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ekrin b37s review

Ekrin B37s Review – More Stall Force, Better Features. But Is It Worth It?

Welcome to today’s Ekrin B37S review. We’ve put this popular massage gun through its paces in real-life testing, checking if it lives up to the hype in terms of power and performance.

So, is it really as powerful as they say? Do the massage attachments hold up in everyday use? And is it worth its considerable price?

Stay with us as we dissect and present our findings on the Ekrin B37S massage gun. By the end, you’ll have a clear idea of whether this device could be your next wellness companion.

ekrin b37s review by Greg
Ekrin B37S review by Greg.

About Ekrin Athletics

Established in 2019, Ekrin is a new brand in the massage gun scene. But, it instantly became a big name when it introduced the highly acclaimed B37 massage gun.

With its superior performance and ergonomics, it instantly became a crowd favorite. And since then, the brand dedicated itself to improving its products – and thereby introduced the B37s and more compact Ekrin Bantam.

With the mission to improve athletic performance by assisting muscle recovery and preventing related injuries, you know that the brand put a lot of thought and research while designing this massage gun. 

Ekrin Athletics Massage Gun Brand

Aside from the quality and superior build of their products, Ekrin Athletics is also known for its responsive customer care services and lifetime warranty. These services help improve the brand’s image, which is why it’s a trusted name in the industry.

Being a brand that has already proved enough in such a short period, we are all the more excited to try the B37’s awaited successor – the Ekrin B37s

Note: Ekrin has released a new massage gun, the Ekrin Kestrel, and here’s our review. Based on the specifications and pricing, we believe it could be positioned to replace the B37S model in the near future. For those interested, we recommend visiting ekrin.com to explore the new product in detail.

ekrin b37s percussion massager
Ekrin B37S percussion massager.

B37S Video Review

Before we jump into the written review, we’ve got something special for you.

We’ve captured our hands-on experience with the Ekrin B37s in this video. Watch us unbox it, checking out the attachments, testing the pressure sensor, speeds, stall force, and even showing you how it charges.

So, check out the video for a better understanding of the B37S, then dive into the detailed review below.

Our Ekrin B37s hands-on video review: unboxing, attachments, stall force tests, charging.

Ekrin B37S Review

Let’s start with the product specs.

ekrin b37s logo

Ekrin B37S Specifications

Ekrin B37s Massage Gun Box Bg
Our testing impressions:
  • Versatile and powerful massage gun
  • Variety of attachments, including a cushioned one
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty

Our review score:


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FeaturesEkrin B37s Specs
Stall Force56 lbs
Stroke Length12 mm
Speed options5
Battery Life / Capacity~6 hours / 2550 mAh (non-removable)
Weight2.2 lbs
Noise 56.8 – 63.3 dB (our measurement)
New FeaturesForce Meter
Locking massage heads
Variable Speed
ProsImpressive stall force
30% more powerful than B37
Great size and ergonomics
Excellent quality overall
ConsNon-removable battery
handle on a thicker side
Base & Discount Price$329.99 $263.99
Promo code20% OFF with the code MGA20
Where to buy with discountGet the B37S here!
Ekrin B37s Specs

First Impressions

At first glance, we could easily tell that the B37s shared a lot of similarities with its predecessor, the B37.

It has the same slick aesthetics that give off a modern vibe. It even has the same satin feel to it when you hold it, which makes it comfortable to the touch. 

Design-wise, we could say that the biggest difference between the B37 and the B37s is the color scheme – the B37 leans on a more greenish hue while the B37s has a lovely dark blue color.

b37 and b37s in hand comparison
B37 and B37S

While it doesn’t have a built-in screen, operating it isn’t a problem. The Ekrin B37s boasts a minimalist one-button operation, so in our test we didn’t have to worry about a complicated setup.

We were able to switch between speeds by quickly pressing the button, and you turn it on or off by pressing and holding it at the same time. 

At the top of the unit, we spotted indicator lights that tell us the battery level and the corresponding speed. These lights are the convenient and less battery-consuming alternatives to a display screen.

What’s Inside

From the moment we unzipped the two-zipper carrying case of the Ekrin B37S, we could tell we were dealing with a well-designed product.

The case’s sturdy handle and contemporary printed sticker that proudly displays the brand and model, only added to the device’s appeal.

