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best massage gun for runners

Best Massage Gun for Runners – Expert Advice From Fellow Runners

What To Know: our content is non-sponsored and fact-checked for accuracy. We anonymously order and rigorously test each product according to our methodology. We are reader-supported, and if you buy via our links, we may earn a commission. Learn more.

Today we’ll be diving deep into best massage gun for runners, naming our choices in a few different categories and explaining our reasoning in detail. We personally test all devices we recommend (some for an extensive period of time, like months).

Plus, we’ll also provide a bunch of useful, practical information for runners like you. Let’s roll then.

Massage Guns For Runners – Our Experience

You’re probably aware of the fact that literally everyone in the fitness industry has bought or is looking to buy a massage gun. In fact, much of the hullabaloo about these devices has mainly come from the athletes’ corridor.

Some have even decided to throw their money behind them; and why not, it’s wise to put your money where your muscles are.

Now massage guns have been around for quite a while. However, they started turning heads sometime in 2019.

From that point on many brands have jumped on the bandwagon and if you’ve not been keen, you may have been dragged along the road of confusion when deciding which device to buy. Knockoffs and refurbs are in plenty. Recently runners have been getting confused as well.

We know this because we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries from runners about this. We chose to do a post covering all we know about massage guns for runners. Not that you asked, but we are also a group of amateur runners ourselves.

In fact, Greg participated in the 2019 ACEA Maratona Internazionale di Roma (Rome Marathon) as a challenge for his 40th birthday.

He ran the whole race in a fairly decent time for a first-time marathon runner.

greg rome marathon 2019

Speaking from experience, massage guns have been a great answer for tight calves and glutes after a run. At first we used them as compliments to manual deep tissue therapy but now they’re pretty much our primary method for muscle recovery and myofascial release​1​.

We thought we were overreaching until we checked out Reddit comments on the topic. Looks like a lot of runners are into massage gun therapy.


If you are pressed on time and would rather go running than read through the entire post, go for the strong and versatile Ekrin B37S or even more powerful Achedaway Pro. If on a budget, Lifepro Sonic might be worth looking at. Read on to find out why we think so. Ps. We share discount coupons below.

Best Massage Gun For Running
Best Massage Guns for Running – Luke and Greg’s Best Picks In 3 Categories.

What Should Runners Look For In a Percussion Massager?

As runners we have found that there are two main occasions when massage guns have been helpful for us; the first and obvious one is after a run when deep tissue massage is needed, and second, just before a run, when you need to warm up and ease the tight muscles.

For the warm up phase, you’ll probably only need a simple device. We’ve heard of runners also needing a quick massage mid-racing to dispel lactic acid and get rid of fatigue before they can continue. Even then you’ll require a less intensive massage.

After a run, however, you will likely need something more powerful for treating your legs​2​, and this is where all the nitty-gritty details start to matter more.

Here are some things you’ll want to be keen on as you prepare to find something suitable for you.

Stall Force

Stall force just means the amount of pressure a massage gun can withstand during a massage. We often recommend a higher stall force for anyone looking for a good massage.

But what about runners? Now we know that most runners – especially long distance runners​2​ – have fully developed lower body muscles as a result of many years of training. That means that even though these muscles can be easily reached, it may take a bit of intensiveness to get into them.

So if you have large quad or glute muscles you’ll probably need a strong device for an effective massage.

However, you may not necessarily need the most powerful massage gun out there. We’re talking forceful guns like Theragun Pro that exceed 66lbs of stall force.

Provided a massage gun has 12mm or more amplitude and 40-45lbs stall force (or slightly more for a full-sized gun), you might not need more. 

We will, however, caution you against going for cheaper and weaker guns ($100 or less) that will not even give you 30lbs. of stall force at the highest gear.

As a runner, you need a deeper penetrating massage and such devices will not aid you in this. But just to make it clear: it is not about hammering the muscle with heavy punches.

It is actually more about the fact that low stall force will result in fewer percussions per minute under pressure exerted on the skin. In practical terms, instead of e.g. 3200 hits per minute, you will get much less, like half of that, which might not be enough to ease muscle tensions.

Therefore, look out for devices that sacrifice too much of either the stall force or the amplitude.

Runners Massage Guns – Stall Force Comparison


The amplitude is how far the massage gun head travels back and forth as it hits the skin. This is what tells you whether a massage gun can actually perform percussive therapy.

