theragun pro vs elite vs prime vs mini

Theragun Pro vs Elite vs Prime vs Mini

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In our Theragun vs Elite vs Prime vs Mini post, we’ll compare all the 4 Theraguns. A chance to have a bird’s-eye view of the industry giant’s products.

Theragun 4th Generation

Theragun, all things considered, is probably the prototype of the massage gun and maybe by a stretch, the percussive therapy industry. They’ve always been innovative with everything and as the market demand has increased, the brand has had all the answers to the questions asked of them.

One of the answers has been to address different needs for different people. This they have done by coming up with different devices. Today we take a look at all their 4th generation products.

4th gen theragun massage guns
4th generation of Theragun devices

We’ve had all these massage guns, tested them and reviewed them thoroughly. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed some of our individual product reviews, such as:

Don’t worry, this post is not a repetition of those reviews but sort of a guide to make things clear for you. And you will need it because, first, Theraguns are expensive (albeit premium) devices and you’ll need every bit of information if you’re going to get your money’s worth.

Secondly, you may need to find out what Theragun best suits your need. And finally, maybe there are better alternatives to all Theraguns.

We will look at everything here. So, tune in!

Theragun Prime vs Elite vs Pro vs Mini

Theragun Prime, Elite and Pro are all full-sized massage guns. The Mini on the other hand is much smaller. It serves a different niche all together. It was never part of what Theragun have been doing for a long time until only recently.

In May 2020, Theragun unveiled their mini gun. All 3 large massage guns have a lot in common. However, interestingly enough, the Mini doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

Some features of the mini are almost similar to what you find in Theragun Prime. So the mini makes the cut if only for this reason.

Theragun Models and Specs

Theragun Pro vs Elite vs Prime vs Mini – Specs Comparison
compare theragun massage guns
Theragun PROTheragun EliteTheragun PrimeTheragun mini
Stall Force60 lbs.40 lbs.30 lbs.<20 lbs.
Stroke Length (Amplitude)16 mm16 mm16 mm12 mm
Battery Life2 x 2.5 hours2.5 hours2 hours2 – 2.5 hours
Speed Options5 – unlimited with an app5 – unlimited with an App5 – unlimited with an App3
Noise (Decibels)65 – 71 dB 66-68 dB65-69 dB59-68 dB
Weight2.9 lbs2.2 lbs2.2 lbs1.43 lbs
Size10” x 7.1” x 3”
(25.5 x 18 x 7.6 cm)
9.5” x 6.7” x 2.8”
(24 x 17 x 7.4cm)
8.9” x 6.3” in x 2.7”
(22.5 x 16 x 7.3 cm) 
6” x 5.3” in x 2.25”
(15.2 x 13.5 x 7.7 cm) 
App ControlYesYesYesNo
Number of Attachments6541
Our Rating (1-5)4.3
(full review)
(full review)
(full review)
(full review)
Regular Price$599$399$299$199
Current PriceCheck at Theragun.comCheck at Theragun.comCheck at Theragun.comCheck at
Theragun Prime vs Elite vs PRO vs mini specs.

The Basics: Design, Colors, First Impressions

All three full-sized Theraguns are similar apart from minor tweaks here and there – like the build materials.

Theragun Prime

The Prime is black (no color variations). It is matte plastic and looks rather basic and a bit uninspiring. But its basic nature makes it practical and very easy to clean.

Theragun Elite

The Elite is more refined than its humbler brother. In terms of color, it’s glossy-piano black – the side, specifically the part covering the motor and the arm are glossy. It’s made of two kinds of plastic; the inside of the multiple grip handle is made of slick, smooth plastic, while the outside is rubberized plastic.

theragun elite colors
Theragun Elite colors

It comes in 3 color variations; black, white and red – except the one indicated as red is not really red, but white, with only the ring on the arm being red. That’s a special edition Product(RED) where every purchase contributes to the Global Fund to fight pandemics around the world.

Speaking of the rings, both the black and white variations have a blue ring on the arm.

