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Hypervolt Comparison

Hypervolt Comparison: Is There The One Best Hypervolt? Or Perhaps None at All?

Hard to believe, but we’ve never had a detailed post comparing Hypervolt models to each other. Well, that’s changing now. Instead of sifting through each review individually to catch the nuances, here’s your one-stop spot to read up on everything in detail.

In this post we will answer the question of which Hyperice device to choose, assuming you have a rough idea of your needs (but no stress, we’re here to help clarify!).

But don’t expect us to tell you, “Which Hypervolt is best?” because it doesn’t work that way. Each of the three devices is crafted with a specific user in mind. Simply put, each Hypervolt has its own arena where it outshines the rest.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three Hypervolt models in the game. The Go 2 (mini) and two full-sized: the Hypervolt 2 and the Hypervolt 2 Pro.
  • Hyperice is a premium brand, so expect an above-average price tag.
  • The classic T-shape design? Yes, that’s a Hypervolt original.
  • Our recommendation when choosing Hypervolt is the 2 Pro for a full-sized massage gun (top-notch spec), and the Go 2 as a small, travel-friendly option.
  • The Hypervolt 2 is less advantageous, especially when considering the price difference between all three.
  • From our experience – there are better options out there, and we’re about to bring them to you.

The Hypervolt Hype – What’s the Buzz?

Why does Hypervolt echo so prominently in massage guns, you ask?

  • Well, they were one of the trailblazers. Alongside Theragun, Hypervolt, with their original Hypervolt percussive massage gun, helped carve the niche, and their legendary tussles still heat up discussion boards and comment sections to this day.
  • Hyperice, the company behind Hypervolt, isn’t just a brand – it’s a statement in the world of sport-recovery. Beyond massage guns, their lineup includes quality recovery products like compression wear, fitness rollers, and more.
  • Located in the USA, Hyperice designs and services their gear stateside, ensuring quality and innovation. However, here is a little insider info – the manufacturing happens overseas. But don’t be swayed; the brand’s commitment to excellence remains unshaken.
  • The brand’s marketing strength is evident. Collaborating with famous athletes like NBA star Ja Morant and figures at the intersection of sports and showbiz, they’ve solidified the #TeamHyperice movement, making their presence unmissable.
Theragun Vs Hypervolt Brand
Perhaps the biggest hype surrounding the Hypervolt is its rivalry with Theragun. The internet is abuzz with these debates, and we’re adding our own insights here.

Hypervolt Massage Guns: Specifications and Comparison

Let’s jump right into an overview of these percussive massage guns. And we promise we won’t keep you long – just the essentials and key info you need. Why? Two reasons.

First, we’re betting you’re not a total newbie to these gadgets. You’ve likely done a little homework (if not, you may start here), and now, you’re on the hunt for insights and specifics – the lowdown from folks who’ve tested all three Hypervolts. If that sounds about right, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. We’ve had each model in our grips and tested them.

And if you’re the type who loves the nitty-gritty details, we’ve got you covered. Each model has its in-depth review on our site. So, if you’re up for a deep dive, make yourself a coffee and take a look!

Hypervolt Individual Reviews

Hypervolt Percussion Massage Guns 2 Generation

Specs Comparison Table

This table presents each Hypervolt model’s key specifications, including our tested and measured values (learn how we do that here), for a detailed, easy-to-view comparison.

Hypervolt 2 Pro
Hypervolt 2Hypervolt Go 2
hypervolt 2 pro left sideHypervolt 2 Massage Gun Left Side ViewHypervolt Go 2 Massage Gun Left Side View
Stall Force *
(motor power)
~35 lbs
(90 W)
~25 lbs
(60 W)
<15 lbs
(40 W)
Stroke Length **
13.98 mm
(14 mm)
12.07 mm
(12 mm)
9.98 mm
(10 mm)
Percussion Range **
1600 – 2700 rpm
(1700 – 2700 rpm)
2000 – 2700 rpm2200 – 3200RPM
Battery Life3 hours3 hours2.5 hours
Noise **56-66 dB53-64 dB48-55 dB
Weight **2.6 lbs1.8 lbs1.57 lbs
Speed Options533
Number of Attachments552
Bluetooth + AppYesYesNo
Pressure SensorYesYesNo
Where to buy?hyperice.com
Hypervolts comparison table. * our estimations; ** our measurements;

Specs Charts

These charts make it easy to see the key differences between the models:

Stall Force Comparison (lbs)

Amplitude Comparison (mm)

Max Percussions Comparison (rpm)

Max Noise Level Comparison (dB)

Common Features Across All Models

Now, there are some features that all Theraguns share. These include:

  • High-quality materials, well-crafted design, and attractive packaging.
  • All Hypervolt models are TSA-approved for carry-on.
  • All devices are FSA-HSA-approved.

