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bob and brad x6 pro review

Bob And Brad X6 Pro Review: The Duo’s First Full-Sized Massage Gun

In this Bob and Brad X6 Pro review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the features and performance of the latest addition to the Bob and Brad product family (as of the time of writing this article, of course).

We heard rumors that they were going to release a new device back in May. We have been waiting for that since then, but finally it’s here. We went checking for it straightaway on Amazon and we couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

Is it something better than the two previous guns; Q2 and C2, or is it something entirely different? Read on to find out.

Bob And Brad X6 Pro Massage Gun Advice Review
Let’s review the Bob and Brad X6 Pro massage gun.

About Bob and Brad

bob and brad brand

Bob and Brad, the popular internet physical therapists, have a huge YouTube following of over 3.5 million subscribers. They offer practical advice for diagnosing and recovering from various health issues. Plus, they show their subscribers the right way to use massage guns.

They have their own range of products under the Bob & Brad brand, featuring a selection of different massage guns in their Amazon store:

  • Q2: A neat mini massage gun. While it’s not very powerful, it is portable and super quiet during operation. It impressed us a lot during our tests. Check here for more details.
  • C2: It’s a bit larger than the Q2 but still compact. We enjoyed using it but felt the performance specs were not mind-blowing.
  • D6 Pro: A robust and versatile full-sized, feature-rich massage gun. Our tests here confirmed its effective performance and durability. It’s ideal for those seeking a deep massage experience.
  • Air 2 Mini: Latest addition to the lineup we have tested; compact and efficient option offering 12mm amplitude in small massage category.

Now we will focus on yet another Bob and Brad product, the X6 Pro.

Bob and Brad X6 PRO Video Review

Let’s start with our hands-on video review of the Bob and Brad X6 Pro, which you’ll find just below.

we’ve owned and used this massage gun for a while now, capturing every key aspect for you. From unboxing to an in-depth exploration of features, testing of its stall force, speeds, and how it charges, we’ve got it all.

Our aim? To give you a real feel for this device, so you can make an informed decision.

This video complements the in-depth text review below.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro video review: features, unboxing, tests, and charging.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro Review

Bob and Brad X6 Pro Specifications

bob and brad x6 pro features
FeatureBob and Brad X6 Pro Specs
Stall Force44 lbs. (our estimation)
Stroke Length10 mm (verified)
Percussion range2000 – 3200 rpm (verified)
Attachments5 included
Weight1.9 lbs.
Noise (decibel)45 – 55 dB (verified)
Battery Life / Capacity3.5 hours / 2500mAh
ProsReasonable stall force
Interesting attachments
Low noise
ConsLow amplitude
No USB-C charging
Only 1-year warranty
Current PriceCheck at Amazon.com
Bob and Brad X6 Pro Specifications

First Impressions

You can tell straight away that Bob and Brad were looking to make this a unique product, and perhaps something different from the previous guns. Or were they?

This new gun has some visual similarities with the C2 model. For instance, the shape looks similar, the contouring and materials used, also somewhat look similar. That said, it’s a nice-looking massage gun.

It’s made of mostly plastic, but good quality plastic. It’s not as premium as Theraguns, Achedaway, or even Ekrin, but it doesn’t look cheap either.

It’s a bigger device compared to the C2 model we reviewed earlier. The handle is longer and the body is bigger. The motor housing is also more extensive – perhaps the most significant difference compared to the C2 model.

With this design, it looks like a full-sized massage gun. Bob and Brad kept some things from the C2 model, like the oval handle. The same thing we saw with the two new Hypervolt devices. The shape we have now come to know as pill-shape.

Maybe now Bob and Brad can be considered rivals with Hypervolts? Going for the same audience? We don’t know, we’ll discuss that later.

The Controls

They are simple; just one button used to do everything. It’s a good and a bad thing to have this type of operation.

Good because all it takes is a long press of the button to turn the device on or off and then quick-tapping it to cycle through the speeds.

But sometimes you just wish you had a way to easily cycle through any speed you want without having to turn off the device and starting from gear 1 all over again. In other words, you can’t go from gear 5 back to 4 without first turning the device off.

Nevertheless, we still like this kind of operation. Plus, a lot of massage guns are configured this way.


LEDs make it easy to operate a massage gun if you know which ones indicate what. The ones on the X6 Pro are what you’d expect.

There are 5 to indicate the speed gears. They are located above the main button.

There are other LEDs located at the bottom of the operation button, and these ones indicate battery charge.