Theragun Pro

The Pro resembles the Elite in more ways than one, except, instead of a colored ring on the arm, the part covering the motor is colored (blue circle for the black one and red for the Product(RED) color variation).

Both the Pro and the Elite have the glossy parts. The only thing is that these are fingerprint magnets and look rather untidy after using the device. They also both look more stylish than the Prime.

Theragun mini

The mini is all plastic but feels good and comfortable to touch. It’s quality rubberized plastic that feels good in the hand. It has 3 color variations as well (black, white, and – again – Product(RED)) but the whole device is one color and not just parts of it like what we see on the Elite and Pro models.

The Prime and the Mini do not come with a carrying case. Just a simple soft pouch for both. Elite and Pro both come with a carrying case. But the Pro has an added pouch for the attachments.

Size, Weight and Ergonomics

Theragun Prime is the smallest of the full-sized devices measuring 8.9” x 6.3” x 2.9” (22.5cm x 16cm x 7.3cm). The Elite is slightly larger and measures 9.5” x 6.7” x 2.8” (24cm x 17cm x 7.4cm).

The Pro is the largest device measuring 10” x 7.1” x 3” (25.5cm x 18cm x 7.6cm) – that makes it slightly larger than the Elite but observably larger than the Prime.

One interesting observation is that Theragun Prime, even though slightly smaller in size, still weighs the same as the Elite (22lbs.). Now this is standard weight for devices in this category.

The Pro, however, is not just the heaviest of all Theraguns, but at 2.8lbs. it’s also one of the heaviest massage guns on the market – 0.6lbs heavier than its two counterparts.

The Mini, representing a different category altogether, is about half the size of the Pro. It measures 5.4” x 4.3” x 1.6” and weighs 1.4lbs.

Now that makes the Mini the smallest of all Theraguns. However, we made mention in our full review of the Mini, that even though it’s the smallest Theragun, compared to many mini massage guns, it’s not the smallest we’ve ever seen. In fact, the Mini is one of the heaviest mini guns on the market.

That said, all devices take the conventional triangular shape that Theragun is known for. There is a slight tinkering with the Mini though. It’s triangular, yes, but it doesn’t have the multi-grip super ergonomic handle.

Theragun obviously had to come up with something unique for its category. But we commend their ingenuity in keeping the triangular shape for the Mini.

percussive therapy with theragun prime
All 3 full-sized Theraguns offer multiple ways to hold the device.

The ergonomic is superb especially for the 3 full-sized guns. The triangular shape and multiple grip handle is something only Theragun can boast of.

We just had a bit of concern with the Mini. Yes they may have ingeniously kept the triangular shape, but ergonomically it falls short in our opinion. A traditional round handle would’ve been the best design choice in our opinion.

The Pro of course has a rotating arm that’s not only adjustable but locks in one of 4 positions. But we mention in our Theragun Pro review that the adjustable arm may be unique and cute but it’s not necessary to have. Unless in the case of a professional therapist or chiropractor using it on another person.

For a DIY massage, the adjustable arm may come in handy if you want to reach your lower or middle back. However, we noticed that both the Prime and Elite can easily reach these areas too. It’s therefore not a must-have feature.

theragun shape design
Theragun Pro’s rotating arm is a nice feature, but is not a must-have for a personal use.


The Mini has the one attachment – ball. The Pro comes with 4 – dampener, ball, thumb and cone. The Elite has 5 attachments – dampener, ball, thumb, cone and wedge. The Pro comes with 6 attachments – dampener, ball, thumb, cone, wedge, and the new supersoft.

Theragun PROTheragun EliteTheragun PrimeTheragun mini
6 heads5 heads4 heads1 head
Standard Ball
Standard Ball
Standard Ball
Standard Ball
Theragun PRO attachments vs. Elite attachments vs. Prime attachments vs. mini attachments

All the attachments are Theragun-unique and are of nice quality. The dampener is the softest of all the attachments followed by the ball attachment. The least soft is the cone, which understandably is used to target pinpoint areas like the feet.

secure and durable attachment theragun prime

The Supersoft attachment is our favorite one specifically because you can easily use it on bony areas. We know it’s not recommended to use a massage gun on bony areas, but the supersoft attachment makes it possible. It comes with the Pro, but it can be bought separately (as can other attachments).

