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Quietest Massage Guns: Hushed and Effective, These Are The Bargains You Need!

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Which is the quietest massage gun? Tricky question… or not?

We know that massage guns haven’t always been the quietest tools out there. In fact, the earlier versions of these gadgets were pretty loud.

But necessity remains the mother of inventions. The pioneers of massage guns have worked hard to bring us devices that don’t sound like diesel generators. More massage guns are now hushed.

We always measure the noise levels of the devices we review – it’s an important aspect of any massage gun. We list a few guns that have impressed us thus far. We also provide videos so you can hear each device!

Ultimately you want a device that revs quietly, but there’s more than just the noise if you want a dynamic device.

Which Is Most Quiet Massage Gun
Our test bench for measuring the noise level of massage guns.

Want a Quiet Massage Gun? Know This…

Noise is a Subjective

Let’s start with the basics.

Noise level is a measure of sound intensity. It is measured in decibels (dB) using a Sound Level Meter (also commonly referred to as a decibel meter, noise meter, or sound meter). The decibel reading gives us an indication of how loud the sound is. You can find more information on what noise levels can cause hearing loss here​1​.

Knowing that, take what the manufacturers say about the noise levels in their guns with a pinch of salt. Often, these brands don’t provide accurate dB levels for their massage guns.


If you want to be on the safe side, don’t pay too much attention to the dBs listed for the devices.

It all comes down to perception.

This means that some guns with lower dB numbers might sound louder than you anticipated. They may produce a harsh, aggressive sound or an annoying rattling.

Also, two devices with the same dB reading can sound totally different; you’d swear one is louder than the other.

But as a rule of thumb, know this…

  • Mini massage guns are nearly always more hushed than full-sized devices. There are a number of factors that bring about this.
  • The cheapest massage guns tend to be noisy due to design choices and quality issues. They may have loose attachments when the cheap gaskets wear out over time. They may produce a rattling sound due to a so-so build or may be made of poor materials. 
  • Massage guns with low stroke lengths (amplitude) are usually perceived as quieter than those with longer amplitudes (with a few exceptions). The low amplitude guns tend to have a smoother (vrrrr!) sound than their long amplitude counterparts, which tend to produce rough (thud! thud! accompanied with rattling). There might also be a case of brands overstating the amplitude of their devices; read our reviews to find out the real values.

Don’t Pay Attention JUST to the Noise


Don’t pay attention JUST to the noise. Instead, keep an eye on all specifications of a device.

Since noise is considered an essential component of any good massage gun, it’s not beyond massage gun brands to try and trick you using this aspect. Therefore, don’t pay too much attention to the noise levels. 

In most cases, lower percussions mean a hushed gun. But it also means that the gun may not be very effective. Percussion therapy​2​ requires that a device percusses fast. The high-frequency percussions help to override pain signals to the brain leading to muscle tension release.

Take for example, Urikar devices, which are known for their low percussions (low 2000s). They may be quieter than Ekrin B37 or 365 (both rev up to 3200RPM – almost 40% more intensity), but the latter are more effective. The two Ekrin devices will be louder at top speeds but more effective in relieving muscle soreness. 

Less powerful devices can also be marketed as being quiet. However, they tend to buckle under the slightest of pressure (very weak stall force). They also rev very slowly, which means a hushed operation but very little effect. 

So watch out for this. Pay attention to all specifications of a device. Read our hands-on massage gun reviews to find out the real specs of specific guns. We measure noise levels using very accurate dB meters.

Below are the key aspects you should look at:

  • Performance: Check the amplitude, stall force, and percussions – ensure the figures are impressive. 
  • Size, weight, and ergonomics – ensure you can use the device comfortably
  • Attachment quality and variety – ensure you can use them on all muscle groups.
  • Brand reputation and long-term reliability – Check the warranty; some have a lifetime warranty, while others have a 1-year warranty. 
  • Price-value – don’t overpay, but don’t underpay for the bad ones either. 

Now let’s see how quiet (or loud?) the devices produced by the two hottest brands are: Theragun and Hypervolt.

Are Theraguns Loud? Which is the Quietest Theragun?

Theraguns have a reputation for being loud. Certainly the first 4 generations of their devices were extremely loud.

The excuse back then (before we knew better) was that they were more robust than their counterparts and thus the extra noise was justified. But we’ve since seen top devices that are hushed.

Therabody had to up their game and come up with a hushed prototype, and we have to say they have made incredible progress.

Their latest generation of devices are quieter. 

However, compared to what the competition has done thus far, Theraguns’ improvement is still a few steps behind; they’re still louder per current standards.

