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Alex Stone is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA). He currently practices orthopedics in Bellevue, Washington, and manages an online health coaching business via social media (@dr.alexstone). He is passionate about health science education and general health/wellness optimization.

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best massage gun for cellulite

Best Massage Gun For Cellulite – Which One Is The Best For The Job?

Looking for the best massage gun for cellulite? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll share our top recommended massage guns focusing on the features that matter for effective cellulite reduction.

As always, we do more than just list our recommendations; we’ll explain why we picked them. We’ll also point out the differences between various devices to help you make a smart choice.

Key Takeaways

  • Massage guns are not a miracle solution, but can help manage cellulite effectively when used consistently.
  • Top recommendation for cellulite: the Ekrin B37 (paid link). The most versatile option with ample power, great features, and a lifetime warranty. It’s also very affordable (discount code below).
  • The other two choices we recommend are the Bob and Brad D6 Pro (a high amplitude option for deeper hits) and the budget-friendly Opove M3 Pro.

Continue reading to discover insights from our experience, and snag discount codes for our top picks.

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Why Trust Our Advice and Some Disclaimer

We don’t give medical advice because we are not doctors. We are massage gun users and this post is written from a consumer (of massage guns) perspective.

We do hands-on tests of several devices every month. We have a clear and transparent process for reviewing these devices.

However, we do consult with our experts to make sure we provide a trustworthy advice. This post has been medically reviewed by one of our experts, Dr. Alex Stone who is a licensed physiotherapist.

Massage Gun for Cellulite – Things To Know

In our previous article, we addressed the question: can a massage gun help with cellulite? Our expert, Dr. Alex Stone, discussed everything you need to know about massage guns and cellulite.

In that article, he also talked about the benefits of using a massage gun effectively to manage cellulite. If you still have questions, we advise you to read that article first before reading this one for recommendations.

In a nutshell, though, that article discusses your options for treating cellulite with a massage gun. While massage guns are not a miracle solution for cellulite, they offer an:

  • Effective, low-cost, DIY, and non-invasive way to help you manage cellulite. 
  • They help to minimize cellulite – the same way they help with lymphatic drainage and trigger point massage.
  • The chances of successfully reducing cellulite are higher when they are used consistently, regularly, and when combined with a responsible lifestyle and a healthy diet.

But there has to be a way to choose the right one, right? Yes, you need to know which massage gun will work the wonders for you.

Here’s how…

How To Choose One?

As we’ve mentioned, massage guns are not the silver bullet for eliminating cellulite. There are other factors to consider if you aim to get rid of it.

Nonetheless, choosing the right device can significantly aid in managing the issue.

In our opinion, these are the most important things to consider when choosing the best massage gun for cellulite:

  • How does the device work?
    What are the overall characteristics of the device, and how effective is it in doing the job right? This is by far the most important bit.
  • What are the device’s ergonomics?
    Consider the size, weight, and overall ease of use.

With that in mind, here’s what to look for in the device’s specifications.

Amplitude (Stroke Length)

Amplitude or stroke length is the distance the massage gun head travels as it percusses.

For a massage gun for cellulite, there are two approaches to amplitude:

1. Cellulite Massage Guns with High Amplitude

These provide deeper hits but percuss with less frequency (or fewer percussions per minute). Unlike devices with lower amplitude, these devices provide harder hits but rev slower. We say a massage gun has a high amplitude when its stroke length is 13-16mm.

Theraguns are the perfect example of such guns. However, if you don’t have the budget for a Theragun, we know of fantastic alternatives like the Bob and Brad D6 Pro and Achedaway Pro.

2. Low Amplitude Massagers

These devices have a shorter amplitude, 10mm or below, but they vibrate faster. The majority of devices on the market fall into this category.

TIP Note that 8 out of 10 devices on Amazon have an amplitude below 10mm.

While these devices can’t provide a deep tissue massage, they percuss faster and can be intense, sometimes proving very effective.

That being said, we wouldn’t recommend devices with an amplitude below 10mm, as they tend to offer vibrational therapy rather than percussive therapy.

3. Mid-Amplitude Massage Guns

However, some devices can be categorized as medium-amplitude. These devices have a stroke length ranging from 10 to 12mm.

We consider this range to be the “sweet spot” as they are neither vibrational nor too harsh.

Additionally, they offer an optimal percussion range of around 1400 ppm. This provides a balanced impact that is effective for various muscle groups and conditions, making these devices versatile and beneficial for a wide range of use cases.

