Massage Gun For Carpal Tunnel

Massage Gun For Carpal Tunnel: Relieve Pain, Improve Mobility And Promote Healing

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Nerve injuries can seriously affect your work, exercise, and everyday activities. One common but misunderstood nerve injury is carpal tunnel syndrome.

While there are many treatments available for carpal tunnel syndrome, massage guns have become a popular tool among many to help treat this problem – but should you use a massage gun for carpal tunnel?

In our opinion, yes!

However, understanding the specifics of when (and when not) to use a massage gun for your carpal tunnel syndrome is key to getting the best results.

In this article we’ll break down the basics of carpal tunnel syndrome, walk you through how to use a massage gun for carpal tunnel, and share some of our favorite massage gun for CT syndrom recommendations.

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Massage Gun For Carpal Tunnel Pain Ct Syndrome
Do massage guns help with carpal tunnel syndrome?

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Why Should You Listen To Us?

Massage guns are newer technology for health and wellness, and that means that research is still limited to prove many common uses of percussive massage devices (massage guns).

However, rest assured that our team is made up of massage gun experts with extensive experience. We also strive to include the most accurate and up-to-date information in all of our articles and reviews.

This post is written by a licensed physiotherapist, Dr. Alex Stone, DPT. This article has not been reviewed by a medical doctor. Please consult your trusted medical doctor before using advice from this article or starting a new exercise routine.

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome, often shortened to carpal tunnel, is a condition where one of the major nerves in your wrist becomes compressed. To be more specific, this means that your median nerve has been compressed at the carpal tunnel ​1​.

The exact cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is unknown, but this condition usually happens due to shrinking of the flexor retinaculum, which is a band of tissue that covers the carpal tunnel.

As the retinaculum shrinks, it gradually compresses the median nerve more at the carpal tunnel.

It’s important to know that not all cases of carpal tunnel syndrome are the same, and many are caused by muscle tension or inflammation that is constricting the carpal tunnel.

This is especially common with people who spend all day on their computers or working with heavy equipment ​2​

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Anatomy of the carpal tunnel ​3​.

Symptoms of carpal tunnel can vary, but there are some common symptoms that help diagnose this injury. The most common is numbness or tingling in the palm of the hand, which is often worse during gripping or squeezing, or when the palm side of the wrist is under pressure. 

Pain is also common with this injury and can present anywhere from a dull ache to sharp, lightning-like pain. In some cases, pain may progress to the point that basic tasks like taking out the trash or pushing a shopping cart may become too uncomfortable. 

In cases of severe or chronic carpal tunnel syndrome, weakness may start to develop in the hand, wrist, or arm. Because nerve damage is a concern with carpal tunnel, this should be taken seriously and prompts immediate medical attention or surgery ​4​.

Do Massage Guns Help with Carpal Tunnel?

Nerve problems like carpal tunnel syndrome can, so having the right tools for relief can make a world of difference in your everyday life. Massage guns can play a part in getting relief, but there are some important things to know.

Because massage guns are relatively new on the health and wellness scene, research is limited on the true benefits and risks of massage guns. Although, some studies are beginning to show that massage guns can have similar effects to traditional massage when used properly ​5​.

Massage guns have the potential to alleviate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrist.

When it comes to carpal tunnel, massage guns offer the potential benefit of relieving muscle tension and improving circulation around your wrist.

This can make a difference in your recovery by improving your tolerance for exercise and reducing pressure on your carpal tunnel, which improves mobility and helps reduce inflammation.

Similar to other nerve injuries, there are some special considerations when using your massage gun for carpal tunnel:

  • Because the symptoms of carpal tunnel are due to an irritated nerve, the vibration from your massage gun could make symptoms worse. Listen to your body and stop if this happens.
  • If you are experiencing arm or hand weakness, talk to your doctor and avoid using a massage gun until you are cleared to start again.

Most massage gun benefits for carpal tunnel are temporary, which means you should establish a routine to keep getting results.

However, regular use of your massage gun can help you make lifestyle changes that will ultimately lead to long-term results and optimal healing.

How to Use a Massage Gun for Carpal Tunnel

To give you a better idea of how you can use a massage gun for carpal tunnel, let’s break down the important details.


Your median nerve runs all the way from your neck to your hand, so it’s important to work down your entire shoulder and arm.

Start at the top of your shoulder and gradually work your way down the front of your upper arm. From there, slowly move along the front of your forearm towards your wrist.

Carefully skip over your wrist to avoid irritation, then finish at your palm and the base of your thumb.

Here’s what it should look like:


It’s important to spend about 1-2 minutes on each major muscle group. In your first session, aim for 1 minute on your shoulder, upper arm, forearm, and hand – for a total of 4 minutes.

