Deceptive Marketing Tactics In The Massage Gun Industry

Deceptive Marketing Tactics in the Massage Gun Industry (Insider’s Look)

Believe us, in the massage gun industry, there are many deceptive marketing tactics that we witness every day. Running this blog for the past three years has revealed a landscape full of marketing gimmicks.

We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright deceptive. We decided to write about it to shed some light on these tactics, giving you an insider’s perspective to make an informed choice.

Get set – we’re hitting the fast lane in massage gun marketing!

Pseudo-Scientific Language: A Cloak of Complexity

Marketers often use complex, scientific-sounding terms (but just sounding, no science behind!) to describe basic features, creating an illusion of advanced technology.

Let’s demystify some massage gun marketing jargon. Isn’t it simpler this way?

Marketing GuruAverage Joe
Ultra-Superior BatteryLong-lasting battery
Quiet Glide Noise Reduction TechnologyLow-noise operation
Intelligent Timing ProtectionAutomatic shut-off feature

Everything is an Innovation: The Mirage of Modernity

The massage gun industry is notorious for its liberal use of terms like “Revolutionary,” “Cutting-Edge,” “Next-Generation,” and “Innovative“.

But what do these words actually mean in practice?

We know these devices. We use them every day and rarely do anything significantly change. Real change takes time and costs a bunch (here we debate all those factors).

The top brands can afford the changes; the others copy the top dogs. Even so, the big dogs don’t always shake the trees like they promise to. Here’s an example.

Case Study Innovation or Exaggeration? A Closer Look at the lunch of Hypervolt Go 2

Ok, first, take a look at this video from Hyperice:

The video is impressive, with background music that adds a sense of seriousness and drama. It includes numerous clips from the design process, featuring insights from both designers and the founder of Hypervolt.

It promises a new generation of devices, described as “as powerfull as possible in the smallest possible form factor“. All this is part of a “process completely driven by design” offering a new experience, with the claim that “Hypervolt Go 2 offers more choices to more people.”

However, our review and comparison with the first-generation Hypervolt Go tell a bit different story. The changes seem to be merely cosmetic. The massager is actually a slightly larger and now comes in an “arctic gray” color. Performance-wise, it offers the same power (which is quite low), the same amplitude, and the same set of only two attachments.

And to be clear, we’re not against the Hypervolt Go 2. It’s a decent massage gun for specific situations and needs. We like it and use it from time to time. Our issue is with the marketing that overhypes modernity and innovation.

hyperice hypervolt go and new hypervolt go2
New Hypervolt Go 2 on the right. Updated design and color, but that’s about it. Beyond these, it’s all marketing and hype.

The Rarity of True Innovation

So, in our experience, genuine innovations are infrequent. Most brands tend to mimic successful models, adding minor tweaks and labeling them as groundbreaking.

Packing All The Tech: Feature Overload

This one isn’t too dissimilar from the previous point but comes at a high cost for you, the customer. Some manufacturers cram their products with an array of unnecessary features to inflate their perceived value and justify a higher price tag.

The Illusion of More

Feature Glut: The inclusion of additional functionalities, such as thermometers or unnecessary heart rate monitors, along with an excessive number of attachments (like 15 or even 25) and 36 speed gears, often doesn’t translate into practical utility.

Real-World Usage: In our testing, we found that most users prefer simplicity and efficiency over a multitude of seldom-used features. I need a massage, not a temperature check.

Additional Purchases Required: The Hidden Costs

This one sounds different, but it’s expensive too. Some brands sell their massage guns with only the bare essentials, compelling customers to spend more on accessories that should ideally be included.

Case Study Theragun Mini (1st Generation vs. 2nd Generation)

Lacking Essentials: The 1st generation of the Theragun Mini came with just one attachment, diminishing its value as a premium product.

The Cost of Completeness: To fully utilize the product, you really need at least 3 attachments (see why here), and Theragun offers them separately on their website here. The prices range from $20 to $89, which is half the price of the device itself, thereby increasing the overall investment.

Positive Changes: First, fortunately, Theragun attachments are interchangeable. If you own the bigger Theragun, you can use their attachments with the Mini.

Second, the new generation of the Mini (2nd Gen) finally includes three attachments. This is great news as it adds more possibilities for effective massage. Unfortunately, there is another issue with them, but we won’t overstate it here; check out our review.

Fake Reviews: The Amazon Dilemma

Online marketplaces like Amazon are flooded with reviews, but discerning genuine feedback from fabricated praise is a skill in itself.

Spotting the Authentic

Common Tactics: We’ve noticed patterns such as pre-launch product testing, early reviewer programs, Promotions, Discounts, Reviews from Early customers, Fake Reviews, the Amazon Vine Program, and Friends and Family Reviews that don’t always reflect honest consumer experiences.

Finding Truth: Our advice is to scrutinize reviews carefully and cross-reference with independent sources, forums, Facebook discussion groups and websites dedicated to unbiased reviewing.