On opening the case, we found an intelligently organized interior.

ekrin b37s carrying case box
Nice packaging.

The instruction manual neatly tucked in a pocket and a molded main compartment securely holding the massage gun, attachments, and charging cable.

This thoughtful layout not only protected the components from potential damage during transit but also simplified the process of keeping everything in order.

It’s clear Ekrin has thought about the user experience from unboxing to usage.


The B37s comes with six attachments – one foam ball, one hollow silicone ball, one flat, one fork, one bullet, and a cone.

We found the foam ball ideal for those sessions when we craved a bit more intensity, while the hollow silicone ball’s softer, squishy texture provided a gentler, relaxing massage. 

The cone attachment, with its silicone tip and robust plastic base, emerged as the go-to for targeting tendons and muscles near bony areas. The silicone tip gently cushions the pressure, delivering a satisfying massage without discomfort.

The remaining attachments – the fork, bullet, and flat – made from sturdy plastic, proved excellent for delivering solid, focused pressure to specific regions. These attachments played a crucial role in our personalized massage sessions, allowing us to target specific areas with precision.


In terms of its size, the Ekrin B37s is a full-scale massage gun that comes in a handy gun shape.

While it’s not a slim unit, it’s not a bulky one either. This makes it easier to move around, and the angled handle helps reach tricky areas. That’s ideal for when you’re giving yourself a massage. 

At 2.2 pounds, we could say that the B37s is not the lightest massage gun in the market. It has a top-heavy design, but the overall weight feels balanced and comfortable. Overall, we’re very satisfied with its size and weight.


The Ekrin B37S truly shines when it comes to ergonomic design.

ekrin b37s 15 degree angled handle
B37S has handle with a 15-degree angle.

Our hands-on use revealed just how effectively the 15-degree angled handle allows for easy reach to those difficult areas, while also significantly reducing wrist fatigue.

This thoughtful design offers a more comfortable angle than the typical 90-degree handles, enabling longer, cramp-free sessions.

The B37S’s handle boasts a substantial diameter, aiding in a comfortable grip, while the silicone-rubber grip ensures it stays securely in your hand.

However, we observed that individuals with smaller hands might find the larger diameter slightly challenging.

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, the Ekrin B37S didn’t disappoint.

Just like its predecessor, the B37, the B37S demonstrates Ekrin’s commitment to using premium, high-quality materials, promising longevity.

The meticulous engineering behind its design is evident in its layout, giving you confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

The B37S feels robust and sturdy, assuring you of its long-lasting performance.

Performance, Effectiveness, and Intensity

Now, let’s proceed to the heart of this Ekrin B37s review. We’ll now break down its key features to help you understand how it truly performs.

Stroke Length / Amplitude

We’ll start with amplitude. Simply stated, this refers to the distance by which the head travels from the base of the gun. This helps you determine how far it can go to massage your muscles. 

In the realm of amplitude, the Ekrin B37S comes with a 12 millimeter stroke length.

While this might seem less compared to the 16mm offered by Theraguns, Achedaway Pro and Bob and Brad D6 Pro, our tests revealed that when coupled with a high no-stall force, this 12mm amplitude delivers an impressively deep and impactful massage.

This powerful punch helps treat sore muscles, enhances blood circulation, and aids in breaking down lactic acid.

A key advantage of this shorter amplitude is a less bulky and lighter design.

After thorough testing, we can confidently say the Ekrin B37S’s amplitude doesn’t compromise on performance.

Stall Force

This is where it gets more interesting.

Working hand-in-hand with amplitude is the stall force (also called as ‘no-stall force’). This refers to the pressure that’s sufficient to stop the motor from running when it’s pressed to your body. The higher the stall force,  the deeper the muscle penetration – and that leads to a truly satisfying massage. 

The Ekrin B37S, with its stall force of 56 pounds, truly excels in its size category. Despite appearing similar to its predecessor (the B37 model), our testing showed an improved progressive system that offers enhanced power at each speed level. 

At the first speed, the B37s provides you with a whooping 36 pounds of stall force, as opposed to the 28-pound stall force of the B37. At the second speed, B37s delivers 42 pounds, while the B37 only offers 32 pounds. At the third speed, B37s offers 52 pounds, as opposed to its predecessor’s 40 pounds. The fourth speed is also at 52 pounds. This gives you an idea of this progressive system. 

