pulseroll mini massage gun review

Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun Review – Tiny but Very Mighty

This Pulseroll Mini massage gun review comes hot on the heels of the last review, where we looked at the full-sized Pulseroll Pro. We concluded it was an okay device, good enough for some folks but a bit dated and lacking in some aspects.

Is it the same case with the smaller gun?

Well, not really, the mini has a few more things in order compared to its larger counterpart.

Some minor flaws, yes, but way more good than bad. Who says it isn’t the best mini massage gun in the UK right now?

Let’s find out!

small size pulseroll massager in hand
Pulseroll mini review by Luke.

About Pulseroll

Pulseroll was founded in 2016 by Paul McCabe.

Percussion massagers weren’t popular back then, so they sold vibrating foam rollers and massage balls.

However, as massage guns made their way into the fitness and recovery space, Pulseroll expanded and included them in production.

We recently did a comprehensive Pulseroll Massage Gun review – their first and flagship device.

pulseroll logo

Right now, they have quite a base in the UK. Sports personnel like Anthony Joshua have endorsed them and even invested in the company.

They are also sponsors of several British sports, including Gymnastics, Rowing, and Weightlifting. In the Premier League, they sponsor Leicester City and Norwich.

They also help the UAE Team Emirates, the professional cycling UCI World Tour team, to optimize their pre-race training sessions and to aid in recovery after competitive races.

Recently they expanded their sales to the EU as well.

Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun Review

Pulseroll Mini Specifications (Verified)

pulseroll mini massage gun specification
FeaturePulseroll Mini Specs
Stall Force~25 lbs (our estimation)
40 lbs*
Stroke Length8 mm (verified)
Percussion range1820 – 2870 rpm (verified)
1800 – 3000 rpm*
Attachments4 included
Weight1.07 lbs (486 grams)
Noise (decibel)49.5 – 58.7 dB (verified)
Battery Capacity11.1V Lithium-ion (2500mAh)
Prossmall and very light
good stall force
wide percussion range
well equipped
USB-C charging enabled
Great battery for the size
Consso-so amplitude
no flat attachment
Price £129.99 £116.99
10% OFF with the MGA10 code
Where to BuyBuy it at Pulseroll.com
Pulseroll Mini Specifications verified by our own measurements (* as advertised by Pulseroll).

First Impressions and What’s Included

We found a charging cable, the attachments, fitted nicely in the bag along with the device (we’ll talk about them in a few), registration and warranty info, and a nice manual that talks about how to operate the device.

There was also info about the attachments, and how to use the massager on different body parts – for example, what attachment to use and for how long. 

We’ve not discussed carrying cases for the few devices we reviewed recently.

However, this one is worth a mention. It’s a small, sturdy case that looks and feels nice. The bag is branded, and you can immediately tell the device’s color even before opening it. It’s a tiny bag, perfect for the device it’s carrying.

You’d be surprised how many times we’ve encountered mini guns with either no bags or ones that are oversized. Everything is well-organized inside.

The Device

It’s a great size – just perfect for a mini gun. We weren’t sure what to expect after seeing the larger counterpart that was bulkier than the normal-sized guns.

This one has a classic shape with a vertical handle. We’d say it’s nicely proportioned to work for anyone.

The build quality isn’t bad at all either. We don’t see any screws poking around – it looks like one seamless piece. We like the pattern at the top (it gives the device a unique look). 

The red and black color mix is superb (for our unit). There are also variations of white and black. However, it’s matte, and you can expect it to attract a lot of dirt – especially fingerprints.

We also noticed that the feel is not plasticky at all. Perhaps a mixture of plastic and some rubber paint, maybe. It almost has the same feel as the Theragun mini.

Our Take

The overall feel is nice, and this looks like a top-quality gun – at least on the outside. It’s nicely done!

Size and Ergonomics

This Pulseroll Mini is light and weighs only 486 grams or 1.07 pounds. It’s just about the proper weight for a mini.

It’s a compact gun, as you’d expect, and highly portable. We thought it would be more like the Hypervolt Go 2, which is small but slightly larger than a typical mini.

But this one measures 140 x 100 x 40 (mm) – 5.51 x 3.93 x 1.57 (inches) so it is much smaller than the new Hyperice device.

