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Ekrin Kestrel Review

Ekrin Kestrel Review – Is It the Enigmatic Unicorn Among Massage Guns?

The newest Ekrin Kestrel massage gun ticks all the boxes for a top massage gun according to the specs. So, in this review of the Ekrin Kestrel, we will put some of those specs to the test and see if the device lives up to them.

As the latest offering from Ekrin Athletics, this new device had us eagerly anticipating its arrival. The predecessor, the now somewhat dated B37S, was the last we saw of Ekrin.

The burning question: Is the Kestrel its worthy successor? Taking it for ‘our’ spin, we can confidently say – spoiler alert! It lives up to Ekrin’s promises and surpasses them in more ways than one!

Ekrin Kestrel (massage gun) side held by man on a blur background
Ekrin Kestrel review by Luke.

Ekrin Kestrel Video

First, you may want to check out our video—you’ll see the unboxing process, all the attachments in detail, the controls, and the operation of each gear (including stall force tests). We also compare it with the B37 and B37S to demonstrate how the new Kestrel differs from them.

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Ekrin Kestrel Review

Let’s begin with the product specifications.

Ekrin Kestrel Specification (Verified)

Stall Force~50-60 lbs (our estimation)
Stroke Length13 mm (verified)
Percussion range1800 – 3500 RPM (verified)
Weight2.2 lbs
Attachments6 included
Noise (decibel)50.3 – 63.7 dB (verified)
Battery / Charging Time2500 mAh / 3.5
Base Price$349 before coupon
Promotional Price$349.99 $249.99
Special Launch Price
SAVE $100!
Where to BuyBuy at ekrin.com
Specifications according to the manufacturer1 and our measurements to verify them.

Our Testing Impressions

Ekrin Kestrel Massage Gun Box Bg

What we like the most:

  • Perfect performance mix
  • Variety of attachments, including a cushioned one
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty
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What we like

  • It has a sweet-spot amplitude.
  • It’s true to specifications, including 3500 ppm.
  • Features USB-C charging.
  • Includes great attachments, such as the new Air Cushion one.
  • Exhibits high-quality build and materials.
  • Lifetime warranty!

What could be better

  • Color – we really like the metalic colors from previous models, this one is matte black.
  • The control wheel could have a noticeable click while scrolling.

Our Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value

Our Review Summary

Ekrin Kestrel delivers more than previous models with unique performance aspects, including a record-breaking 3500 rpm at max speed. It’s also more ergonomic, quieter, highly versatile, and still comes with a lifetime warranty. There is nothing to complain about; it’s a superb massage gun.

User Review
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Kestrel: Unboxing and First Thoughts

Opening any Ekrin package has been a pleasure ever since we first reviewed the B37 more than three years ago.

The packaging here is, as expected, a familiar case consistent with what we’ve seen before. It feels protective and will do the job. We thought it’d be bigger (not for any particular reason), but it looks compact.

What’s inside the case? Well, the usual suspects are there – the device smack in the middle, surrounded by its accessories (massage heads – we’ll cover them later) and a USB-C cable. To the side of the case, there is a detailed manual and a thoughtful ‘thank you’ card.

What about the Kestrel massage gun itself? It screams Ekrin through and through. And you know what? We love it. They’ve stuck with the same design that’s always been a winner for them. I mean, why mess with a good thing!

But wait, there has to be something new right? Yes, the top metal ring with textured sides stands out here, as does the color (we’ll mention this again in a second). We also have new controls – that’s something!

The materials used to make the device feel superb, not that Ekrin has ever been underwhelming. This is why we’ve always placed them on par with Theragun and Hypervolt. 

What’s with the metal at the top? Is it actually metal? Yes, it is. And can we talk about that satin-colored black plastic? Smooth, sleek, and oh-so-nice to the touch.

Our take
The same sleek and modern design as always. And oh, the new improvements? Superb!

What would we change?

Just for us, a somewhat different approach to color. In the past, Ekrin dazzled us with those charming pastel hues. But this time around, it’s gone over to the dark side—black. Or is it a sneaky dark shade of blue? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. 