Our Advice Then for cellulite treatment, we would recommend the following:

  1. Go for devices with the “sweet spot” amplitude – those between 10-12mm. These are great for improving blood flow to tissues due to their high-speed intensive vibrations. They can also help with enhanced lymphatic fluid movement. They won’t be as hard-hitting as the high amplitude devices. The intensity comes from the fast vibrations. Expect a percussion range of 1800-3200RPM.
  2. Or you can opt for the high amplitude devices if you prefer a deep tissue massage. These will do the same job as the “sweets spot” ones but will be punchier. With these kinds of devices, the massage reaches deep into the muscle tissue. Even for those with big muscles (perhaps stubborn cellulite), these devices can get through. The intensity comes from the hard hits rather than fast vibrations like we saw with the medium-amplitude devices. 

Whichever category of devices you choose to go with, there’s another important aspect that goes hand-in-hand with amplitude.

Stall Force

Stall force is the amount of resistance a device can put up with without stalling or completely shutting off. It’s what tells you whether a device can provide deep tissue massage (especially on large muscles) or not. 

Even a medium amplitude device (10-12mm) can deliver deep tissue massage on large muscles when the stall force is high enough. That’s because you can press the device harder against your skin without it stalling.

Stall force also matters for high amplitude devices. We often consider it a bit of waste when a device has a high amplitude and very low stall force. That long amplitude won’t go deep into the tissue without a proper stall force.

Our Advice

For the best massage gun for cellulite, we’ll recommend a device with at least 30-35lbs. of stall force. More could be better, especially for athletes and people with a large body mass.

However, you don’t need 60lbs. of stall force to combat cellulite. Our “sweet spot” for stall force would be 35-45lbs. All our recommendations below have enough stall force to allow for optimal effects on cellulite.

High or Medium Amplitude Device for Sensitive Skin?

As we have said, a medium amplitude massage gun gets its intensity from the high vibrations. For some people, the high vibrations (on higher speed gears) may feel uncomfortable on their skin.

The same holds true for the high amplitude device. Those punchy hits on the skin may be too aggressive for people with sensitive skin. That said, you are probably wondering what the right device is here. 

Our Advice

Both categories will work fine, even for sensitive skin (areas). How? Well, devices come with different attachments for different parts of the body. For sensitive skin, look out for softer attachments – like the cushioned head attachment.

That is why for our recommendations, we made sure to include devices that have at least a soft attachment for sensitive skin (areas). 

Another thing, different devices come with different setups, as far as speed is concerned. You can adjust the speed to a comfortable setting depending on your skin’s sensitivity. This way, you can mitigate any pain or discomfort.

Expect devices with 3 to 9 speeds. We know of devices that have 20 or even 30 speeds. We think that is overkill. Most of the time, the manufacturer is overcompensating for something. We don’t recommend such devices.

What Else To Look At

Apart from what we have seen so far, these factors can also help you pick the right device to treat cellulite.

Noise – nobody wants a loud device. Massage guns these days are meant to be quiet. Unfortunately, we have encountered devices from massage gun brands that undestate the noise levels.

That’s why we verify this information using our noise meters. All our picks are quiet enough and will not disturb a normal conversation.

Ergonomics – Everybody has seen a T-shaped massage gun, and to be honest, it is boring. We love devices that try to innovate and come up with something unique. Guns like Ekrin 365 and Bob and Brad D6 Pro have tried to innovate. Theraguns are also great with their highly ergonomic devices. 

Weight – It matters a lot, especially for women. A massage gun for cellulite should not be too heavy. Originally, massage guns were hefty tools, but recent designs have become lighter. In our opinion, the device to treat cellulite should not weigh more than 2.3 pounds – ideally, it should be below 2 pounds.

Attachments4 to 5 attachments are fine for a full body massage. What you will end up using is often up to individual preferences.

However, a standard ball or flat attachment is good for most body parts – including the parts you will be targeting here; glutes, quads, and hamstrings. The bullet attachment is good for trigger areas, while the cushioned attachment is for delicate (bony) areas or sensitive skin.

Battery Capacity and Time on Battery – This shouldn’t be a problem with most massage guns these days. That is because most guns can go for 1-2 weeks on a single charge. Another thing, bigger batteries only add more unnecessary weight to the device.

The thing to note here perhaps will be the charger type. USB-C charging is convenient, but only a few devices support it for now.

Warranty offered – Cheap guns do not have warranties at all. Even when they do, it’s 1 year at best. Best brands offer a lifetime warranty. That should be your goal.

Overall value for the money – Don’t overpay for a device with poor performance when you can get something better for less. Examples just below.

Best Massage Guns for Cellulite – Our Recommendations, Explained

You now know what to look for picking the best percussion massage gun for cellulite. Now it’s time to look at these devices – here are our recommendations.