As a runner, you need a deep tissue massage and the more amplitude a device has the better it will serve you. For a full-size device, we don’t recommend anything less than 10mm stroke length.

Again, if you get a device with a longer amplitude then by all means go for it. However, this is only a good deal if the stall force is reasonable enough. Don’t be fooled by devices that promise 16mm amplitude but have less than 30lbs. of stall force.

In some instances however, you may see a device that has a higher stall force but with a slightly shriveled amplitude. In such cases, even though the amplitude may not hit deep, you can still get an intensive massage by pressing it hard on the skin.

Best Massage Guns For Runners – Amplitude Comparison


Only Achedaway Pro matches Theragun’s industry-leading 16mm stroke length. However, device like Ekrin B37s has plenty of stall force to compensate for the lower amplitude. It’s just a difference in characteristics. Bantam has only 10mm but it’s a mini massage gun.

Percussion Range

The amount of hits per minute you get from a percussion massage gun will determine how intensive a massage you can get. Here again the more hits (percussions) per minute the better.

As a runner, go for a gun that delivers at least 3000rpm on the highest speed level and has enough stall force to maintain that speed when you press the device hard to your skin.

The above rule does not pertain to high-amplitude massage guns, though.

It’s not uncommon to find percussion massagers with far less hits per minute. For instance some high end guns like Theraguns or Achedaway Pro will deliver just 2450-2800rpm.

This is absolutely not a red flag, it usually just means the amplitude is longer, therefore, justifying the lowered percussions

In fact, we are yet to see a device able to rev higher than 3000 rpm with 14 or 16mm stroke length. It is either a high amplitude or high frequency, not both.

PRO TIP Beware of devices that promise up to 3800 percussions per minute only to hit you with 5-8mm amplitude. This is nowhere near percussive therapy level – it’s a vibration therapy.

Vibrations can be super effective too, but usually not with low-frequency massage guns. Effective vibration devices rev well over 10,000rpms (e.g. Rapid Release Therapy).

Massage Guns for Runners – Max Percussion Comparison


Opove Apex and Theragun Elite rev up to only 2400 and 2300 ppms, respectively, but it’s due to high amplitude (less frequent head movements). Still, Achedaway Pro reaches 2800 with the same stroke length which we find impressive. Models with 12mm amplitude rev faster instead, providing higher intensity.

Programs and Speeds

We have included this because it can sometimes get confusing especially when a device promises too many speed gears.

We get questions about this frequently. Does it mean that a device with more speed gears offers better intensity? Not necessarily.

We have seen good devices with 4-5 speeds that have served us well. We’ve also seen devices that promise up to 20 speeds.

To be honest, these are a nightmare to work with. There’s no real value in having that many speed gears.

There are devices that have pre-programmed modes where the intensity changes over time. These are great as well.

There are high-end massagers that come with a pressure sensor, meaning you can have a more consistent massage.

As flashy as this may sound, it’s not something you must have.

Massage Gun For Injury Prevention
Massage guns help runners recover faster.

Other Factors Worth Checking Out

  • Build quality
    A well-built massage gun with high quality materials will go the distance.
  • Noise level
    We shortlisted devices with a maximum 65dB of noise. You can have a conversation without having to raise your voice.
  • Weight
    There are way too many heavy massage guns out there. The heaviest on our list weighs 2.6lbs. The rest are lighter.
  • Size
    Bigger is not always better. We prefer compact devices. Apart from the full-sized guns, we picked one mini massage gun for those who want a travelling companion.
  • Ergonomics
    The industry has struggled in this respect for a while now. We reward massage gun brands that try to be innovative here.
  • Accessories included
    We check for the number of attachments – usually 5-6 is enough for a whole body massage – travel case or pouch included.
  • Brand Trustworthiness
    We love brands that are willing to stand behind their products.
  • Battery capacity & Time on Battery
    This shouldn’t worry you so much because most devices have batteries that can last 1-2 weeks on a single full charge. Besides, bigger batteries mean heavier guns.
  • Warranty
    Cheaper models will offer nothing at all, a few may give a 1-year warranty. We take our hats off for brands that offer lifetime warranties.
  • Value for money
    Some devices offer more at a fair price, and some share generous discount coupons.

