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Best Heated Massage Gun

Best Heated Massage Gun Picks: Turning On The Heat In Percussive Therapy

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Today let’s find out what is the best heated massage gun. Now we all know how popular these devices have become especially in the last few years – they’re the gadgets of the moment.

To be fair though, this hype is not just hot air, these devices have been proven to work. With many people, especially fitness enthusiasts, looking for a convenient way for muscle recovery, these devices have been a welcome blessing.

That said, just like many other popular devices (especially electronic devices), massage guns have developed trends. We’re talking about what versions of them have the market talking. The two popular trends in this space today are mini massage guns (which we looked at recently) and heated percussion massagers. 

Today we’ll look at the heated ones. We’ll look at the top heated massage gun and some runner-ups, We’ll also tell you how a heated percussion massager is different from a regular one. Then we’ll let you know what to look for when you go out to buy one. So, stick around and get warm as we take you through this guide.


If you can’t hang around for long – you just want to know what the best heated percussion massage gun is. We won’t keep you for long. But we recommend the Urikar Pro 2 percussion massager.

We like it not just because it provides the heated massage option, but it packs superb features like above-average 12mm amplitude and the powerful stall force. It has other awesome features which we have covered in a mini review below.

Best Heated Massage Guns
Best Heated Percussion Massage Guns – Top 3

Why A Heated Percussion Massage? 

Before you even factor in a percussion massager, heat massage is a very effective therapy that will not only soothe your muscles and greatly reduce pain in there, but will also immensely improve blood circulation to the affected area. A heated massage therapy also hugely increases muscle flexibility.

Now, factor in a percussion massager and you’ve got something even more beneficial. It’s a kin to having a hot stone massage, which gives you a host of befits like:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved sleep if you’re insomniac
  • Alleviate symptoms associated with autoimmune illnesses.
  • Boost immunity
Urikar Pro 2's heated head.
Urikar Pro 2’s heated head.

Since you’re using a massage gun that punches the skin during the massage, the heat penetrates deeper into the muscle giving you a much more satisfying experience.

That means heated massage guns are an improvement of the regular ones. But perhaps not always…

How are Heated Massage Guns Different?

If you are an amateur in the massage gun world, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a heated percussion massager was a completely different device from a “normal” one.

To be honest, there isn’t that much difference between the two (at least not as far as everything else is concerned).

A heated percussion massager is only different because it has the heat function and 1 attachment that works with this mode. Otherwise, everything else is as regular as it should be. 

Think of the heat function as a bonus you don’t get with any other massage gun. The one attachment that is used for the heated massage therapy is the flat (usually ceramic) head. All the other attachments are standard and will not give you a heated massage.

But, is there a catch here?

The Trade-Offs…  

Even though everything else is similar and perhaps standard, there are certain compromises made with the heated massage gun.

Unfortunately a lot of those compromises are in performance. Many heated massage guns are dwarfed where it matters the most. But don’t worry it’s not too much, but it’s noticeable. But where?

Stall Force

The amount of pressure enough to stall the motor of a massage gun (when pressed to the body) is known as the stall force. Generally, the higher the number here, the better.

However, with most heated percussion massagers, the stall force rarely goes beyond 30lbs. Apart from one heated massage gun, the Urikar Pro 2 and also the Bob and Brad X6 Pro (which surprised us to be honest) no other gun that we’ve seen in this niche can handle anything over 30lbs.


This is how deep the massage gun punches. Again here, the higher the number the better. But with most heated massage guns the amplitude rarely goes beyond the 10-12mm mark. Once again our top pick defies this fact with its 12.5mm amplitude.

Stall Force Comparison

Conclusion: Aura Revive and Urikar Pro 2 feel comparable, with the former being a tad more powerful. The latest X6 Pro from Bob and Brad feels even stronger, but the heating on this device is passive (as you’ll find below).

Amplitude Comparison

Conclusion: Stoke Length of 12mm is almost unseen in heated massage guns. Urikar Pro 2 is the only one that we’re aware of. Most have up to 9-11mm. Urikar feels punchier, while other guns on our list feel more vibrational.

But why the Trade-Offs?

