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Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun Review

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Review: The Thrifty Theragun Mini Twin

When we first opened the package, we found the Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini intriguing. It’s essentially a reimagined Theragun Mini, or perhaps a simplified version of it… Instead of dwelling on the plagiarism vs. creativity debate, let’s get straight to what we’ll cover in this review.

How is the new Air 2 Mini massager? Is it any good? It sure looks like Theragun Mini, but does it offer what the latter does, or is it even a tad better?

Hang around for this and more, including whether you need to consider buying it.

Key Takeaways

  • This is Bob and Brad’s new massage gun, released in November 2023.
  • This device boasts a high amplitude (12mm), making it a noteworthy contender after the Theragun Mini.
  • Pros: build quality, materials, attachments; Cons: so-so power and ergonomics.
  • The biggest win: price! For this money, it’s simply unbeaten in a mini category (plus, we have a coupon; read on).

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Review By Greg Szostak From Massagegunadvice
Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini massage gun review by Greg.

Bob and Brad’s Lineup

Bob and Brad’s​1​ track record in the world of massage guns is nothing short of impressive. Their lineup boasts names like C2, T2, Q2, Uni, X6 Pro and D6 Pro – devices we’ve had the pleasure of putting through their paces.

And now, we turn our attention to their latest creation, the Air 2 Mini massage gun. As we dive into this review, we find ourselves pondering where it fits in among its siblings and whether it can hold its own against the usual suspects like the Theragun Mini, Ekrin Bantam, and more.

First Impressions and a Little Digression

(Feel free to skip to the Air 2 Mini Review section if high-level debating and dilemmas make you sleepy.)

The first thing that pops into your head, and trust me, it crossed our minds too, is what’s the deal with “Air 2”? Is there some elusive “Air 1” hidden in the shadows that we’re not privy to? It’s a fair question, right?

I mean, Hyperice and their whole naming strategy come to mind, but guess what? Bob and Brad don’t play by the same rulebook. They’ve got a thing for adding a “2” to their device names.

You’ve got your C2, your Q2, and T2. It’s like they’re on a quest to be the kings of the twos (except somehow for the X6 and D6, where they target number six)!

Now, let’s give credit to Bob and Brad for their creative product naming – they can call their devices whatever they please. We’re more intrigued by what this massage gun brings to the table.

What’s crystal clear is that the Air 2 Mini bears a striking resemblance to the Theragun Mini, and that triangular block shape screams Theragun from every angle.

So, brace yourself; you’re about to read “Theragun Mini” quite a bit in this review.

But hold on, the Air 2 Mini isn’t the only Bob and Brad creation that shares some Theragun DNA. That’s the same story we already know with their D6 Pro and Theragun Pro similarity – check out our D6 Pro review for the debate we had there.

So, is it a case of cloning, or is there more to the story? Well, we’ll leave that judgment to you. We prefer to assess performance and other nifty features, which you can explore further in this review.

The Air 2 Mini on Video

Check out the video below where we unbox our unit, share first impressions, perform speed and stall force tests, and compare it with other mini massage guns. It’s a great visual introduction to what we’ll be discussing in detail in the following post.

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Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Review

Testing Impressions

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img1
  • 12 mm amplitude for deep tissue massage
  • 5 high variety attachment heads
  • Top-notch design & quality
  • Excellent Value for Money

Our review score:


Use code MGAAIR2MINI for 10% OFF.
Apply Coupon


  • High amplitude
  • True to specs
  • USB-C charging
  • Great attachments
  • Quality of build and materials
  • Value for the money


  • So-so stall force and ergonomics
  • Too Theragun-ish? (lack of uniqueness)


FeatureBob and Brad Air 2 Mini (BB02) Specs
Stall Force~20 lbs (our estimation)
Stroke Length12 mm (verified)
Percussion range1750, 2100, 2400 RPM (verified)
Weight1.16 lbs
Dimensions5.1 x 4.9 x 2 inches
Attachments5 included
Noise (decibel)50.8 – 54.7 dB (verified)
Battery / Charging Time4800 mAh / 3.5h (advertised)
Warranty1-year default (+1 extra for our readers*)
Base Price & Discount$89.99 before coupon
Apply the MGAAIR2MINI code for the extra 10% off**
Where to BuyCheck at Amazon
Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini (model BB02) specifications.
*more on the extension in the warranty section
**apply the code at Amazon checkout

Package and What is Included

Ah, we’re all for a good package – it’s like a brand’s way of saying, “We care about your happiness!” And our Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini package? Well, it didn’t let us down.