Theragun Noise Measurement

But why is this? There are a few reasons:

  • Theraguns’ signature 16mm amplitudes make them naturally louder. As we’ve discussed above, long amplitude devices tend to emit loud noises. 
  • Theraguns’ motors make a rough (harsh) sound. We’d call this Theragun’s signature sound because we haven’t heard it with any other massage guns. Even though the emitted noise levels aren’t quite above average, the signature sound makes them noisy. 
  • The attachment mounting system isn’t as great as other devices. This is more of a design flaw than anything else. In other massage guns, when the attachment is inserted, the reciprocating piston is hidden within the gun. Theraguns’ reciprocating pistons are on the outside. When the attachment is inserted, a bit of space is left that wobbles when the gun percusses. This creates a rattling sound around the head, making the gun noisy. Since the piston is more on the outside, it’s prone to getting loose after some time. We’ve experienced this before. 

But we love Therabody because they keep changing things around, especially after listening to what customers say.

They hasn’t reiterated all their models yet. As of early this year, Theragun Prime and Elite haven’t been improved – still 4th generation. But they has largely addressed the noise issue with the new Theragun Pro 5th and Theragun mini 2nd generation, so the new Theraguns are relatively quiet now.

Therabody mostly improved the new Theragun Pro. It went from being the loudest in the industry to an acceptable standard, even though it remains a powerhouse.

It’s not the quietest massage gun yet, but you can definitely feel the difference. The dB levels have decreased by about 20% – from around 71dB to 66dB. The sound produced is smoother than before as well. 

The Mini 2.0 has also been largely improved. We’d say it’s the quietest Theragun out there. The irritating harsh sound is largely gone. 

Our Advice

Theraguns are great massage guns and keep getting better with each iteration. If you want the quietest Theragun, go for the new Theragun Pro or the new mini.

We expect Theragun Prime and Elite to undergo the same changes as the Pro and the mini. As it stands, they are still the loudest Theraguns.

What about Hypervolt? Which is the Quietest?

Hypervolts have to feature in the quietest massage guns conversation. Their “Quiet Glide” technology must have something to do with it. The older full-sized guns (Hypervolt 1 and Hypervolt Plus) were quiet. Hyperice tweaked the new models and went with higher amplitudes and reduced percussions. 

The new Hypervolt 2 is the quietest of the latest bunch. However, we had a bone to pick with it in our review. Its power left a bit to be desired. Even though we liked the increased amplitude (from 10mm on the Hypervolt 1 to 12mm on the Hypervolt 2), it felt weaker than the original device. 

hypervolt 2 noise measurement speed level 3

But the black Hypervolt 2 Pro has a high amplitude. It’s a decent percussion massager but larger and heavier than Ekrin B37 (our top choice) or even Opove M3 Pro. It’s slightly less equipped than the other guns – it lacks a carrying case. It’s also more expensive than the top devices we picked here. 

Hypervolt 2 Pro Noise Measurement Speed Level 5

That leaves us with the Hypervolt Go 2, a stylish compact gun; it’s the smallest Hypervolt around. But it’s also the quietest Hypervolt. In fact, it’s among the most silent mini massage guns today (probably in the top 3 going by the dBs).

Even so, it’s one of the least powerful minis we have ever encountered. It has a low stall force and slows down when you press against it. This puts into question its ability to provide effective treatment. It may be super quiet in the family of Hypervolts, but it lacks significantly where it matters most – power!

Hypervolt Go 2 Noise Measurement Speed Level 3
The smallest Hypervolt is also the quietest and… the weakest.

Best Quiet Massage Guns – Quiet But Effective

And now our picks for the quietest massage gun. We will divide the choices into full-size massage guns and mini massagers.

Ekrin B37 – Best Choice Overall

Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Box Bg
Why we like it:
  • Well hushed, but also pretty effective
  • Great value for the money
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty
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If you need a massage gun that is not only hushed but also effective, then you have to try the B37 from Ekrin. Ekrin Athletics pioneered this great device a few years ago. Even so, it remains one of the top guns in the industry.

Is it the quietest massage gun on the market? Probably not – as we have seen, there’s more than one element that makes a device quiet. However, this gun is totally worth the money you’ll pay for it. 

The first 3 speeds are super quiet. The other 2 speeds will sound a bit buzzy, but nothing you can’t watch TV over.

Check the video below to actually here that:

It’s not just the peaceful operation, it also has excellent ergonomics. It comes with an angled handle that makes handling easy. It weighs just over 2 pounds and is easy to maneuver.

It has a medium amplitude, which we like to describe as not too punchy but not too vibrational either – it’s somewhere in the middle. It also has a great stall force that can withstand decent pressure without slowing down the percussions.