Anything Else

There is a carrying case included – looks really nice. It’s a compact case and not as large as some we have seen with other devices. You don’t always get a carrying case with some brands though (think Hypervolts). Inside the case, there is the device, attachments, a wall charger, and spare head gaskets.

bob and brad x6 pro carrying case


There’s nothing unusual (in a positive sense) with the attachments. There are 5 nicely varied attachments included here; ball, bullet, fork, cushioned, and flat. If you have seen the Bob and Brad C2 model, the set of attachments is the same.

Bob Brad X6 Pro with attachments

Bob and Brad X6 Pro ball head attachment

Ball Head

It can be used to massage the whole body (universal). This one is made of EVA foam which perhaps feels more comfortable on the body than silicone.

But we know that foam deteriorates pretty fast. But it’s no biggie; those are easily replaceable.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro fork Head attachment

Fork Head

It’s the go-to head if you want to massage the spine area and trigger points. You can also massage your quads and calves with it – after running.

The material preferred for this one is hard plastic.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro bullet head attachment

Bullet Head

It’s good for massaging trigger points, and for a foot massage. It’s also made of hard plastic – as expected.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro Cushioned Head attachment

Cushioned Head

We praised it in our C2 review because it’s a soft attachment with a slight give to it.

But Bob and Brad designed this with special care – it’s not too hard or too soft, it’s somewhere in the middle, making it perfect for even a full body massage if you want to.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro metal flat attachment

Flat Head

They made this one special. But first, it’s the best attachment if you need an aggressive massage especially on large muscle groups like quads and hamstrings.

Unlike what we saw with the C2 model, this one is made of metal. But why metal?

Just to mention that metal heads are not uncommon. We have seen them with devices like Achedaway Pro and some Lifepro devices. However, the difference with this one is that instead of sliding into the device, it screws on. We are seeing this for the first time – honestly.

Also, this one got us thinking as well. Unlike Achedaway Pro’s metal heads with plastic and rubber gaskets underneath the metal, this one can be put in the freezer for a cold percussion therapy or into hot water for a heated massage.

Bob and Brad did it brilliantly. Since it’s all metal, you can heat it or freeze it – don’t put it in a microwave though.

But does it actually work? Well, yes, it does.

Cold percussion therapy helps with recovery (the same way ice packs and cryotherapy works). Heated massage guns also exist and we have covered them here before. Heat also helps with muscle recovery.

This attachment can do both. The only problem is that the cold won’t last for long and the attachment will quickly return to room temperature once it makes contact with the body.

Our Verdict

We love when brands try to be innovative with their massage gun and appreciate what Bob and Brad did with this one. It’s a small but significant feature. Overall, all the attachments are very decent.

X6 Pro metal head hot cold
The X6 Pro metal attachment for hot and cold massage therapy.

Weight and Ergonomics

Unlike the C2 model, which was more of a hybrid between a mini massage gun (the Q2) and full-sized gun, this one is bigger and a proper full-size gun. It measures 7.8 x 9.6 x 2.9 inches. It’s somewhere between the two new Hypervolts. It’s perhaps slightly bigger than Hypervolt 2, but more or less the same size as Hypervolt 2 Pro.

But one thing is clear, even though it’s a full-sized gun, it’s far from being bulky. We have seen bulky and thick T-shaped massage guns that take up more space than they should. Think of those old Hypervolts or the infamous Legiral Le3. We would say it falls in the same category as Lifepro’s DynaSphere.

Another thing, now that we have seen the new Hypervolts, we have to mention that this one bears some resemblance to those two devices. For example:

  • The ergonomics: Just like the two Hypervolts, the configuration is  uncannily identical that we had to wonder who copied who? The oval shape (pill-shaped) of the handle, and the fact that the rubber application on the handle is the same. 
  • The target audience for these ergonomics: Perhaps, just like Hypervolts, Bob and Brad were looking to offer their clientele a firm grip, especially for the elderly, women, and people with small hands. 

But don’t buy our rap about Bob and Brad copying Hypervolts. When Hypervolts were still languishing in their bulkiness, Bob and Brad already used that pill shape design on their C2 massage. We reviewed and talked about; just check, you’ll see. 

Anyway, this device weighs 1.9 pounds, which is awesome because it makes it easy to maneuver. We have been seeing a trend of devices cutting down the weight of their full-sized massage guns. Ekrin started it with the Ekrin 365 massage gun (weighs 1.7 pounds), then Hypervolts did it with the Hypervolt 2, which now weighs just 1.8 pounds from the previous 2.5 pounds – Hypervolt 1 (silver).

Another observation for this section would be the 90 degree handle. If you have read our massage gun reviews, you know that we’re not big fans of this approach because of the strain it puts on your wrist when you have to use the device for longer.