Our website offers 100% truth because we have tested these guns in real-life situations. Call it blowing our trumpet, but the trumpet is justified in this case.

False Comparisons: The Deceptive Power Play

Brands often make their products appear superior through biased comparisons, especially regarding technical specifications like amplitude and power, usually comparing them to the biggest brands and their top models.

The Reality Check

Misleading Metrics: Upon real-world testing, many of these claims fall short. It’s essential to look beyond these comparisons and evaluate products based on practical performance and reliability. Also, compare the device to a relevant one. It’s pointless to compare a $60 massage gun to the $599 Theragun Pro.

We check and countercheck every aspect of the guns. We use reliable and proven methods and share our findings in dedicated head-to-head comparison section. Additionally, we compare each reviewed massage gun to its best alternative in the individual review.

Don’t make an expensive mistake!

High Initial Price with Continuous Sales: The Perpetual Discount Deception

This tactic involves setting an artificially high regular price and then frequently offering the product on sale to create a false perception of value.

The True Value

Regular Sales: If a product is perpetually on sale, it suggests that the “sale” price may be closer to its actual value.

Consumer Perception: This strategy preys on the common misconception that a sale price always represents a good deal.

How do we know this?

We’ve been keeping tabs on the top deals in the massage gun industry for years (see this page). We’ve observed firsthand which brands roll out special sales for occasions like Black Friday and Christmas (which we generally appreciate), and which ones offer discounts all year round.

To illustrate this point, take the Opove M3 Pro as an example. It’s a product we rate highly and find no issues with, yet its price is consistently listed as ‘$199 $119.’ Why is this the case?

opove m3 pro massage gun woman

Exaggerated Benefits: Myths and Realities

Some brands overstate the health benefits of their products, suggesting that they can cure various conditions or replace professional medical treatment.

Understanding the Limits

Health Claims: While massage guns can offer temporary relief and aid in recovery, they should not be seen as a substitute for professional medical advice. Never!

Realistic Expectations: It’s important to approach these claims with a healthy dose of skepticism and to always consult healthcare professionals for medical issues.

Check out our article on what a massage gun can do what it cannot do!

Counterfeit Products: The Imitation Epidemic

Counterfeit products are a significant issue, with inferior quality knock-offs being sold at lower prices on Amazon, Walmart, or Costco, often imitating popular brands like Theragun and Hypervolt.

Finding Quality Amongst Fakes

Recognizing Counterfeits: These products often fall short in terms of performance and durability. We also expose these tactics on our blog; see here or here. Don’t be fooled, or you’ll have to buy again.

Exceptional Brands: However, some brands like Bob and Brad manage to offer quality products that are inspired by top models but maintain a high standard and provide great value. Two examples we love are their D6 Pro which mimics Theragun Pro, and the all-new Air 2 Mini that stacks up against the Theragun Mini.

Bob And Brad D6 Pro And Theragun Pro Side By Side
This is a good example of emulating big brands. Why? Execution is key; the D6 Pro has nothing to fear in terms of performance and quality.

Ambiguous Warranty or Return Policies: The Hidden Traps

Warranties and return policies are often riddled with restrictive terms, making it difficult for customers to utilize them effectively. Worse, some brands fail to honor warranty requests. They either give dubious reasons or completely ignore the customer.

We have received plenty of complaints from our readers about this. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do. Some of these brands aren’t even based in the US.

Seeking Clarity

Transparent Terms: We recommend choosing brands with clear and straightforward warranty terms. We’ve always loved Ekrin Athletics when it comes to clarity about warranty terms.

Customer Support: The responsiveness and reliability of customer service are also crucial factors to consider. Ekrin Athletics has scored highly here as well. You can also expect Theragun and Hyperice to offer impeccable customer support. Big names to protect!

Influencer and Social Media Endorsements: The Endorsement Mirage

In the era of influencer marketing, it’s challenging to distinguish between paid endorsements and honest reviews. I’m sure you have all seen the in-your-face celebrities with these massage guns.

The question is, how much does Lebron James actually use a massage gun on his own? You’d expect him to be surrounded by physios who perhaps do everything for him. Wouldn’t you rather see the physio working on him with a Hypervolt and letting you know how it works the trick?

Don’t misunderstand what we are trying to say here. We love celebrities leading the way, but in today’s world, “this is a paid ad” would clear a lot up. 

Understanding the Dynamics

Transparency is Key: Brands and influencers should clearly disclose any financial relationships.

Genuine Use: It’s important for influencers to have actually used and believe in the products they endorse.

Conclusion: Making Informed Decisions in a Confusing Market

These are the deceptive marketing tactics in the massage gun industry. Our foray into this field has been an eye-opener, revealing how marketing can distort reality.

We urge you to look beyond the glitz, ask the hard questions, and choose products that align with your needs and values.

You can let us know in the comments what deceptive marketing maneuvers you’ve encountered. We may add them to the list!

We also invite you to join the discussion in our Massage Gun Talk Facebook group.

Take care!

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