Ekrin 365 – Best Overall

Ekrin 365 Massage Gun Box Bg
Our testing impressions:
  • Versatile and reliable massage gun
  • Great value for the money
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty
Get 20% OFF with the MGA20 code.
Apply Coupon

This is probably the most versatile massage gun not just on this list, but also on the market. It’s the latest model from Ekrin Athletics – a trusted brand. Not only we think that it the best massage gun for cellulite, but we also recently voted it the best overall choice for women.

ekrin 365 angled handle
Ergonomic handel of Ekrin 365.

It offers more than enough to help you manage cellulite and then some. For starters, you’ll love the ergonomic handle. Ekrin made the first move to angle the massage gun handle.

This new device adds a twist to that design. It’s not just angled to make it easier to handle and maneuver, it’s been made thinner. That means guys with small hands (especially women) can handle it comfortably. 

It’s also a very light device by the standards of regular-sized massage guns. At 1.7 pounds, it’s one of the lightest massage guns out there.

With all that, you are getting a device that is:

  • Easier to maneuver
  • It does not strain your wrist – less weight and angled handle
  • It has a longer handle to reach your lower back easily
  • One of the best massage guns for women – voted top in our post

It gets even better when it comes to performance aspects. The amplitude is about 11mm – in our “sweet spot.” It’s not going to be too punchy, and it’s not just vibrational either.

It also comes with a respectable stall force – up to 40lbs. That means when you want to go deep tissue, you can press it hard against the skin and will not easily stall. Even without the extra pressure, this device has enough power to efficiently massage and help reduce cellulite.

And, when you want a soothing massage, you can adjust the percussions through 5 speed gears over a range of 2000-3200RPM.

TIP If you want more power than what the 365 offers, you can check out other Ekrin massagers – Ekrin B37 and B37S.

ekrin 365 perfect for women hand
One of the most versatile massage guns on the market. See how smooth it looks in a woman’s hand.

Other things include 4 attachments, with a soft cushioned ball head that feels delicate on your skin even at higher speeds. There is also a pressure sensor that allows you to monitor how much pressure you are using. It works better when massaging other people.

The battery lasts 4-5 hours on a single charge, and a USB-C charger included. You get a lifetime warranty and superb customer support.

Our Take

This is the perfect massage gun to help treat cellulite. It falls right into our first type category – it’s not very punchy but intensive with many percussions. It’s also designed especially for women. You can learn more in our hands-on Ekrin 365 review.

You can buy it for $179.99 or use the coupon MGA20 to get 20% off, making it $143.99 – best under $150 deal for sure. Get it right here.

As a bonus, check out our video of unboxing and some first impression tests of the 365 below on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this!

Bob and Brad D6 Pro – High Amplitude Option

Bob Abd Brad D6 Pro Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
Our testing impressions:
  • Really powerful deep tissue massage gun
  • Top-notch design & quality
  • Excellent Value for Money
Get 10% OFF with the MGAD6PRO code.
Apply Coupon
The D6 Pro on our first impressions video.

Many massage guns could’ve easily fit in this category, but we picked D6 Pro because it is currently the best bang for the buck gun. We’ll pick it for the second category: high amplitude and deeper hits but with fewer percussions per minute.

The intensity of this gun will come from the deeper punches. It has a 16mm amplitude (we measured). Compared to Ekrin 365, it’s the more ‘punchy’ gun. Ekrin 365 is slightly more vibrational. 

It has a stall force somewhere of over 60lbs, so it is a real monster – powerful enough to not easily stall even when pressed really hard (which we do not recommend).

But it’s not just the performance that is good about this gun; everything else is on point as well. Just like Ekrin, Bob and Brad has a device with decent ergonomics. The two handles offer many grip options for better reach. Both handles aren’t as thin as Ekrin 365’s, but they are comfortable to grasp.

Keep in mind, however, that this is a bulky device. It’s also heavier than Ekrin 365 – it weighs 2.8 pounds – and even though the weight feels balanced, hands do get tired after holding it after some time.

It’s has some bells or whistles, too. For example, it has a pressure sensor, OLED display and even dynamic speeds, where speed changes automatically every 5 to 10 seconds.. It has 6 speed gears with a percussion range of 1460-2460 (very Theragun-like).

It’s also pretty quiet for a massage gun in this category. Expect 57-67dB in noise levels.

It comes with 6 attachments. One of them is a cushioned, air-filled head. It’s perfect for massaging delicate areas and sensitive skin. The damper is also lovely with a large diameter – it’s perfect for addressing cellulite on glutes and hamstrings.

