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Best Theragun Alternative – What Else if Not the Mighty Theraguns?

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In this post we’ll cover the best Theragun alternatives. Wait, what is the best Theragun alternative? Does anyone even come close to making better percussion massagers as Theragun?

Yes, in 2022 there are certainly brands that can now rival Theragun and sometimes even outgun them.


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Here are two great alternatives to each Theragun to consider:

Our PickMinirexEkrin B37Ekrin B37SAchedaway Pro
Runner-UpBANTAMAddsfit Pro MaxOpove M3 Pro Max
7 Best Theragun Alternatives

Are There Any Products Similar To Theragun?

Yes! But first, we’ll give credit where it’s due; Theragun have dominated the percussive therapy industry for some time now. For the better part of that time their massage guns have been the best and worth every costly penny spent on them.

Theragun by Therabody massage gun

They have been, and are still top quality products. But as we’ve said, it’s 2022 and things in this industry have changed. What hasn’t changed though is the pricey nature of Theraguns. They simply are not affordable for everyone.

You could put up a case for Theragun’s innovativeness, but, to be honest, Theragun no longer holds the title for being ingenious anymore – other brands are giving them a run for their money. More brands have been able to come up with similar or better quality devices and managed to keep their devices affordable. 

We know all about this because not only have we had all Theraguns and reviewed them, we also buy and test new devices almost every day.

Truth be told, we don’t find Theraguns fascinating anymore, call it overconfidence bias, but we truly believe there are better alternatives to Theraguns and this article proves it.

Read along to find out!

Theragun’s Strengths and Weaknesses – In A Nutshell

Theragun, for us, has always stood out with their connectivity features. The Therabody app is the one feature that makes them the crème de la crème of the percussive therapy industry.

But even if that is just an embellishment that can be overlooked, you certainly cannot overlook the fact that Theragun excels in:

Superb Ergonomics

The triangular design (especially for their full-sized massage guns) allows for a multiple grip handle that is a huge advantage when you are doing a DIY massage. You can practically reach all areas of the body without making your arm uncomfortable.

Theragun Pro even has an adjustable arm that locks into one of four positions. However, as we’ve seen with other devices, secure ergonomics can be achieved without multiple grips – slight imagination and small tweaks. These devices have also achieved this while being compact. 

theragun pro adjustable arm 4 positions
The Pro’s arm has four lockable positions

Industry-Leading Stroke Length

Stroke length being the distance covered by the massage gun head as it moves back and forth to give you the percussions per minute. Theragun’s 16mm amplitude for the full-sized guns and 12mm for the Mini really are unrivaled – a lot of devices struggle to reach 13mm let alone 16mm.

The Mini has the longest stroke length in its category. However, apart from the Mini, Theragun’s full-sized guns are not so highly perched when it comes to the amplitude anymore.

But even if Theragun were somehow able to tower above all other devices with their stroke length, there is the issue of that privilege being put down by inadequate stall force. The stall force is an important parameter in percussive therapy and Theragun hasn’t always impressed here.

We addressed our concerns when we reviewed the Prime and the Mini – the stall force in these devices is too low and the long amplitude is not fully utilized. Even Elite, their mid-range gun, had somewhat sufficient stall force but failed miserably when more was demanded of it.

Apart from the inadequate stall force to fully utilize the long amplitude, Theragun’s Achilles heel has also been:

  • Above average noise – As an industry giant they cannot seem to solve the noise conundrum in their devices.
  • Poorly varied attachments – the Thumb, Ball and Dampener attachments feel basically the same.
  • Few accessories in their entry-level guns – Prime has 4 poorly varied attachments and the Mini has only the one attachment. They both also don’t come with a carrying case.
  • Average battery performance – their batteries struggle to rev for more than 2 hours.
  • High price
  • Poor warranty – just 1-year, with more protection when you pay for it.

So, What Then Makes The Best Theragun Alternative?

