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What Massage Guns Does the NBA Use, and Which Ones Do Players Prefer?

What would you call an NBA massage gun? For us, it’s a massage gun that the NBA prefers (yes, there is a deal, more on that in a minute) and which ones the players use daily.

Interested? Let’s explore.

massage gun NBA players use

What Massage Gun Do the NBA Players Use?

Watching many games of the regular season and playoffs, we see players use massage guns not only at the pre-game warm-up but also on the bench during the game. We also follow many players on social media, where they share how they use massagers for their daily recovery routine.

What more? The top brands sing NBA players as their ambassadors, and we also know that, as we follow these brands simply because it’s a part of our “job” at Massage Gun Advice.

So yes, massage guns are used by NBA players, it’s clear, but this is not all…

Massage Guns and NBA

Word has been going around (probably longer than we can remember) that Hypervolt is the NBA’s darling massage gun. Hyperice, the brand behind the Hypervolt massagers, penetrated the NBA with business in mind before massage guns were even a thing.

What about Theragun? They are more in percussion therapy than Hypervolt. So how did Hypervolt get a way into the NBA before Theragun could even put on their shoes?

Let’s find out…

Hypervolt – The Official NBA Massage Gun

Let’s start with the Hypervolt. Their incredible journey began way back in 2007 – approximately ten or so years before massage guns were even a thing.

Anthony Katz, a history teacher, and basketball coach, approached a then disgruntled Kobe Bryant with the idea of leg wraps. The wraps were to be an alternative to the “leaky plastic bags” that players used to ice their knees.

Katz designed the wraps to Kobe’s liking – Kobe had to like them or this whole story would’ve been off. Katz named the wraps Hyperice, after Kobe’s shoes – Hyperdunk. And that is how Hyperice was started.

Katz then presented Kobe with his own Hypervolt and in 2020, the NBA announced a partnership with Hyperice. There’s now a Hyperice massage gun at every bench during games.

hyperice hypervolt nba
hyperice NBA massage gun

The Hypervolt was loved by a few other NBA stars including Lebron James who took a few more for his friends Camelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dwayne Wade. That’s not all, in February last year, Hyperice announced a multi-year sponsorship deal with the LA Lakers.

But that is not where it ends. Hyperice also signed up some best known names as investors.

Blake Griffin (Brooklyn Nets), Chris Paul (Phoenix Suns) i Russell Westbrook (LA Lakers), Anthony Davis (LA Lakers), Ben Simmons (Brooklyn Nets), LeBron James (LA Lakers) all participated in Company’s $48 Series A investment round back in 2020.

In the next round, back in 2021, they welcomed Jayson Tatum (Boston Celtics) and Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors) as the new investors.

As of now, Memphis Grizzlies’ rising star Ja Morant is the new hot name in the business (pictured right, holding his Hypervolt 2 Pro)

hypervolt basketball massage gun ja morant

[Hypervolt] is not just for professional athletes or amateurs, it’s for everyone who is looking for new and better ways to improve their body and mind.

Boston Celtics Forward-Guard Jayson Tatum

Therabody Catching Up

But Therabody was not going to take Hyperice’s multimillion moves into the NBA lying down.

Unlike Hyperice, Therabody (started as Theragun) was founded by a chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wersland, who designed the first massage gun to make his pain go away. He was involved in a motorcycle accident.

Therabody had their own plan to have a bite of the NBA cake. Just like Hyperice, Therabody opted for player sponsorship first – maybe later they could sponsor the NBA.

Dr. Jason Wersland Theragun
Dr. Jason Wersland, Theragun

For now, Therabody has partnered with NBA stars like Paul George, James Harden, Pau Gasol, and Breanna Stewart of the WNBA. NBA’s skills trainer Chris Brickley also became the ambassador for Therabody.

They also have a partnership deal with the LA Clippers and Duke University where they are…guess what…yes, an official recovery technology partner.

Therabody TV Spot, ‘Attack Your Dreams’ Featuring James Harden

Should You Opt for Hypervolts or Theragun?

As we have said, these two rival entities were started from different approaches.

While Theragun was built from a real doctor’s perspective, Hyperice’s Hypervolts were started from a consultative point. Katz had to go around asking basketball coaches and players about how to design a recovery tool.

hypervolt vs theragun

The difference in approach can be clearly seen based on what each product focuses on.

For instance, Therabody focuses on high stroke length (amplitude). Hyperice mixes it up with different designs.

You can check out the main differences between the two brands in our Theragun vs. Hypervolts posts. You can also see our Best Massage for Basketball Players post for recommendations.

Is it Just Hyperice and Therabody? Are There Others?

Well, we’re massage gun enthusiasts and we wouldn’t leave you without mentioning other brands that are just as good if not better.

For all the cons that Hyperice and Theragun have, some brands can address and even better them. Then, there’s the price. These new ambitious brands charge much less for their massage guns – 30-50% less. 

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about the clones that flooded the market soon after the first Hypervolts hit the market.