As a mini device, you may struggle to reach the back area with it. However, this is also the perfect size for a travel companion.

It’s also the kind of gun you want to have for a post-workout massage at the gym. 

We like the ergonomics applied here, even though an angled handle would’ve been even better. The shape of the device and the rubberized feel applied to the material used make it comfortable to hold in many ways.


It’s a one-button-operation device. The button, which is actually a touch button, is located underneath the handle.

pulseroll mini controls
The touch button does not provide the feedback you get with a traditional button.

We’d argue it’s not the most convenient location for it, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Ekrin Bantam and the Hypervolt Go 1 had the button located at a similar position.

Long-press the button for about 2 seconds to activate the device and tap it to change speeds. 

Our View on This Kind of Setup

It’s not an entirely bad approach – it’s better and modernized than the rough and outdated setup we saw with the bigger Pulseroll.

However, we are not particularly big fans of this kind of approach.

For starters, The touch button doesn’t offer the tactile feedback you get with a traditional button. That may be a personal preference, but still…

Another thing, perhaps the most important, is that you can accidentally touch the button and change the speed during a massage.

We experienced it multiple times when massaging the calf area. If your leg is bent with a reverse grip, the touch button touches the lower hamstring and changes speed. It’s annoying, to say the least.

But doesn’t  Hypervolt Go and the Bantam work okay?

Well, those two have the same setup, but the button is physical, not touch. You’ll have to be pretty intentional to touch it and alter the intensity of the massage. 

That said, this isn’t a deal-breaker by any means. It’s more a minor inconvenience for certain situations. Pulseroll may yet change this setup with future iterations of the device. Even so, the controls are simple and intuitive here. 


There are 4 attachments included with the device – really nice for a mini gun. The method used is push-and-pull. Sometimes you have to use a bit of force to get them in.

But the set is nicely varied:

  • Ball head – It’s used as a universal attachment to massage the entire body. The one included here is made of EVA foam and feels pretty hard. We don’t recommend using it on clothes. 
  • Air cushioned head – Pulseroll calls it the “pneumatic” attachment. It’s used to massage bony and sensitive areas. It’s the only soft attachment, and we like it here. 
  • Bullet head – It’s used to massage trigger points, palms, and soles. This one is made of hard plastic. 
  • Fork head – It should be used around the spine and not directly on it. It’s also a good one to massage the Achilles and can be a double-headed bullet attachment. 

Our Thoughts

It’s great to have 4 attachments with a mini massage gun.

These are the same as those on the bigger Pulseroll. If you already have the bigger gun, you can interchange the attachments with the mini gun.

The biggest con, however, is they didn’t include the flat attachment. Even though the ball head can be universal, it’s rarely the best one if you want a stronger massage. We missed it here.

Also, these are not the best-quality attachments we’ve seen, but for a mini gun, they’ll do.


Let’s see how this tiny Pulseroll performs.

Amplitude / Stroke Length

This is the distance covered by the attachment as it percusses. It determines how deep into the muscle the gun can hit.

Pulseroll advertised this one as 8mm. We had to measure it just to be sure (the Pulseroll Pro wasn’t the same as advertised) and it is accurate.

pulseroll mini measured amplitude
The measured 8.22 mm is in line with the Pulseroll declaration.

Yes, it’s 8mm, meaning it’s a highly vibrational device. You won’t be getting any deep punches with this one. However, mini massage guns aren’t known for being punchy. 

We have seen devices this size with 6mm or less – the acceptable range for a mini is 6-10mm. That means this one is good enough.

We also know that the higher the amplitude, the bigger the gun. A case in point is the Hypervolts Go 2. We believe Pulseroll opted for a good size over a high amplitude, which could be the right choice. 

That said, the amplitude is strong enough for a good massage. We know that mini devices tend to make up for the lack of amplitude with more intensity (percussions) and a strong stall force. 

Stall Force

It’s the motor’s ability to withstand some pressure without stalling or shutting down. It also determines what kind of massage you get.

The advertised stall force is 40lbs. We don’t believe that is true, but it feels decent enough to withstand some pressure.