So here’s what makes the best Theragun alternative:

  • More stall force – better than any of the Theraguns can offer.
  • Similar stroke length – but even 12mm amplitude is acceptable as long as the stall force is good enough. This will yield better results than a Theragun with 16mm amplitude but with low stall force.
  • Well thought-out ergonomics.
  • At least the same number of attachments – most competitors outperform Theragun here.
  • More varied attachments.
  • Lower noise levels – only Theragun seems to be struggling here.
  • Extra features – pressure sensors, dynamic speeds/modes, heated tips, USB-C compatibility etc.
  • Affordability or value for money
  • Better warranty – Theragun offers at most 2-year warranties, better brands offer lifetime warranties.

Now that you know what to pay attention to, let’s check what devices meet the above criteria. We’ve prepared not one but two great alternatives to each Theragun.

Best Alternative to Theraguns

Best Theragun Mini Alternative

Minirex – Better Features for Less

theragun like minirex
Theragun like massage gun – The Minirex

This is the best Theragun Mini alternative in our opinion. We complained when we reviewed the Mini about how easily it was to stall its meager 20lbs. stall force.

On the Mini Rex, the stall force is advertised as 22lbs. still rather scrimpy, you say. Well for starters it’s still more than the Mini, and to be honest, when we tested the device it felt like 30lbs. – again, we’ve tested numerous devices and we know a lot about stall force.

But even if you don’t take our word for it, the Minirex’s stall force is evenly distributed through all the speeds. Unlike the Mini, where the 20lbs. stall force is only felt on the highest third gear – on lower speed gears it stalls very easily.

The Minirex has 10mm amplitude compared to the Mini’s 12mm. As we’ve already mentioned, the Mini has the longest amplitude in its category. The 10mm amplitude on the Minirex is the standard amplitude for most mini massage guns. In fact, most other devices in this category struggle to get 10mm. 

rexogun minirex specifications
Minirex Features

The Minirex also has an edge in almost all the other key aspects. For starters, it’s lighter than the Mini, weighing in at just 1.34lbs compared to the Mini’s 1.43lbs. We realized that it’s made of what seems like metal (we couldn’t tell). The Mini’s plastic is very good quality but it’s still heavier.

Minirex has a better percussion range – 1800-3000rpm compared to the Mini’s 1700-2400rpm. It also has 1 more speed gear than the Mini (4 vs 3). Minirex is also quieter, revving at just 50-60dB compared to the Mini’s 68dB.

Minirex comes with 4 attachments compared to the Mini that has just the one (ball) attachment. It has a Samsung branded battery that will last for 3-4 hours. Theragun Mini’s battery will only last for 2.5 hours. Minirex has a USB charger that adds convenience to the mix, the Mini has a wall charger.

Warrant? Minirex has a 2-year compared to the Mini’s 1-year.

If you decide to buy the Minirex, you will only spend $179 if you use this special link. The Mini will cost you more.

MORE INFO: Read the full Minirex review.

Ekrin Bantam – Even More Powerful, Yet Smaller

Ekrin Bantam vs. Theragun Mini
Ekrin Bantam vs. Theragun Mini

While Minirex may be about the same size as Theragun Mini, the Ekrin Bantam feels much smaller in comparison. It’s the true mini massage gun and if you want something that can even fit in your pocket, then this is it. It’s about 25-30% smaller than the Mini which means it’s also way lighter – just 1.1lbs. 

It has a 10mm amplitude, and if you saw how small it is, this is an impressive stroke length. Yet the Mini still has a better 12mm amplitude. That may be the case but the Bantam is much more powerful.

It has a whooping 35lbs. stall force. This is more powerful than Theragun Prime, which is the full-sized entry-level massage gun. Prime has 30lbs. stall force. The Bantam will punch harder. 

ekrin bantam features
Ekrin Bantam features.

The Bantam also has nice ergonomics with the slightly angled handle. It’s very nicely built with a round body that fits perfectly in the hand even if you have small hands. It has even better intensity with 3200 maximum percussions.

It also has 4 nicely varied attachments meaning you can have a full body massage on the go. Its Samsung branded battery can last up to 6 hours and charges via USB.

It also comes with a nice carrying case and a lifetime warranty, which you don’t get with Theragun.