We figure there are a number of reasons;

  • The goal. The main function of a heated massage gun is to provide a soothing effect to sore muscles and give a relaxing massage. They’re rarely meant for a deep-to-the bone massage. 
  • Practicality. Obviously the heated function means hardware added to an otherwise already bulky device. A bigger motor (for a higher stall force) and space to accommodate a higher amplitude would mean an even bigger gun. Which wouldn’t be necessary in this case.

But we know someone who has at least tried to accommodate as much into their product and still managed a decent gun. Our top recommendation Urikar Pro 2 appears to have solved a conundrum..

However, the percussion range – the vibration intensity or the number of hits per minute – is pretty standard. We’re glad they didn’t interfere with this aspect of the massage gun because we feel you still need intensity even in a heated gun.

What Else Should You Look For?

Here’s what else we believe should occupy your mind when you’re choosing your next heated percussion massager;

  • Brand Trustworthiness: It’s important that a massage gun brand offers you a good buying experience and top quality customer support.
  • Accessories included: Look out for such things as whether the gun comes in a carrying case and the number of attachments included.
  • Battery: We prefer a good capacity battery that will ensure a smooth experience.
  • Warranty: We love lifetime guarantees as it shows the company is willing to stand behind their product. Some have 1-year and 2-year warranties.
  • Value for money: Cheap is not always expensive in our book. Some devices offer more for a good price.

The Best Heated Massage Gun & Runner Ups

Here are the products that captured our attention. We discuss them briefly.

Urikar Pro 2 – BEST Heated Massage Gun

Urikar Pro 2 specifications

Urikar is a relatively new brand in the massage gun industry. They aren’t a big kahuna but they have some pretty unique devices. You can tell they did their homework because they try to tackle things that the market hasn’t quite figured out yet. They went all out to try and improve on ergonomics and power. 

Their Pro 2 model is a heated massage gun that stands tall among its peers. We couldn’t find another heated percussion massager with 55lbs. of advertised stall force. We advise you take this with a pinch of salt because when we tested it we felt that it is not as much as Urikar folks claim.

We will take a hint from the 65W motor and say it’s between the high 30s and low 40s, just to make a wise guess. Which by the way is still unmatched among heated massage guns. 

It is advertised to having an impressive 15mm amplitude, but we proved in our review that it has 12mm stroke. For a heated massage gun we must say impressive as most don’t even have 10mm of stroke length!

What’s the most important perhaps is that it has a special ceramic head that warms up to 104-113 degrees Farenheight.

A bit on the process: you’ll first need to insert the attachment, then press the mode button that will take you to the preheating mode (look out for an orange flashing light). Wait for about a minute for the orange light to stop flashing. Once it stops flashing but remains on, it then means it’s heated and ready to be used.

The percussion range is also top tier with advertised 1200-3600rpm. In the reality, a device with 15mm stroke length won’t rev past 3000 rpms., so again, take these figures with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, even 2700 rpms that you’re getting an intense massage with this thing.

It has two other modes apart from the heated mode. One is the regular one – which they call intermittent, while the other is the progressive (ladder mode) where percussions are timed to increase automatically.

It comes with 6 speeds, which is just about okay – you don’t need more. It’s also advertised as being very quiet while at it. 39-45dB must be awesomely quiet.

Other things that we loved include its impressive ergonomics with a rotating arm (180-degree rotation). This is a rather unique twist that looks simple but works like a charm.

The battery is okay. 2600mAh capacity is not bad when you can get 2-5 hours of use with a single charge. We feel the 10-day battery life is probably possible if you use the device at a low intensity and perhaps without turning on the heated function. 

It comes in a nice sturdy carrying case that looks professional. You get 8 heads with this device, so obviously plenty of options here.

Urikar Pro 2 retails for $169.99 but you can use the PRO2 code to get a massive 40% discount. It will then cost only $101.99. Buy it right here. It’s the best bang for the buck in our list.

Learn More Our hands-on Urikar Pro 2 review.

Aura Revive – FSA/HSA approved 

Aura Revive Specifications

The Aura Revive is our list’s only FSA/HSA eligible massage gun. If you want to enjoy the tax benefits, you can purchase this massage gun as a medical device.