The carrying case for the Air 2 really meets our expectations for practicality and durability. It’s a solid build case, aligning with the quality we’ve seen in other Bob and Brad products. Notably, it features a nicely embossed logo that adds a subtle but distinctive touch.

Our Take

We’ve got to credit Bob and Brad for sticking to the noble tradition of including a solid carrying case. By now, you’d think this would be standard, but apparently, Hyperice would beg to differ – they’re still holding back on those carrying cases for their Hypervolts (cue a sarcastic eye roll). In contrast, recent Theragun models come with soft pouches (our opinion on this is mixed, but that’s a discussion for another time).

Now, inside the case, you’ll find the usual suspects that come with most massage guns. Remember, this is a mini massage gun, and they typically don’t pack the box with a ton of extras – usually just the device and one or two accessories.

And this Bob and Brad goes beyond the standard package, adding value to your purchase. Pop open the case, and you’ll see it all laid out for you: the massager, five attachments, a USB-C charging cable, spare gaskets, and a user manual.

What Is Included With Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun
What is included: the massager, five attachments, a USB-C charging cable, spare gaskets, and a user manual.


Now, onto the design of this gadget – and since we’ve already thrown out the idea that it’s giving off Theragun Mini vibes, we’ll let you be the jury here.

But before you unleash your design critique, let’s establish one thing: Theragun Mini resembles more of an equilateral triangle, while this one leans more towards the right angle. Call it a case of “copy everything but with a twist.” Nonetheless, it’s undeniably an innovative shape, and we’ve got to hand them that.

Let’s zoom in on what this design brings to the table. In our review of Theragun Mini, we touched on the uniqueness of its shape and hinted that it might not be the pinnacle of ergonomic design.

Well, guess what? This one follows suit, so Bob and Brad aren’t getting any design accolades they don’t deserve. In fact, it might just be slightly worse due to a “subtle” modification. Hang tight; we’ll explain why in a bit.

The body has a concave shape, which does help with the grip. And it’s not just the shape; it’s also about the material they’ve used. While it may look like plastic, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. The body has this rubbery, smooth texture that’s quite pleasant to hold.

Now, for the control freaks – there’s a single button that does it all. It’s surrounded by three LEDs plus one in the button center, so you won’t be left in the dark about what’s happening. And hallelujah, there’s a USB-C port nearby, which is always a win in our book.

Plus, they’re letting you choose between a sleek black or a fiery red device. Your choice!


So, as the name suggests, the Air 2 Mini is clearly a small gadget, but how small is it, exactly?

Well, it measures up at 5.1 x 4.9 x 2 inches and tips the scales at 1.16 pounds.

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini More Like Small Massager
The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini: not the smallest, yet not the largest in size among mini massagers. Perfectly positioned in the middle.

Now, when we size it up against other minis we’ve put through the wringer, it’s roughly on par with Theragun’s Mini. The slight difference in shape might give you a smidge of parallax, but in essence, it’s the same size.

To give you a clearer comparison, it’s slightly larger than our favorite Ekrin Bantam. If you want a dead giveaway, just check out the weight – the Bantam is a few ounces lighter. And if size realy matter, you should look at the Q2 Mini, it’s playing in a different league, being the smallest massage gun we have tested so far.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are mini massage guns that are actually bigger than the Air 2 Mini. Take, for example, the Hypervolt Go 2, weighing 1.57 pounds, and the Renpho R3 Mini, both of which are much larger than the Air 2 Mini. In fact, the Hypervolt and the Renpho are edging towards the size of full-size guns rather than minis.

