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Best Hypervolt Alternative: What Else If Not The Hyped Hypervolts?

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What is the best Hypervolt alternative massage gun? We know all about Hypervolts fame, but are there any devices from competitor brands that can rival them? Well, even though Hypervolts are already giants in the massage gun field, we’re almost certain there are plenty of other devices that can take their place.

How easily though? Well, we have to applaud Hyperice for their T-shaped massage gun invention. Back when nobody even thought about it. They own a number of patents related to the very first product.

They are also listed as an Official Recovery Technology Partner of the NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, PGA Tour and lately U.S. Soccer Federation. Pretty impressive!

However, Hypervolts are high priced devices. That is reason enough for people to want to look elsewhere. Fortunately we know the massage gun market in and out and can provide such people with a list of affordable Hypervolt alternatives.

We have handled and reviewed dozens of these devices and can confidently suggest not just alternatives, but the best devices in 2022. Some of them not only match Hypervolts, they even better the mighty Hypervolts.

Read on to find out!

In a hurry?

We recommend reading through the post to find out why we think these products are best Hypervolt alternatives. But, if you are short on time, we suggest checking out these guns:

  1. Ekrin B37 and B37S as alternatives to Hypervolt 2 and Hypervolt 2 Pro. Both have more power, better ergonomics, and come with a lifetime warranty. They’re cheaper as well!
  2. Ekrin Bantam as an alternative to Hypervolt Go 2. It is smaller, lighter, but more powerful .

What are the key reasons to opt for Hypervolt alternatives?

Apart from being expensive, Hypervolts have a number of cons that cannot be ignored:

  • Their so-so ergonomics. The 90-degree handle is known to cause tension in the wrists especially during longer massage sessions. Despite being copied for a while, some brands have figured out a way to better the ergonomics on their devices.
  • The low stall force. Another thing that sticks out like a sore thumb in Hypervolts’ recent repertoire is how weak they are. The strongest Hypervolt (2 Pro) maxes out at about 35lbs. Many full-sized massage guns tend to go over the 50lbs mark.
  • They don’t rev as fast as they used. For some reason Hyperice decided that 2700 hits per minute is enough for their full-size massage guns. While this may not be a deal-breaker – probably just a different approach by the company – previous generation Hypervolts revved faster, up to 3200 percussions per minute. In 2022, only Hypervolt Go 2 does 3200rpm.
  • Battery performance. Hypervolt batteries perform rather so-so. The time on battery is simply not as good as some of these alternatives. Even though the top-shelf Hypervolt 2 Pro has removable battery that can be replaced with a spare one, it would still be better if the batteries could last for more than a mere 2 hours (sometimes below 2 hours). Many of these competitors have batteries that can go for up to 4-5 hours before a second charge is needed.
  • No carrying case included. Many brands include a carrying case with their devices, something we appreciate a lot.
  • Poor warranty. The Hypervolts will not offer anything over a 1-year warranty, even though they are costly. Brands like Ekrin offer a lifetime warranty.
Hypervolt Percussion Massage Guns 2 Generation
Hypervolt massage guns – 2nd generation.

Opting for an Alternative to Hypervolt – Vibrational vs Percussive

Before we list some products like Hypervolt, we should remind you that the two full-sized devices have some key differences to keep in mind.

Both the Hypervolt 2 and the 2 Pro, are built to be percussion massagers. However, the former device is an entry-level, low-power device providing more like surface-level massage.

That means that it has:

  • lower amplitude. Amplitude is the massage head travel distance, measured in millimeters. The first Hypervolt has a 12mm stroke length, which to be honest is pretty good, but coupled with a low stall force, it makes the device pretty feeble.
  • A stall force of only about 20-25lbs. While this is enough to do some basic treatment like get the blood going, reduce soreness and even generally improve recovery, it’s not nearly enough to provide a deep tissue massage, which is why people buy massage guns to begin with.
    This means Hypervolt 2 isn’t strong enough to perform a deeper massage – especially on denser muscles, where exerting some pressure (against those muscles) may be needed.
Hypervolt 2 Neck Pain Massage Gun
Hypervolt 2 is a low stall force device, which gives more like surface-level massage.

That said, in Hypervolt 2 Pro these issues were addressed, at least to some extent. The performance of the 2 Pro device was bettered. 