However, all models lack a carrying case!

Quick Look at Each Hypervolt Model

Hypervolt Go 2

So now, we’re kicking off with the Hypervolt Go 2.

Our testing impressions:

Hypervolt Go 2 Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
  • Quality and premium feel
  • 10mm amplitude but low stall force
  • Great for beginners and everyday use
  • Lack of carrying case
Buy it at Hyperice.com.
Check Price

Though it’s labeled a ‘mini’ massage gun, ‘small’ might be a more fitting description. Within the Hyperice family, it’s the little one, but stack it against the broader market, and it’s definitely not the most compact.

But where it might lack in size, it makes up for in quality and fresh design aesthetics.

Who’s It Best For?

  • Those in pursuit of relaxing massages, preferring surface-level hits over aggressive tissue penetration.
  • Individuals who value aesthetics, quality, and a premium brand’s prestige.

Why We Like It

  • It has a clean, almost white design that really pops compared to the black massage guns you see everywhere. There’s a black version too, but we’re fans of the white one.
  • With a 10mm amplitude, it’s impressive in its category. Only the Theragun mini, boasting 12mm, takes the lead.
  • It operates quietly – a big plus for those who appreciate some silence.

…And Why We Don’t

  • It’s not the powerhouse you might be hoping for; it quickly stalls, making it unsuitable for more aggressive massage.
  • For a ‘mini’ massage gun, it’s on the larger and heavier side.
  • It lacks Bluetooth, a feature its bigger siblings proudly host, a real asset, especially for newcomers or the less tech-savvy.
  • It comes with only two attachments, both made of hard plastic — lacking a soft option for delicate areas or a gentler massage experience. In our opinion, having 4-6 varied attachments is essential for the best massage experience.

Where to Buy and Is It Worth It?

We do not recommend the Hypervolt Go 2. It’s not truly ‘mini’, lacks sufficient power, and comes with only two hard-plastic attachments. It falls short compared to its competitors, which offer significantly more value at the same price point (check them below).

Best Alternatives

  • The Ekrin Bantam takes the crown, no contest – it topped our tests here. Use code MGA20 for a 20% discount when purchased at ekrinathletics.com.
  • The Theragun mini is also a formidable contender if you’re eyeing another premium brand. Buy it at therabody.com
  • Alternatively, consider the new Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini for an even more attractive price. Use the code MGAAIR2MINI to get an extra 10% off when purchasing on Amazon.
Theragun Mini 2 Vs Ekrin Bantam Vs Hypervolt Go 2
Compared to the Theragun mini and Ekrin Bantam, Hypervolt Go 2 is more of a mid-size than a mini massage gun.

Hypervolt 2

Next up, we’ve got the Hypervolt 2, stepping in as the successor to the original Hypervolt – the very first massage gun that Hyperice reached the market with.

Our testing impressions:

Hypervolt 2 Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
  • Overall quality and premium feel
  • Nice 12mm amplitude but low stall force
  • Great for beginners and everyday use
  • Lack of carrying case, steep price
Buy it at Hyperice.com.
Check Price

It’s positioned as the entry-level, every-day massage gun, meaning it’s your go-to for versatile use among all the Hypervolts. We must admit, we got hooked again by its design.

The device boasts a unique grey shade (heads up, the attachments match the body color). Recently, Hyperice also rolled out a fully black version. The build quality is top-notch, making it a delight to handle.

However, like the Go 2, it’s a bit light on power, tapping out at about 25 lbs from our tests. It compensates slightly with a generous amplitude of 12 mm, but the RPM range maxes out only at 2700. Mixing all these factors together, and considering the price, it falls short of our expectations.

Who’s It Best For?

  • Those on the lookout for a relaxing massage, prioritizing vibration over depth of penetration.
  • Those who value high-quality craftsmanship and the prestige of a premium brand. Are you the one?