Assess your response afterwards, and then adjust for your next session. Start with one session per day to allow your body time to recover between sessions.


Your response to percussive massage therapy is unique to you, so we recommend starting with settings that fit in the middle range of your device and applying light-to-moderate pressure.

From there, you can adjust the speed and pressure to your liking.


The attachment you choose should account for the size, contour, and sensitivity of the area that you’re working on.

For the shoulder and upper arm, we recommend using a larger attachment such as a ball or flat head. Depending on your forearm size and sensitivity, you might switch to a softer or smaller attachment.

When you reach your hand, use the smallest attachment that you have.

opove m3 pro massage gun attachments heads
Opove M3 Pro attachments set. With such variety, you will easily find the most suitable one.

NOTE If you feel pain, weakness, or increased numbness in your arm at any point during this process, stop immediately and talk to your doctor.

FAQs About Using Massage Gun for Carpal Tunnel Relief

Before we continue, here’s a few answers to some common questions:

How do massage guns help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel can be improved with massage gun use because percussion massage therapy can help relieve muscle tension and improve circulation, which improves pain and exercise tolerance for an improved recovery.

Is it safe to use a massage gun for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

In most cases, using a massage gun for carpal tunnel is safe. With this condition, it’s especially important to avoid massaging directly over the carpal tunnel and focus mainly on the muscle groups of the shoulder, arm, and hand.

How often should I use a massage gun for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

This will vary depending on your unique needs, but we recommend starting with one session per day. Waiting a full day before your next session is important because it allows your body to recover between sessions.

Best Massage Gun for Carpal Tunnel – Our Expert Recommendation

Another important factor in treating carpal tunnel is finding the right device for your needs. To get the best results you’ll need a device that has enough power to get work done while also offering enough versatility to use on other areas of your body.

So, what’s the best carpal tunnel massage gun?

Ekrin B37 – Our Top Recommendation

Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Box Bg
Our testing impressions:
  • Versatile and reliable massage gun
  • Great value for the money
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty

Our review score:


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The B37 is probably the most versatile massage gun on the market today. Made by Ekrin, a trusted American brand, this device offers a medium amplitude that isn’t too punchy or vibrational – just right for carpal tunnel syndrome. 

The B37 is faster than most devices, reaching speeds between 1400 and 3200 RPM. High percussion speeds are especially helpful for pain management because they can inhibit pain signals to the brain, while lower speeds are effective for a more relaxing, less irritating massage.

The Ekrin B37 makes use of an angled handle for comfortable ergonomics, which lends to its impressive build quality and overall feel. Better yet, it’s surprisingly quiet for its performance.

The stock attachments are also impressive, and the foam ball head is a particularly nice option for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another reason the B37 is our favorite carpal tunnel massage gun is the warranty. This device comes with a lifetime warranty from a highly reputable brand, which is hard to come by anywhere else.

The regular price of Ekrin B37 is $229.99, but when you use go to Ekrin store using this link, the MGA20 coupon code will be added at checkout for a 20% discount – buy it for $183.99 instead!

Read More Our in-hand Ekrin B37 review.

Opove M3 Pro – For Those on a Budget

OPOVE M3 Pro Specifications

For those who can’t afford Ekrin, the recently upgraded Opove M3 Pro is a nice budget option to manage carpal tunnel syndrome.

Even though the M3 Pro won’t fully match higher end devices, it still offers 12mm of amplitude and 40lbs of stall force, making it fairly versatile for use on other body areas.

This device revs slower than the B37 at 2600 RPM (versus 3200 RPM), limiting its ability to inhibit pain signals. Although it’s not the most ergonomic option due to its standard T-shape design, it’s reasonably light and holds well in the hand.

Shortcomings aside, the M3 is actually much quieter than the Ekrin B37 and most other devices on the market today. Overall, Opove has built a device that is well-made and well equipped for managing carpal tunnel syndrome.

For a limited time, the M3 Pro is available for $119, which is a huge 40% discount from its regular price of $199. You can purchase it at

Read More Our detailed Opove M3 Pro review here.

Theragun for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Is It Worth It?

The Theragun brand (now Therabody) has been around since the beginning of the massage gun revolution, and they’ve been at the top of the food chain every step of the way. But are they worth it?

In short, Theragun devices are well-suited for just about any job and still on top for a reason though!

For starters their attachments are top-of-the-line, especially with more expensive models (but can be purchased separately for $20-$30 each).

Theragun Pro G5 Attachments
All the Theragun attachments.