The retail price is $149 but it will only cost you $127.99 if you use our MGA20 coupon that gives a nice 20% discount. Get the Bantam right here.

MORE INFO: Read the full Ekrin Bantam review.

Summary – Specs Compared

Here’s the specs table comparing Theragun Mini alternatives: Mini Rex vs Ekrin Bantam:

FeatureTheragun MiniRexogun Mini RexEkrin Bantam
Stall Force20 lbs22 lbs35 lbs
Stroke Length12 mm10 mm10 mm
Speed Options343
Battery Life2.5 hours4+ hours6 hours
Noise59 – 68 dB50 – 60 dB50 – 58 dB
Weight 1.4 lbs1.3 lbs1.1 lbs
Warranty1 year2 yearsLifetime
Base Price$199$279 $179.00$159 $127.99
Discount$100 OFF
VIP link below
MGA20 coupon
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Best Theragun Mini alternatives: Minirex and Ekrin Bantam

Theragun Prime Alternative

Ekrin B37 – Our Top Pick

ekrin b37 alternative to theragun prime
Ekrin B37 is likely the best alternative to the Theragun Prime.

Ekrin Athletics is one of our darling brands and we have enjoyed their devices so much. They take a different approach from Theragun. Instead of going all out for a long amplitude, Ekrin seems to focus more on the intensity in their devices – offering more percussions per minute.

However, they make it even better with significantly high stall force. This means that their devices can give deep to the bone percussive massages because they can be pushed harder against the body. 

Ekrin B37 has a 12mm amplitude compared to Theragun Prime’s 16mm. However, the B37 offers so much more in comparison.

For instance, instead of the meager 30lbs. stall force, the B37 has a whopping 56lbs. – that’s nearly twice what the Prime offers.

ekrin b37 features
Ekrin B37 features.

The B37 also has a better percussion range – 1400-3200 compared to Prime’s 1750-2400. It’s also much quieter revving at 53-67dB compared to Prime’s 63-69dB in our full Ekrin B37 review

The B37 comes with 4 nicely varied attachments. The Prime also comes with 4 attachments but they are poorly varied with 3 feeling similar when used.

The B37’s Samsung branded battery is super juiced and can go for 8 hours straight before it can be charged again. It comes with a zippered carrying case. Prime only comes with a soft pouch.

Ekrin offers a lifetime warranty if you buy the B37 while Theragun only offers a 1-year warranty for their Prime.

Ekrin B37 normally costs $229 but with MGA20 coupon you can get it here for $183.99 which is 20% less. That also means that it’s 40% cheaper than Theragun Prime.

Addsfit Pro Max – Runner-Up

Addsfit Pro Max similar to theragun
Addsfit Pro Max is suitable Theragun Prime alternative.

Addsfit has been on the massage gun market for a few years now and has gained a good reputation with their nice devices. Their most popular model is the Pro Max and we’re convinced it’s a suitable Theragun Prime alternative.

It doesn’t have quite the mettle like our number 1 choice (Ekrin B37), but it’s cheaper and perhaps slightly better than Theragun Prime. 

It adopts a more traditional design – T-shaped – and we missed the angled handle ergonomics like what we see on Ekrin B37. We will go ahead and admit that Theragun Prime comes out on top here.

addsfit Max features
Addsfit Max Features

However, that may be the only thing that it lags behind the Prime in. Otherwise, even though it only has 12mm amplitude, it has better stall force compared to Prime – 35lbs. The Prime’s 30lbs. stalls rather easily and we wished for even 5lbs. more if only to make it slightly stronger.

It has a better percussion range of 1700-3000rpm. It however, has 9 speed gears to go with the percussions. We think 9 speeds is a bit too much for our liking. 5 speeds is enough or 7 if you have to.

It has 5 nicely varied attachments and also comes in a nice carrying case, something you don’t find with Theragun Prime. It has a 2500mAh capacity battery but it has slightly more life than Prime – 4 to 5 hours compared to Prime’s 2 to 2.5 hours.

Even though it has better intensity than Prime, it’s way quieter – 45-67dB.

It comes with a 1-year warranty just like Theragun Prime but, you get 2 more years if you register your device after purchasing it – that makes it a 3-year warranty.