Massage GunCategorySize
Bob and Brad Q2 MiniTiny5.7 x 3.3 x 1.81
Ekrin BantamMini6.1 x 3.7 x 1.91.1
Bob and Brad Air 2 MiniSmall5.1 x 4.9 x 2.01.16
Theragun miniSmall5.5 x 4.2 x 1.91.1
Hypervolt Go 2Large6.7 x 7.3 x 2.01.57
Renpho R3 MiniLarge7.9 x 7.3 x 2.31.5
Size comparison of the Air 2 Mini with other mini category massagers.


Now, when it comes to ergonomics, well, we’ve already given Bob and Brad’s design a bit of a tough love tap, especially in the comfort department. It’s not your typical massage gun design; it’s more like trying to hold the chunkier side of a kettlebell while giving yourself a rubdown. Not exactly the coziest grip for extended periods.

The “subtle” modification we mentioned earlier plays a role here. You see, the Theragun Mini places the gun’s head right in the center, making it easy to hold at the top and maneuver comfortably, even though it’s still a bit kettlebell-esque.

With the Air 2 Mini, the weight shifts slightly to the side. This might work better if it had something to hold onto. But because you can’t quite wrap your hand around anything, you might find yourself gripping the device a bit too tightly, and that can lead to hand fatigue rather quickly.

We had a bit of trouble giving our backs a good rubdown with this setup. It still works decently for massaging things in front of you, like your hands or if you’re working on someone else. And the material used does ensure a reasonably good grip, so no unexpected slips.

But all things considered, we’d give Bob and Brad a solid 3 out of 5 in the ergonomics department. In case you’re curious, Theragun Mini landed in the same ballpark.


Operating this device is a breeze.

  • A single press of the main button reveals the battery status through the LED in the button center.
  • Hold the button for two seconds to power it on, and it will start buzzing on the first gear.
  • To switch gears, just give it a quick tap. You have 3 gears at your disposal and 3 LEDs that tell you which one you are operating on now.
  • To power it down, press and hold the button again for two seconds.
Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Controls

It’s a straightforward and intuitive process. And to help you save on battery life, there’s a nifty 10-minute auto-shutoff feature.

If it all sounds rather familiar, well, you’re not alone in that feeling – Theragun Mini’s controls and indicators share a striking resemblance (see on photos). Just a little food for thought.


Now, can we take a moment to applaud what might just be the crown jewel of this massage gun? The attachments are a real highlight here, and they’re beautifully done.

In fact, you’ll find a whopping 5 attachments in the case, which is more than we’ve ever seen accompany a mini massage gun.

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Include Five Great Quality Attachments

Just to put things in perspective, the Ekrin Bantam is pretty awesome, but it only brings 3 attachments to the party. The Theragun Mini? Well, it’s also in the 3-attachment club, and don’t even get us started on Hyperice’s Hypervolt Go 2, which comes with a meager 2.

But it’s not just about the number – after all, plenty of Amazon devices toss in a bunch of attachments, too. What makes Bob and Brad’s Air 2 Mini stand out is that they’ve not only got the quantity but also the quality. These attachments aren’t just clones of one another.

Let’s break it down for you:

  • The ball attachment – despite the manual calling it “large ball,” it’s actually on the smaller side here.
  • The Flat attachment – now, the manual dubs it the “standard ball” for some inexplicable reason.
  • The Fork attachment – which they’ve given the curious name “U-shaped.”
  • The Bullet attachment – this one gets to keep its proper name.
  • The Air Cushion attachment – and this, my friends, is where it gets interesting. This is the attachment that deserves a standing ovation because many minis out there simply don’t have it. It’s the ideal tool for massaging those tender spots – bony areas, sore spots, and more. By the way, the Theragun Mini doesn’t have this gem, even though it’s pricier.

Oh, it’s important to note that the attachments use a standard push-and-pull mechanism, which can wear out over time. Bob and Brad have thoughtfully included two extra gaskets in the set to address this. They’re clearly making sure to cover all bases when it comes to durability and long-term use.

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Standard Push And Pull Attachment Mounting Mechanism
Easily attachable without force, the Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini’s attachments fit securely and remain in place, even when the massager is in operation.