From left to right: Ekrin Bantam, Ekrin 365, Ekrin B37, Ekrin Kestrel and Ekrin B37S.

five different colorful massage guns laying on a table one behind the other one from left to right - All manufactured by Ekrin
Which one is your favorite Ekrin color? Let us know in the comments!

Now, black is classic, no doubt. But it feels a tad Theragun-y or even Hypervolt-y. Are they dipping its toes into mainstream waters? Hey, maybe that’s what the majority craves; we can’t be the judge of that. But we, in our little corner, were hoping they’d stick to their unique color palette.

The choice of black also starkly contrasts the chrome bezel at the top. Maybe this is ideal for some people, but we’re not entirely sold on it. Are we throwing the baby with the bath water here? Absolutely not. Who buys a massage gun for the color anyway?

Size and Weight

We love that the manufacturer didn’t change the compact size. In fact, if you place their four massage gun models (B37, B37S, 365, and the Kestrel) side by side, they look like a set of well-behaved quadruplets. I mean, sure, maybe the B37S is the slightly taller sibling—who said quadruplets can’t have a bit of size diversity? The only true mini is the Bantam.

five different colorful massage guns laying on a table. two are on the left side one above the other one. three are on the right side, one below the next one. 
All manufactured by Ekrin
All Ekrin Massage Guns Manufactured to Date – May/2024

The weight of the Kestrel is 2.2 pounds. Compared to the B37S, there’s a negligible difference of approximately 2.7 ounces or about 77 grams.


Here again, the manufacturer chose to keep the slanted handle design we’ve always associated with them. It’s a familiar handshake – comfortable, keeps the wrist happy during the massage experience, and has a natural extension to reach your back.

Is it just the same old same old? Well, it is. But there’s more. 

  • The rubber handle is now textured for a better grip. If you have used your massage gun right after a workout, you know how tough it can be to get a quick DIY deep percussive massage. Sweaty hands and a slipping handle can be a mess. This isn’t a problem anymore here.
  • Remember the textured metal bezel at the top; it’s not just decorative, as we thought earlier. Ekrin noticed a little quirk in how people hold their guns. Sometimes, you grab the top part for certain angles or when you’re doubling down on pressure. But sweaty palms could turn that into a slip-and-slide party. The textured metal bezel provides a firmer grip at the top to nullify this problem. This improves the ergonomics and keeps the device decent for longer. Unlike plastic, metal will likely still look okay after a hundred uses.
  • The control setup has also been redesigned with ergonomics in mind. Instead of making the bezel do the controlling, the manufacturer opted to hide the controls elsewhere. Why? Keep away the accidental speed changes mid-massage. They say, “You focus on the massage; we’ve got the controls sorted.” Smart move.

Our Take

Ekrin definitely listens to their customers (and hey, maybe some of our readers too).

They didn’t just keep the good things that the predecessor B37S enjoyed; they also added notable improvements to make this new device easy to use and highly ergonomic. It is also now smaller than its predecessor. Well done!


Usually, we wouldn’t need a whole section for controls, but this one is different. Let’s examine what they have changed here.

First, the controls here are different from the B37S model (which we believe is what Kestrel is replacing). The Kestrel doesn’t have any standard buttons. Instead, the control is now a small scrolling wheel perched at the top. See the photos.

Operation is a Sunday stroll. Press the wheel down to turn the device on or off. The rest of the operation happens when you scroll the wheel. You can scroll up to increase the speed and vice versa. Simple and intuitive.

The LED structure that indicates the current speed also differs because of the scroll wheel. There are 6 LEDs (the vertical line at the top of the scroll) that indicate speeds.

Light color is different depending on the speed, which makes it easy to quickly identify at what speed the device has been set. Colors used are green for the first two speeds, followed by yellow for the two medium speeds, and finally purple indicates the highest two speeds.

The four visible blue dot LEDs below the wheel are battery charge indicators.

Our take

This is not the first massage gun with a dial we’ve seen. Hypervolt 2 and 2 Pro both have it—we love both, but unlike these two, the whole panel isn’t rotatable, so you only need your thumb to control it.

We also like this approach because there are no accidental rotations, which is a problem we noticed with the two Hypervolts. Also, the fact that you can change speeds by simply rotating the dial up or down is fantastic. It is certainly an upgrade from the button presses to cycle-through speeds.