It can hit up to 3200 times a minute – we verified it’s true. The many percussions per minute contribute more to the decibels than anything else – especially at higher speed gears. You could opt to buy the cheaper alternative (Opove, below), which will be quieter but will only rev up to 2600RPM – that is 20% less intensity.

Ekrin B37 is more effective and quiet enough not to irritate you. The 100s of authentic user reviews are proof of this. 

It’s also well equipped, with 4 varied attachments and a nice carrying case. You also get a lifetime warranty; no other gun on our list here has that.

You’ll have to pay $229.99 to get it. Or you can use the MGA20 code, which gives you a 20% discount, to get it for $183.99 – the best value for money regarding the noise-to-performance ratio. 

Read More Our detailed Ekrin B37 review.

Bob and Brad D6 Pro – Quietest High Amplitude Gun for the Money

Bob Abd Brad D6 Pro Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
Why we like it:
  • Quietest among all high-amplitude massagers
  • Really powerful deep tissue massage gun
  • Top-notch design & quality
  • Excellent Value for Money
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We considered a few guns for the second spot on our list. We first considered Achedaway Pro – by far the most hushed high amplitude massager today. We then considered Theragun Pro gen 5 – we talked about it already and how improved it is compared to its 4th generation predecessor.

We then considered the D6 Pro by Bob and Brad. It’s quiet, yes, but it was outranked by the two above. So why did we prefer it over the others?

  • It has most of the characteristics the other two have, but it’s considerably cheaper – especially when you want to compare it with Theragun Pro. 
  • It’s a quiet device – The highest dB recorded is 67dB, which is decent. 
  • It feels just as powerful as Theragun Pro – even though it looks like Bob and Brad cloned the new Theragun Pro, you still have to admire its quality. 
  • It offers fantastic value – it has 7 high-quality attachments, a case, and impressive specs. 

Here is a video to see and hear the D6 Pro in action:

But should you pick the D6 over Ekrin B37 above? Well, the D6 will feel more punchy because of a longer head than Ekrin B37 – it has a 16mm amplitude. Some people like a more aggressive massage that the D6 can provide. On the other hand, some prefer the gentler massage that the B37 can offer. 

Also, Ekrin B37 may be less aggressive, but it revs faster – it can rev to 3200RPM compared to the D6 Pro’s 2500RPM maximum. At higher speeds, the B37 can be pretty intensive and very effective.

But the D6 Pro has attachments that are Theragun-ish, which some people (including us) will like.

We could argue that both guns are equally effective. You can’t go wrong with either. But Ekrin B37 is a tad more versatile. It’s lighter, smaller, and easier to hold. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, whereas the D6 Pro only has a 1-year warranty.

What about the price? They are almost similar; both cost under $200, which is amazing for the value you are getting. Use the MGAD6PRO code for a 10% discount on Amazon

Read More Find our full Bob and Brad D6 review here.

Opove M3 Pro – The Cheapest and Quietest

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Specification Box Bg
Our testing impressions:
  • 12mm amplitude & ~40lbs of power
  • 6 high-quality attachments
  • Excellent for both beginners and experts
  • Outstanding value for the price
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This one is perhaps the budget choice among the quietest massage guns. It’s super tranquil, likely the quietest of the bunch. It emits a max of 62dB with a background noise of 35dB – very impressive. Our first recording at first speed gave us 46dB – almost inaudible. 

Even though it appears further down the list, it has other qualities that make it a worthy choice. For starters, the build quality is fantastic; it’s made of great materials. It weighs about 2.5 pounds, which is slightly heavier than Ekrin B37, but not as heavy as the D6 Pro.

It comes with a 12mm amplitude, the same as the B37. This is a mid-range stroke length that is good for non-punchy therapy. It has a stall force close to 45lbs. This is lower than Ekrin B37’s 57lbs. and Bob and Brad D6 Pro’s 60lbs. 

The other reason it appears down the list is that it doesn’t match the other two in effectiveness. For instance, it can only rev up to 2600RPM even though it has a 12mm amplitude.

This is also the reason it’s quieter than Ekrin B37 at top speed. The B37 will be more effective because it can rev at a higher speed, which consequently means a few more dBs than Opove.

Also, 2600RPM is close to the 2500RPM on the D6 Pro. However, the D6 Pro has a 16mm amplitude that makes up for the reduced hits per minute. 

Yes, this is a great budget device (cost only $199 $119 at opove.com), but it doesn’t match the top two devices as far as performance is concerned. But some people will like what this Opove device can offer. It can still handle the business. 

Read More Our dedicated Opove M3 Pro review.