All the attachments are interchangeable between all these devices. Even so, Theragun sells them separately in their store.

The only concern we have with the Theragun attachments – and we repeated this in our reviews – is that they’re poorly varied. For example, the dampener, the thumb and ball attachments feel quite similar when used.

Having seen and used many other devices, we believe that adding the flat or fork attachments would vary them nicely.

theragun Attachments for massage gun
All the 6 Theragun Attachments and they impact level.

Screen and Controls

Prime has no OLED screen like the Elite and Pro models. Instead it has simple LED indicators for speeds and battery charge level.

But the lack of OLED display for the Prime isn’t really a bummer – it’s an entry-level device with simple controls. It has a power button that you press and hold to turn the device on/off. It has up and down arrows that you can use to change the speeds. 

theragun pro oled force meter
Theragun PRO OLED display.

Both the Elite and Pro models have the OLED display that indicates battery charge level, speed and the amount of force applied. Both the Elite and Pro have a few trinkets up their sleeves.

One such trinket is a custom presets feature that allows you to store your favorite routines (settings) within the devices for easy access.

Because of this, there are the < and > arrows used to cycle between the presets. There are also up and down arrows that you can use to cycle between speeds.

The Mini is also a simplified device as far as the screen and controls go. There are LED indicators to show 1 of 3 speeds and the battery charge level indicator. These work just perfectly and we think the lack of OLEDs isn’t justified.


Amplitude (Stroke Length)

Amplitude or stroke length is how far the massage gun head travels back and forth to give you percussions per minute. Theragun are the king of amplitude. All 4 devices are absolutely stocked with this. 

Prime, Elite and Pro all have the industry-high 16mm amplitude. Although other brands are now equipping their devices with 16mm amplitudes (looking at you, Achedaway Pro), there’s no doubt that Theragun was here first.

The Mini has 12mm amplitude. Which is still perfect if you consider its purpose. Actually a mini gun doesn’t need anything more. At 12mm, the Mini actually tops most (if not all) mini massage guns on the market. Most have between 6 to 10mm amplitudes. 

But as we highlight in our Theragun reviews, long amplitude doesn’t necessarily mean good performance. Unless it’s accompanied by enough stall force, then it’s a bit of a waste to be honest. We did have some interesting findings as we explain in the reviews for all 4 devices.

Stall Force

Stall force is the amount of pressure it takes to stall the motor of a massage gun. It’s important in determining how effective a massage gun can be when it comes to delivering a deep percussive massage. Here Theragun varies the stall force for all 4 devices. Just a glimpse on what we felt about the stall force for all 4 devices.

We were most disappointed about Prime’s stall force. At only 30lbs. stall force, the Prime is about 3-10 lbs. short of what a premium quality introductory percussion massager should offer. It stalls rather easily and cannot be effective in reaching deep into the muscle. We feel that the Prime fails to take advantage of its long, 16mm amplitude. 

Yes, the 16mm stroke length is impressive, but sometimes it’s better to sacrifice the head length and add a bit more power to the motor. We have seen many devices that have taken this route and produced some marvelous results (Ekrin B37 and B37s are great examples)

Making the amplitude shorter – say 12 to 13mm – and increasing the stall force to at least 40lbs. makes the device a bit more effective. With a device like that you can get a deep percussive massage even on large muscle groups – pecs, hamstrings, glutes etc. It would still be below the Elite but it would hit deeper when pressed against the skin.

Theragun Elite on the other hand felt a little more stable in our opinion. With 40lbs. of stall force, it’s not the best, but the long stroke length is finally justified. The 10 extra pounds of pressure make a huge difference in terms of the results you’re getting compared to Theragun Prime. In our review we still decry the Elite’s stall force given its hefty price. However, it’s still slightly harder to stall compared to the Prime. 