Nevertheless, that amount of pressure is enough to deliver that deep and powerful massage that’s guaranteed to soothe and treat your muscles. You would have to be strong to actually stall the motor on this unit.

Force Meter

Another new feature of the B37s is its convenient reactive force meter. This unit has a ring of blue lights located at the top of the gun. It lights in sections, indicating the level of stall force applied. 

This new feature helps you control the force you apply, so you can deliver the ideal pressure whenever you give yourself – or someone else – a massage.

ekrin b37s Reactive Force Sensor

Performance Parameters Comparison

Let’s see how B37s compares against it’s most popular competitors.

Stall Force (lbs.)

With 56 lbs., 36% of which is available on the first gear, Ekrin’s B37s joins the the elite ‘strongest massage guns‘ club.

Stroke Length (mm)

12mm is not an industry-leading amplitude, but combined with high stall force, it’s enough to provide a deep-to-the-bone massage.

Percussions and Speed Levels

Our tests confirmed that the B37S delivers a range of 2000 to 3200 percussions per minute across its five speed levels.

While the boosted power results in a deeply satisfying massage, we found ourselves missing the broader percussion range of the B37 (1400 to 3200ppm), particularly for those moments when a gentler (slower) pulse is preferred.

One feature we particularly appreciate in the B37S is the dynamic fifth speed level. Unlike the consistent percussions delivered in the first four speeds, this level alternates between high and low beats, creating a unique and relaxing massage pattern.

The B37S also includes LED indicators that allow you to easily identify the current speed level. The device displays five LED lights at the top of the unit that light up incrementally with each speed increase.

Even without a display screen, the operation of the Ekrin B37S is remarkably straightforward, as confirmed by our tests.


We also love how quiet the Ekrin B37s operates. According to their official release, it only operates between 35 to 55 decibels, depending on the speed level you’re using. 

Upon checking this claim, we discovered that it goes slightly beyond 60 decibels. But even then, such a number isn’t considered noisy. In fact, it can be instantly drowned out by other sounds around you. 

For comparison, the more expensive Theragun Pro (and Elite, and Prime) are noticeably louder, despite being advertised by Therabody as super-quiet devices.

Much of this quiet operation results from its minimal vibrations, which we assume are due to its solid and compact construction. This means operating the B37S isn’t as tiring for the hands compared to its competitors.

Ekrin B37s Powerful Quiet Lightweight Massage Gun
The B37S is quiet and doesn’t rattle when pressed harder against the skin.

Battery Capacity

Because of its cordless design, no Ekrim B37s review would be complete without discussing its battery capacity. 

In our evaluation, we found that the device is equipped with a 2550 mAh Samsung-branded battery, which assures reliable and long-lasting performance. This is a standout feature, particularly when compared to lower-quality batteries often found in other devices that tend to fail within a few months.

Our tests confirmed that the B37S can operate continuously for up to about six-seven hours on a single charge (if not used on high speeds). This is an impressive feat, given the power output of the device and the energy required to illuminate its multiple LED lights.

Interestingly, we were relieved to find that Ekrin didn’t opt for a larger battery size (such as 2800-3200 mAh). While this might have extended the operational time slightly, it would also have added extra weight to the device, potentially

b37s charging port bottom handle
The charging port is located on the bottom of the B37s’ handle.

Price and Warranty

The Ekrin B37s is available on their website for $329.99 – a fair price for all its upgraded features and above-average stall force.

Also, we recommend buying from their website to support the brand, enjoy these discounts and excellent customer service. 

But perhaps the best part about owning an Ekrin B37s is that the brand offers a lifetime warranty and lifetime customer support. You can be confident that you’ll be taken care of with this brand.

Who is it Best For?

Since Ekrin aims to improve our athletic performance, then it’s easy to see that it’s designed for athletes, bodybuilders, and similar people with active lifestyles and a lot of muscle mass. This is because of its deep penetrative capability and powerful performance. 

Nevertheless, its less bulky design makes it quite versatile. That’s why we also recommend it for personal use – especially if you prefer strong massages in the comfort of home. Chiropractors and professional masseuses can also benefit from this massage gun, thanks to its quality build and superior stall force.