However, we’ll say the reduced weight and the nicely designed handle make up for it here. The device is nicely balanced as well, with the motor on top and batteries in the handle. The ergonomics on this device are okay.



Going by Bob and Brad’s previous massage guns, you can tell that high amplitude has never been something they have paid much attention to. Unlike Theraguns with their 16mm devices, those previous Bob and Brad models only had 8mm amplitude. That means that those earlier models were more vibrational than deep percussive devices.

But there is a slight change with the new X6 Pro massage gun. The stroke length has been improved to 10mm (or 9.98mm to be precise).

Bob and Brad X6 Pro measured amplitude
Bob and Brad X6 Pro amplitude measurement.

But is 10mm really good enough for a full-sized massage gun? Well, just for comparison, the earlier Hypervolt had the same 10mm amplitude and it was marketed as a vibrational therapy device. But then Hypervolt upgraded to Hypervolt Plus (now Hypervolt 2 Pro), which has over 14mm amplitude.

This gun cannot compete with the likes of Theragun because it cannot punch as deep as those guns do.

Another thing is that a 10mm falls short of the “sweet spot” in massage gun terms (12-13mm). That means it’s 20% less than Ekrin 365. With a 12mm amplitude and a decent stall force, the 365 can be pressed hard against the skin for a deeper massage. Also, 10mm is often associated with mini massage guns. Just to mention a few, Ekrin Bantam, Hypervolt Go, and the Minirex, all have 10mm. Only Theragun Mini has 12mm


That means that Bob and Brad’s X6 Pro massage gun is still a vibrational device, and unless you want this kind of performance, then you’d be better off going for something else. 10mm will at best be able to wake up muscles, improve blood flow, and maybe treat some soreness.

However, in our opinion, they should’ve made it 12mm for more versatility.

Stall Force

Stall force is the amount of pressure a massage gun can withstand when you are pressing it against the body.

Is there enough stall force on this X6 Pro device especially with the dinky amplitude? Well, after seeing that amplitude we had reason to worry.

However, when we tried pressing it against the body, we could tell that this one had some power in it. Compared to the previous C2 model, this one is slightly more powerful.

We checked for stall force information from Bob and Brad’s website and found out that it has 44lbs. of stall force. We will say it doesn’t go past 40lbs. but it’s also more than 30lbs. – which sometimes also means weak.

With 40lbs. it’s in the same league as Ekrin 365, and that is a great thing. Even Theragun Elite has that kind of stall force. Given how much this device costs, Bob and Brad might just have scored a win here. But, if we’re to look at both amplitude (which Theragun Elite has more) and stall force, then it would be an unfair comparison.


That said, at least Bob and Brad tried to give this device more stall force to make it competitive. We just think it would’ve been even more powerful with perhaps a 12mm amplitude. That means that our top recommendation, Ekrin 365, still does a better job than this one.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro performance
Image by Bob & Brad.


There is nothing to complain about here but also nothing to be excited about. The Bob and Brad X6 Pro revs from 2000rpm to 3200rpm. That is the same range as Ekrin 365 and plenty of other devices, including Lifepros and Hypervolts.

Generally, devices with a low amplitude tend to rev faster than those with a higher amplitude. The typical range is 3200rpm or sometimes 3300rpm.

Note that this is nothing too special for any massage guns. If a device tries using the percussion range as a selling point, it’s often because they lack in amplitude. Theragun may only max out at 2400rpm, but they have a high amplitude.

That said, the X6 Pro has 5 speed settings over that range. It’s an excellent setup for that range. Unfortunately we have seen devices that try to sell more speed settings – some 20 or even 30 speed settings. This is often frustrating, so we’re glad Bob and Brad didn’t follow that route.


Bob and Brad have always highlighted how quiet their massage guns are, and indeed, that is true. You can even check this for yourself, as we’ve featured two of their massagers in our Quietest Massage Guns guide.

However, it’s not hard to make a low amplitude massage gun hushed. The stroke length has an impact on the sound quality of a massage gun. Typically, a 10mm massage gun will be quieter than a 16mm one, but a tad noisier than an 8mm device.

Yes, the Bob and Brad X6 Pro gun is quiet and you can have a normal conversation while using it. It won’t wake up the kids or your dog either. In decibels expect 48dB in lower speeds and 54dB in higher speeds (tests below).

There will be small vibrations to the hand but nothing too uncomfortable.


The battery has 2500mAh capacity, which is typical for massage guns these days. We were expecting a much bigger battery when we saw the long handle compared to what we saw with the C2 – it’s the same capacity. But maybe that’s why this device doesn’t weigh more than 2 pounds, which is good. 