The Kestrel is now very easy to use, and the dial feels intuitive. Plus, scrolling up and down also feels nice and rewarding.

Any cons? Well, perhaps the only criticism of this new system is the missing click feedback when rotating the wheel. It’s not a big deal, as you can see in the change in the LEDs and how the device operates, but it would add an extra UX touch.


The Ekrin Kestrel comes with six attachments.

All Six Ekrin Kestrel massage gun Attachment Heads lined up from left to right
Six attachments. We think it’s the perfect set as none is duplicating another.

Let’s look at each one, starting with something fresh.

Air Cushion Head

(Soft Silicone)

This is the first time we’ve seen an Ekrin with this type of head. It’s no surprise since the whole market has been crying for more guns to include this head.

At first, we confused it with the flat head, which appears almost entirely flat. But our doubts were cleared when we touched it.

It’s pleasantly soft but not too soft that it would wobble on your body—just enough to do the job. Three ridges form indentations in the middle, providing an additional massaging effect, which we found very pleasant.

This attachment is suitable for soft tissues and other sensitive areas. But not only. Most people will love this one. It could be the new universal tip. 

A hand holding a massage gun head attachment known as Air Cushion - a finger is pressing the head

Ball / Round Head

(Soft Silicone)

This one’s suitable for large muscle groups. It’s slightly different from what we are used to with the B37/B37S.

The tip is now silicone instead of foam. It also feels softer than the previous iterations. If you don’t want a passive-aggressive massage, this one will work just fine. 

A hand holding an Ekrin Kestrel massage gun head attachment known as Ball Head - a finger is pressing the head

Cone Head

(Plastic with Silicone Tip)

The cone can also work on large muscle groups, including the arms, waist, back, and legs. Its tip is also covered with silicone.

When we first saw the cone head with Theragun, it felt like a less aggressive bullet head. We think the same for this one. 

A hand holding an Ekrin Kestrel massage gun head attachment known as Cone head - a finger is pressing the head

Fork Head

(Hard Plastic)

This one works on the lumbar vertebrae and other large muscle groups. It also works on the Achilles. You could argue this one’s slightly larger and fancier than the one with the B37S, but maybe it’s just us.

A hand holding an Ekrin Kestrel massage gun head attachment known as Fork Head

Flat Head


This can work on most parts of the body. It’s still the same hard plastic we are used to, but this time, Ekrin has added a glossy shell on top of it. It looks nice and shiny and feels the same.

A hand holding an Ekrin Kestrel massage gun head attachment known as Flat Head

Bullet Head

(Hard Plastic)

This one’s suitable for deep muscle groups like shoulder blades. You can also use it on the plantar. It’s also made of hard plastic.

A hand holding an Ekrin Kestrel massage gun head attachment known as Bullet Head

Our Take

Six attachments is a good number to have. It feels like we have heads to massage all parts of the body.

You can also now have a gentle percussive massage with the Air Cushion head whenever you need one.

The locking mechanism is Twist-On/Off instead of the common push-pull type, which often causes a rattling noise during operation. We vastly prefer this solution.

Ekrin Kestrel massage gun laying on a table with All six Attachments displayed above it


Now, let’s get to the business part of our review. How does this device perform?

Stroke Length/Amplitude

Note: Stroke length is the distance the head travels as the gun percusses. Here’s more on this.

The Kestrel’s amplitude is about a third longer than that of its predecessor, the B37S. We finally have an Ekrin massage gun with more than 12mm of amplitude! 

The specs said 13mm, and our eyes got as big as saucers. We took out our caliper for confirmation. We measured 12.8mm, about a 0.2mm difference, which is negligible. It could just be an allowance of some sort.

It’s great to have a 13mm Ekrin massage gun finally! 

Ekrin Kestrel Massage Gun laying on a table and a digital caliper is Measuring the Amplitude of the percussion head
Verified amplitude. Indeed, it’s a 13mm stroke-length massage gun.

Verified amplitude. Indeed, it’s a 13mm stroke-length massage gun. In practice, it feels a bit more percussive than the B37S, except it doesn’t compromise on the vibrations – more on this later.