And then, there is the price:

Usually it costs $149.98 but with a MASSAGE25 coupon you get 25% off which lowers the price to $112.49. Get it at right here.

Summary – Specs Compared

To wrap up this part, here are our two Theragun Prime alternatives compared against each other:

FeatureTheragun PrimeEkrin B37Addsfit Pro Max
Stall Force30 lbs56 lbs35 lbs
Stroke Length16 mm12 mm10 mm*
(our data, advertised is 12mm)
Speed Options5+59
Battery Life2 hours8 hours6 hours
Noise65 – 69 dB53 – 67 dB45 – 67 dB
Weight 2.2 lbs2.2 lbs2.2 lbs
Warranty1-yearLifetime1-year (+2 after register)
Base Price$299$229 $183.99$149.98 $112.48
Discount Coupon-20%
with MGA20 code
with MASSAGE30 code
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Best Theragun Prime alternatives: Ekrin B37 and Addsfit Pro Max

Theragun Elite Alternative

Ekrin B37S – Best Overall

theragun elite alternative ekrin b37s
Theragun Elite alternative: Ekrin B37s

Ekrin B37S is a huge improvement to its predecessor, the B37, especially when it comes to power. It still has the same stall force (56lbs.) as its forerunner. However, the stall force feels much stronger even on lower speeds, which we proved in our Ekrin B37s review. That’s why we chose it as a Theragun Elite alternative.

Elite has 40lbs. stall force, which is good enough but not very strong and it’s only that powerful on the highest gear. The B37S has a better stall force through all gears – there’s 30% more power on lower gears compared to the original B37.

Ekrin B37S has 12mm amplitude, which in our opinion is enough if you consider the high stall force and the added power on lower gears. Elite may boast a longer stroke length, but without power it doesn’t work as well as our B37S.

ekrin b37s features
Ekrin B37S features.

Elite boasts a multiple grip handle due to its design, but the B37S approaches the ergonomics much simpler, with a 15-degree angled handle. In our opinion, this makes it less bulky while still being comfortable to hold.

Other features include the retroactive force meter which is also available on Elite. However, in our testing, the B37S force meter is smoother than Elite’s. It has better intensity – 2000-3200rpm vs. 1750-2400rpm for Elite.

It has 5 speeds to cycle through with a special 5th speed that has a pre-programmed dynamic mode (cycles between highest and lowest speed). It comes with 6 attachments that are well varied and a “push and twist” head locking mechanism. The Samsung branded battery will last for up to 8 hours.

Ekrin offers a lifetime warranty for this device and will also be available throughout to answer any questions you may have concerning your massage gun.

It normally costs $229.99 but you can use promo code MGA20 to get 20% off the original price and get the B37 here for only $184.99 – Elite costs $399. 

MORE INFO: Read our hands-on Ekrin B37S Review.

Opove M3 Pro Max – Runner-Up (Cheaper But Less Sophisticated)

theragun elite like OPOVE M3 Pro Max
Opove is cheaper but less sophisticated alternative to Theragun Elite.

This one is more a budget Theragun Elite alternative than anything else. However, it does have some interesting features that made us feature it alongside our beloved Ekrin B37.

It’s not as powerful as the B37, but it offers something else instead. If you find the stroke length on the B37 too small, then this one will do it for you. It has 15mm amplitude, pretty close to Elite’s 16mm – you won’t feel the difference.

It’s not just the long amplitude, the stall force too is impressive – 50lbs. and compared to the 40lbs. you get with Elite, this is even better.

Another feature that impressed us with the Opove M3 Pro Max is its intensity. It has a percussion of 2000-3300rpm. Now, having tested many of these devices, it’s not often that you see a device that has a long amplitude and still revs this fast. Even Elite with its 16mm can only rev to a maximum of 2400 percussions per minute.

OPOVE M3 Pro Max specifications
Opove M3 Pro Max features.

It comes with 4 speeds but you can switch between the manual and auto modes – in auto mode the intensity increases automatically.

