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Cheap Vs Expensive Massage Gun

Cheap vs. Expensive Massage Gun – Where’s the Catch?

Before we debate the cheap vs expensive massage gun, let’s align our perspectives. This isn’t a topic we conjured just to fill content on our site. It’s a question on the minds of many – is there a tangible difference between a budget-friendly and a premium massage gun?

Indeed, the answer isn’t as straightforward as one might assume. However, from our experience, we are preatty sure that expensive massage guns consistently outperform their cheaper counterparts in every possible way. This doesn’t just boil down to durability or features; it’s about the overall quality, effectiveness, and user satisfaction that premium models offer.

To thoroughly address the questions and our statment, we’ve crafted a blog covering multiple facets:

Let’s start with the real questions people ask…

The Real People Questions

Here’s a topic from the Reddit MassageGuns forum by a user named Luca_000. He poses three well-thought-out and reasonable questions:

  • Can cheap massage guns (under 100) perform similar to expensive ones?
  • Are we just paying for the brand?
  • How much better/worse can they be?

So, let me answer these questions straight away, and then I’ll also give you a deeper, insider view, including two examples of massage guns: one from the budget-friendly category and the other representing the high-end market, all detailed just below here.

Some good questions and below, our answers on that topic.

Can cheap massage guns (under 100) perform similar to expensive ones?

No. Cheap massage guns often fall short, barely scratching the surface of what a mid-range counterpart can achieve. If you’re counting on a sub-$100 device to work wonders on your stiff back and shoulders, you might be in for a disappointment.

The key is indeed finding that perfect balance in the mid-range for a truly effective massage experience. 

Are we just paying for the brand?

No. Top brands invest in meticulous processes to ensure their products not only meet but exceed your expectations.

On the flip side, cheaper brands often skimp on quality control, churning out products that fall short of the mark and are far from fit for consumption. It’s not just about the logo; it’s about the commitment to quality.

How much better/worse can they be?

On any scale, the difference between expensive and cheap massage guns is like comparing night and day. The meticulous approach adopted by premium brands ensures a top-notch product, a world away from the indifferent stance often seen in cheaper brands.

The gap in quality, performance, and overall experience is akin to traversing hundreds of miles – a stark contrast indeed. It’s not just about the money; it’s about the dedication to delivering excellence.

And sure, you can find some hidden gems in the low-budget range, as well as disappointing products at the high-end, but these examples just underscore the general truth.

Our Take

So, does all of this mean there are no good cheap massage guns, or that you have to pay $300+ for one that meets your needs? Absolutely not. We have found some cheap (but still good) options here, as well as some best-value guns (here) that won’t strain your budget. However, it’s worth noting these are rare finds, akin to hidden gems.

Now, let’s explore today’s topic more to clear up any questions about the devices we’re talking about.

The Playground

Since there are already hundreds of massage guns and massage gun reviews, both here at our blog and elsewhere, we opted to spotlight two, probably mainstream guns, to examine. We chose:

  • FitRX -The quintessential People’s Champion, priced at around $40, and readily available on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, and possibly your local store. Full review here.
  • Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro – The Elite, The Royalty! An expensive model retailing at about $329. A heavyweight in the industry, even endorsed by the likes of LeBron James. Full review here.
Cheap Vs Expensive Massage Gun

We already have detailed reviews, where we carefully examine the key aspects of these two, such as design, specs verification, and performance tests – as we always do. So if you need more background, feel free to jump to those reviews.

Here, we will use these two models to represent our categories: FitRX as the ‘cheap’ and Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro as the ‘expensive’ massage gun choice.

To be even more precise and fact-checked, we dismantled both devices to take a deep and careful look at the inner workings of both FitRX and Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro. Spoiler alert: The pricier model looks the part. 

Massage Experience First

Okay, let’s remind ourselves of the questions: Cheap massage gun vs expensive one, which one works best? Can an under $100 gun do the same job as a Hypervolt or Theragun?

We used the two massage guns on ourselves side by side, and it’s clear that Hypervolt 2 Pro does a better job straight away.


First, it’s the important things that matter. Hypervolt has a lot more power and a longer stroke length. These are aspects that cannot be ignored if you care for a robust massage experience. 

FitRX stops revving with the slightest press against the body. Hypervolt 2 Pro keeps working even under pressure. This isn’t to say that Hypervolt 2 Pro is the best massage gun out there. No, there are way better devices

That aside, in the numbers game, it’s Hypervolt 2 Pro flexing like Thanos against FitRX, the Avenger’s underdog (cue debate on the weakest Avenger). Hypervolt 2 Pro boasts a 14mm amplitude and a robust 35lbs. stall force. Meanwhile, FitRX throws in a modest 6mm amplitude and no more than 15lbs. stall force. It’s a showdown of muscle metrics – clear as day!

FitRX flaunts a stellar RPM range, but let’s not get swayed by marketing hype. When you peek at the top number, it’s around 2800 RPM – shockingly similar to Hypervolt 2 Pro’s. Numbers don’t lie, folks!

FitRX may have a few surface-level wins, but Hypervolt seems to breeze past some details. The rubber on FitRX’s handle screams poor quality, the sound might be more irritating than a catchy jingle, the battery seems to whimper, and oh, the absence of a soft attachment is a head-scratcher. The cons keep piling up on FitRX’s doorstep. 

Hold your horses, folks! Before we jump to conclusions, let’s crack open these two guns and see where the above difference really comes from.

Inside the Cheap and Expensive Massage Guns

Before we disassembled the two guns, we did a little research (not that we didn’t know, but it helps to be sure; after all, we are engineers by education). We thought of the ease of Disassembly Metric (eDiM).