Even better, stall force is impressive across all models and even the mini should be good for addressing your forearm muscles. As we mentioned earlier, working on your forearm muscles is one of the most important approaches to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

All full-sized Theragun devices use a triangular design that allows for great ergonomics and different grips, which is especially helpful for reaching behind your neck and shoulder. While the Theragun mini doesn’t have a triangular design, it’s small size makes it easy to hold and maneuver for most uses.

Another impressive Theragun feature is their Therabody App integration. All devices can be connected to your phone and controlled via Bluetooth, and they even have step-by-step routines for conditions like carpal tunnel!

Luxury features aside, Theragun devices work similar to most other massage guns on the market today.

But beware, there are some things to keep in mind.

For starters, most Theragun devices offer 16mm of amplitude, which is considered “punchy” to most people. The only exception to this rule is the Theragun mini, which offers 12mm of amplitude – still the highest of any miniature massage gun on the market.

Another thing to note with Theraguns is that they’re fairly loud when compared to other devices. Therabody has been working on this though and recently released quieter versions of their PRO and mini models. However, their Prime and Elite models are still quite noisy.

Warranties on Theragun devices still need to be improved, with current offerings of 1 year for most models and 2 years for the PRO. This is hard to even compare to the lifetime warranty that Ekrin offers.

So, Which Theragun is the Best Carpal Tunnel Massage Gun?

Theragun mini

While just about any Theragun will do a good job at treating carpal tunnel, we wholeheartedly recommend the Theragun mini. Now even smaller and lighter (1.1 lbs to be exact).

The new mini 2.0 offers 12mm of amplitude for a well-balanced massage that isn’t too punchy while also being the quietest model available – finally, a quiet Theragun.

The mini comes with 3 attachments to meet the most common massage needs while also offering bluetooth connectivity for guided sessions. Best of all, it’s the cheapest Theragun available

Theragun Prime and PRO

If you want to level up to a full-sized model, then we recommend the entry-level Prime. That said, the top-shelf PRO may work as good.

The Prime is the cheapest option, but it’s really sufficient in most cases. You’ll have access to a full 16mm of amplitude, 30lbs of stall force, and up to 2400rpm that can be controlled from the app via Bluetooth. What it lacks are additional features that you can probably live without.

However, if budget is not an issue and you want a device packed with the latest tech, the Theragun Pro is also an option. You’ll get the best set of attachments (including a SuperSoft one – our favorite for carpal tunnel), a pressure sensor, an adjustable arm, and more power.

For treating carpal tunnel pain alone, it may seem like an overkill, but you’ll have a device that can handle any job you have. Of course, it comes at a price – not a cheap device, but worth it.

Therabody Wave Duo

There is one more interesting device that may help you with carpal tunnel pain: the Theragun Wave Duo vibrating roller. Its special peanut-like shape, wave rubber texture, and intense vibrations make it an effective device to ease carpal tunnel pain. Also, it is less expensive than any Theragun we’ve discussed above.

Read More Check out our detailed Theragun Wave Duo review.

Our Take

To conclude, we absolutely recommend Theragun devices for carpal tunnel syndrome. However, be aware that while they are the most expensive products on the market, they are not necesserily better than the others we’ve discussed. Massage guns like Ekrin B37 can be as effective at half the cost (plus it is backed for a lifetime).

Wait, What About Hypervolt for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Hypervolts are quality devices from Hyperice, another big name in the percussive therapy market that’s popular in therapy clinics.

Unlike Theraguns they’re not very punchy, which might be an advantage for those experiencing a lot of sensitivity with carpal tunnel.

Our main problem with Hypervolt is poor performance.

To be blunt, they really lag in stall force: the Hypervolt 2 Go has only 10-15 lbs of stall force while the Hypervolt 2 reaches just about 25lbs. Even the high-priced Hypervolt 2 Pro clocks in at only 35 lbs.

Unfortunately, this means these devices simply slow down their percussion speeds when even the slight pressure is exerted – not something you want in a premium device.

In terms of overall versatility and value for the money, we believe our two expert picks provide much more for your money.

However, using a Hypervolt for carpal tunnel may still work well for you, depending on your needs.

Read More Here are our detailed reviews of all three Hypervolt devices:

Massage Gun for Carpal Tunnel – Bottom Line

Living with carpal tunnel syndrome can be challenging and often frustrating.

However, picking the right massage gun for the job can help you manage your condition and improve your quality of life. Hopefully, this article gives you some useful information on using a massage gun for carpal tunnel and helps you pick the best massage gun for the job.

For detailed device information and special discounts from Massage Gun Advice, be sure to read our full reviews for the Ekrin B37 and the Opove M3 Pro.

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