lifepro sonic review

LifePro Sonic Review

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It is almost impossible for you to look for a top-notch massage gun and haven’t come across LifePro Sonic. Massage gun experts love it because it is simple, powerful, and affordable. 

Additionally, this is LifePro’s all-time popular massage gun and ranks 2nd in terms of Amazon Reviews (first is Opove M3Pro).

Due to such popularity, you will find enough reviews to know the benefits you get after purchasing LifePro Sonic. But you will not find where it stands in comparison to other massage guns.

Therefore, in this LifePro Sonic Review, we’ll be discussing every single feature compared to other top-tier massage guns. If you don’t want to go into the detail of every feature, you can jump to composite “Comparison.”

LifePro Sonic Specifications

lifepro sonic features
FeatureLifePro Sonic
Stall Force~70 lbs
Stroke Length12 mm
Weight2.5 lbs
Speed options5: between 1200-3000 percussions per minute
Noise ~60 dB
Battery LifeGreater than 3 hours + removable
Number of Attachments5
ProsWorks Best for Beginners.
Percuss with Great Power.
Diverse speed range [in PPMs].
ConsDon’t have customization features.
Slightly lacks in deep tissue therapy.
Our Rating8.5/10
Overall Review:Worth every penny.
Price:Use code ‘MGA10’ to get 10% OFF
Lifepro Sonic Specifications

Detailed LifePro Sonic Review

Due to the subjective nature of massage/percussion, one thing that is beneficial for me might not show similar results for others. In order to overcome this intuition, all the detailed reviews are combined results of our team’s experience. Therefore, you will see the word ‘we’ rather than ‘I’.

soinc colors
There are 4 colors available.

What’s in the Box?

lifepro soinc box set included
Lifepro Soinc Carrying Case

LifePro Sonic, like 99% of the massages guns, comes with a carrying case. The case is well-built and perfectly lodges the devices.

The attachments, unlike the LifePro pulse Fx, also have the room in the Box.

Two unique things about the case are its ultra light-weight construction and an additional internal pocket. Thus In LifePro sonic, unlike other massage guns, you can comfortably accommodate extra batteries inside the bag.

Design and Built-Quality

Despite having a standard handheld design, LifePro is a masterpiece of the most excellent construction. Like all other LifePro massage guns, it comes in four different colors.

Lifepro Soninc Handheld Percussion Massage Gun
Lifepro Soninc Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

All of the design is simple, but the battery that serves as a handle is slightly curved to LifePro Sonic ergonomic. Additionally, the power button’s placement is unique as it lies under your index when during a power grip

LED Display is another distinction of LifePro sonic. In fact, it was among the first massage guns to have these features later copied by several other brands.

In terms of Built-Quality, despite being affordable, it perfectly competes with expensive Theraguns and Hypervolts. For the price, LifePro Sonic has the best manufacturing quality. 

For the price, we rate LifePro sonic among the best massage guns in its built-quality despite the ordinary design.

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Percussion is a feature; one can raise questions on LifePro Sonic. With a high stall force of 70 lbs, LifePro sonic will Bash your muscles for a Good post-workout recovery. Additionally, this percussion force is more significant than $600 Theragun Pro and $400 Hypervolt plus.

While due to an average stroke length, it slightly feels vibrational rather than purely a deep tissue massage gun. 

Hence, the percussion of LifePro sonic is a combination of intense power and average depth. Still, we consider it a better recovery device than most of the mid-rangers.

soinc massage gun review


Since five-speed options have become an industry standard, we don’t see it as an impressive feature. But the speed range of LifePro sonic is still among the most diverse ones. 

With a 1200-3000 RPM speed range, we see LifePro Sonic as a good customizable gun. 

lifepro soinc speed controls
Lifepro Soinc Controls

We should mention here that LifePro Flagship Pulse has only three options. In comparison to that, five-speed options feel better. But against Theraguns (that provide custom speed options via app) speed options might not feel brilliant. 

However, If you take price into account, both the speed option and speed range of the LifePro sonic will appear many times better than any other massage gun. 


Long-lasting battery, along with being removable, is a rare combination in the massage guns industry. Fortunately, LifePro sonic is among to have this rare one. 

Despite a powerful brushless motor, the 2600 mAh battery never lasts less than three hours (even at the top speed). 

However, one issue we had in the battery is that it takes quite a substantial time to charge fully. Other things are perfect. 

Lastly, those who are fans of keeping additional batteries LifePro Sonic’s battery costs only 49$. So, even after two extra batteries, LifePro sonic remains affordable.


Released before the Pulse FX, LifePro sonic is quieter than its flagship counterpart. Having a brushless motor and less speed range than LifePro Pulse Fx (1800-3400) causes this less noise. 

Also, in comparison to other massage guns like Theragun Elite and Prime, and Hypervolt LifePro Sonic’s noise is reasonably acceptable. 

Thus. for those looking for a powerful and quiet massage gun, LifePro sonic will be the right choice.


LifePro sonic weighs 2.5 lbs, same as Bluetooth Hypervolt and Hypervolt plus. LifePro Pulse Fx, Theragun Elite, and Theragun Prime all have a 2.2 lbs weight. 