  • The amplitude increased to 14mm (Hyperice doesn’t disclose this information, we had to do our own measuring). While this is not the 16mm longest amplitude you get with Theraguns, it’s good enough for a deep tissue massage.
  • The no-stall force was increased to 35lbs. As a result (better amplitude factored in), Hypervolt 2 Pro can be considered a professional-grade massage gun, even though 35lbs isn’t spectacular either. However, the device can hit harder with deeper punches, and can also be pressed against the skin without stalling easily. This is better setup for larger folks and pro athletes.
Hypervolt For Foot Pain
Hypervolt 2 Pro is a professional-grade percussive therapy device.

Nonetheless, the key takeaway here, in the context of looking for the best alternative to both devices, is that the gray Hypervolt 2 is a starter device.

Hypervolt 2 Pro on the other hand, is a true percussive device that is able to provide deeper hits and a more intensive massage.

We tried our best to list alternatives that have similar characteristics to both devices.

What Hypervolt Alternatives Won’t Get You

One obvious thing that you are going to miss if you opt for these Hypervolt alternatives is the Bluetooth compatibility that allows the device to connect with the Hyperice app. We described the app in detail when we compared the Hypervolts to Theraguns.

For now, it suffices to say that with the app, you get to watch how-to videos and guided routines. The app can also take over the device and change the speeds automatically.

So, even though there are rumors of some of these alternative brands working on their own app, for now you’ll have to do without it.

Our Take
One thing we can tell you however, is that as much as the app functionality is an awesome thing, you probably won’t need it – it’s not a must-have. Once you get used to a particular device after a few sessions, then you don’t need the extra app help that the app offers.

You can also read our how to use a massage gun post for some useful insights, or watch Youtube videos. Also, only the full-sized Hypervolts have Bluetooth connectivity, the Go doesn’t have it.

Best Alternatives to Hypervolt 2

These are vibrational-type devices with the similar characteristics as the original Hypervolt.

Ekrin 365 – Best Choice

Ekrin 365 Massage Gun Box Bg
Our testing impressions:
  • Versatile and reliable massage gun
  • Great value for the money
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty

Our review score:


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Ekrin 365 deservedly takes the best Hypervolt alternative spot, at least as far as that entry-level device is concerned. What makes it the perfect replacement is that it has everything lacking in Hypervolt 2, and a bit more.

For starters, it has better ergonomics. If we had a chance to remake the Hypervolt 2, the first thing we’d do is copy the slanted handle on Ekrin 365. As we have already seen, the T-shaped configuration isn’t the best for long massage sessions.

Another thing we’d change (or perhaps correct) is the handle length – make it longer, just like Ekrin 365 which has handle longer by more than an inch, making it more suitable for reaching middle/lower back.

The weight is also in the Ekrin’s favor, only 1.7lbs (vs. 1.8lbs). Although the difference isn’t large, the extra ounces really count when you want a long massage.

In terms of performance, Ekrin 365 has better specs; the amplitude is about the same, but is has a way more stall force – 40lbs, which is almost twice as much.

This is an awesome combination that makes Ekrin B365 a more versatile proposition. With the increased stall force, pressing this device against the body is not going to be a problem.

Intensity is also better in Ekrin’s gun. It does 3200 maximum rpms, while the Hypervolt maxes out at 2700 – 500 hits per minute more.

Moreover, It has 5 speeds (perfect for a full-sized massage gun) compared to just 3 on the Hypervolt 2, and even has a pressure indicator (usually only present in high-end devices).

The battery is Samsung branded and well juiced. It’s not noisy at all – similar levels to Hypervolt when running with the same intensity. You get a carrying case and four varied attachments.

It comes with a lifetime warranty and lifetime customer support.

It normally costs $179 but you can get it for $143.2 if you use the MGA20 coupon code (gives 20% off). Get it in Ekrin’s store here. This is over a hundred bucks less than Hypervolt 2.

MORE INFO In our in-depth Ekrin 365 review →.

Opove M3 Pro 2 – Hypervolt Cheaper Alternative

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Specification Box Bg
Our testing impressions:
  • 12mm amplitude & ~40lbs of power
  • 6 high-quality attachments
  • Excellent for both beginners and experts
  • Outstanding value for the price

Our review score:


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This one doesn’t have the same awesome features as Ekrin 365, but it’s even more affordable with more or less the same features as Hypervolt 2.

For starters it has the same T-shape configuration. It also has the same stroke length as Hypervolt 2 – 12mm. The stall force is much better though, perhaps in the same range as Hypervolt 2 Pro (if not slightly more). Expect about 40lbs. of stall force – impressive.

They say the motor is 72 Watt – stronger than Hypervolt’s 60 Watt motor. But Ekrin can perform better than both these devices.

Surprisingly though, it cannot rev higher than both Hypervolts. It has up to 2600 maximum rpms. Ekrin beats them all here and can rev up to 3200 hits per minute.