So if you’re looking for a premium massage gun that’s a fraction of the price of a Theragun Pro, then the Ekrin B37s is the best for you. 

TIP: Keep in mind that Ekrin has recently unveiled the new Kestrel massage gun, designed to potentially replace the B37S model. We recommend checking out the detailed review here.

Ekrin B37s in use

The B37s is a versatile device that can be used by amateurs and professionals who prefer deeper, more intense massage. The B37S won’t slow down under pressure.

We are pleased every time we return to it, and that happens often because it is our benchmark device.

Ekrin B37s vs. B37

ekrin b37s vs b37
Ekrin B37s vs. B37
FeatureEkrin B37sEkrin B37
Stall Force1 speed: 36 lbs
2 speed: 42 lbs
3 speed: 52 lbs
4 speed: 52 lbs
5 speed: 56 lbs
1 speed: 28 lbs
2 speed: 32 lbs
3 speed: 40 lbs
4 speed: 52 lbs
5 speed: 56 lbs
Stroke Length12 mm12 mm
Percussions (ppm)2000-3200
+ variable mode
Speed Options55
Extra Featuresretroactive force meter
lockable heads
Battery Lifeup to 6 hoursup to 6 hours
Noise Rating~57-63 dB35-55 dB
Weight2.2 lbs2.2 lbs
Discount20% OFF
MGA20 code
get it here
20% OFF
MGA20 code
get it here
Ekrin B37s vs. B37

Perhaps the biggest question that’s often thrown our way is how the B37s differs from the flagship B37 massage gun. That’s why we decided to insert such a discussion in this Ekrin B37s review. 

Before discussing the differences, let’s first discuss the similarities. Based on our personal experience with both Ekrin devices, we can confidently say they have the same amplitude, design, shape, noise levels, size, and weight. Also, you can use the same promo code with both models to enjoy the lower price.

B37s vs B37: Differences

  1. The B37s now offers 30% more stall force that’s spread out through a progressive system. 
  2. The new version offers a dynamic 5th speed level that alternates between high and low beats that cycle between 2400 to 3200 ppm. 
  3. Speaking of ppm, it has a new range of 2000 to 3200 ppm. This is compared to the wider 1400 to 3200 range offered by B37. 
  4. It now features a retroactive force meter. This feature helps you keep track of the force you’re applying with the help of LED lights at the top of the unit. 
  5. The B37s has six attachments, compared to the four attachments that come with the B37 the new heads are the silicone ball head and the cone head.
  6. It has a convenient lockable head design that keeps the head in place despite vibrations and constant massage movement. 
  7. Visually, the B37 has a green color scheme, while the B37s offers a darker blue color scheme.
  8. In terms of the price, the B37 is a lot more affordable than the B37s.


It’s easy to see that the B37s is an upgrade of the B37. It is built with a lot of new specs and features, and these work hand-in-hand to provide you the best massage that a gun could give.

Definitely we found the new B37s suited more towards most demanding users, who need serious power and might take advantage of the new extra features.

But admittedly, it comes with a hundred-dollar difference, which can be too much for some users. In this case, there’s no harm in settling for the more affordable B37, which is also a very strong and versataile massage gun.

Ekrin B37s vs. Theragun

ekrin b37s vs theragun
Ekrin B37s vs Theragun Pro
Key FeaturesEkrin B37sTheragun PRO (G5)Theragun EliteTheragun Prime
Stall Force56 lbs60 lbs40 lbs30 lbs
Stroke Length12 mm16 mm16 mm16 mm
Percussions (ppm)2000-32001750-24001750-24001750-2400
Speed Options5555
Battery Life 6 hours2.5 hours2.5 hours2 hours
Noise~57-63 dB65–71 dB~65-68 dB65-69 dB
Weight2.2 lbs2.8 lbs2.2 lbs2.2 lbs
Discount code20% OFF
MGA20 code
Where to buyekrinathletics.comtherabody.comtherabody.comtherabody.com
Ekrin B37s vs. Theragun

When we first picked up the Ekrin B37s, we couldn’t help but draw comparisons to our previous experiences with the well-known Theragun. As we explored the B37s, it became a fascinating journey of discovering how the two devices stand against each other.

Aside from the striking difference between its design and shape, we want to dig deeper into their differences. We’ll break down the details below. 