But maybe they should’ve made a USB charging device rather than go with a wall charger. The C2 had a USB-C charger and we have seen Ekrin do it with their latest 365 percussion massager.

USB charging makes it easier to carry your massage gun with you when you’re traveling. However, it’s not a big deal for now because most full-sized massage guns come with a dedicated wall charger. Only Ekrin 365 seems to have broken this rule.

The device charges pretty fast. It takes about 3 hours to full charge – just as advertised. The battery will last for days if you use it normally. However, it will drain faster when you apply more pressure or use high speed settings.

The device has a 10-minute auto shut-off feature to prevent it from overheating. Many devices are configured this way, but there are others that go for 20 minutes. Sometimes 10 minutes may not be enough for a full body massage. Not to worry though, because you can turn it on and continue.

Who is it Best for Then?

The Bob and Brad X6 Pro massage gun is an entry-level device for personal use at home.

We think it’s good enough to relax your muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage, treat sore muscles, and improve blood flow. It’s also a good choice for seniors who want something easy and stable.

However, it may not be the perfect choice for demanding users looking for something more than a vibrational massage. If you want deep tissue massage, you will be better off going for something with more stall force and with a higher amplitude, at least 12mm.

The X6 Pro has the stall force but lacks the stroke length to make it happen – especially if you are a bigger person with larger muscles. If you have a lot of mass, are a bodybuilder, or a demanding athlete, this may not be the device for you. Try a different gun.

Warranty and Price

It has a 1-year warranty which is what most devices give anyway. However, it’s still disappointing to only get covered for a year.

Some brands give more. Ekrin and Lifepro offer lifetime warranties, while Achedaway and Addsfit offer 2 and 3 years, respectively.

The price is really attractive, especially if you use the current coupon on Amazon that makes it an under $150 massage gun. That said, it’s worth considering more versatile competitors that give you a better bang for the buck.

Best X6 Pro Alternative – Ekrin 365

Bob And Brad X6 Pro Vs Ekrin 365 Best Alternative Massager

We’ve mentioned this device a few times in this article, but what does it really offer you?

Well, it has plenty to give. We recently voted it our best gun for the elderly and also picked it as the best gun under $150. But that’s because it really has that much to offer.

ekrin 365 percussion massager
Ekrin 365 in Luks’s hands.

For starters, the performance features are awesome. Like we’ve been saying, 12mm coupled with decent stall force can get you a deep tissue massage, which is why you need a massage gun anyway.

Ekrin 365 has a 12mm amplitude and 40lbs. of stall force. That is plenty of power for when you need to press the device hard against the body. You don’t need a punchier Theragun to get a decent percussive massage when you can get one with a much cheaper device.

Again, it has the same percussion range as the X6 Pro – 2000-3200rpm.

In ergonomics, not many percussion massager brands do it better than Ekrin. This one has even better ergonomics compared to previous Ekrin guns. The handle is still angled but it’s much thinner. It’s easier to handle now, and guys with small hands have nothing to complain about here. The weight is also cut down – just 1.7 pounds, lighter than X6 Pro. 

It’s easier to operate this gun. It has a power switch at the bottom and then a simple one-button operation.

The battery is not a problem either. You can have up to 5 hours of operation with a single charge or a whole week of charge if you have two 15-minute sessions. It has a USB-C charger and not a dedicated one. It’s the only regular-sized gun with it. 

It’s well equipped as well with a carrying case and 4 nicely varied attachments – there is no metal head though. You get a lifetime warranty with lifetime customer support.

A summary of what we’ve already looked at when comparing Bob and Brad X6 Pro vs Ekrin 365:


  • Stall force (both feel like 40 lbs.)
  • Same percussion range (2000-3200)
  • About the same size
  • 5 speeds in both
  • Similar time on battery
  • Carrying case included

Where Ekrin 365 beats Bob and Brad X6 Pro

  • Higher amplitude (12mm vs 10.5mm) – more percussive;
  • Better ergonomics (angled handle)
  • Weight (1.7 lbs. vs 1.9 lbs)
  • Pressure sensor included
  • USB-C charging
  • Lifetime warranty (vs 1 year)
  • Lower price (With MGA25 coupon)

What X6 Pro has that Ekrin 365 doesn’t 

  • A bit less noise (due to lower amplitude)
  • 1 more attachment (5 vs 4)
  • Metal screw-on attachment for hot & cold treatment


Both devices are entry-level and more or less address a similar audience, but for the money, Ekrin 365 offers more features, more power, a better warranty, and comes at a lower price ($143.99 when the MGA25 coupon is used).