This is probably the biggest advantage this Aura massage gun has over our top pick Urikar Pro 2. Otherwise, every other feature in this device is similar to the Urikar Pro 2. There are a few differences that may tilt the balance either way, depending on how you choose to look at it. 

For starters, this Aura Revive massage gun has a 9.5mm amplitude. This is a low amplitude that will offer vibrational feel rather than deep, percussive punch. Urikar Pro has a better 12mm amplitude capable of delivering deep hits.

Aura Revive Measured Amplitude

However, the Aura Revive has a better stall force than Urikar Pro 2. The figures aren’t really that far apart (Urikar has about 20-25lbs. while Aura Revive has 25-30lbs.), but Aura Revive feels stronger, especially on higher gears. 

Unlike the Urikar Pro 2, the Aura Revive has a conventional design that we have seen with many other massage guns. It has a shorter handle. This makes it easy to maneuver but challenging when trying to reach your lower back. It’s slightly more compact than Urikar Pro 2 but slightly heavier. 

It has good accessories, including 8 attachments and a carrying case. The attachments have the same feel as Urikar Pro 2’s. However, some are different – for instance, it has a five-claw head, while the Urikar Pro 2 has a three-headed ball attachment.

It has a decent carrying case. Surprisingly, it’s slightly louder than the Urikar Pro 2, even though it has a lower amplitude. It has a 2600mAh battery that will last for 2-3 hours of continuous use. 

It comes with a 1-year warranty and costs $199 at HSAstore and FSAstore. This is where the pendulum greatly shifts to our top pick above, which is cheaper. If you use coupons, it’s even more affordable.

Unless you are getting the Aura Revive via FSA/HSA means, it might be too expensive for what it offers, but nevertheless it is a pretty good massage gun.

Learn More Our hands-on Aura Revive massage gun review.

Bob & Brad X6 Pro – With Passive Heating

bob and brad x6 pro features

Bob and Brad is a relatively new brand in the massage gun industry. They aren’t a big kahuna but they have some pretty unique devices. You can tell they duo of well-known therapists did their homework because they try to tackle things that the market hasn’t quite tried out yet.

With the new X6 Pro massage gun, they went all out to try and improve on ergonomics and added a pretty unique attachment that can work great for a heated massage (and for an ice-cold one, too). We are talking about the flat metal attachment, as pictured below.

bob and brad x6 pro Flat metal Head
The X6 Pro metal attachment for hot and cold massage therapy.

The way this attachment works is simple, yet brilliant:

Since it is a screw-in attachment (unlike the other ones), it doesn’t have any rubber gaskets. It means that this all-metal head can be put into the hot water for a heated massage. Since it’s all metal, you can heat it (or freeze it) easily – don’t put it in a microwave though.

You could call it the “passive heating“, as opposed to the active heating you get with the Lifepro Fusion guns, or the Medcursor. The only con? The heat won’t last for too long – the attachment will return to room temperature not long after it makes contact with the body.

That being said, as far as the performance is concerned, Bob and Brad’s X6 Pro model is a heated massage gun that stands tall among its peers. We couldn’t find another heated percussion massager with 44lbs. of advertised stall force. We’ve tested this device ourselves, we can confirm it is a pretty powerful one – the stall force is unmatched among heated massage guns. 

It has a 10.5mm amplitude, which on paper is tiny bit higher than the Lifepro Fusion X, but the truth is that a half a millimeter difference isn’t really a difference.

The percussion range is also top tier with 2000-3200rpm, which means you’re getting an intense massage with this thing. It comes with 5 speeds, which is just perfect for the percussion range – you don’t need more.

It is a quiet device, and you can have a normal conversation while using it. Expect about 45dB in lower speeds and 55dB in higher gears.

Other things that we loved include its improved ergonomics (versus the earlier Bob and Brad C2) with a pill-shaped handle for more confident grip. This is the same twist that Hyperice recently introduced in their new Hypervolt 2 and 2 Pro – looks simple but works like a charm.

The battery is okay. 2500mAh capacity is not bad when you can get 2-5 hours of use with a single charge. We feel the 10-day battery life is probably possible if you use the device at a low intensity and perhaps without using too much pressure. 