The Pro has a whopping 60lbs. stall force – the highest among all Theraguns. We expect the Pro to be this powerful because it’s the brand’s alpha massage gun. There are actually more powerful massage guns with even more stall force, but in our opinion 60lbs. is more than enough. You’ll have to be intentionally forceful to stall the Pro’s motor. Testing it on our body even on large muscle group areas, it felt pretty hard to stall.

The mini is the weakest of all Theraguns as far as the stall force is concerned. It stalls with about 15-20lbs. of pressure applied. While this may be expected for the least powerful Theragun, we expressed our disappointment while reviewing it.

Our argument was that 15-20lbs. stall force simply does not justify the rather long, 12mm stroke length. There are better mini guns with shorter amplitudes but way better stall force. However, we made a case against the Hypervolt Go which is even weaker in comparison.

Finally, before we close the argument on stall force, it’s important to note that all these guns have progressive stall force. That is, lower on a lower speed and higher on a higher speed. That means that you only get the advertised stall force on the highest speed gear.

Stall Force (lbs.)

Stall Force: This is how the Therabody decided to vary stall force across the Theragun range.
Our Take: It would have been perfect if they added at least 5-10lbs to the mini, Prime and Elite (especially to the first two, both of which lag behind the competition).

Stroke Length (mm)

Stroke Length: 16mm in Prime, Elite and Pro is the industry-highest. Same goes for the 12mm in the mini, as most small massage guns usually have between 8 to 10mm.
Our Take: It’s just a pity that the high amplitude feels a bit wasted in the Prime and the mini (due to the low stall force available).

Percussions, Speeds

Percussions refer to hits per minute delivered by the massage gun head. The more the hits per minute the more effective the massage. Different brands approach this area differently in relation to other performance features on their devices.

For example, some massage guns can have a longer amplitude but few percussions per minute. This is okay. The opposite can also be okay. A shorter amplitude but more percussions per minute is still acceptable. 

theragun app speed force control
You can control speed level and stall force via Theragun App.

All Theraguns have similar percussion range. That is, they all rev from 1750rpm to 2400rpm. The regular-sized guns have up to 5 speed gears to cycle through. They all have similar calibrations of:

  • 1750 – first speed
  • 1900 – second speed
  • 2100 – third speed
  • 2200 – fourth speed
  • 2400 – fifth speed

For the Prime, Elite and the Pro, you can still get custom speeds when you use the Therabody app. Within the app you can use the slider to select your preferred intensity.

The Mini however, has the same percussion range but has only 3 speeds to cycle through – 3 speeds is standard for most mini guns on the market. The speeds are calibrated as follows;

  • 1750 – first speed
  • 2100 – second speed
  • 2400 – third speed

The Mini doesn’t connect with the Therabody app and you won’t get any custom speeds to apply when using it.

Like we mentioned above, some devices have higher percussions per minute. For example, the Hypervolts have a percussion range of up to 3200rpm, some rev up to 3800rpm. However, these do not have the long stroke length like what you get with the Theraguns.

There are a few exceptions though, but generally the shorter the amplitude the more intense the device can get sometimes. However, we always warn you to beware of devices that have way shorter amplitudes. These offer vibrational therapy rather than percussive therapy.

Force Meter

Only the Elite and Pro have a pressure meter that displays on their OLED screens. The meter shows by a simplified bar scale how much force is being applied to the body.

However, as we mention in our reviews of these devices, this feature is only useful if you’re massaging another person. We feel it’s something only professional therapists and chiropractors would be interested in. 

theragun Screen Force Meter comparison
Screen with Force Meter of each Theragun

Connectivity, Therabody app and Extra Features

One of the best selling points for Theraguns is the Therabody app. The app is available for all 3 full-sized devices and can be downloaded for both Android and iOS systems.

It connects via Bluetooth and guides you on how to use the device and how to use it for best effect. There are a lot of routines within the app for you to discover. They include body parts routines, general, warm-up, recovery, and sleep routine. 

When you start on any particular routine, the app automatically adjusts the intensity of the device as you massage different parts of the body. You can also track your progress as you massage away. The massaged areas are marked within the app.

The app also recommends what grip to use for what part of the body – this is only available on the Elite and Pro models. The force to be applied is also recommended within the app. You can also adjust the speed of the percussion massager using the slider within the app. 