For now, the hits are deep enough yet not overly aggressive, as you would feel with a 14-16mm amplitude Hypervolt, Theragun, or Achedaway Pro. Most consumers have complained about the high-amplitude guns, and Ekrin seems to have addressed this here.

We like to call this the “sweet spot” amplitude, where the device is not too vibrational and not too punchy either – it’s just right.


If our eyes got as big as saucers with the amplitude figure, they nearly popped out of their sockets when we saw the percussion specs. The manufacturer says that this Kestrel device can rev between 1800RPM and 3500RPM.

Ekrin always delivers what they promise from the specs, and we often have no reason to doubt them. But when we saw this range, we said, “Alright, if you can convince us of this, we’ve got a bridge to sell you”.

In our line of work, experience reigns supreme. If something quacks and walks like a duck, in our book, it’s a duck. Now, let’s talk about the physics of massage guns—typically, a device with a longer amplitude tends to have lower percussions. We’ve seen this rule play out across over a hundred massage guns we’ve tested. And in all our testing, a 13mm amplitude gun hitting 3500RPM? Uncharted territory. 

So, we took out our trusty laser tachometer and got to work. You should’ve seen our faces when the device registered 3500RPM and more when we cranked up the speed. Colossal!

Why are we making up a fuss over this? Well, it stems from one principle. You see, in percussion therapy, the vibrations play a crucial role 2 3 4. They don’t just make you feel good; they also help override the pain signals in the brain. This then leads to muscle tension release by increasing blood flow, facilitating lymphatic drainage, and much more. 

Now, this new massage gun with 13mm amplitude and its excellent percussion range, has become the quintessential versatile percussion massager. With it, you can have a slow yet deep enough muscle relaxation treatment or go deep and super-aggressive with 13mm and 3500 hits per minute intensity.

At top speed (3500 hits), it’s so intense that you don’t even need to apply any pressure. Simply by gliding it over the muscle you can feel the vibrations deep into the tissue. This makes the Kestrel an incredible tool, even for advanced users. With it, you can take your muscle recovery game to the next level! 

If you use it for daily routines such as recovering after hard workouts, before-bed routines, or after-work massages, this device definitely feels like a solid all-rounder. It can deliver a soothing and gentle massage experience – especially when paired with one of those softer heads.

Stall Force

Stall force is the massage gun’s motor ability to withstand pressure.

Does Kestrel deliver any surprises here? The answer is no.

The stall force here feels about the same as the B37S, which is 50-60lbs. This is a top stall force, in case you are wondering.

It’s hard to stall this device at top speed. It revs too fast to stop for anything. Did you see our video above? I wasn’t able to stop it with my hand. So, even if you are a top professional athlete, a bodybuilder, or someone with a lot of experience with professional-grade massage guns, Kestrel’s stall force is just right.

Additionally, we noticed the absence of a pressure sensor similar to that in the B37S. However, we believe it is not necessary for this model. Given its profound impacts and high vibrations, a sensor is likely superfluous.

Kestrel Performance Comparison

Stall Force (lbs.)

With a force of 56 lbs., the Ekrin Kestrel secures its spot among the elite ‘strongest massage guns’ category.

Stroke Length (mm)

A 13mm amplitude hits the sweet spot and, when combined with a high stall force, offers a deep massage experience.

Our Take on Kestrel’s Performance

It is definitely one of the most powerful massage guns today. Its intensity, deep amplitude, and robust stall force are unmatched.

The manufacturer has pushed the amplitude and percussion setup envelope, increasing the amplitude while simultaneously ramping up the motor to deliver more hits per minute.

As far as these performance stats go, we now have a unicorn of massage guns. But more importantly, this is also just the most suitable device for demanding users. 


It is quieter than all the previous models. Our measurement resulted range from 50-64 dB, as seen below:

But shouldn’t it be louder, given the improved performance? Quite the opposite.

It buzzes smoothly, delivering a hushed, consistent sound. You won’t hear attachment noises, rattling due to loose parts, or a creaking when pressed against the body, just a smooth, whirly sound. To hear how smoothly it operates (also compared to previous models), check out our video above.

Interestingly, at that super high 3500RPM, the sound is also reasonably hushed – you’ll still hear it all right, but your neighbors won’t!