Theragun Advantages

  1. When using the Theragun, we felt a more pronounced punch, thanks to its 16mm amplitude (however, at the expense of slower percussions). In contrast, the Ekrin B37s, with its 12mm amplitude and fast percussions, gave us a slightly different but equally satisfying sensation.
  2. Both the Theragun Pro and Elite models have OLED screen, while the B37s doesn’t have a display screen at all. 
  3. The Theragun Pro has replaceable batteries, making it easier to recharge (although the new, 5th Generation Pro now only comes with one battery included).
  4. Theragun models offer Bluetooth connectivity to help you keep track of your massaging progress. 

Ekrin B37s Advantages

  1. Despite the shorter amplitude of the B37s, we found it to provide a stronger stall force than most of the Theragun’s massage guns we’ve used, leading to a deeply penetrative massage experience. At 56 pounds, it’s twice as powerful as the Theragun Prime and more powerful than the Theragun Elite’s 40-pound capacity. The only model more powerful than the B37s is the Pro, which is at 60 pounds – and even then, it’s not a significant difference. 
  2. The B37s offers a percussion of up to 3200 ppm, which offers a more intensive massage than the  Theragun’s 2400-percussion capacity. 
  3. The B37s also features a more impressive battery life. Its 8-hour maximum battery life trumps the Theragun’s 2.5-hour capacity. 
  4. We must also add that the B37s operates more quietly than the Theraguns. 
  5. Ekrin offers a lifetime warranty for its massage guns, while Theragun offers a 1 or 2-year warranty on its models.
  6. And finally, the Ekrin B37s is more affordable than the Theragun’s $399 to $599 price range (for Pro and Elite, respectively). And if you factor in the MGA20 discount code, you’ll be paying far less than a Theragun unit – only $263.99.  


As we spent more time with the B37s and the Theragun, we noticed that both shared some similar characteristics that shaped our user experience.

Both units feature five speed levels to deliver the best massage for different situations. Also, both units have reactive force meters that help control the stall force exerted. And finally, both units fall within the same size class, although Theragun is slightly bigger.


Having tried the Theragun ourselves, we understand why it has such an impressive following—it truly does offer a premium massage experience. 

If you’re not ready to splurge on a Theragun, then the B37s is the perfect alternative. While it has a shorter amplitude, it sure makes up for that through its superior stall force. And when you consider

Ekrin B37s vs. Hypervolt

Ekrin B37s Vs Hypervolt 2 Pro
Ekrin B37s vs Hypervolt
Key FeaturesEkrin B37sHypervolt 2Hypervolt 2 Pro
Stall Force56 lbs60 lbs~35 lbs (est.)
Stroke Length12 mm12 mm14 mm
Percussions (ppm)2000-32002000 – 27001700 – 2700
Speed Options535
Battery Life 5-6 hours2-3 hours2-3 hours
Noise~57-63 dB53-64 dB54-66 dB
Weight2.2 lbs1.8 lbs2.6 lbs
Discount CodeMGA20
(20% off)
Where to Buy with discountEkrinAthletics.comHyperice.comHyperice.com
Ekrin B37s vs. Hypervolt

As we delved into our exploration of the Ekrin B37s, we couldn’t help but draw comparisons with another well-known device we’ve used — the Hypervolt. Let’s first discuss the similarities. 


  1. Generally, the Ekrin B37s has a similar stroke length as the Hypervolt 2. The only exception is the 2 Pro, which has a longer 14mm amplitude. 
  2. Ekrin and Hypervolt 2 Pro feature five speed levels. Hypervolt 2 has only three. 
  3. These massage guns have about the same size. 

Now that you’re familiar with their similarities, we can now break down the Ekrin B37s vs. Hypervolt differences. 