It does, however, have 5 speeds which feels appropriate for the wide percussion range, wider than Hypervolt’s (1300-2600 ppm vs. 2000-2700).

Even though it’s heavier than Hypervolt 2 and Ekrin 365 (2.5lbs), it is of a reasonable size and therefore comfortable to hold – for a T-shaped device, that is. The handle is rubberized, and the overall quality is surprisingly high.

It has a better battery – can last for 3-4 hours with the first charge. It also has a carrying case included, and six excellent attachments.

For a limited time, you can buy it for just $119.99 (40% off). Get it here, at

MORE INFO in our hands-on Opove M3 Pro 2 review

Best Hypervolt 2 Pro Alternative – Top Picks

Ekrin B37s

Ekrin B37s Massage Gun Box Bg
Our testing impressions:
  • Versatile and powerful massage gun
  • Variety of attachments, including a cushioned one
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty

Our review score:


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Hypervolt 2 Pro is a nice and reasonably strong device and would perhaps need an equally stronger competitor to match it. Ekrin B37S is that stronger competitor.

It’s the third device from Ekrin after the B37, and the entry-level 365. Ekrin made a number of noticeable alterations to this new device but the one noticeable change is the power added to the speed gears.

The B37S has the same 56lbs. of stall force at top gear as its predecessor, B37. What makes it special, however, is that whereas the original B37 had somewhat weaker stall force at lower speeds, this one has 30% more power at those lower speeds.

Ekrin chose to stick with the same 12mm amplitude as the original device. Note here that it’s lower than Hypervolt 2 Pro’s 14mm amplitude. But the higher stall force makes up for this.

b37s Reactive Force Sensor
B37S’ pressure indicator

It has 5 speeds, with the 5th speed being a dynamic one. It has better percussion range than the 2 Pro – 2000-3200 rpm, and does 500rpm more .

Ergonomically it’s the better choice with the angled handle which allows for a more natural hold. It’s also lighter than Hypervolt 2 Pro (2.2lbs vs 2.6lbs).

It has a really well done pressure sensor that we praised in the individual review.

The battery is still non-removable in this one but one charge can last up to 8 hours.

Noise levels are similar to Hypervolt 2 Pro when they rev at the similar percussions.

It has 6 nicely varied attachments and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Get a whooping $100 OFF the top-shelf Ekrin B37S massage gun. Only $231.00, down from $329.99. Grab the deal now!

Instead of paying the full $329 for it, you can use the MGA20 coupon and get it for $263.99 (20% off). Get it in Ekrin’s store right here.

MORE INFO Read the full Ekrin B37S review

Achedaway Pro – Runner Up

Achedaway Pro Massage Gun Box Bg3
Our testing impressions:
  • Impressive stall force
  • Great size and ergonomics
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Accessories

Our review score:


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Here is a way more powerful Hypervolt 2 Pro alternative.

The Achedaway Pro doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance. This gun has a 16mm amplitude – right up there with Theraguns and 2mm longer than what Hypervolt 2 Pro has.

It’s also very powerful with over 60lbs. of stall force – Achedaway overstates it in their advertisement as 80lbs. of stall force, even so 60lbs. is the perhaps the highest stall force in the business today.

It has 5 speeds and revs a tad more intensively than Hypervolt 2 Pro – 1700-2800 rpm. So it is faster even though it has longer amplitude (usually it is the opposite – the higher the amplitude, the slower it revs).

It has better ergonomics – an angled handle that is reminiscent of the one on Ekrin B37S. It comes with just 4 attachments that includes 2 metallic ones that look really nice.

The battery is something to behold. The runtime is 2-4 hours depending on how far you push the device.

It’s a removable battery just like Hypervolt 2 Pro, and you can buy an extra one with the device. Despite the stronger motor, Achedaway Pro weighs about the same as Hypervolt 2 Pro (2.6lbs). 

It has a 2-year warranty – 1 year more than what you get with Hypervolt 2 Pro.

You can get a $60 discount if you use our MGA60 coupon at the Achedaway store. That means, instead of paying $299, you pay $239 instead. Or if you buy it with the extra battery, you only pay $309. It’s still cheaper than Hypervolt 2 Pro either way.

MORE INFO in our hands-on Achedaway Pro review

achedaway pro reviewed by luke massagegunadvice
A more powerful yet cheaper Hypervolt 2 Pro alternative.

What About Hypervolt Go?