The battery capacity, 2500mAh, is 50mAh more juiced than the B37S. The battery is non-removable, a feature that hasn’t changed here, either. You can expect about 6 hours of operation time before you may need to charge it. That’s roughly a week or more of battery use, even when you use it daily.

As usual, we know the battery is high-quality – Ekrin always uses top-class batteries.

Even better, you can charge it with a USB-C this time—no more brick-wall chargers. This is very convenient. You can also use your phone’s cable to charge it.

How We Use the Ekrin Kestrel

Here are a few shots from our testing session. Expect more as we continue to test it and compare it with more devices soon.

Who is Ekrin Kestrel Best For?

It is the top model in Ekrin’s lineup, boasting the best specs and most features. This makes it suitable for advanced users who understand the benefits of high RPM and power.

It’s highly recommended for professional athletes looking for a comprehensive device for pre-training use and, most importantly, for speeding up post-exercise muscle recovery and aiding in healing injuries.

The Kestrel’s high frequency and sweet-spot amplitude make it ideal for use in massage, physical therapy, or chiropractic offices. Its excellent design, ergonomics, and lifetime warranty also make it ideal.

But it’s not just for the pros; beginners can use it, too. If the price isn’t a barrier, it’s an excellent everyday tool. It offers various attachments and high-quality construction.

Just remember – it’s not designed for travel and portability; it’s a full-size massage gun, not something you can easily fit into a handbag like the smaller Bantam. Frankly, in our opinion, the best option is to own both devices; that’s what we’re going to do!

Warranty and Price

Like all other Ekrin products, this massage gun has a lifetime warranty, and it’s totally worth it.

When it comes to price, you’ll have to part with $349 to get it. But here’s a sweet deal: a special lunch promo that slashes the price by $100. Buy Ekrin Kestrel here

Compared to Theragun Pro, which costs $599, it is a steal. Kestrel also offers more bang for your buck than Hypervolt 2 Pro. While the Hypervolt 2 Pro is slightly less expensive, it is also noticeably weaker than the Kestrel.

Ekrin Kestrel vs. Ekrin B37S: Are They the Same?

the massage gun Ekrin Kestrel on the left vs. the massage gun Ekrin B37S on the right.
Both guns are suspended in the air

Let’s do a quick head-to-head between the successor and the predecessor to see what changed and was improved.

Ekrin KestrelEkrin B37S
Amplitude13 mm12 mm
Stall Force~56 lbs~56 lbs
RPM Range1800-3500 RPM2000-3200 RPM
+ variable mode
Speeds64 + dynamic speeds
(new Air Cushion head)
(two ball heads)
Battery Capacity2500 mAh2450 mAh
Charging TypeUSB-CWall Charger
Regular Price$349.99$329.99
After Discount$249.99
SAVE $100!
Buy at ekrin.com
MGA20 code
Buy at ekrin.com
Ekrin B37S and Kestrel compared.

So, both devices may look similar, but Kestrel brings slightly more to the table. Let’s outline the most significant differences you need to know:

Kestrel’s Performance

  • A higher amplitude, 13mm, while the B37S has a 12mm amplitude.
  • A better percussion range, 1800-3500RPM vs. B37S’ 2000-3200RPM.
  • A higher top speed of 3500 hits per minute.
  • It is noticeably quieter than the B37S.

Overall Design and Other Features

  • The Kestrel has a scroll wheel to control the device’s operation. You can increase and decrease the speeds without cycling through (like in the B37S).
  • It has a textured rubberized handle which improves ergonomics, and the metal bezel adds to it. The B37S has none of these.
  • The Kestrel is slightly more compact.
  • The USB-C charger and a tad juicier battery are advantage.
  • A new air cushion head is included. B37S didn’t have it.

If you are considering the B37S, check out our detailed review here.

Our Verdict

Kestrel is the way to go! It offers the latest tech, has a whole new level of performance, and is more friendly to use. Although the B37S is slightly cheaper and may drop due to this new device, the Kestrel is still worth every penny. Just look at the performance!