In contrast, Theragun Pro and G3Pro weigh 2.9 and 3.1 lbs, respectively.

Thus, LifePro sonic’s weight is not that much to bother you.

Attachments and Portability

With five attachments, we expected LifePro sonic to perform similar to other inexpensive massage guns. But it’s a lot better than most of the inexpensive massage guns. Additionally, the built-quality of these attachments is identical to what expensive massage guns offer.

lifepro soinc attachments
Lifepro Soinc Attachments

Similarly, LifePro is among the few perfectly portable massage guns. It is because it has a sturdy and big case, a good battery that is removable, weight is ideal, and the massage gun itself is easy to handle. All these things make it a perfect device for travel and carrying while going to the gym.

Should you Buy it?

The answer may vary for different persons. Therefore we are writing it under various sub-sections.

Now you can get a 10% discount by using the code ‘MGA10‘.

For Beginners

Many Beginners aim to use massage guns as recreational devices. For all such people, Fancy devices like Theragun Prime seem fine. 

But at the same time, there are a considerable number of people looking for powerful and affordable recovery massage tools. For all such people, LifePro sonic is among the few best choices. 

For Professionals

People who do intense workouts mostly look for some professional massage guns. Although many advanced and Powerful massage guns like Theragun PRO and Hypervolt plus are present in the market, we still consider LifePro sonic the right choice even for professionals.

With the intense percussive action and useful usability feature, any professional will not regret spending his/her money on LifePro Sonic.

Comparison with Other Massage Guns

Despite the arrival of many other massage guns, LifePro Sonic is competed by only a few massage guns. Here is a composite comparison of LifePro Sonic with other popular massage guns.

LifePro Sonic vs. Theragun Elite, Prime, and Mini

lifepro sonic vs theragun

Theragun Elite, Prime, and Mini belong to 4th Generation Theraguns. The Theragun Elite and Prime have advanced features like Bluetooth, app control, having many presets and force meter.

Unfortunately, LifePro sonic doesn’t have any of these ‘fancy’ looking features. Therefore, many people might consider the LifePro sonic as an elementary massage gun. But if you compare percussion, LifePro sonic easily beat Both Theragun Elite and Prime.

Other usability features of LifePro Sonic like battery life and noise are better than Theragun Elite and Prime. At the same time, LifePro sonic comes with a Lifetime warranty and a very affordable price. 

Thus, against Theragun Elite and Prime, LifePro Sonic is a better massage gun for the money, while for advanced therapy, theraguns are better. 

Theragun Mini is similar to LifePro sonic as it doesn’t have features like Bluetooth and app control, but at the same time, it is very light and tranquil. While in all other features from durability to usability, LifePro sonic is better than Theragun Mini.

Editor’s Note: Anyone looking for Theragun Alternatives should consider LifePro sonic a serious choice.

LifePro Sonic vs. Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus

lifepro sonic vs hypervolt

Hypervolt and Hypervolt plus are not popular but very powerful massage guns. After the arrival of Bluetooth versions, both these have similar features like 4th Generation Theraguns.

Many features like battery life, noise, number of attachments, and even the percussion are almost the same in LifePro Sonic and Both the hyperice devices.

Hypervolt and Hypervolt can now be controlled via the app, and LifePro sonic doesn’t have this feature. But LifePro sonic is a lot more affordable. 

Thus, LifePro Sonic is an affordable version of Hypervolt and Hypervolt plus with some additional features like having a carrying case and lifetime warranty.

LifePro Sonic vs. Sonic LX, Pulse FX

Life Pro Pulse Fx
Lifepro Pulse FX

One of the reasons for considering LifePro as a Good massage gun brand is due to its diversity in the products. Sonic LX and Pulse FX are the LifePro Sonic counterparts and are slightly expensive.

Pulse FX is LifePro’s flagship and is one of the best massage guns in the market. Both LifePro sonic and Pulse Fx compete in many of their features Pulse Fx is better at providing more vigorous percussion and has a better design. While in usability, LifePro Sonic is slightly better.

Sonic LX is not as popular as LifePro Sonic. With nine-speed options, seven attachments, and tolerable noise, LifePro sonic Lx provides more customized percussion than Sonic. But LifePro Sonic LX is not as powerful as Sonic. 

TIP Read our full Lifepro Sonic LX review

LifePro Sonic vs. Other Affordable Massage Guns

LifePro Sonic gets tough competition from affordable massage guns like Medcursor Mini, Opove M3Pro, Ekirn B37. But despite such a competition, LifePro Sonic is distinct due to its powerful percussion. Other features are debatable. 

If you want a powerful massage gun for the money, LifePro Sonic will be the best for the money.

Lifepro Soinc Review – Closing Thoughts

It has been over a year after the first release of LifePro Sonic. Since many brands are innovating their products, we are expecting to see a similar upgrade from LifePro. 

But even without advanced features like LifePro Sonic, ideally, provide the benefits you expect from a percussion massager.

We hope that our LifePro Sonic Review will help you choose a Good Massage gun.

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