The battery is great. It lasted 3 weeks during our tests. We used it every day. It comes with a USB-C type charger, too! It has a 1-year warranty but Bob and Brad is a well-trusted brand.

It usually goes for $250, but if you mark a coupon box on Amazon, and then apply our MGAD6PRO coupon at the checkout, it will only cost about $180, or so. Great value for money for a high amplitude gun. Get it on Amazon right here.

Read More Our in-depth Bob and Brad D6 Pro review – check it out.

Opove M3 Pro 2 – Pocket-Friendly Option

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Specification Box Bg
Our testing impressions:
  • 12mm amplitude & ~40lbs of power
  • 6 high-quality attachments
  • Excellent for both beginners and experts
  • Outstanding value for the price
Special limited-time offer: 40% off.
Check Price

There’s always an option for everyone. This is the one for those who don’t have a budget to spend on expensive guns.

Even though it won’t go too hard on your wallet, it doesn’t compromise on performance, and it’s a pretty decent gun, all aspects considered.

The stroke length of this gun is advertised at 13mm but we measured it and it is actually 12.3mm. This is good enough and falls within our recommended “sweet spot.” It makes for a perfect massage to treat cellulite.

We chose to include it in our list because of its percussion range. It revs from 1300 up to 2600RPM (verified). Even Ekrin 365 doesn’t has that wide range. That means it can get pretty intensive for any cellulite’s liking, but if you want a soothing, delicate hits, it can deliver such without any problem.

Being slower-revving than Ekrin, it is slightly quieter – likely the quietest gun on our list.

Expect ~40lbs. of stall force, which should be enough for most people. You will still be able to apply some pressure with the device. Just don’t expect it to withstand as much pressure as Ekrin 365 or Bob and Brad D6 Pro. It will still be able to release muscle tension.

It has 5 speeds, perfect for our liking, and for the wide range. It’s a T-shaped massage gun and won’t compete with our top 2 recommendations. A good case for “you get what you pay for”.

However, the attachments are super in quality. They’re all made of soft silicone. Even the hard ones feel soft to touch.

The battery has 2600mAh capacity and will run for 3-4 hours non-stop before you may need to charge it again. That means at least a week on a single charge.

The warranty is 1 year, so no lifetime here, but Opove is a customer-friendly brand, and they have been in the business for long enough to make us feel confident that their massage guns are reliable products.

It normally costs $199, but you can get it for just $119 – a 40% discount. It only works in Opove’s store here.

Read More Check out our in-depth Opove M3 Pro review.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro – Also Decent

bob and brad x6 pro features

Another Bob and Brad on our list. This one here, the X6 Pro, offers a slightly different option to either Ekrin 365 or Opove M3 Pro. It has a 10mm amplitude but up to 44lbs. of stall force. However, it costs more than both Ekrin 365 and Opove M3 Pro.

While we think it won’t beat the two mentioned devices, there are aspects that make it unique, though. For example, the pill-shaped handle makes it slightly better than Opove. Even though it’s still T-shaped, it fits perfectly in your hand. We’d still vote Ekrin 365 over it though.

It weighs 1.9 pounds – more than Ekrin 365 but less than Opove M3 Pro 2. In our tests, it revved up to 3200RPM – similar to Ekrin 365 but slightly less than Opove.

The special feature about this gun is the all-metal attachment that can be used for cold or heat therapy (you can freeze or put it in hot water).

We’re not sure if that’s an added advantage against cellulite, but it works well on sore muscles. The other 4 attachments are the normal kind with a cushioned one for delicate areas and sensitive skin.

TIP There are more heated massage guns on the market.

Bob and Brad now make quiet massage guns. This is perhaps the quietest massage gun on this list. It’s slightly quieter than Ekrin 365.

You will get a 1-year warranty.

It normally costs $199, but last we checked it was discounted on Amazon. It’s a nice option to have in the back pocket if you don’t want to go with Ekrin 365 – which is still better overall. Check out the latest price on Amazon here.

Read More As you may have guessed, we have a dedicated Bob and Brad X6 Pro review.

Theragun for Cellulite – Which One to Choose

theragun 4th gen massage guns
All four Theraguns: the mini, Prime, Elite and Pro.

Theraguns are great devices for addressing cellulite. You just need to know which one will be perfect for your given situation.

All Theraguns, except Theragun mini, have a 16mm amplitude – the highest in the business. With 16mm, Theraguns are well-suited for deep tissue massage. However, that attribute also makes them punchy.

Most people love the deep hits from Theraguns – especially people with a lot of body mass or those who just want a deep-to-the-bone massage.