Why We Like It

  • The design is still on point. Hyperice maintains class, reminding us it’s a premium piece.
  • A 12 mm amplitude hits the sweet spot of stroke length nicely.
  • It features Bluetooth and a mobile app, lowering the entry barrier for folks new to massage guns.

…And Why We Don’t

  • It’s on the weaker side, packing less punch than the previous generation. That’s disappointing in our opinion.
  • The RPM range is limited, topping at just 2700 percussions per minute.
  • You can snag better devices at this price point (and better equipped, too).

Where to Buy and Is It Worth It?

In our opinion, the Hypervolt 2 is not worth it. Opt for the Hypervolt 2 Pro if you need a full-sized model, or choose the Hypervolt Go 2 if size is a concern. Either way, we believe the alternatives listed below are much better.

Best Alternatives

  • The Bob and Brad D6 Pro impressed us in testing here, being almost like the Theragun Pro in both looks and performance. Buy yours on Amazon and use our exclusive MGAD6PRO code for a 10% discount.
  • Another solid pick is the Ekrin 365. It’s our top choice for a massage gun under $150, and it comes with the added assurance of a lifetime warranty. The MGA20 code will let you buy it 20% cheaper here at ekrinathletics.com).
hypervolt 2 ekrin 365
Hypervolt 2 and Ekrin 365 side by side. The latter has much better ergonomics.

Hypervolt 2 Pro

The Hypervolt 2 Pro marks Hyperice’s pinnacle, aiming at the advanced and professional users. Indeed, this device boasts the most extensive features when you look at the entire Hypervolt lineup.

Our testing impressions:

Hypervolt 2 Pro Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
  • Overall quality and premium feel
  • High, 14mm amplitude, but low stall force
  • Intuitive controls & ergonomic handle
  • Expensive (and still lacks of carrying case)
Buy it at Hyperice.com.
Check Price

With a 14mm amplitude and up to 2700 rpm, the specs are respectable. However, our testing revealed it lags in power compared to the Theragun Pro, Achedaway Pro, and Ekrin B37S.

On the brighter side, it flaunts quality materials, a pressure sensor, and a replaceable battery. And like all Hypervolts, it’s quiet in operation. Unfortunately, all these come at a steep price.

Who’s It Best For?

  • Brand enthusiasts, for sure.
  • Advanced users, though we’re not entirely convinced about pro athletes, will value the additional features, quality, and materials used.
  • PTs and chiropractors might be tempted due to the replaceable battery and diverse attachment heads, though better options are available.

Why We Like It

  • The design and quality are consistently stellar.
  • It boasts a high 14mm amplitude and a broad rpm range.
  • The inclusion of Bluetooth and an accompanying app is a win.

…And Why We Don’t

  • Feels a bit underpowered, especially considering it’s marketed as a top-tier, professional-grade model.
  • The absence of USB-C is a letdown. In fact, it’s a common issue with all Hypervolt models.
  • It’s absurd, but this top-shelf model doesn’t include the carrying case. You have to shell out an extra $49, which is 15% of the price of the massager. Alternatively, there’s always a cheaper, generic option available on Amazon.

Where to Buy and Is It Worth It?

We do recommend buying Hypervolt 2 Pro, but there are a few caveats to consider. First, it’s primarily suitable for advanced users requiring higher amplitude and power. Second, it appeals mainly to brand enthusiasts and those who follow the hype. Third, considering its price, better value options are available in the market.

Best Alternatives

  • The Achedaway Pro (reviewed here) is a standout choice, boasting significant power and a 16mm amplitude, genuinely living up to its ‘Pro’ designation as a massager.
  • On the other hand, the Ekrin B37S presents itself as another formidable option. While it lacks a replaceable battery, it compensates with the assurance of a lifetime warranty, making it a reliable and long-term investment.

In our tests, both these devices easily outperformed the Hypervolt 2 Pro. Moreover, they’re available at a better price, offering excellent value.

For extra savings, use the coupons:
MGA20 (20% off) for the Ekrin at ekrinathletics.com
MGA60 ($60 off) for the Achedaway Pro at achedaway.com.

theragun pro and hypervolt 2 pro
The two top-of-the-line devices from Hyperice and Therabody are compared head-to-head in our reviews.

