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Complete Hypervolt Vs Hypervolt Plus Comparison. Find the differences!

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Anybody with a reasonable budget, looking for a massage gun, always lands on the Hypervolt vs. Hypervolt Plus comparison. It is due to the reason; every massage gun expert labels them as “Best Massage Gun.”

Whether they are worth buying, is a matter of a separate discussion. Therefore, in this Hypervolt vs. Hypervolt Plus guide, we’ll only stick to comparisons.

More enthusiasts can visit our Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus detailed reviews. 

Update: Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus has now their ‘Bluetooth versions’ released. So, now you can control your devices with the Hyperice app. Therefore, throughout this review, we’ll keep on mentioning the things in these latest models.

Hypervolt vs. Hypervolt Plus Specifications

difference between hypervolt and hypervolt plus
FeatureHypervolt (BT)Hypervolt Plus (BT)
Stall Force~60 lbs~65 lbs
Stroke Length10 mm13 mm
Weight2.5 lbs2.5 lbs
Battery Life~3 hours~3 hours
Number of Attachments5
NoiseLess than 65 dB~65 dB
Motor Used60 W90 W
Speed Options3: Custom Speed options via app3: Custom Speed options via app
Bluetooth/App ControlYesYes
Comparatively inexpensive.
Exceptional manufacturing quality.
Powerful yet quiet.
ConsNot good for deep percussion.
Doesn’t come with a carrying case.
Doesn’t come with a carrying case.
Slightly Expensive.
Our Rating8.5/109/10
Buy at AmazonBuy at Amazon

Detailed Hypervolt Plus vs. Hypervolt Comparison

Even released one year before, Hypervolt is still more popular than Hypervolt plus. Some attribute this popularity due to a better price, while others consider it a fortune of luck.

The strange part is, this popularity has nothing to with the performance. You will find out other things, as we dive deep into the review.

Design and Built-Quality

hypervolt plus percussion massage gun
Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth

Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus have precisely the same design. It would be almost impossible to differentiate them if both are in the same color. The designing of parts, placement of battery, and even the display appear the same.

Built-Quality, however, differs slightly. Due to the late release, Hyperice fixed quality issues in Hypervolt plus. Therefore, in built-quality Hypervolt plus is comparatively better. But again, the ergonomics, grip, and handling of both the massage guns are the same.

Keeping this thing in mind, we consider them almost the same in built-quality and design. While in comparison to other massage guns, the built-quality is extraordinary. 

Also, in Bluetooth versions, the design and ergonomics are similar to first-generation devices.   


Stall force and Stroke length determine percussion. Fortunately, the stall force of both these massage guns is above the average value. With this high stall force, both of them are considered strong percussive massagers.

But Hypervolt Plus take the lead in terms of stall force. Due to this high percussion force, hyperice considers Hypervolt Plus as a more powerful device.

On the other hand, the stroke length of both these massage guns is ordinary. Although the Hypervolt Plus stroke length manages to come in the standard range, it is not as great as other massage guns, especially 4th generation Theraguns.

Hence, with a strong and deep percussion Hypervolt plus will be better in terms of massaging.

Editor’s note: For those who don’t know:
Stall Force: The maximum force the motor can apply,
Stroke length: Number of millimetres, the massage gun head can move.

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Device review
Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Device

Battery Life

removable battery hypervolt plus
Hypervolt Removable Battery Pack

Despite robust percussive devices, the battery life of these massage guns is good. But Hypervolt exhibits a slightly better battery life.

The logical explanation for less battery life in Hypervolt Plus is by its strong brushless motor. We neglect this explanation as a bigger battery could have improved battery life, but that did not happen.

Additionally, having removable batteries in both of these provide additional battery options for long-usages.

Besides the duration, charging the batteries takes almost the same time. Summarizing all these battery-related things, hypervolt is slightly better.  


hypervolt plus controls
Hypervolt Plus Control Panel

Same as design, both the hypervolts are similar in speed options and range [1400-3200 percussions per minute].

Now, if you want to know, will these speed options have any impact on the massage performance? The answer is yes, as more speed options bring better massaging action on separate body areas.

Moreover, only three speed options for such an excellent percussion range is not fair. So, in speed, both hypervolts, although the same, are average.

Update: In Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth version, you can now have a custom speed option through the app. This option will prove a significant step towards personalized percussion, and increase both the Hypervolt’s therapeutic effectiveness.