When it comes to recommending massage guns to our readers, we take our job pretty seriously. We invest a significant amount of time in testing a device’s performance, ensuring it meets our high standards. We’ve got our eyes on three critical parameters: Amplitude, Stall Force, and Percussions Per Minute. Now, let’s dive into how the Air 2 Mini holds up in these departments.


Now, let’s talk about Amplitude, or in simple terms, the stroke length. It’s the distance that a massage gun head covers, measured from the base to the tip of the attachment.

In the case of the Air 2 Mini, we’ve measured it at 12mm, which aligns perfectly with the manufacturer’s declarations. It’s refreshing to see accurate specifications, as overpromising and underdelivering is a common issue we’ve encountered in various tests across our blog.

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Massage Gun Measured Amplitude
Our test confirms it’s a true 12mm amplitude massager.

Wait just a minute, how does a mini massage gun manage to pack such a respectable amplitude?

Well, the not-so-secret answer is Theragun Mini – but shhh, we won’t tell anyone that the Air 2 Mini might be trying to follow in its footsteps. Yep, Theragun Mini is the only other mini massage gun rocking a 12mm amplitude. Most minis we’ve put through the wringer usually clock in at 10mm or even lower, and that includes the fancier Hypervolt Go 2.

So, what does a true 12mm mini device like Air 2 Mini offer you?

Well, it’s all about delivering a deep percussive massage. The device can delve deeper into your muscle tissue, helping to loosen those stubborn knots and leaving you feeling re-energized.

But hold on for just a second – there’s a caveat here. Often, devices with longer amplitude don’t vibrate as fast. It’s a trade-off that’s quite common, especially with most Theraguns. So, does this (cough, Theragun Mini clone, cough) device come with fewer vibrations? Well, let’s dig a bit deeper to find out.


You’ve hit the nail on the head. The percussions per minute here don’t quite reach the blazing speeds you might anticipate from a typical mini device (but hey, they don’t reach this amplitude level, right?).

You can expect a range between 1750-2400 RPM, across three speeds: 1750, 2050, and 2400 RPM. And these are verified by our measurements, so no trickery here, kudos!

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Max Percussions Per Minute Measured During Our Test
We used a laser tachometer to verify the RPM of each speed setting on the Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini. They are true to the specifications, as confirmed.

Now, does anything seem oddly familiar here? Well, it does bear a striking resemblance to the Theragun Mini’s specs (wink). But in all seriousness, this range falls into the category of a decent percussion range. It may not break the sound barrier, but it’s more than capable of getting the job done.

Stall Force

Now, let’s delve into what we call “Stall Force,” which is essentially the measurement of the pressure it takes to bring a device to a halt. 

Unfortunately, the stall force here doesn’t quite earn a standing ovation. If we’ve been singing praises for all the other aspects, this is the one that puts a little dent in the scorecard. In simpler terms, don’t go thinking this is packing the powerhouse punch of a full-sized gun – far from it.

We estimate the Air 2 Mini can handle about 20 pounds of pressure (it might just remind you of a certain someone – cough, Theragun Mini, cough). This is pretty par for the course in the mini massage gun category. Unless, of course, you’ve encountered the Ekrin Bantam, which boasts a stall force of up to 35lbs..

How does it translate to your everyday use?

Well, with the Air 2 Mini, applying more pressure might stop the device. We’ll still give it credit for being a user-friendly, everyday fatigue-busting device, but don’t expect it to go toe-to-toe with the Hulk.

If you happen to be a bulky muscular giant, this one might feel more like a tickle than a deep tissue massage (but in this case, you probably shouldn’t look at any mini at all).

Noise Level

When it comes to mini devices, they tend to be the stealthy ninjas of the massage gun world – you won’t catch them making a lot of racket unless there’s something awry or you’re stuck with a low-quality knockoff.

Our trusty decibel meter clocked in at a range of 51dB to 55dB (as shown in the photo).

It’s a noise level similar to a refrigerator’s hum or the ambient noise in a quiet office, which in everyday use means the device is discreet enough not to be disruptive. You could comfortably use it while watching TV without the need to significantly raise the volume or even in a quiet room without disturbing others.

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Max Noise Level Measured During Our Test
In our noise level tests, we reached a maximum of 55dB (note: environmental noise is around 35dB).

