, it’s the smallest full-sized massage gun on our list.

We reviewed the Addsfit Elite and hailed it in our best massage gun for elderly post. Here we include it because it’s a great bargain.

The Elite has an advertised 28.6 lbs. stall force which at first sight sounds so-so, but in practice turns out to be more than enough for a device of this size.

Addsfit Elite Massage Gun under 200
Addsfit Elite is lightweight and compact massage gun under $200

Our experienced judgement tells us it’s actually accurate, which doesn’t happen often (many brands like to overstate stall force figures). Needless to say, this is good enough for a percussive massage.

It may not hold the record for the highest stall force, but the 12mm amplitude is something to behold (especially for the size).

It’s uniquely built which makes it ergonomically superb. It has a slim, lightweight body and long comfortable handle that is oval-shaped for a confident grip.

It has a very impressive percussion range of 1600-3100 – this thing can definitely rev. It has 4 speeds to cycle through.

Battery life is amazing. While reaching a 15-hour battery life on a single charge sounds to us a bit too optimistic, this device can definitely do 5 to 8 hours, depending on how much pressure you apply and what speed you are using the most.

It comes with 8 attachments, 4 of which are made from silicone, and a carrying case. It has a 1-year warranty that can be extended to 3 years. All you need to do is to register the device at

Addsfit Elite retails for $139.99, but you can use our MASSAGE25 coupon that knocks off 25% and then you can get it here for only $104.99.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro – Top 5

bob and brad x6 pro features
Bob and Brad X6 Pro features

This one is a newly released massage gun with a lot to offer. Bob and Brad finally made the leap to full-size massage guns. We’ll call it an upgrade of the previous C2 model because it has many similar features.

For starters, Bob and Brad kept the oval shaped handle and made it nicely rubberized for a firmer grip. They also made sure to keep it as compact as possible – it’s not bulky and weighs just 1.9 pounds.

In terms of performance, it’s so-so. It has a decent 40lbs. stall force but only 10mm stroke length.

That means it’s a vibrational device that can be pressed hard against the body. We’re still not convinced that it can offer a deep percussive massage, but it will be a nice choice if you don’t cherish an aggressive massage. It has a standard percussion range of 2000-3200rpm.

It’s well equipped with a carrying case and 5 nicely varied attachments. The flat attachment is metallic and can be heated or put in the freezer for a hot or cold massage – a neat feature to have.

X6 Pro metal head hot cold
The X6 Pro’s metal attachment for hot and cold massage therapy.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and costs less than $150—a decent buy for those who want a starter massage or for the elderly.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can get it at Amazon right here.

MORE INFO Read our Bob and Brad X6 Pro Review for further details.

Mini Percussion Massagers Under $200

Addsfit Mini PRO – Extensible Mini Gun

addsfit mini pro mini massage gun

Another Addsit on our list. The Mini Pro will be a great companion when you need to carry a massage gun with you. It’s not just convenient but offers impressive features that you will be proud of if you love percussive therapy.

We were impressed with its innovative, extensible handle that easily can be extended by an extra 3.1″ (8 cm), ultimately converting the mini gun to something tad bigger. Thanks to this neat feature, reaching the lower back to massage the pain away will be much easier.

It’s a lightweight one, weighs a reasonable 670 grams, or 1.47 lbs. It has a shiny metal-like build that we loved.

It also has a quite powerful motor for a small device. It has a 28.6 lbs. advertised stall force but when we tested it felt a bit more powerful. We later realized that it’s likely because the device comes with a built-in pressure sensor, which can automatically detect the pressure applied and adjust the speed, preventing the motor from stalling too easily.

addsfit mini pro extensible handle
Two handle lengths – same device

Apart from the decent stall force, it has a 10mm amplitude, which is impressive for a mini massage gun – most have 6-9mm stroke length.

To make it even better, it has a percussion range of 1100-3000rpm. It has 5 speeds to cycle through. To put that into perspective, Theragun Mini has 3 speeds.

It has 5 nicely varied attachments – again, better than Theragun Mini and many other mini massage guns out there. It’s quiet enough, revving at 50-59dB.

It has a quality battery that will last 5-7 hours per single charge (they say 10 hours but we found it perhaps too optimistic). The battery charges via USB. 

It normally costs $159 but you can use MASSAGE25 coupon that slashes the price by 25% to only $119.25. Get the Addsfit Mini Pro here.

Ekrin Bantam – Best Mini

ekrin bantam features

Ekrin Bantam is the scaled down version of the successful B37 and we enjoyed reviewing it a few months ago. It’s a super-compact device that is about 6.5” tall, 4.5” long (with the ball attachment), and 1.9” width.

That means it’s even smaller than the Theragun Mini or Hypervolt Go – you can literally put this device in your pocket and it won’t bulge it. It has the same 15-degree angled handle like its bigger counterpart. It’s nicely built and weighs just 1.1lbs.

usb-c bantam charging cable
You can charge it via USB-C cable.

This massage gun also impresses greatly with its performance features. It has 35lbs. stall force, which is one of the best among mini massage guns.

Like the Addsfit Mini Pro, it has a respectable 10mm amplitude which is enough when paired with the great stall force.

It has a 2000-3200 percussion range with 3 speeds to go with it. The Addsfit Mini Pro has more here but 3 speeds is standard for most mini massage guns.

It comes with four attachments with a nice instructions manual on how to use them. It has a Samsung branded battery that will last 3-5 hours depending on usage. For a mini massage gun, it comes with a carrying case, something we don’t get with the highly priced Theragun Mini.

It normally costs $159, but with our MGA20 code that gives you a 20% discount, you can get it right here for only $127.99 – a fantastic deal in our opinion.

luke review bantam g13
Bantam Percussion Massager – a great deal for under $200!

Best Massage Gun Under $200 – Bottom Line

There goes our list for the best massage gun under $200. As you probably noticed, many of them have a coupon discount that makes them even cheaper.

We chose the Ekrin B37 as our top pick because we love what Ekrin are doing for the percussive therapy industry with their great devices and unrivaled customer support. The Addsfit Mini PRO ranks top among mini massage guns under $200 with a superb ergonomics, reasonable power and nice build.

If you still have doubts and need help, you can always get in touch by asking a question. We’ll be glad to suggest you the right massage gun for your needs.

Till the next one!

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