Both Theragun and Hyperice have been actively suing these knockoffs and have succeeded to some extent in weeding some of them out. A good example is the Kraftgun which looked uncannily similar to Theraguns. The early Lifepro devices were also sued for infringing on patents.

But some brands have been doing honest work to come up with their own versions of what you could call as NBA massage gun.

Some of them we’ve talked about in individual massage gun reviews. Others we have included in our buying guides, such as the Best Massage Gun for Basketball Players guide.

But let’s list a few of them here too…

ekrin b37s percussion massager
Ekrin B37S

Ekrin Athletics

Ekrin started its brand with aim of helping athletes recover after tough hours in the gym or field of play.

Their massage guns came up with the original tilted handles – perhaps a way to stay clear of the generic T-shape configuration.

They charge a fraction of what any of the two premium brands charge.

It is worth noting that Ekrin’s ambassador is WNBA’s forward Rebecca Allen.

We have Ekrin’s line-up covered with separate reviews: B37S, B37, 365, and the smallest Bantam.

Here’s the Ekrin website with all models compared. Plus, you can use the MGA20 discount code for a 20% discount at checkout, should you decide to buy any of them.

achedaway pro
Achedaway Pro

Achedaway Pro

Achedaway impressed us with their Pro massage gun. It was the first non-Theragun massage gun with a 16mm amplitude.

Not that we haven’t seen knockoffs that have attempted this feat, Achedaway Pro does it better – with lots of power behind it. Just like Theragun Pro.

For more details and pictures, refer to our hands-on Achedaway Pro Review here.

It’s half the price of Theragun Pro as well, and when you apply the MGA60 coupon code, you will get a further $60 off. Get it here.

opove apex massager
Opove Apex

Opove Apex

For a long time, we knew Opove as a brand that loved to copy whatever Hyperice was doing. The quintessential Hypervolt knockoff brand.

However, they recently moved away from that and have come up with some unique devices. The most interesting one yet is the Opove Apex.

You can learn more about this device in our hands-on Opove Apex Review.

You can also check out Opove’s website. Last time we checked, there was a promo going on, and the price was a reasonable $159.

These are incredible alternatives that NBA players use. They are not popular by any means, but they are honest in what they promise and deliver.

You can check out our Best Massage Gun for Basketball Players post for more information on these.

What Massage Gun NBA Players Use?

What massage gun does Lebron James use?

The Lebron James massage gun is the Hypervolt 2 Pro. Before that, he was using the Hypervolt Plus.
James has been an ardent user of Hyperice products. After Kobe Bryant got his hands on Anthony Katz’s knee wraps, Kobe didn’t want anyone else using those. “He thought it was an advantage.” But Katz introduced the knee wraps to Lebron who loved them and wanted some to share with his friends Melo, Chris Paul, and Wade. Lebron is also an investor in Hyperice – one of the earliest investors in the company.

What massage gun does Ja Morant use?

The Ja Morant massage gun is the Hypervolt 2 Pro.
Morant started using Hypervolts during his days at Murray University where his star began to shine. But that was back in 2019, right? Yes. This means Ja’s first massage gun must’ve been Hypervolt Plus. Hypervolt Plus was Hyperice’s strongest massage gun back then. Hyperice partnered with Ja in September 2020. Ja was to become the company’s ambassador to the world of sports recovery.

What massage gun does Paul George use?

The Paul George massage gun is Theragun Pro and Theragun mini.
Paul started using Theraguns during his days in Indiana Pacers. He’s probably familiar with the different versions of those guns. Theragun mini is a relatively new addition to their line of products. Paul must’ve used earlier generations of Theraguns as well. Paul officially partnered with Therabody in July 2020. He also uses the Wave Roller, which is also a Theragun product.

What massage gun does Blake Griffin use?

The Blake Griffin massage gun is the Hypervolt 2 Pro.
Blake Griffin is one of the earliest athletes to invest in Hyperice after Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. He loved Hyperice’s knee wrap that started the whole thing. When he got a season-ending injury, Blake used Hyperice products to help him recover and get back on the court. He started using the first Hypervolt, then upgraded to Hypervolt Plus, and now uses the new Hypervolt 2 Pro.

What massage gun does Pau Gasol use?

The Pau Gasol massage gun is the Theragun Pro or Theragun mini.
Pau Gasol was one of the most prolific centers in the NBA. He won two championships with the LA lakers before he retired. He was in the NBA for 18 years and attributes his success to Therabody’s products. Gasol was also a six-time NBA All-Star. Gasol reportedly acquired a stake in Therabody in February last year. He’s also the athlete ambassador of the company.


Hyperice may have been the first NBA massage gun and probably the most prominent, but it’s not the only massage gun NBA players use.

Theragun has also made inroads and partnered with some stars in the league.

Apart from the two nemeses, other brands have also been spotted with NBA players. Ekrin massage guns are great alternatives to many NBA massage guns.

You can read our Best Massage Gun for Basketball Players guide to find out more.

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