Compared to the Theragun mini (so also 12mm amplitude massager), the Air 2 Mini is noticeably quieter, registering 55dB versus the Theragun’s 60dB. This makes it a more discreet choice for those sensitive to noise or preferring a quieter massage experience.

It’s not just about decibels (dB) but also about the type of noise produced. The sound of the Air 2 Mini isn’t an annoying buzz; it’s more of a smooth hiss. No clattering or disruptive noises to contend with.

The vibrations are evenly distributed throughout the device, so your hand doesn’t feel like it’s taking a beating. All in all, it’s a stable and well-behaved device in the noise department.

Battery and Charging

Now, the battery situation on this thing had us scratching our heads a bit. It’s a tad unusual because we know Bob and Brad usually like to be upfront about their device batteries.

We had to do some detective work, scouring their Amazon listing, and finally, we got a number: 4800mAh in terms of capacity.

That’s not just decent; it’s actually pretty darn impressive – nearly double what you’d find in most similar devices. However, we’re taking it with a pinch of salt for now, and we promise to update this post as soon as more information rolls in.

But aside from the tantalizing capacity, it charges up in a jiffy. You’re looking at about 3.5 hours to go from empty to full.

And oh, it’s packing a USB-C charging port (cable also included) – how convenient, right? Even iPhones have hopped on that bandwagon by now.

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Has Usb C Charging Cable Included

Warranty and Price

You get a 1-year warranty when you buy this device. This is pretty much the standard coverage for most massage guns.

However, it’s worth noting that there are a couple of brands out there, Ekrin and Lifepro, that go the extra mile and offer a lifetime warranty. So, if an extended warranty is high on your priority list, you might want to consider the Ekrin Bantam as a contender.


Recently, Bob and Brad have made a special offer just for our audience. They’re giving an extra year of warranty on the Air 2 Mini and any other massage gun they have. To take advantage of this, simply purchase your massage gun, then email [email protected] with your order number. Make sure to mention “Massage Gun Advice Warranty Extension” in your email, and they’ll extend your warranty period by an additional year.

Now, let’s talk price.

The device is priced at $89.99, and this is yet another feather in Bob and Brad’s cap. It’s a fantastic deal and one of the reasons we believe this product is destined for success.

When you consider the overall package – from the Theragun Mini-like aesthetics, premium materials and build quality, impressive amplitude, and decent percussions – this is a product that delivers real value for your hard-earned money.

To sweeten the deal further, you can use our MGAAIR2MINI coupon code, which nets you a cool 10% discount. It’s a win-win all around. Use this Amazon link and apply the code at checkout.

TIP Bob and Brad often run sales. So, it’s worth checking our Best Deals page or Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale listing to see if there are any current offers!

So, Is It Worth It and Who’s It Best For?

After testing this new Bob and Brad device and considering everything we discussed above, this device has a lot to offer for normal-use folks.

Bob And Brad Air 2 For Every Day Use

The Air 2 Mini is a portable device with decent performance features. The stall force may be a bit weak for those who need something aggressive, but it’s not bad if you need a portable, small solution that can give you a good rub down.

The high, 12mm amplitude makes it a better choice for those looking for a more punchy device, as it moves beyond typical vibrational therapy to more entry-level deep tissue massage.

Thanks to its size and design, the Air 2 Mini is also a good choice for women, runners, elderly folks, and anyone dealing with ailments such as plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow or knee discomforts.

It works well for neck and shoulder relief but is not the best for high back pain and aggressive large muscle massage, mainly due to its less ergonomic design.

Lastly, and importantly, it’s even approved by the TSA for carry-on​2​, making it an ideal travel companion for your on-the-go adventures.

Real-Life Test The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini for Running Warm-Up

Before hitting the pavement for a 5k, I gave my muscles a quick once-over with the Air 2 Mini, using the flat head – this attachment is my favorite, especially for larger muscles.

It got them ready to roll right from the start, despite the uncooperative weather. I can definitely say this little gadget made a noticeable difference.

Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini vs Theragun Mini

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini Vs Theragun Mini
Bob and Brad Air 2 MiniTheragun Mini
Our Rating4.54.4
Stall Force~20 lbs.~20 lbs.
Amplitude12 mm12 mm
Percussions1750 – 2400 RPM1750 – 2400 RPM
Max Noise Level~55 dB~60 dB
Bluetooth + Mobile AppNoYes
Retail Price$89.99$199
Where to buy?at Amazon.com
-10% off with
at Therabody.com
-5% off with
Head to head: Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini and Theragun Mini specs comparison.


  • Both have the same look and feel.
  • They both have the same performance parameters.
  • They both have the same controls and charging type.

Where Air 2 Mini Shines

  • Five top-quality attachments compared to Theragun Mini’s three.
  • Great value for money. It’s priced at $89.99 (versus $199 for Theragun Mini), plus you can save an extra 10% with our Amazon coupon MGAAIR2MINI. Link to the deal

Where Theragun Mini Shines

  • Bluetooth connectivity and a mobile app that shows daily routines and can run the device. 
  • Premium brand with a lot of fans – especially on social media. 

Our Verdict So which one would you rather go for?

Theragun Mini certainly comes with a hefty dose of hype and the weight of a well-established brand backing it up.

On the flip side, the Air 2 Mini boldly steps into the ring as a smart and crafty Theragun Mini doppelganger.

Truth be told, apart from the Bluetooth connectivity and the fancy app, the two devices share an uncanny resemblance in terms of performance. But the Air 2 costs a fraction of Theragun Mini. If you love Theragun, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, the Air 2 is a great (mirror) alternative.

Other Air 2 Mini Competitors

When it comes to comparing this Air 2 Mini massager to others in the market, it’s a bit of a unique beast. Due to its nature and specs, there’s essentially no direct competition, excluding Theragun Mini (but we already know that). It’s not about being the best, but rather that there are no comparable devices.

We could throw Ekrin Bantam into the ring as a contender, and it’s undeniably great with a respectable stall force. However, it falls short of matching the Air 2 Mini’s impressive 12mm amplitude. So, it’s a bit like comparing apples to oranges – both excellent in their own right, but with distinct strengths.

Then there’s the Hypervolt Go 2, which is by category a mini device, but it stands in stark contrast to the Air 2 Mini. For one, it’s notably larger, boasting a 10mm amplitude, and an even weaker stall force. In this case, the differences are as clear as night and day.

Bob And Brad Air 2 Mini And Some Competitors Ekrin Bantam Lifepro Dynamini
Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini alongside competitors: Ekrin Bantam and Lifepro Dynamini.


And there you have it, our Bob and Brad Air 2 mini review. We’ve said a lot about it being a Theragun mini from an alternative universe.

However, it has a lot to offer at a very generous price. Finally a Theragun mini competitor. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini (if you had a chance to get it already). Feel free to share your comments below or join discussions on the MassageGunTalks Facebook group – join now!

Our Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


The Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini offers a perfect blend of portability and effectiveness for everyday use. With a 12mm amplitude, it provides more than just superficial vibrational therapy, making it good choice for entry-level deep tissue massage. While it’s not designed for aggressive, deep muscle work, it’s excellent for routine muscle relief and suits a variety of users, from runners to those with common ailments. Overall, it’s a great value in the mini massage gun category.

User Review
4.6 (10 votes)

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    Bob and Brad Official Website. About Us – www.bobandbrad.com. https://www.bobandbrad.com/about
  2. 2.
    Massagers. TSA.gov An official website of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/items/massagers

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  1. I recently purchased the Air 2 Mini. I also own the Mini 2.0 and the Bantam as well. With that said, I find your review to be uneven.

    The Air 2 Mini is slightly larger than the Mini 2.0. It’s not a huge difference, but it is larger.

    The Air 2 Mini’s stall force is specified at 28 lbs. but that’s definitely not accurate when in first gear. It feels like it performs ever so slightly better than the Mini 2.0 in this area.

    When it comes to noise level, again they’re pretty close. I don’t think that there’s a 5dB difference between them and in my case, the Mini 2.0 is slightly quieter. The body of the Air 2 Mini exhibits more vibrational energy.