We won’t bore you with all the details, but it suffices to say that this is a phenomenon that argues that if you can effortlessly take a product apart, then you can also easily repair it or repurpose the parts, just in case it hits a point of no return. 

We started with the Hypervolt 2 Pro, and the disassembly was a breeze. Take a peek, and you’ll notice everything snugly fitting together.

Now, when we turned our attention to FitRX, it was a different story – things fell apart, quite literally! We even managed to break the engine mount. That’s a loud and clear message: assembly quality concerns all the way!

Putting the broken bits aside, our dissection uncovered two glaring realities:

  • A vast expanse of emptiness inside, and –
  • A sea of cheap plastic greeted our (not) perplexed eyes.

The pricier Hypervolt 2 Pro doesn’t disappoint in the aesthetics department. The critical components, viewed from the gun’s construction angle – think flywheel or engine mount – boast a sturdy foundation crafted from heavy cast metal. Neat and robust, the Pro means business!

Cheap Massage Gun Parts Vs Expensive Massage Gun Components

Our keen eyes caught a few more details. The abundance of electrical components hints at enhanced functionality and superior battery management during charging.

Noise reduction got a nod too – like the felt ring encircling the massager head mount. And to keep things cool, there are components strategically placed to whisk away excess heat from the gun’s engine. It’s not just a massage gun; it’s a symphony of thoughtful engineering.

All of these revelations underscore the stark contrast between cheap and expensive massage guns. The material and assembly quality disparities are as glaring as a sore thumb, leaving no room for doubt.

You truly get what you pay for!

Cheap device – FitRx massage gun.
Hypervolt 2 Pro – an expensive option from inside.

Features also Matter

While FitRX champions simplicity – a trait we usually adore – let’s pause for a moment. In 2024, an On/Off button and a mere 6-speed setting on a massage gun might feel a tad Stone Age. Simplicity is fantastic, but in the world of massage guns, it’s time to usher in the era of more advanced features!

We get it; flashy OLEDs and auto-therapy suggestions might not be your jam; sometimes, they’re overkill. But here’s the crux: opting for the absolute cheapest option isn’t the goal. You want a massager that does more than just exist; you want one that enhances your well-being. Throwing in a few extra dollars isn’t merely spending; it’s an investment in yourself, securing a device that’s not only better but packed with features that make every dollar count.

Dropping $300 on the Hypervolt 2 Pro might not be the golden ticket. Around $150 can secure a device that ticks all the crucial boxes. If you’re curious about some stellar examples, our best massage gun guide spills the beans (spoiler: Ekrin B37 might just steal the spotlight). It’s about finding that sweet spot between simplicity and sophistication

Long-lasting and Warranty

True, no mechanical device lasts forever, and that’s the great equalizer. However, when it comes to taking chances, we’re leaning towards the Hypervolt 2 Pro and its robust components over the cheap and fragile FitRX. Quality over frailty, any day!

Again, consider this twist – both devices boast a 12-month warranty. However, the Hypervolt 2 Pro hails from a reputable brand (and here are more of them we know), ensuring you can reach out anytime for support. Meanwhile, FitRX, a no-name brand with zero US representation, hint! Hint! Brand trust matters!

Quick Tip While you likely already know, it’s worth mentioning that some superior brands like Ekrin and Lifepro have your back with a lifetime warranty. Now that’s a warranty to write home about!

Brand Factor

The burning question – are we just paying for the brand? The verdict: No.

As we’ve seen, it’s not merely about the logo on the massage gun; there’s a whole world of construction, components, and quality that fuels this debate. The brand is just the tip of the massage gun iceberg!

We know that the top-tier brands invest heavily in R&D, marketing, and support – factors that inevitably influence the price of their devices. It’s a meticulously calculated and balanced process where what you pay is a reflection of the dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We cover this aspect in our ‘Are Massage Guns Worth It?‘ post.

On the flip side, manufacturers of budget massage guns often resort to a Ctrl + C/V approach, mimicking features from the big players and selling it to unsuspecting customers. TIP: It’s worth taking a closer look here at what other marketing tactics these brands employ to break through with their products.

Case in point: Notice how FitRX bears a striking resemblance to Ekrin B37? Not only that, they tend to overpromise and underdeliver on the crucial aspects of a massage gun. Buyer beware!

Cheap Fitrx Vs Ekrin B37 Percussion Massager Side By Side
Comparing the cheap FitRx and the premium Ekrin B37 massage guns side-by-side — Is it a Copy-Paste case? For us, the answer is clear!

So, which way should I go? You may ask.

As we’ve always emphasized, it boils down to your needs.

Identify the features that resonate with you and figure out how much you’re willing to invest. It’s about finding the perfect balance – just the right features for just the right amount. Your ideal massage gun should cater to your needs without breaking the bank. 

In our experience, devices in the ballpark of $150 or more tend to hit the sweet spot. It’s a price range where you can seldom go wrong. Quality often aligns with the investment in this zone!


So, cheap vs. expensive massage gun, which one works best?

The quick answer: It’s worth investing more than $40 if you’re serious about the experience. While top-of-the-range guns may be overkill (think Theragun Pro or Hypervolt 2 Pro), enduring the limitations of a cheap device isn’t a joy either.

The sweet spot lies in the mid-range – where you get quality specs, fantastic features, a reputable brand, and a solid warranty. It’s the Goldilocks zone for massage guns!

Do you agree with us? What’s your point of view? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media, such as the Facebook Group Massage Gun Talk, where we are open to discussing it.

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