Best Runner Massage Guns Compared

Here are our best massage guns for runners plus a Theragun for runners. First, a handy comparison table showing the key parameters we discussed above:

Massage GunStall ForceAmplitudeCategoryPercussions
Achedaway Pro60 lbs.16 mmhigh amplitude,
medium rpm
1700-2800 ppm
Ekrin B37S56 lbs.12 mmmedium amplitude,
high rpm
2000-3200 ppm
Lifepro Sonic40 lbs.10.5 mmlow amplitude,
medium rpm
1200-2700 ppm
Opove APEX45 lbs.14.5 mmhigh amplitude,
low rpm
1800-2300 ppm
Theragun Elite40 lbs.16 mmhigh amplitude,
low rpm
1750-2400 ppm
Ekrin Bantam35 lbs.~10 mmlow amplitude*,
high rpm
2000-3200 ppm
Best massage gun for runners: performance specs compared,
*Bantam’s amplitude is actually high for a mini gun

Ekrin B37S – Best Overall

ekrin b37s features

In our opinion, the Ekrin B37S is the quintessential massage gun for runners, and our extensive hands-on experience has revealed its secret to success.

Honestly, this massage gun blew away our expectations, offering everything a runner needs for optimal muscle recovery and performance enhancement through percussion therapy.

It’s the sequel device to the B37 that got Ekrin up and running as a massage gun producing brand. Ekrin made a few awesome modifications that have made the B37S even better.

In our test lab, we found that the B37S has a similar stall force of 56lbs, but feels even more powerful when compared to the original B37. We even compared its stall force to the Theragun Pro, our benchmark device, and were thoroughly impressed.

The older B37 gun had progressive stall force depending on what speed you chose. The B37S is still progressive but 30% more powerful for each speed gear. To put it into context, the B37 will deliver deep percussive therapy at any speed.

During our testing, we also verified the percussion range of the B37S using a laser tachometer device. It is indeed top-notch, ranging from 2000 to 3200 RPM. This is slightly similar to the original B37, with the main difference being the lowest speed setting – the B37 starts at 1400 percussions per minute.

The powerful stall force is complemented by a more-than-enough amplitude, also known as stroke length, of just shy of 12mm.

While more amplitude means punchier hits, the 56lbs stall force more than compensates for any potential limitations in stroke length, allowing you to press the device hard to the body (without slowing down those fast percussions).

We appreciated the 5-speed gears, just like the original device, but discovered an awesome tweak on the 5th gear: a pre-programmed dynamic mode that cycles between the highest and lowest speeds.

Our hands-on experience with the B37S revealed its lightweight design, coming in at just 2.2lbs. The angled handle offers excellent ergonomics, allowing users to easily reach various body parts.

Our photos (below) demonstrate exactly how ergonomic and convenient it is when used on different areas of the body.

Ease of use was another aspect we enjoyed while testing the B37S. It comes with 6 attachments, two more than its predecessor, and features a “push and twist” locking mechanism for the attachments.

We measured the actual sound levels using our high-precision noise meter and found that it operates quietly, ranging from 50dB to slightly over 60dB, despite being advertised at 35-55dB.

Additional features that stood out during our review include a reactive force meter that indicates the pressure exerted on the gun, and a high-quality Samsung branded battery.

We’ve had our B37S device for more than 2 years now, and it still works like a charm, with no issues!

Ekrin’s customer support is top-notch, and they even offer a lifetime warranty, which further solidifies our confidence in the B37S as the best overall massage gun for runners.

Father’s Day DEAL ALERT
Get 25% off Ekrin B37S (and any other Ekrin massager), only lasts until the end of June 18th! Use the MGADAD25 coupon at the checkout, and pocket $82,49. Click here to apply the coupon. Ps. you won’t get a better deal, guaranteed!

You can use the promo code MGA20 to get a 20% discount that slices the price from $329 to just $263.99. You can get the B37S right here.

MORE INFO: Read our detailed, hands-on Ekrin B37S Review.

Achedaway Pro – Best for Professional Runners

Achedaway Pro features

So, the Achedaway Pro is the second gun from Achedaway, and in our opinion, it’s the best massage gun for professional runners. We’ve thoroughly tested it, and guess what? It holds its own against the Ekrin B37S, which we previously reviewed.