We like the new Bob and Brad X6 Pro, but we would still choose Ekrin 365 over it.

Read More Learn more in our in-depth Ekrin 365 massage gun review.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro vs. C2

Bob and Brad X6 Pro vs. C2
Bob and Brad X6 Pro vs. C2

We’ve talked about these two extensively in our review thus far, but here is a condensed Bob and Brad X6 Pro vs C2 comparison.


  • Similar design, colors
  • Same controls
  • Oval-shaped handle
  • Same battery capacity (2500 mAh)
  • Same attachment set (but different material for the X6’s flat head)
  • Carrying case included

Where C2 still beats the new X6 Pro

  • It’s more compact
  • Has USB-C charging
  • Lighter (1.5 lbs vs. 1.9 lbs)
  • Quieter (due to lower amplitude)
  • Lower price

Both lack

  • Longer warranty (only 1 year)


Both devices are entry-level at best. The new X6 has a better stall force but disappointingly lacks enough stroke length. Even though it’s better than C2’s 8mm, the 2mm increase doesn’t cut it. In our opinion, both devices are vibrational and not percussive.

However, since we pay more attention to performance, we’ll pick the new X6 Pro over the C2 for now. Even though the C2 is attractively priced and may be a temptation to those who aren’t looking for much (plus it has a USB charger), the X6 is better.

Bob and Brad X6 Pro vs. Hypervolt 2

Bob and Brad X6 Pro vs. Hypervolt 2
Bob and Brad X6 Pro vs. Hypervolt 2

What about Bob and Brad X6 Pro vs Hypervolt 2? Here’s what we know:


  • T-shaped design with a vertical handle
  • About the same size
  • Same ergonomics (oval-shaped handle)
  • 5 attachments in both (no metal head in Hypervolt 2 though)
  • Similar time on battery

Where Hypervolt 2 beats the X6 Pro

  • Higher amplitude (12mm vs 10.5mm) – Hypervolt 2 will be more punchy
  • Lower weight (1.8 lbs. vs 1.9 lbs)
  • Pressure sensor included
  • Bluetooth connectivity, with guided sessions in the Hyperice app
  • International plug adapters included

What Bob & Brad X6 Pro has that Hypervolt 2 has not:

  • Higher stall force (est. 40 lbs vs upper 20s in Hypervolt 2)
  • More speeds (5 vs 3)
  • More percussions (3200 vs 2700 – largely due to lower amplitude)
  • A bit less noise (largely due to lower amplitude)
  • Carrying case included
  • Metal screw-on attachment for hot & cold treatment;
  • Much lower price

Both lack:

  • Longer warranty (only 1 year)
  • USB-C charging


Hypervolt 2 may be a premium product from a top brand, and the 12mm amplitude may give it an advantage over Bob and Brad’s X6, but the latter is almost 2 times cheaper.

Besides, it’s also better equipped than Hypervolt 2. It has more stall force to compensate for the lack of a better stroke length as well. So, unless you just want to own the Hypervolt badge, the X6 Pro may be the more reasonable choice.

Read More See what we think of the new Hypervolts: Hypervolt 2 review and Hypervolt 2 Pro review.

Bottom Line

Let’s end our Bob and Brad X6 Pro review by noting a few things. First, we have to give credit where it’s due. Bob and Brad’s first full-sized massage gun is a step in the right direction.

After giving us the C2, they have followed it up with something even more decent. It’s still a compact device with even better ergonomics. It has more stall force than the previous C2, which is a huge plus. We feel they should’ve made the stroke length slightly longer though.

We love the metal attachment that can be heated or frozen for hot or cold massage – great idea. Overall it’s a good choice if you want a vibrational device. It’s also more affordable than Hypervolt 2. You can buy it on Amazon here.

However, there are better alternatives at its current price. If you want better value for your money, we suggest going for Ekrin 365.

As always, feel free to comment down below, or ask us a question.

Our Bob and Brad X6 Pro Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


Bob and Brad’s X6 Pro is a nice entry-level massage gun and a good under $150 pick. It’s compact and has nice ergonomics. It has a decent stall force but lacks a long amplitude. It’s a good choice for the elderly and those who want a vibrational device, but it may not be effective in delivering a solid deep tissue massage.

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  1. I feel you should always place a massage gun in the centre of muscle with around the same force as a pencil on paper no matter what speed it is on.
    This is the energy in and out of muscle equation.
    A massage gun is a tool so let the tool do the work.

    • Thanks Alex! It’s always cool to see how different folks use their massage guns. And must say I love the pencil on paper analogy! True is it’s all about finding what works for you and letting the gadget do its magic.

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