Which is the Best Quiet Mini Massage Gun? Our Two Cents

We couldn’t come up with the top mini massage gun for this section, and here’s why…

The Bob and Brad Q2 – The Quietest Mini Massage Gun

Bob Abd Brad Q2 Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
Why we like it:
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sturdy stall force (approx. 20lbs.)
  • Super quiet (51.6dB at top speed)
  • Well-crafted design
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Check Price

It’s very small, very light, and super quiet – it emits 51.6dB at top speed. It’s also well fabricated; we enjoyed using it in our review. Here is a video; you can easily hear how quiet it is, even when pressing hard:

It has a decent stall force that holds better than most minis. We’d say it has about 20lbs. of stall force.

As for the price, last time we checked, it was only about $66 with a coupon available on Amazon.


However, it’s highly vibrational given its 7mm amplitude. We are not convinced that this is the best a mini massage gun can offer. So we looked at another device.

Lifepro Dyna Mini – Similar Profile as the Q2

lifepro DynaMini - mini massage gun under 100

Like the Bob and Brad Q2, the Dyna Mini is tiny, light, and quiet – it emits 54dB at top speed. It’s well constructed, just like the Q2. It has the edge over Q2 when it comes to the warranty; it has a lifetime warranty.

It only goes for $89.99. You can use the MGA10 coupon at checkout that gives you a 10% discountIt’s only $81.00 than.


But it has a very low amplitude as well. So we sampled another device.

READ MORE Lifepro Dynamini review.

Theragun mini 2.0 – Best Performance Choice

Theragun Mini Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
Our testing impressions:
  • 12mm amplitude
  • High-end build & sleek design
  • Bluetooth & Mobile App features
  • Expensive option
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The new Theragun mini will cost you a bit more than the two guns we just looked at. But it’s perhaps the best choice for a quiet mini massage gun.

It has the power that is lacking in the others. We enjoyed using it. Plus, it’s quieter than the original Theragun mini.

It also comes with a 12mm amplitude, which is the best among its peers – the Opove M3 is a full-sized gun with a similar amplitude. It has the same stall force as the other two (you may want to consider Ekrin Bantam, which has the best stall force among minis). 


Therefore, even though the Bob and Brad Q2 is the quietest mini massage gun we have ever tested, if you care about effectiveness, and have the budget (it cost $199), go for the new Theragun mini.

Read More You can read our Theragun mini review to find out more.


Lastly, we’ve compiled a brief FAQ section. These are the questions you frequently ask, and providing the answers here is a great way to summary of the information covered in this article.

Are massage guns noisy?

Are Massage Guns Noisy

Massage guns produce noise levels between 45-70 dB, which isn’t too disruptive since they’re typically used for 2-minute sessions. The noise is manageable for most users.
At 45 dB, it’s as quiet as an air purifier or dishwasher, while at 70 dB, it’s moderately loud like a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer. The majority of massage guns lean towards the higher range due to their motor and high-frequency mechanical parts.
The construction, design, and quality of materials used by the manufacturer determine how quiet a massage gun will be.

Why are massage guns noisy?

Massage guns naturally create noise due to their construction (they all have motor and fast-moving parts). If yours sounds louder than usual or has a rattling noise, it might have loose parts inside the device or that it’s wearing out. In such cases, it may be necessary to inspect the device for any potential issues to ensure it works safely and lasts longer.

Which is quieter Theragun or Hypervolt?

Hypervolt massage guns are generally quieter than Theraguns, thanks to their “Quiet Glide” technology. The Hypervolt 2 is the quietest among the latest Hypervolt models, and the Hypervolt Go 2 is among the most silent mini massage guns on the market. While Theragun has made significant noise reduction improvements in their 5th generation Pro and 2nd generation Mini models, Hypervolt devices still hold the edge when it comes to quiet operation. However, it’s essential to consider other factors like power and effectiveness when comparing the two brands.

Which Theragun is the quietest?

Theragun Pro 5th Gen Is The Quietest Theragun

The quietest Theragun models are the new Theragun Pro 5th generation and the Theragun Mini 2nd generation. Both devices have seen significant noise reduction improvements compared to their predecessors. The Theragun Pro’s noise level has decreased by around 20%, while the harsh sound of the Mini has been largely eliminated. If you prefer quiet performance, consider choosing either the new Theragun Pro or the new Mini.


Now you know which is the quietest massage gun. We did our best to isolate the most hushed devices. We would’ve included many more, but these qualified the most.

Let’s sum up the full-sized options:

  • We would pick Ekrin B37 for its versatility.
  • The Bob and Brad D6 may be a Theragun Pro clone, but it has a lot to offer and costs less.
  • The Opove M3 Pro has a lot to offer for those on a budget.

You should consider splashing on the new Theragun mini if you want the quietest mini gun. It’s a worthy investment.

The Hypervolts deserve a mention too. However, only the Hypervolt Go is more hushed. That said, it’s a bummer when it comes to performance.

Now we are done. Until next time.

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