The Pro is a powerful gun, and we’d recommend it for those who want something that will really dig into the muscle. It’s perfect if you have big, well-developed muscles.

You could even consider it as a more affordable alternative to the Theragun Pro, as the performance features are pretty much the same, except for some fancy additions on the Theragun (but who needs all those bells and whistles, right?).

Talking of performance, this gun has an advertised 80lbs. stall force. We saw that and were amazed. However, when we got our hands on it and tested it extensively, the stall force felt more like 60-65lbs. which is still impressive to say the least.

The amplitude is 16mm, putting it in the same league as the Theragun Pro. We haven’t seen anything longer than that in the massage gun world. We measured the amplitude and confirmed it to be accurate (as seen on photos below). With that kind of power and punch, you can be sure the Achedaway Pro will deliver a deep percussive massage.

16mm amplitude on Achedaway Pro - measured and confirmed!
Best-in-the-business 16mm amplitude – we measured it and confirmed to be accurate.

The percussion range is 1700-2800rpm with 5-speed gears to go along with it. You don’t get the extra fancy mode like the one on the Ekrin B37S, though (bummer). However, you do get a powerful 3200mAh capacity battery (nice!).

The only problem is that it drains away a bit quicker. Whereas Ekrin B37S gives you up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge, the Achedaway Pro will last for 2-4 hours only. The advantage, however, is that the battery is removable and you can purchase the gun with a spare battery if you need to use it extensively.

It’s quieter than the B37S, though – 50dB to slightly over 60dB. Due to the large capacity battery, the Achedaway Pro is heavier – 2.6lbs. It’s the heaviest gun on our list, but don’t let that deter you; the Achedaway Pro is definitely worth considering for professional runners – trust us on this one!

It costs $299 but you can apply the promo code MGA60 to get a $60 discount. That cuts the price down to $239 for a single-battery version. The same gun but with a spare battery will cost you $309 after the discount.

MORE INFO: Read our in-hand Achedaway Pro Review.

Lifepro Sonic – For Runners on a Budget

lifepro sonic features

We picked the Lifepro Sonic because not only does it pack some interestingly powerful features, it’s also cheaper than our top two picks. So if you need something reasonably powerful and are a few bucks short, we’ve got you covered with the Sonic massage gun

This runner’s massage gun has a nice and somewhat unique retro look. It follows the original T-shape kind of design with a straight handle, and although it’s a relatively old product, it still has a lot to offer.

While it has a reasonable stall force in the upper 30s lbs., which is not bad given it’s not the biggest gun (9.8”h x 8”w), the real amplitude is 10.5mm (advertised is 12mm). This is slightly less than in our beloved Ekrin B37S, but it’s enough with a stall force like that.

The advertised percussion range is 1300-3000rpm, although our laser tachometer didn’t show more than 2700. This may not sound very impressive, but we like how low you can start with this device.

We believe this is a good gun to use for a warm-up massage before you start running. It has 5 speeds to go with this as well. It doesn’t have any pressure sensor, but it does come with 8 different attachments, which is insane (right?). It obviously doesn’t hurt to have that many, but 5 of them would likely be enough – some of them are just slightly different variations of other ones.

It doesn’t have any pressure sensor but it does come with 8 different attachments, which is insane. It obviously doesn’t hurt to have that many, but 5 of them would likely be enough – some of them are just a slightly different variations of other ones.

Unfortunately, it’s not the quietest device we’ve tested – 49-66dB, but as we already said, it is not the latest generation percussion massager (so we can forgive that). However, the battery can be easily detached, and the capacity is 2600mAh of juice, so it will go to work for 2-4 hours, depending on how you use the gun (not too shabby).

Lifepro is a trusted brand and will give you a lifetime warranty if you decide to purchase this device. So, if you’re on a budget and looking for a decent alternative to the Ekrin B37S and Achedaway Pro, the Lifepro Sonic might be the perfect fit for you!

The price was recently reduced to $129.99 but you can still get a 10% discount if you use the code MGA10. You can then get it for only $116.99.

MORE INFO Here is our full Lifepro Sonic review.

Opove APEX – Affordable High Amplitude Runners’ Massager

opove apex specification

The Opove APEX can be a great companion for runners who are looking for a punchy massage gun tailored especially for them. We recently tested it and we must say we had fun with it.