It comes with a carrying case, even though Elite too has a carrying case. It’s also surprisingly quieter than Elite. Elite may be the quietest Theragun, but Opove betters it. In our test it delivered 45-63dB compared to Elite’s 63-64dB. The sound on Opove is also smoother

It has a 1-year warranty, which is the same as the Elite but unfortunately not as good as the lifetime warranty on Ekrin B37.

The M3 Pro Max goes for $220 but with our link you can get it for $169 – that is two times cheaper than Elite. If you can’t afford the B37S, then this is a cheaper alternative.

Summary – Specs Compared

To wrap up, here’s the specs table comparing our Theragun Elite alternatives: Ekrin B37s vs Opove M3 Pro MAX.

FeatureTheragun EliteEkrin B37sOpove M3 Pro Max
Stall Force40 lbs56 lbs50 lbs
Stroke Length16 mm12 mm15 mm
Speed Options5+54
Battery Life2.5 hours8 hours4 – 5 hours
Noise66-68 dB35 – 55 dB45 – 63dB
Weight 2.2 lbs2.2 lbs2.3 lbs
Base Price$399$329.99 $263.99$220 $169
with MGA20 coupon
(no coupon required)
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now
Best Theragun Prime alternatives: Ekrin B37s and Opove M3 Pro Max

Theragun Pro Alternative

Achedaway Pro – Our Best Pick

achedaway pro alternative to theragun pro
Best alternative to Theragun Pro: Achedaway Pro

Achedaway Pro takes home the price for being the most powerful massage gun on our list. It packs both power and punch. The advertised stall force on this thing is a whopping 80lbs. We wish it was that strong, but after testing it felt somewhere between 60-70lbs.

However, it’s still more powerful than Theragun Pro which has just about 60lbs.

Achedaway Pro matches Theragun Pro punch for punch because it also has the industry-high 16mm amplitude. This makes it perfect for people with a lot of muscle mass and those looking to have a deep to the bone percussive massage. 

Achedaway Pro also has better intensity than Theragun Pro. It has a percussion range of 1700-2800rpm. It has 5 speeds to cycle through as well. Interestingly, although it revs faster, it’s way hushed down.

Achedaway Pro features
Achedaway Pro features.

It’s the complete opposite of Theragun Pro when it comes to noise level. Whereas Theragun Pro is probably the loudest gun we’ve ever tested, the Achedaway Pro is the quietest we’ve had.

It’s also lighter than Theragun Pro – 2.6lbs vs 2.8lbs for Achedaway Pro. It has a nicely juiced battery that will last for 2-4 hours with a single charge. Another thing, the battery is removable and allows you to use the device while the spare is charging. This is perfect for professional therapists and chiropractors.

One thing to note here is that the device only comes with the one battery and you will have to purchase the spare battery from their store.

It normally costs $299 but you can use our coupon code MGA50 to get a $50 discount right here – that means it’s now $249. Just think of it, for the price of Theragun Pro you can get 2 Achedaway Pro guns and still keep some change. How cool is that!

If you choose to purchase the device along with the spare battery, you can still use our MGA50 coupon and get it for $319 right here.

MORE INFO: For more details, read the full Achedaway Pro review here

Summary of Our Theragun Pro Alternative

See the table below for comparison of what we think are two best Theragun Pro alternatives.

FeatureTheragun ProAchedaway Pro
Stall Force60 lbs80 lbs
Stroke Length16 mm16 mm
Speed Options5+5
Battery Life2.5 hours2-4 hours
Noise65 – 71 dB40 – 60 dB
Weight 2.8 lbs2.6 lbs
Base Price$599$299 $249
Discount$50 OFF
with the MGA50 coupon
Buy NowBuy Now
Best Theragun Pro alternative: Achedaway Pro

Best Theragun Alternative – Bottom Line

Hopefully you now believe that there are devices that can perform better than the hyped Theraguns.

With our recommendations you can now hopefully get the best Theragun alternative. Whichever of the Theraguns you may be eyeing, there is a better and cheaper alternative.

If you have any doubts or further questions, feel free to drop a comment below or ask us a question here – we’ll be glad to help and give you a personalized advice if you need such.

Till the next time!

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