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Where To Buy Theragun Attachments

Where to Buy Theragun Attachments: Official and Third-Party Options

Many of you have reached out to us with questions regarding the availability and alternatives for Theragun attachments, a topic we’ve noticed is also widely discussed on popular forums (like here) and social media.

Given the level of interest, we thought it’d be helpful to tackle this topic head-on.

Plus, we’ll give you some tips on how to snag the attachments at a better price!

Why You May Need New Theragun Attachments

If you’ve noticed your Theragun attachment wearing out faster than expected, or if you’ve lost one – a surprisingly common issue – you’re not alone.

Due to their construction and the materials used, particularly the soft closed-cell foam, Theragun attachments tend to wear out quicker than those made from hard foam, rubber, or plastic, which are commonly used in other brands.

While this softness is great for comfort and effectiveness, it does require a bit more care during use and when swapping out attachments. Incorrect removal can cause the foam part to detach from the base, leading to premature wear or damage.

We recommend consulting our guide on using Theragun attachments and reading the user manual.

How To Use Theragun Attachments
This is how you should remove the attachment from your Theragun device.

Where to Find Theragun OEM Attachments

Official Therabody.com

The first place that comes to mind is, of course, Therabody.com. And for us, it’s the right direction. But wait, what will you see when browsing the accessories category there? Sold Out

That’s true! Securing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) attachments directly from the Therabody site can be challenging due to their quick sell-out rate.

However, our persistence has paid off, as restocks are quite frequent. That’s how we managed to buy our Duo Adapter and the Supersoft attachment.

Side note: the Supersoft head is another Therabody patent, exceptionally effective for sensitive areas. In our opinion, it’s a must-have addition.

Pro Tip: Leveraging the search function on Therabody’s website can be a game-changer. Direct searches for attachment names often reveal hidden stock that isn’t listed under the main accessories category, allowing you to add them to your cart and proceed with your purchase.

Here’s a quick rundown of Theragun attachment names for your reference:

Dampener, Supersoft, Standard Ball, Wedge, Thumb, Micro-point

Theragun Pro G5 Attachments

Pro Tip 2: Keep an eye out for Therabody promotions. The company frequently offers sales around major holidays and events—think Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, or Independence Day.

Based on our tracking (we track massage gun deals here), it’s fairly common to find a few days each month where attachments are discounted from their regular price of $20 down to $13, making it an ideal time to buy.

Official Resellers

It’s also worth checking out official resellers (like RecoveryForAthletes) for OEM attachments.

However, be ready for potential price variations, which can sometimes be significantly higher – for reasons that remain a mystery to us, akin to daylight robbery.

Finding Third-Party Alternatives

“I’ve spent what feels like a decade scouring Amazon for replacements, but with no success.”

Chris, via our contact form

Yep, searching for third-party replacements often ends in frustration. Why is it so difficult to find non-OEM attachments?

The main hurdle in finding third-party alternatives lies in Therabody’s unique design patents. These patents prevent other manufacturers from creating compatible attachments. There’s not much anyone can do about it; it’s part of their philosophy and brand strategy.

This is also why other massage gun manufacturers opt for the classic push-and-pull, cylindrical heads that you push into the slot, usually mounted on a rubber gasket.

theragun prime head attachments socket
Here’s what the Therabody attachment system looks like. It’s somewhat the opposite of what other brands offer, as you mount the tip onto the device, rather than inserting it into the device.

Wrap Up

That’s the reality about Theragun attachments. It’s the path and philosophy that Therabody has chosen for its products, and given their market position (they’re a dominant force), they can afford to do so.

History has shown that they benefit from their patents, as demonstrated by the end of the Kraftgun project (for context, Kraftgun Force was perhaps the first massage gun very similar to the Theragun Pro; too similar! The patent kicked in, and Kraftgun has been gone for a while).

We’d love to hear about your experiences with purchasing OEM attachments for your Theragun. Share your stories in the comments or join our discussions on Facebook or Reddit.

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