What sets it apart from the Sonic above is that it’s the latest tech – it’s super quiet, ergonomic, and surprisingly well made. It’s a tad more expensive than the Sonic but boasts better specs, making it worth the investment.

While the Ekrin B37S offers a balanced experience, high stall force, and excellent support from the manufacturer, the APEX delivers more amplitude. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but it does what it’s meant to do (and it does it well).

If the 12mm amplitude on the Ekrin B37S isn’t enough, you’ll love the 14.5mm amplitude offered by the APEX. If you desire the Achedaway Pro’s 16mm but can’t afford the extra bucks, this one will handle the job just fine.

Regarding stall force, both the Ekrin B37S and Achedaway Pro already provide more than enough power for runners. These fantastic devices won’t let you down when you’re craving a deep tissue massage. The Opove APEX, however, doesn’t lag too far behind.

Remember how we said that mid 40s stall force is good enough? This device boasts that kind of stall force. It doesn’t stall easily, and another cool feature is that when you apply too much pressure, it doesn’t shut off entirely. Instead, it pauses and resumes revving when the pressure eases.

For accessories, you get everything at a very affordable price. There are 6 nice attachments and a sleek carrying case included. Opove crafted the device with a premium feel, and it’s branded beautifully, giving it a professional and high-quality appearance.

So, if you’re on the hunt for an affordable, high-amplitude massage gun for runners, the Opove APEX could be your perfect match!

It retails for $199.99, but the last time we checked, there was a 20% discount on – you’ll only have to part with $159. Great deal given all the specs it has. Buy it at opove.com.

MORE INFO Read our full Opove Apex review.

BANTAM – Best Portable Massage Gun for Runners

ekrin bantam features

The Bantam by Ekrin was designed with runners in mind, particularly those who need a compact massage gun that can easily fit in their bag. If you’re a runner who travels a lot, you’ll truly appreciate its convenient size. Despite its small form factor, this little gun amazed us with its top-notch features and performance.

For starters, the advertised stall force is 35lbs., which is impressive for a mini massage gun. To our pleasant surprise, it proved to be accurate during our extensive hands-on testing.

Even more interesting is the fact that the stall force remains solid across all speed gears.

This is quite remarkable, as most mini massage guns tend to stall easily on lower speeds, with only the top gear achieving the advertised stall force.

The amplitude is almost 10mm, which is perfect and more than enough for such a small massage gun.

The amplitude is almost 10mm, which is perfect and more than sufficient for such a compact massage gun. It revs at 2000-3200rpm across 3 speed gears. Despite its sturdy build, it weighs a mere 1.1lbs. Active individuals who are always on the go will absolutely love this gun.

The Bantam comes with a carrying case and 4 attachments, which is just the right amount for runners. Its powerful battery lasts for over a week, and it’s USB-C compatible for convenient charging.

In our experience, the Ekrin Bantam is undoubtedly the best portable massage gun for runners who want a powerful, travel-friendly option.

You can get it for $149.99 but if you apply the MGA20 coupon at checkout, you will buy it for $119.99 – translates to 20% discount. Get the little Bantam right here.

And What’s The Best Theragun for Runners?

Theragun are the industry giants with their premium quality products. Runners who can afford a highly priced massage gun will be pondering over which Theragun to buy.

Theragun Pro is obviously the most advanced of the bunch but there’s a chance you won’t need its rotating arm or the removable batteries.

We chose to go with Theragun Elite because it’s 30% cheaper yet still quite powerful. Theragun Prime doesn’t meet our criteria for at least 40lbs. of stall force.

Theragun Elite Measured Amplitude
Elite has a confirmed 16mm stroke length (amplitude) – same as the top-shelf Pro.

Elite has precisely 40lbs. stall force. It also has the industry high 16mm amplitude. This means it can deliver both intensity and punch for a post-run massage.

It will serve you well even if you are a heavily built runner. It has a percussion range of 1750-2400rpm. This is fine because of its longer stroke length, and accurate – we measured it in our testing lab.

It has an OLED screen and a built-in force meter. It has 5 speeds that can be adjusted via a dedicated app. It comes with 5 attachments and a carrying case.

But the main reason we included a Theragun is because of their innovative approach. We appreciate their unique designs and wonderful ergonomics (multiple grip options). We prefer them to the T-shaped Hypervolts.