It comes in a nice sturdy carrying case that looks professional. Aside from the metal attachment for a heated massage, you get 4 regular heads with this device, so obviously plenty of options here.

Get the device at Amazon right here, or learn more in our Bob and Brad X6 Pro review.

Lifepro Fusion X – Third Runner-up  

lifepro fusion x features

UPDATED 2022: It seems that Lifepro Fusion devices have been discontinued. We suggest to look at Urikar Pro 2 or Aura Revive above.

Lifepro is probably one of those rare gem companies that puts the customer first. We haven’t seen any other brand that has put out a vast catalogue of percussion massagers. In fact, since we’re here, you may be interested to know that they actually pioneered heated massage guns. 

Lifepro have two models in this niche; the basic Fusion X, and the slightly more advanced Fusion FX. They’re pretty similar devices except the FX has 3 pre-programmed modes (heated, variation mode, and increasing mode). There’s also a slight difference in how the FX is designed (shape).

We chose the Fusion X because it’s way cheaper and those seemingly fancy extra modes on the FX are not worth the extra bucks.  

That said, the Fusion X is still an impressive gadget with a lot to offer. While it has a heated mode, it can also work as a regular massage gun.

The heating mode is really well executed. One thing to note, however, is that while it heats up to a super impressive 113-131oF, you’ll have to wait for about 10 minutes for it to be ready. However, once heated, the heat stays on for a long time even if you switch to the regular mode. We think it is a good trade off.

Performance wise, It has what we will call so-so performance with a 20lbs. stall force. This is not good enough to give you a deep massage but you probably won’t need all that to get a soothing heated massage. The 9mm amplitude is okay we guess, although 12mm would’ve been perfect.

The percussion range is decent 1600-2900rpm, more than enough for an entry-level gun. It has 5 speed gears to go with it. It revs quietly. They say 60-70dB but felt quieter (probably 50 to slightly over 60dB).

It comes in a nice travelling case and you’ll also find in there 5 attachments. It has a 2600mAh capacity battery which is similar to other devices we featured down below. A single charge will last you between 3-5 hours. It’s a removable battery, so pretty convenient.

Lifepro is a well-known brand that you can trust. As one two, maybe three brands out there, they offer a risk-free lifetime warranty on their products. 

The Fusion X massage gun normally costs $179.99 but you can use the coupon MGA10 and buy it for $161.99. This is 10% less. Get the device right here at lifeprofitness.com.

The good part is that this coupon applies to any of their devices that you choose to buy.

Read More For more information on this device, read our full Lifepro Fusion X review.

What about Blackleaf Relax Pro and Pro S?  

So we were going through the best alternatives to our picks and we decided to tell you about 2 more products just as an afterthought.

We got these two products on Amazon (Relax Pro and Pro S)– apparently that’s the only place you can get them. We noticed they’re dead ringers for Lifepro’s Fusion models (X/FX). 

blackleaf relax pro massage gun
Blackleaf Relax Pro

Well, to be honest, we are not big fans of Blackleaf because they don’t offer anything innovative between these two devices.

If they didn’t vary the colors it would be impossible to tell one from the other.

Everything else is pretty much the same. They have similar stall force (advertised as 45lbs. but feels like 20lbs. maximum).

9mm amplitude but standard percussion range of 1600 to about 2900 rpm. The battery capacity is similar to most in our list (2600mAh).

The heating is okay (though 113-118oF is lower than Fusion X’s 113-131oF). 

Our advice here is that you choose to support Lifepro – an American company that cares about their customers with top notch customer support and are willing to stand behind their products with lifetime warranties.

However, if you’re squeezed on your budget, you might opt for these 2, or better yet get the Urikar Pro 2 (remember to use the PRO2 code for 40% OFF).

Best Heated Massage Gun – Conclusion

With that, we hope you can now choose the best heated massage gun without a hassle.

We must say Urikar Pro 2 surprised us in every way and we’ll be publishing its full review shortly.

Then, Aura Revive is more expensive option that comes with FSA/HSA benefits, while Bob and Brad X6 Pro is an interesting alternative if you don’t mind the less impressive features (no active heating)

Thank you for coming this far. See you again soon!

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