We estimate the stall force to be in the mid-20s. That’s pretty cool for a mini gun. We hoped for this kind of stall force on Hypervolt Go 2 – this little one could be a lesson for the GO 2. 

At higher speeds, you can exert some pressure and actually get a decent massage even with the 8mm amplitude.

One thing with a good stall force is that a device can maintain the same intensity of vibrations even when pressure is applied.

We’ve had issues with cheaper massage guns where the intensity drastically slows down when some pressure is applied. This Pulseroll mini doesn’t do that.

In fact, even when it stalls, it kicks off instantly again once the pressure is eased. 

Speeds and Percussions

The advertised range is 1800-3000RPM, which is more or less the same thing we measured with our tachometer – our measurements were 1815-2890RPM.

We believe this is okay, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t expect more.

With 8mm, Pulseroll should’ve added a bit more intensity. The common setup with 8mm is often over 3200RPM or even 3300RPM. We expect high amplitude minis like Theragun to rev slower (2450RPM with a 12mm amplitude). 

What’s interesting is how the maximum percussions here are similar to the larger device. That bigger gun had about 2900RPM. This is good intensity to get good results with. 

There are 4 speeds to go with the percussions, which is fine for this kind of range.

LED indicators around the button (the white ones) indicate the current speed level. 

Performance Summary

We’d say this Pulseroll mini performs as expected. Maybe the amplitude should’ve been a bit longer to make it even better, but the stall force and the percussions more than make up for it.

We can say that this device can be pressed hard against even larger muscles for a more intensive massage. That is a balanced setup folks!

Stall Force (lbs.)

All figures are our expert estimates (we compared all devices against our benchmark ones).

Amplitude (mm)

All figures are accurate, measured by us using a high-precision digital caliper.


Compared to the bigger Pulseroll, this one is nicely hushed. The noise isn’t as disturbing as what we experienced with the other gun.

The sound is smooth. There isn’t any crackling or rattling. Pulseroll doesn’t give the noise levels, but our dB meter gave us 49.5dB to 58.7dB.

Great improvement compared to the 71dB we saw with the larger Pulseroll.

For comparison’s sake, Theragun mini emits 61-62dB of noise (but has a slightly better amplitude, and high amplitude devices tend to be noisier).

Overall, we like this setup.


The battery has a 2500mAh capacity. That’s about 100mAh more than the bigger Pulseroll’s battery. This is impressive given the small size and weight.

It performs adequately as well. You can expect 4-5 hours at low and moderate speeds and about 2 hours at high speeds. If you apply pressure at high speeds, the battery will drain faster. 

USB-C charging is great for convenience – you can use a power bank to charge it. 

The battery charge indicators are the 4 red LEDs around the button. It’s also a USB-C charge-enabled device.

An auto-shutoff feature works every 10 minutes to prevent overheating and save the battery.

pulseroll mini charging port
The USB-C port is a little practical feature that we always appreciate.

Who is it Best For Then?

Pulseroll mini is a strong massager to help release lactic acid, treat sore muscles, and break up scar tissue. It’s also a great day-to-day post-training massage gun.

People who like to travel and want something light and easy, this is for you. You can take it hiking or cycling or use it at work to massage your neck and shoulder when you get tired.

It may not perform as efficiently as the larger Pulseroll or any other full-sized gun, but it does a pretty good job for a mini. 

I Took Pulseroll Mini on a Hike – My Experience

I wanted to find out just how effective the Pulseroll mini can be in real situations. So I took it on a two-and-a-half-day mountain hike. I walked 48km (about 30 miles) with up to 2500m ascent.

I used the Pulseroll mini multiple times:

  • I used it on the trail to massage my calves and shins. I also had to massage my shoulder because I was carrying a pretty hefty backpack. 
  • I also used it at the end of each day and after stretching. I massaged my legs, arms, and shoulders. 

How was it? Pretty great, to say the least. I didn’t feel the DOMS at all – a little, but barely consequential. I noticed instant relief in my calves when I used it at mid-day on the trail.

I also noticed:

  • This is the gun I want to be taking with me for such escapades 😊. It’s very light and compact (I don’t regret packing it).
  • It’s not a toy – pretty durable. I dropped it twice, and there weren’t any noticeable scratches. 
  • The battery lasted the entire trip. Two people used it the same way, and we didn’t have to charge it. 