Hypervolt Go 2 is the latest device that Hyperice added to their recent collection. It’s the mini version of the bigger guns. We loved the quality of the product and were hoping it would be a worthy consideration.

quite thick handle hypervolt go 2
Hypervolt Go 2

However, we felt a little let down by how it performed. You can read the full Hypervolt Go 2 review to find out what we thought about it. But here’s what we didn’t like;

  • It had a good 10mm amplitude but a very weak stall force. In fact, even at top speed, it was very easy to stall. Our alternatives below are way better.
  • It had only 2 attachments. The only consoling fact is that if you have the full-sized Hypervolts then you can use those attachments (they’re interchangeable).
  • It lacked a USB charger. We have come to expect all mini massage guns to be USB-C compatible.
  • The fact that it was released on the back of Theragun Mini, we felt it didn’t quite have anything to offer to better their competition.
  • It had the same rather disappointing 1-year warranty.
  • It is still too expensive for what it has to offer.

Best Hypervolt Go 2 Alternatives

Ekrin Bantam – Best Pick

Ekrin Bantam Mini Massage Gun Box Bg
Our testing impressions:
  • Compact but powerful, up to 3200rpm
  • Great size and ergonomics
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty

Our review score:


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The Bantam is another Ekrin darling that we’ve come to adore. Despite being in the same category as the Hypervolt Go 2, it has some really enticing features.

For starters, it’s much smaller and lighter than the Go – weighs just 1.1lbs compared to Go’s 1.57lbs. It has a similar slanted handle as the Go but we would consider this more of an Ekrin thing than a Hyperice one – it’s better on an Ekrin device.

In terms of performance, the Bantam has the best stats. The amplitude is nearly 10mm but the stall force is what makes it interesting. With 35lbs. of stall force, Ekrin Bantam is the better device.

It has a similar percussion range as the Go 2 (2000-3200 rpm). It has 3 speeds. The Samsung-made battery can last up to 6 hours with a single charge and charges via USB.

While Hypervolt Go 2 is a hushed device, Bantam’s quiet too (about 60dB). It makes a smooth, non-aggressive sound.

It has 4 attachments and comes with a carrying case (unlike Go 2). You get a lifetime warranty and lifetime customer support.

Instead of $149.99, pay $119.99 by applying the MGA20 coupon that gives you a 20% discount. Buy it in Ekrin’s store.

MORE INFO available in our hands-on Ekrin Bantam review

Bitfinic Mini – Budget Pick

bitfinic bn-pca004 specifications

Taotronics’ Bitfinic is likely the cheapest mini we’ve ever tested.

While it’s far from being the best mini massage gun, it has a few interesting features which make it an interesting Hypervolt Go 2 alternative .

For starters, it looks intriguing. it’s similar to Theragun mini, but it has a handle. If you’ve read our Hypervolt Go vs. Theragun mini comparison, you know we preferred Go’s handle to Mini’s no-handle design. This Bitfinic, however, is somewhere in between those two – it looks good and holds well.

When it comes to the size, it feels like a hybrid between a mini massage gun and the full-sized one, just like Hypervolt Go 2. It also means it’s tad larger than the Ekrin’s mini. It’s much lighter as well, only weighs 1.08lb, compared to Go’s 1.57lbs.

It performs more or less the same as the Go 2, which means the specs is so-so at best.

The amplitude is 10mm, and along with the wide percussion range (1400 – 2560), is the best selling point of this device. Only a couple of mini massage guns out there has a stroke length equal or higher than 10mm. Bitfinic’s one of them.

It has 5 speeds while the Go has 3, so the range is better spaced in our opinion.

The stall force, however, is very disappointing. The device slows down the percussions as soon as pressure is exerted. It only takes about 10-15lbs. of pressure to stall this device completely. So it feels almost exactly like the Go 2, which also failed the stall force test miserably.

It also comes with 4 attachments while the Go only has 2. Unless you have the bigger Hypervolt, Bitfinic is the better choice.

It’s a quiet massage gun – 48-58dB. The battery has 2600mAh capacity and can go for 4-5 hours. It has a USB charger.

Bitfinic is unbelievably cheap, even though the specs is somewhat similar to those of Hypervolt Go 2. It only costs $39.99 and you can get it at

MORE INFO Read the full Bitfinic mini review

Best Hypervolt Alternative Conclusion

Hypervolts are decent devices from a premium brand that is making waves in the massage gun world.

However, there are obvious flaws that cannot be ignored if you are looking for the best device for your needs.

Hopefully this article has enlightened you on what the best Hypervolt alternative is. Keep in mind that we don’t just recommend products we have not interacted with.

All the recommended devices here have been rigorously tested. You can read the full individual review to get a better insight into every product.

If you have any more questions, feel free to write a comment below.

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