  1. In our hands-on experience, the Ekrin stood out distinctly against the Hypervolts with its impressive maximum stall force. Hyperice guns are weaker, and slow down percussions when pressed against the skin – but not Ekrin
  2. Ekrin features five speed levels, while the Hypervolts only feature three. 
  3. Ekrin has a superior battery life compared to the Hypervolt’s 3-hour maximum. 
  4. Ekrin percusses faster than both Hypervolt models. It can go up to a whopping 3200 ppm, giving you more intense massage.
  5. Despite the better battery life, Hypervolt massage guns offer removable and replaceable batteries for added convenience. 
  6. The tilted handle design on the B37s offers a more ergonomic feel than that of the Hypervolt. 
  7. The Ekrin B37s comes with six attachments, while the Hypervolts only come with five.
  8. Ekrin B37S has better attachment locking mechanisms. Hypervolt attachments require force to be pushed in, so those little rubber gaskets that sit on attachments tend to wear down after some time. There is not such thing in the B37S.
  9. Hypervolts offer Bluetooth connectivity, while the B37s has none. 
  10. The Ekrin B37s comes with a convenient carrying case, while neither Hypervolt units have that. 
  11. Ekrin provides its massage guns with a lifetime warranty, while Hypervolt only offers a 1-year warranty. 
  12. In our quest to find the best value, we found that the B37s offered an additional edge —you can save more with the MGA20 coupon code when purchasing.


Reflecting on our personal experience with both devices, we can say that if you value the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity, you might lean towards the Hypervolt.

But if you prefer a more minimalist interface coupled with a better performance, practicality and a

Best Alternative To Ekrin B37s

achedaway pro shape design
Achedaway Pro – even more powerful.

Achedaway Pro

If your quest mirrors ours — seeking a massage gun that matches the power of the Ekrin B37s — then you might find the Achedaway Pro to be a perfect fit, just as we did.

In our experience, this massage gun offers superior performance with its notable stall force and amplitude – but without drilling a hole in your pocket like Theragun and Hypervolt.  

Here are some of its notable features, as compared to Ekrin’s B37s: 

  • It features a powerful motor that produces a whopping 80-pound stall force (advertised, it actually feel closer to 60-65 lbs. in our test). At low speeds, however, Ekrin B37S will be harder to stall (so it is not so rosy for Achedaway).
  • It has an amplitude of 16mm – longer than the B37s’ 12mm.
  • It is bigger and heavier than the B37s, weighs 2.6lbs. (vs. 2.2lbs).
  • It comes with four head attachments and a nice carrying case. 
  • It similarly features premium parts and batteries as the Ekrin B37s, but in Achedaway battery is removable and there’s an option to purchase it with 2 batteries. 
  • It similarly is designed with an angled handle, for improved ergonomics.
  • It doesn’t feature pressure sensor though, contrary to Ekrin B37s.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty. 
  • It retails for $299, but you can use MGA60 coupon here and only pay $239, or pay $309 and get it with a spare battery.

Overall, after testing both devices, we believe it’s a great alternative to the Ekrin B37s (if you don’t mind a bigger size, lower stall force at low gears, and a bit of extra weight).

If you’re interested to know more about this gun, read our full Achedaway Pro review.

Bottom Line

In our review of the Ekrin B37S, we can confidently say that it exceeded our expectations. The power it delivers, despite its compact size, impressed us.

While the Ekrin B37s shares features with its predecessor, the enhancements in engineering, performance, and design are noticeable and significant. Given our user experience and the addition of a lifetime warranty, we can vouch for the value it provides for the investment.

We hope you found this review helpful. Your feedback is valuable to us, so please feel free to leave comments below or join our Massage Gun Talk Facebook group for further discussion.

Till the next time!

Our Ekrin B37s Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


Our test of the Ekrin B37S revealed its substantial power and superior features in a manageable size. The balanced weight allows for better control and comfort during use. Our advice: consider the B37S if you’re looking for a powerful yet user-friendly massage gun. Its balance and features make it suitable for both beginners and seasoned users.

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  1. Thanks for the comparisons and reviews – I have the Ekrin B37S however I purchased mines during the pandemic and for whatever reason it was 40% off on the website, after doing my research and trying to stay within my price range ($200-300) at a little over $220 the Ekrin B37S was for me a no brainer, in the ocean of massage guns I’m thrilled and thankful to have come across this company.

  2. Thank you for your comprehensive and really great reviews and comparisons. Maybe it’s my bias but you seem to really like the Ekrin B37s, maybe best of all? Do you know if Ekrin’s lifetime warranty is what it implies or might they squirm out of “wear and tear” breakage or battery failure? Given a similar price point, would you prefer one over the other between the Ekrin B37s and the Achedaway Pro for an athletic woman?

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