Warranty, Price and Discount Code

Normally you would have to part with £129.99, but we have the discount code MGA10 that slashes the price by 10% to £116.99go to Pulseroll’s store and use the code at checkout.

So, this device isn’t cheap, but for what you’re getting, the price feels justified.

Another big plus is that you can trust the brand since it’s well-known, and UK-based. You also get next-day delivery.

The only con might be the 1-year warranty, but the big kahunas like Theragun or Hyperice give the same 1 year for their minis.

Pulseroll Mini vs. Theragun mini – How They Compare

pulseroll mini vs theragun mini
Pulseroll Mini vs. Theragun mini.

Think of the Pulseroll Mini as the cheaper alternative to Theragun mini. They may only differ when it comes to a few things; but they both get the job done. In fact, in some aspects, Pulseroll is better overall.

Here is how the two compare in details.


Theragun opted for a triangular shape similar to the full-sized gun, while Pulseroll opted for a classic straight handle.

But the triangular shape of Theragun Mini didn’t really impress us. It’s probably nice for something unique, but it tends to slip and sometimes fatigues the holding hand.

We prefer Pulseroll’s approach. It’s classic, holds well, and works better than Theragun mini. 


Theragun is the known king of amplitude, and the mini holds the record for the long amplitude mini gun.

Pulseroll mini has about a third less than that. That means Pulseroll is vibrational compared to Theragun here.

But Pulseroll has a slightly more powerful motor compared to Theragun mini. It also percusses much faster – 2450RPM for Theragun mini compared to 2900RPM for Pulseroll Mini.

So, Theragun mini may punch harder, but Pulseroll can be pressed harder and vibrates more. So the two guns use different approach to delivering percussive treatment, and we would say the both deliver the same results.

Other Differences Worth Mentioning

  • Pulseroll Mini has a smoother sound and is quieter compared to Theragun mini – 58.7dB max vs. 61dB max. However, in practice, the difference is negligible when compared to the latest iteration of Theragun Mini (which is way quieter than before).
  • Pulseroll has 4 attachments, while Theragun Mini 2.0 has three. 
  • Pulseroll has a hard case, while Theragun offers a soft pouch. 
  • There’s USB-C charging with Pulseroll, while Theragun mini (gen 1) uses a wall charger. 
    Update for 2023: The new Theragun Mini has USB-C as well.
  • Pulseroll Mini has a bigger battery but weighs less (1.1 pounds vs. 1.43 pounds).
    • Update for 2023: The new Mini is now lighter, 1.1 lbs, just like Pulseroll.

Our Verdict

We appreciate Theragun mini for its innovativeness. It’s also punchier compared to Pulseroll.

However, Pulseroll has advantages, too. It’s smaller, tad better equipped, and slightly more powerful than the Theragun mini. It’s also cheaper – £116.99 (with the 10% discount) vs. £175 for Theragun.

We recommend buying a Theragun mini if you prefer a punchier hits, or already have a bigger Theragun (because you can interchange the attachments).

However, you can never go wrong with the Pulseroll Mini.

Both Theragun Mini G1 And G2 With Attachments
The latest Theragun Mini got smaller, and lighter. It is quieter than before, too.

Review Conclusion

As we close this Pulseroll mini massage gun review, we must appreciate how well the manufacturer has done. It’s a nicely-executed device.

It performs way better than many other minis. Even the known ones, like Recovapro Lite, can’t match the little Pulseroll.

It’s a bit vibrational, but the motor is strong enough to aid with a strong massage. The battery is great even though the device is tiny and light. The equipment is decent, and you can trust this brand.

Customers love it, and there are reviews to match. In our opinion, this is probably the best mini device in the UK right now, perhaps ex-equo with the new Theragun Mini.

You can get it at pulseroll.com, and use the MGA10 coupon for 10% OFF.

Our Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


The Pulseroll Mini massage gun has a professional look and feel. It’s slightly vibrational with a short amplitude, but there’s enough power and percussions to compensate for it. It is tiny, weighs almost nothing, and the battery is superb – perfect for percussion massage on the go.  There are some things to improve, but overall, the UK-based brand may just have one of the best-executed mini devices out there.

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