  • Elite is too loud for our liking. It’s over 70dB which is not that bad, but compared to the other guns, it’s the loudest. The Achedaway Pro is almost hush in comparison.
  • The battery is so-so. One charge will only last 2-3 hours on continuous use. However, under normal circumstances, it should last up to 4-6 days.
  • It’s pricey. With $399 you can get the Achedaway, a spare battery and still keep $90 (if you use the promo code MGA60).
  • Just a 1-year warranty. At its price point we think it should have a lifetime warranty.
  • For more details, head over to our Theragun Elite Review or check it out in the store.

How to Use a Massage Gun on the Achilles Tendon

Most runners have been wondering if a massage gun can be used on the Achilles tendon. Studies​3​ have shown that pressure massage can be used to take care of Achilles tendinopathy. However, each case may be different and the best thing may be to consult a professional.

But from what we have been told, and even practiced ourselves, using a fork attachment can lead to good results.

We’ve also heard from people who have found the bullet head to be useful in this case. Whichever head you choose, we encourage you to use caution and avoid pushing into pain, as this may be painful and even cause more harm. 

The most effective, and safe way to manage your achilles tendon would be to take care of your calves​4​. This is important because a tight calf will add strain and stress to the Achilles tendon. Here are the steps:

  • Try and relax as you relieve tension in your calf which leads all the way down to the Achilles.
  • Use the flat head. Or alternatively use the ball head if the flat head feels too intense.
  • Slowly move the massage gun up and down the calf muscle. Apply moderate pressure and release the gun as you get closer to the Achilles. 
  • Keep it gentle. It’s better to go longer and lighter than too quick and too intense.
  • Massage other muscles around the bottom of your foot. Use the flat head. Massage the front part of the leg (shin). The shin is often ignored by most people who don’t realize that if not taken good care of it may cause imbalances in the body. This especially relates to the Tibialis Anterior which is the most relevant muscle of the shin for runners.

TIP You can use the soft ball head if the flat head proves to be too intensive.

Hypervolt For Foot Pain
Post-running treatment of feet and achilles tendinopathy with a percussion massager.

FAQ: Quick & Quirky Answers on Running Massage Guns

Is a massage gun good for runners?

Yes Massage Gun Is Good For Runners

Yes, massage gun can be beneficial for runners as it aids in muscle recovery and myofascial release, particularly for tight calves and glutes after a run. Additionally, massage guns can be used before running to warm-up muscles and prevent injury. While originally used as a complement to manual deep tissue therapy, many runners now rely on massage guns as their primary recovery method.

How often should runners use massage gun?

Runners can use a massage gun daily, adjusting the frequency according to their training intensity and personal needs. After intense workouts, a massage gun session can promote recovery and alleviate muscle soreness. On rest or lighter workout days, shorter sessions can help maintain muscle flexibility and reduce stiffness.

Should I use a massage gun before or after running?

Both pre- and post-run massage gun use can be beneficial for runners. Before running, using a massage gun can help warm up muscles, increase blood flow, and reduce the risk of injury. After running, it aids in muscle recovery, reduces soreness, and improves flexibility. Ideally, use the massage gun before running to prepare your muscles and again after your run to support recovery. And always listen to your body and adjust the usage based on your needs and comfort levels.

Which Theragun is best for runners?

Theragun Elite For Runners

Every Theragun will do the job for runners; the choice depends on personal preference and budget, as these are not cheap devices. We believe the Theragun Elite is a great option due to its balance of power, features, and cost. It has a 16mm amplitude, 40lbs stall force that are suitable for post-run massages. The ergonomic design and multiple grip options provide ease of use. All in all its an excellent choice for runners seeking a premium massage gun.

Best Massage Gun for Runners – Bottom Line

With that we end our post on the best massage gun for runners. We believe the choice will be a little easier now.

The Ekrin B37S is the best and most versatile option in our opinion. It is nicely designed with impressive features, plenty of power, awesome buying experience, and a lifetime warranty.

The Achedaway Pro is a great gun for pro runners with its top tier features, a viable alternative to top-tier Theraguns or Hypervolts.

If you want a good massage a gun for runners at a good price, you have two options in Lifepro’s Sonic and Opove Apex. The Bantam is a portable option you can bring anywhere with you.

Good luck in your purchase!

Ps. If you need a personal recommendation, feel free to ask us a question. Bye!

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