4th Gen theragun Therabody app
Therabody App – custom speeds, guided routines and plenty of DIY massage know-how.

Another important feature that you also get with the Elite and Pro devices is that you can save up to 3 of your favorite customized routines within the device. This allows you to quickly access these routines any time you need to use the device.

Each routine can be customized with different speeds, time and force applied. You can use the < and > arrows to cycle through these routines. We think that this is an amazing feature to have. 


For a long time now noise has been Theragun’s Achilles heels. As we indicate in our reviews, this remains the tricky part for Theragun devices.

Yes these 4th generation devices are quieter than the previous generation guns, but even so there’s still a rasping that they are yet to deal with. We simply cannot excuse Theragun in this area, not with them being a premium brand and going for a premium price. The bar is pretty high for them and they’ve got to live up to this reputation.

theragun prime vs elite noise
Theragun QuietForce Technology

The Elite is the quietest of all 3 full-sized devices. It’s the smoothest of them all as well. We tested it and it came in a few decibels quieter than the Prime – about 66-68dB.

The Prime is second in ranking for smooth sound at 69 decibels. There’s a roughness to its sound that makes the Elite just a bit less intrusive in comparison.

The Pro is the loudest of them all – talk about big and loud! It revs up to 71dB on top speed and makes a rather unpleasant rattling sound. 

The Mini falls under a different category and we tested it with this in mind. Obviously, compared to its bigger siblings it’s relatively quiet, but perhaps not more than the Elite. However, rated against other mini massage guns, it’s not the quietest at all. It also vibrates too much and often forces you to re-adjust the grip as you use it. 

It’s 2021 and the noise aspect, we believe can be handled much better as other brands have shown us. Ekrin devices (B37 and B37S), and the Achedaway Pro, a powerful massage gun with similarly powerful features – 16mm amplitude and powerful motor – are good examples of devices that are hushed down (especially the Achedaway).


Prime and Elite have non-removable batteries that will last up to 2 hours (continuous usage) on a single charge. The Pro is a little more juiced up and will last for 2-2.5 hours on a single charge. It’s also the model that affords you two batteries. It’s also the only Theragun with removable batteries.

The Mini is advertised as being able to deliver 150 minutes of usage per single charge.

theragun elite vs pro battery
Theragun PRO comes with 2 interchangeable batteries.

All devices have dedicated wall chargers. We know that these kinds of chargers can be pretty bulky and a bit of a bother. However, we did notice that the Prime and Mini chargers are smaller compared to the Elite and Pro chargers. However, with Pro and Elite with carrying cases, we guess it evens out.

Elite and Pro have wireless charging ability. The wireless chargers can be purchased separately from the Therabody store. 

Here’s what we think on Theraguns battery performance:

  • You can still get 2-2.5 hours of battery time. However, we did notice that if you use more pressure and higher speeds – overwork the motor – the batteries drain faster.
  • It gets comfortable with the Pro. You can use one battery as the other is charging. This is excellent news for therapists and chiros.
  • Elite and have okay batteries but majority of other brands have way better juiced up batteries. For example, Ekrin B37 and B37S can last up to 8 hours on a single charge with their Samsung branded batteries. There are also other devices capable of 4-8 hours per charge.
  • The Mini doesn’t have USB charging ability. Most guns in its category have USB charging. The thing with USB is that it’s convenient and easy to carry around. The Mini is a bit of a letdown in our opinion.

Theragun Discount, Price, Warranty and Customization

Theraguns are without a doubt exorbitantly priced. As of writing this post, The Mini costs $199, the Prime goes for $299, the Elite retails at $399, and you’ll have to choke up $599 for the Pro. You can check the current prices right here.

There’s also a way to get a Theragun 20% discount code but it might not be for everyone, it’s best to check out this page for more info on that.

Theragun, even with the high prices, disappoint greatly with the warranties. Apart from the Pro – which has a 2-year warranty – the rest only give you a 1-year guarantee.

theragun Warranty and ProCare coverage
Theragun ProCare adds extra protection but you have to pay for it extra.