    The battery for the Air 2 Mini is described as 2 pairs of 1200mAh batteries hence the 4800mAh spec. I’m not sure how they’re wired to operate but the battery life is quoted at 3 hrs.

    I too wondered about the inclusion of the word “Air” in the product name. It’s not Bluetooth or wireless so it did raise an eyebrow. The best I could come up with is that you can distinctly feel air exiting the vents on the device. What’s curious is that while the Mini 2.0 contains the exact same vents, it doesn’t exhibit anywhere near the same amount of airflow. So maybe this is what they’re referring to in the name?

    When it comes to the Bantam, it’s the clear winner when it comes to stall force and percussions. Where it falls short is on amplitude. It doesn’t reach the specified number of 10mm. It’s more like 8.5mm if I’m being generous.

    One other bone I’d like to pick is, who said you can control the Mini 2.0 through the app? That is totally false! The only thing the app does is recognize the Mini 2.0. It exhibits no control whatsoever over the device. Other than offering various routines to follow, the app is useless. In my opinion, the advantages you listed for the Mini 2.0 are either incorrect or useless. Its only advantage is if you’re already entrenched into the Theragun universe.

    In conclusion, I consider the Air 2 Mini as being a major disrupter once you factor price into the equation. The only question for it is long term use. Will it hold up? If it does, the Air 2 Mini instantly becomes a #1 recommendation if amplitude is a primary factor in a mini massage gun.

    One more critique on a different topic….

    Updating reviews on previously reviewed products is a worthwhile endeavor but now it seems to be overdone. Its main purpose seems to be to keep certain products/brands at the top of the reviews list. I would much rather see newer brands and products reviewed rather than updating reviews of older products.

    • Hi MaverickAH,
      Thank you for your insightful comment and the valuable points you’ve raised! We really appreciate it. Here are my thoughts in response:

      • Regarding size, you’re absolutely right. We mentioned that in our review as well. It’s not just about the size difference in numbers; it’s also about how it feels when you hold it, and the Air 2 Mini’s design makes this difference more noticeable.
      • As for the stall force, we find it so closely matched between these two models that declaring one stronger or weaker would be speculative. With such subjective parameters, personal experience plays a significant role.
      • About the noise levels, for our units (we have two Air 2 Minis and a first-gen Theragun Mini too), the Air 2 Mini was quieter than the Theragun Mini, and significantly quieter than the first generation. The difference wasn’t staggering, but it was noticeable in both quietness and smoothness. Our measurements also confirmed this. However, perceptions of noise can be subjective, and we confidently place both devices among the quietest in the market.
      • How did you determine there are two 1200mAh batteries? We couldn’t find specific information on that, and the Amazon listing even claims 4800mAh, which seems doubtful. We’ve reached out to Bob and Brad for clarification and are awaiting their response.
      • Regarding the “Air” in the name, your suggestion is interesting, but we think it’s more likely tied to marketing. The term “Air” conveys lightness and simplicity, is easy to remember, and generally has positive connotations. Wouldn’t you agree?
      • I must clarify the Bluetooth and mobile app features here. Bluetooth allows you to control the Mini’s speed across its entire RPM range. You can even set it to 1993rpm in the app, and it will operate at that speed. Here is my photo:
        Theragun mini RPM control via Bluetooth and mobile app.
        The app itself, well, for beginners or those unfamiliar with massage guns, I believe this can be quite useful. I personally don’t use it much, but my wife often chooses the Mini and its app for her evening routines. |It’s just simple. I can see the value of this feature, especially since other brands do not offer it.
      • As for the conclusion, we agree that the Air 2 Mini is a compelling option, matching the top-tier Theragun Mini in many aspects. When you consider the price-to-value ratio, it’s a clear winner. This perspective is reflected in our review, where it even scored higher than the Mini.
      • Lastly, about updates: While long-term readers like you might prefer fresh reviews, many of our visitors are first-timers. We need to ensure our content remains reliable for them too. Managing this with just two of us is challenging. And telling the truth, aside from the Air 2 Mini and upcoming new Theraguns, there hasn’t been much noteworthy innovation in the market recently.

      We’re happy you found our review engaging and hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did writing it. Your feedback is invaluable to us. Thanks again!

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