And if you’re considering upgrading from the B37 or B37S, go for it! The Kestrel is improved where it matters: portability, charging, ergonomics, and controls. Plus, it feels great on your muscles – mainly at top speed (didn’t we just repeat ourselves?).

Buy it now at Ekrin.com

Ekrin Kestrel vs. Theragun Pro: How Does It Compare with the Giant?

What about Theragun Pro, how does it compare? We all know there is no percussive therapy without Theragun. But Theragun Pro and Kestrel perhaps address different clientele. Let’s compare.

the massage gun Ekrin Kestrel on the left vs. the massage gun Theragun Pro on the right.
Both guns are suspended in the air
Ekrin KestrelTheragun Pro
Amplitude13 mm16 mm
Stall Force~56 lbs~60 lbs
RPM Range1800-3500 RPM1750 – 2400 RPM
Speeds65, unlimited with Therabody app
(well-varied set)
(all soft)
Battery Capacity2500 mAh2500 mAh
Charging TypeUSB-CUSB-C
SAVE $100!
Buy at ekrin.com
Buy at Therabody.com
Theragun Pro and Kestrel head-to-head. The value for the money lies on Ekrin’s side.


  • Theragun punches harder with its 16mm amplitude—a whopping 3mm more than Kestrel’s. Some users prefer this heavy-hitting approach, so the Theragun is the better choice for them.
  • Ekrin Kestrel revs faster than Theragun Pro, much faster. Theragun Pro maxes out at 2400 hits per minute. That’s about a third less than Kestrel’s percussions. Theragun also only has 5 speeds compared to Kestrel’s 6.
  • For Theragun Pro, the intensity comes from the deeper hits (the longer amplitude). But Kestrel may just be more effective because of the many hits per minute – remember the numbing of pain signals to the brain principle?
  • Both can serve professional users. However, in our opinion, Ekrin Kestrel is an all-rounder. Meaning it can provide a soothing and aggressive massage when needed. Theragun Pro will always punch hard even at lower speeds.

Everything Else

  • The Ekrin Kestrel is a compact massage gun compared to Theragun Pro – the bulkiest of them all.
  • The Kestrel has 6 attachments, so does Theragun Pro. But if you ask us, Kestrel’s attachments are well-varied compared to Theragun Pro’s, which are all soft.
  • Theragun offers the Therabody App for guided routines and precise device speed control, which may be an advantage for beginner users.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference when choosing between these two established brands. Kestrel offers something unique in performance – the first massage gun we’ve seen that can both hit deep and rev so fast.

And don’t forget about one important aspect—the price. The Theragun Pro is more expensive than Kestrel, at $599 vs. $349. Although we really like and appreciate what the Theragun Pro offers, we think the Ekrin Kestrel provides better value for the price.

Bottom Line

We had fun with our Ekrin Kestrel review because of the surprising features it offers.

We expected a well-executed design, an impressive look, and quality. What puzzled us was the performance. Penetrative, smooth, aggressive, and all-rounded. It’s an improvement over the previous devices (B37/B37S).

Sure, the $349 price tag isn’t pocket change, but when you consider the performance, features, and tempting lifetime warranty, we’re more than willing to make the deal.

We needed a refresher of Ekrin’s massage gun line-up, and they more than delivered. Superb!

Article Sources
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  1. Hi. This one or the Bob and Brad d6 pro for around the same price? The handle on the d6 pro seems better for the back perhaps?

    • Hi Renee, thank you for your question. Both of these devices are really great, our favorite. However, the truth is that they differ quite a bit, and what you expect from a massage gun should determine your choice here.

      The Kestrel from Ekrin has the highest RPM we have seen, up to 3500, which makes it very vibrational (still not lacking in power!). On the other hand, the D6 has a large amplitude of 16mm (same as the Theragun Pro), but it has “only 2450rpm”. I said “only” because this massager works through much punchier and stronger impacts at lower speed – kind of the opposite concept to the Ekrin high speed.

      You need to ask yourself what kind of experience you’re expecting. Not everyone likes punchier hits; for a lot of people, high vibrations like those from the Kestrel are pleasant and fit better.

      Regarding ergonomics, there’s a slight advantage on the side of the D6, but I assure you, the Kestrel is super comfortable to use. I hope this helps.

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