Therabody introduced an Apple-style ProCare warranty that you can use to get free repair or replacement within the first year as well as other benefits.

This is bought separately. It’s $40 for the Mini, $55 for Prime, $75 for Elite, and $100 for Pro. Customization can only be applied on the Pro model for an extra $50. This is only accessible when you buy via the Therabody store – more details here

Our thoughts here:

Theragun is a premium brand and there are extras to pay for and this definitely increases the cost even further.

Warranty is disappointing. Especially when you consider that brands like Ekrin and Lifepro give you a lifetime warranty when you buy their devices. They also guarantee you lifetime customer support. Theragun asks you to pay extra for extra cover and this for just 1 year. 

Great devices but they don’t offer you value for money. Not anymore.

Theragun Mini vs Prime – Summary

theragun mini vs prime
Theragun Prime vs mini


  • Both devices are entry-level models, with weak motors;
  • Similar batteries;
  • Same 1 year warranty

Theragun Mini vs Prime advantages:

  • More portable: smaller size and lighter body
  • Slightly less noisy
  • Also comes in white color variation
  • Costs $100 less

Prime over Mini Advantages:

  • More powerful motor, able to withhold 30 lbs. of pressure (mini has less than 20 lbs, stall force making it very easy to stall);
  • 16mm stroke length vs. 12mm on the mini – That means Prime will punch harder.
  • 5 speeds available vs. 3 in the mini – same percussion range;
  • 4 attachment vs. just 1 ball head on the Mini
  • Bluetooth connectivity, Mini doesn’t have it
  • Better ergonomics, reaching lower or middle back is easier with the Prime

Theragun Mini vs Prime – Our Take

Both are entry-level devices that are good for low to semi-intensive massaging i.e. warming up, relaxation, etc. However, they won’t do a good job massaging large muscle groups or for people with a lot of muscle mass.

If it comes down to portability for when you’re on the move (hiking, biking, or kayaking for a few days), the mini is the better option because it’s smaller and lighter.

If you are looking for performance, gym goers, the Prime is the better option. It’s bigger than the Mini but smaller than the Elite. Also, it has a better amplitude and higher stall force.

Theragun Prime vs Elite – Summary

theragun prime vs elite
Theragun Elite vs Prime


  • 16mm stroke length
  • 5 built-in speeds
  • Same Ergonomics, triangular shape and multiple-grip option
  • Bluetooth + Therabody app compatibility
  • Similar batteries – non-removable
  • Same 1-year warranty

What Prime has that Elite doesn’t:

  • Whole matte-black body – not a fingerprint magnet
  • Smaller dimensions
  • Smaller wall charger
  • Costs $100 less

What Elite has that Prime doesn’t:

  • 10 lbs. more stall force – 40 lbs. vs. 30lbs. in Prime.
  • A carrying case
  • 5 attachments vs 4 in Prime (extra wedge attachment)
  • Less noisy than Prime
  • Custom routines pre-set and space for 3 routines to be saved on it.
  • Additional < and > control arrows on device to cycle through pre-set routines
  • Force meter built-in
  • OLED screen for extra information (force meter bar-type scale, battery charge level, current speed)
  • Piano-black glossy plastic, matte plastic and blue ring on the arm;
  • 3 colors available black, white and red – Prime only comes as black

Theragun Prime vs Elite – Our Take

For a light massage that won’t go deep into bigger muscles, Prime should be good enough. However, for deep tissue massage and especially when you want to work on your quads and hamstring, the extra 10lbs. stall force on the Elite can make a huge difference. Also, the long amplitude is justified on Elite.

We prefer an intensive and stronger massage and in this case we will pick Elite over Prime. It has more power, more features, and more accessories – the extra $100 is justified.