With great power, comes great weight” perfectly fits for both hypervolts. But in them, hypervolt is slightly lightweight. One question most people ask is, “Whether this small difference means anything?”

hypervolt massage gun unbox
Hypervolt – Set Contents

Surprisingly, the difference of 0.2lbs feels more than the expected one when they are in hands. Thus we can say, hypervolt is light in weight.

Lastly, if anybody wants to know if the weight is ideal for me? The answer is yes for those planning to choose any of them as their first massage gun. But if anybody wants to upgrade from some soft percussive device, the weight might feel heavy.


Thanks to the less powerful motor, hypervolt produces less noise. But with the noise reduction technology Hypervolt Plus also manages to provide the noise in the standard range.

In comparison to other high-end massage guns, the noise is highly reasonable. So, if you plan to choose between these two, at least you don’t have to worry about noise.


Both these hypervolts are considered high-end massage guns. Therefore, their price is slightly above other average massage guns. Additionally, hyperice is a well-reputed brand, and they charge some extra amount for their name.

Since hyperice does not provide you with the carrying case, purchasing a separate one inflates the price by 50$. If you are confused regarding the purchase of the Carrying case, here is our opinion.

“Carrying Case plays a major role in portability and life span of massage guns. Without a carrying case, the massage gun is more disposed to damage, and you employ extra effort in taking care of the device.”

In price, Hypervolt is 50$ less than Hypervolt Plus.

Update: Hyperice just released their most affordable Hypervolt Go. Read the complete review here.

Verdict: Which Hypervolt is Better?

Although, under each section, we have mentioned the individual winners. But here is the composite verdict:

“In many aspects, Hypervolt and Hypervolt plus are the same. These include design, number of attachments, having pressure sensors, speed, somehow noise, and the warranty. While in battery life, and price hypervolt is the winner. Hypervolt plus, on the other hand, shows better massaging action, both in terms of power and depth.”

Overall, we consider Hypervolt Plus a better massage gun as it does the percussion right and has a longer life-span.      

Update: Hyperice itself is planning to promote Hypervolt Plus more. It is the reason that after their partnership with the NBA, they decided to provide players with Hypervolt plus.

Hypervolt in use

Comparison with Other Popular Massage Guns

For a long time, hypervolt was an unbeatable massage gun. Even G3PRO was unable to compete with it. Hypervolt plus took things one step further. Both of these were the biggest headaches for therabody.

But after 4th Generation Theraguns, their non-Bluetooth versions don’t hold the same value. Now, they are considered ordinary in comparison to theraguns.

Hypervolt vs Theragun
Hypervolt Plus vs. 4th Gen Theragun Elite

Bluetooth hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus, however, perfectly competes with 4th Generation Theraguns. After one or two upgrades in the hyperice app, we are expecting intensity in the competition. 

Related: Hypervolt vs. Theragun Complete Comparison.

Additionally, LifePro is giving them a hard time in every possible aspect. Kraftgun tried to compete with these devices but failed due to their customer service.

In-depth Comparison: LifePro Pulse Fx vs. Hypervolt vs. Theragun Elite vs. Kraftgun

Similarly, many under 200$ massage guns are offering many similar at far less price. OPOVE M3PRO is the perfect example. 

But, every massage gun is not good enough to beat hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus. Even after getting fierce competition, both of these massage guns are unmatchable in many aspects.

Where do they stand?

hypervolt Stall Force Stroke Length

As hyperice flagships, both massage guns enjoy an excellent reputation. This reputation is not due to its features, instead due to a pioneer in massage guns.  

Since Hyperice is also planning to release their ‘innovative’ Hypervolt Go, both of these will not possess the same rank. It is likely possible that they acquire a fading status similar to G3PRO. 

It is the reason many avid massage gun lovers are, now, waiting to see some more devices from hyperice.

Update: After the arrival of the Bluetooth version, we expect that non-Bluetooth variants will soon extinct. In addition, after Bluetooth and app-control, Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus are one of a kind massage guns. That’s the reason they are on our Best Massage Gun list.

Final Thoughts on Hypervolt vs. Hypervolt Plus Comparison

We are not a fan of exaggerating things. Therefore, in this Hypervolt Plus vs. Hypervolt review, we mentioned things under their current ambitious environment.

We should mention that the release of the new Bluetooth versions was slightly surprising for us. Therefore, we are now expecting notable releases from Hyperice.

Check current prices at Amazon: Hypervolt Bluetooth vs Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth.

Lastly, if you are new to percussion massagers, you can visit our step by step guide or know the benefits of massage guns. 

If you have any questions, suggestions, and criticism, on this Hypervolt vs. Hypervolt plus comparison, contact us.


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