It may be a different case for those with sensitive skin. If your skin gets painful, the punchy hits may be too intensive for you. You may want to consider a device with a slightly lower amplitude (we have listed those already here).

However, if you have sensitive skin and have to stick with a Theragun, we advise spending extra cash on the Supersoft attachment. It’s only included with the Theragun Pro, but you can purchase it separately from their store.

For cellulite treatment, we recommend going with the entry-level Theragun Prime – it has 30lbs. of stall force. Or you can opt for the slightly expensive Theragun Elite, which has 40lbs. of stall force.

Prime is affordable but will easily stall. Still, with 16mm amplitude, it can provide deeper hits that are needed to relax the muscle tissue. If you can afford it, Elite is the more versatile option. With 40lbs. of stall force, it matches our top pick Ekrin 365 and still gives you harder hits with the high amplitude.

You can also choose to go with Theragun mini. It’s Theragun’s mini massage gun. It has our recommended 12mm amplitude. The only problem, though, is the very low stall force. Theragun mini is quite easy to stall.

The Cons of Theraguns

  • Price: The entry-level Prime ($299 at therabody.com) costs almost twice the price of any of our recommendations above. Theragun Elite is even more expensive. Theragun Mini isn’t cheap either ($199), notice it costs more than our top full-size recommendation.
  • Warranty: It’s a 1-year warranty for all Theraguns except Theragun Pro, which has a 2-year warranty. That is disappointing for the money you have to pay for one.
  • Theragun isn’t innovative anymore. They wowed us with the triangular design, but there has been nothing new since.

Our Verdict

Theraguns are great if you can afford them to manage your cellulite. If you prefer deeper hits, they will serve you well. However, to be honest, they don’t offer anything special apart from their Bluetooth connectivity and the Therabody app, which you can likely do without.

If you are on a budget, we believe Bob and Brad D6 Pro is a perfect gun if you are looking for deeper hits. It offers better value for your money.

READ MORE Here are all four reviews: Theragun mini, Prime, Elite and Theragun Pro.

Hypervolt for Cellulite – Which One?

Just like Theraguns, Hypervolt is also a top name in the industry. It’s hard to ignore them, given the influence they’ve had in the fitness recovery industry.

They recently refreshed their portfolio of massage guns. Instead of the old Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus, we now have Hypervolt 2 and Hypervolt 2 Pro

For the full picture, it is worth adding that Hypervolt also offers a mini massage gun, the Hypervolt Go 2. It doesn’t impress us during our tests (it is easy to stall), so we don’t recommend it here.

What We Think

Hypervolt 2 is a decent massage gun for cellulite because it has a 12mm amplitude. It falls within our recommended “sweet spot.” The only problem is the very weak stall force. It will easily stall when you start massaging your hip area. That is why we’d still vote for any of our recommendations above.

We’d pick Hypervolt 2 Pro (official Hyperice store link). That is because:

  • It has a 14mm amplitude – very reasonable.
  • It has a decent stall force for the job – 30-35lbs. 
  • It has the same handle ergonomics as Opove’s M3 Pro (T-shaped). However, Ekrin 365 still has better handle ergonomics.
  • Aside from Theragun Pro, it’s the only gun we’d recommend that has a detachable battery. You can have two batteries if you want.


  • Only a 1-year warranty
  • Hypervolts still don’t come with a carrying case. All our other recommendations have one.
  • They’re expensiveHypervolt 2 costs $299, Hypervolt 2 Pro is $399.

Our Verdict

We have nothing against Hypervolts, they are superb devices with a lot of popularity. However, for the price of one, you could get 2 Ekrin 365s or get both Ekrin 365 and Opove M3 Pro – you can enjoy two different options.

hypervolt 2 ekrin 365 compared by a woman
You can get two fantastic Ekrin 365s (right) for the price of one Hypervolt (left).

The Bottom Line

We’ve reached the conclusion of our post on the best massage gun for cellulite. As a takeaway, here are some key points to remember:

  • Massage guns can help you manage cellulite, you just need to know what to look for in a massage gun.
  • You don’t necessarily need the most hyped or super-powerful gun or even the most expensive one to treat cellulite.
  • There are two options to choose from: you can either go with a low amplitude device with many percussions (Ekrin 365) or choose one with a high amplitude but few percussions (Bob and Brad D6 Pro). 

Theraguns and Hypervolts are the two giants in the industry (more about this duel here) if you love top-ranking brands and can afford to pay top-dollar. However, if you prefer good value for money, we’d suggest going with our other recommendations.

You can read our post about how to use massage guns for cellulite for frequently asked questions, best practices, tips, and precautions.

Happy massaging!

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