Theragun Elite vs Pro – Summary

theragun elite vs pro
Theragun Pro vs Elite


  • 16mm stroke length
  • 5 built-in speeds
  • Triangular shape and plenty of grip options
  • OLED screen for extra information (force meter bar-type scale, battery charge level, current speed)
  • Custom routines pre-set and space for 3 routines to be saved on device
  • Additional < and > control arrows on device to cycle through pre-set routines
  • Force meter built-in
  • Bluetooth and Therabody app compatibility;
  • Carrying case included

What Elite has that Pro doesn’t:

  • Smaller dimensions
  • Less weighty (2.2lbs. vs 2.8lbs.)
  • Noticeably less noisy and smoother sound
  • More glossy plastic parts
  • 3 colors available vs. 2 in Pro (red being an extra one in Elite)
  • Costs $200 less

What Pro has that Elite doesn’t:

  • 10 lbs. more stall force – 60 lbs. vs. 40 in Elite.
  • 6 attachments vs 5 in Elite (extra super-soft attachment)
  • Adjustable arm with 4 fixed positions for enhanced ergonomics;
  • Removable batteries
  • 2 batteries included and more juice out of a single battery (2.5 hrs. vs 2 hours in Elite)
  • 2 year warranty vs. 1 year for the Elite
  • Personalization: Custom engraving (for an extra $50)

Theragun Elite vs Pro – Our Take

Unless you’re a therapist or a chiropractor, or you need to give a massage to another person, or you’re looking for plenty of stall force (bodybuilders, pro athletes, and weightlifters), Elite will be good enough for the job.

The Pro is definitely suited to people who need it as a workhorse (the two batteries) or to demanding users. Instead of choking up $200 extra for the Pro, we would rather go with Elite for personal use. Better still, we’d opt for more affordable yet fantastic alternatives to Theragun Pro.

Give a Chance to These Theragun Competitors

Theraguns are awesome devices to have. They are the famous brand and offer premium quality usage.

However, over time their status is becoming rather common. So much such that devices from competitors have overtaken them with better features and accessories. These competitor devices are quieter, sometimes more powerful, twice as affordable, and jammed with more features and accessories.

We will have a dedicated post for best Theragun alternatives to elaborate even more. For now take a look at some alternatives to Theraguns.

We’ve recommended one device for each Theragun:

  • Instead of Theragun Mini, consider Minirex. It’s lighter, is better equipped, has metallized body and USB charging, is cheaper, and has a better warranty. The best thing however, is that it’s more powerful with 22-25 lbs. stall force (it actually felt closer to 30 lbs. in our test). Best of all, it will only cost you $179.99 if you buy through this special page (it’s $100 off). Check out our Mini Rex review for more information.
  • Instead of Theragun Prime consider Ekrin B37 – which delivers 56lbs. stall force, looks elegant, is compact and well equipped. It has a lifetime warranty and only costs $183.99 when the MGA20discount code is applied. Don’t forget to first read our Ekrin B37 review.
  • Instead of Theragun Elite consider the more powerful Ekrin B37S – It has 56lbs. stall force (better than Elite) and is also harder to stall on lower speeds. It has 5 well-varied attachments, 8 hours battery life, force meter, and a lifetime warranty. It costs $263.99 when the MGA20 coupon is applied.
  • Instead of Theragun Pro consider Achedaway Pro – it has the same 16mm amplitude but even more no-stall force. It’s an incredibly powerful gun but also one of the quietest in the business. It also comes with a removable battery – you can purchase one more. It has great accessories and is half the price of Theragun Pro (and you can even cut it by $25 with code MGA25). Read the full Achedaway Pro review for more information.

Theragun Pro vs Elite vs Prime vs Mini – Wrapping Up

We wrap up our Theragun Pro vs Elite vs Prime vs Mini comparison article. Theragun is definitely an industry giant that boasts great products that offer premium quality. However, their premium pricing means there must be scrutiny before a choice is made.

Hopefully now you know which Theragun will suit your needs. If by any chance you’re not impressed by the Theraguns, feel free to check out the great alternatives that we recommended above – they certainly won’t dissapoint you.

Lastly, if you need any kind of advice when choosing the right massage for your needs then feel free to ask us a question. We’ll be glad to help you.

Thank you and goodbye!


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Luke is a co-founder of Luke’s an experienced entrepreneur in the mobile and online space. An avid sportsman, outdoor enthusiast, husband and the father of two.
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