Head-to-Head Hypervolt Comparisons

Now that we’re familiar with what Hyperice brings us let’s dive into the head-to-head comparisons of the Hypervolt models.

We’re breaking down the differences in two key matchups:

  • Hypervolt 2 vs. Hypervolt 2 Pro
  • and Hypervolt Go 2 vs. Hypervolt 2.

Now, a quick note… You might wonder why we’re not comparing the Hypervolt Go 2 with the Hypervolt 2 Pro. To us, that comparison doesn’t make sense. These devices are so different that choosing between them shouldn’t be a dilemma.

If you own one of them, you might consider getting the other as a perfect complement to your set. That would be a logical move.

Hyeprvolt 2 vs Hypervolt 2 Pro

Hypervolt 2 Vs Hypervolt 2 Pro Comparison

Our recommendation is Hypervolt 2 Pro, which has a better punch, more power, and a removable battery, making it the most versatile among all Hypervolts.

So let’s start this way… if the $130 price gap isn’t an issue for you, go for the Hypervolt 2 Pro and skip the rest of this read. It simply outshines in every way.

However, the devil is in the details if you’re looking to find the perfect match based on your needs. And we will bring them to you now.

If you start your journey with massage guns or seek a massage gun for everyday use, mainly for relaxation, the Hypervolt 2 will suffice. It’s also a solid choice if you’re dealing with back, neck, foot, or similar discomforts.

The power and amplitude it offers (12mm and around 25 lbs, for reference) are plenty for these purposes. You won’t pay extra for features you don’t need, yet you still get a quality massager with Bluetooth connectivity and five attachments.

On the flip side, if massage is a vital part of your post-workout or injury recovery routine, or if you’re heavily muscled, the Hypervolt 2 Pro is the way to go. Its specs allow for more pressure and a more profound massage effect.

In this case, the additional $130 for the Hypervolt 2 Pro is a worthy investment.

Hyeprvolt Go 2 vs Hypervolt 2

hypervolt go 2 vs hypervolt 2

Our recommendation: Hypervolt 2

This choice is a bit tricky. Or maybe it’s not? These two massagers are like apples and oranges – they’re distinctly different. The Go 2 is dubbed a ‘mini’ massager, but let’s be honest, it’s more ‘small’ than ‘mini.’

Because it’s compact, it has limits – it’s less powerful and boasts only a 10mm amplitude. One significant downside when stacked against the Hypervolt 2 is fact that it comes equipped with just two hard plastic attachments. The absence of softer options can be a deal-breaker if you want to treat more sensitive areas.

You might think the Go 2 would win in portability, but that’s not quite the case. When we compared both (see the picture below), it turned out the Go 2 essentially has a shorter, angled handle. The head is about the same size as the Hypervolt 2 and Hypervolt 2 Pro. So, it’s not that ‘mini’ after all.

So, to sum up, in this case, spending an extra $70 for the Hypervolt 2 makes sense. It’s just more bang for your buck. If a small size is a must for you, than look at other brands.

Previous Generation of Hypervolts

It’s important to note the transition from the first-generation Hypervolts to the current lineup.

In September 2021, Hyperice unveiled the second-generation models, marking a significant step forward. The Hypervolt 2 took the mantle from the original Hypervolt, while the Hypervolt 2 Pro is the successor to the Hypervolt Plus.

Fast forward to April 2022, the Hypervolt Go 2 made its debut (stepping into the shoes of the Hypervolt Go), further expanding the second-generation lineup.

These introductions have made the older models obsolete, affirming the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality.


So now it’s clear – there’s no single best Hypervolt for everything and everyone. Each is designed for a specific type of user.

Hyperice offers three unique devices, each designed for a distinct type of user. For us, the Hypervolt 2 Pro makes the most sense – it has the best features and specifications, and the Go 2 is great as a small, travel-friendly massager.

And the Hypervolt 2, while a decent entry-level option, doesn’t quite meet the standards of a full-sized massager and is too bulky for a smaller one. In this price range, there are more compelling choices available.

So, is the buzz justified? Do the price tags make sense? You’ve got the insights to decide. Now, the choice is yours.

And once you’ve made your pick, we want to hear from you. Which Hypervolt did you go for? Is it living up to your expectations? Let us know!

Take care!

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