Most Powerful Massage Guns: When the Mighty Lock Horns

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Hello and welcome to yet another informative guide. In this post, we’re going to talk about most powerful massage guns in the market (as of November 2021).

You see, with so many devices hitting the market, everyone says they have a powerful and fair-priced device until you buy it and find out it has been stripped of power and performance just to sell.

Here at Massage Gun Advice we understand how important massage guns can be to your fitness journey. Especially if you are a bodybuilder, athlete, therapist, chiropractor, or simply take muscle recovery seriously. It’s not fair that you should spend your hard earned money on a device that doesn’t give you the power you need. 

That’s why today we’ll take you through the strongest massage gun picks you can get. Being experts, we know who’s lying and who’s got the real stuff. We have tested dozens of these devices and we are very confident with our recommendations. 

achedaway pro and ekrin b37s size comparison


If you’re believer this early and have no time to read through, we recommend you check out the insanely powerful Achedaway Pro. It’s our top pick in this category.

Our second choice is Ekrin B37s, which is incredibly hard to stall device, even when on the first speed.

Our Criteria for Choosing The Most Powerful Massage Gun

We always have fun when picking and testing our recommendations. So much fun that we looked at 90 different massage guns unfazed.

That must be brutal, you say. Not as brutal as finding out that the gun you bought with a lot of money is a bust. We simply don’t take chances.

What does the strongest massage gun need to have then?

Great Stall Force

Stall force, sometimes also called as ‘no-stall force‘ is how much pressure it takes to stop the motor of a massage gun. You want something that will continue working even under a considerable amount of pressure.

Let’s put it straight: as far as the strongest massage guns are concerned, we don’t recommend anything less than 50lbs.

Strongest Massage Guns – Stall Force Comparison


Achedaway Pro smashes the competition with its powerful motor able to achieve c. 80lbs of no-stall force. Ekrin B37s might have “only” 57 pounds, but in this model over 75% of that power is available from gear 2!

High Amplitude / Stroke Length

How long the stroke length is determines how far the massage head travels back and forth and importantly how deep into the muscle it hits. The longer it is the better.

Sometimes the manufacturer may sacrifice this for a better stall force. It doesn’t make the gun weaker, it just means a different proposition.

That said, the bare minimum for us is 12mm, anything below this is not good enough if you’re a demanding user. Ideally though, you should be getting a gun with 15-16mm. We have a separate post covering highest amplitude massage guns, you may want to check it as well.

Also, keep in mind that the stroke length also affects percussions per minute. More on that in a minute.

Most Powerful Percussion Massager – Stroke Length Comparison


16mm is the highest you can get. Guns like Ekrin B37s have 12mm, but instead vibrate faster and have plenty of stall force to compensate for the lower amplitude.

Good Percussion Range

Percussion range is how many times the head hits in a minute. This is where things might be a bit fuddling in massage gun talk. As mentioned above, the stroke length has a role to play here. A longer stroke length may mean less percussions per minute and the other way around. 

However, there’s a third aspect to be considered here, and that’s the stall force. Sometimes a gun may have a higher stall force but a shorter amplitude and consequently a much higher percussion range.

That explains our inclusion of the Ekrin B37S which has a shorter amplitude but a greater stall force. Where it fails in amplitude, it delivers in stall force and hits per minute.

On the other hand, guns like the Theragun Pro have a great stall force, longer amplitude, but far less percussion range (about 2400-2500). 

But there are exceptions to this in some guns. The Achedaway Pro for example defies this by delivering high numbers in all these aspects. It has 80lbs. stall force and a 16mm amplitude but still amazingly delivers 2800 hits per minute.

Strongest Percussion Massager – Max Percussion Comparison


High-amplitude devices, such as Theragun and Achedaway Pro tend to rev slower. Devices like Ekrin B37s or Lifepro Sonic offer more intensity but don’t hit as deep.

Other Important Parameters

Speed Settings / Levels

A good massage gun is fun to cycle through the speeds. We enjoyed the ones that had 4 speed settings. Some that have 5 or 6 are also good.

But we have seen others with up to 20 speed variations. This for us is ludicrous. Cycling through all that to find the right setting must be a pain to say the least.

Pre-programmed variable speeds are a nice addition to some devices, but we think you’ll still enjoy a device that doesn’t have them.

Other Details You Might Want to Consider

There are other things worth looking at if you like every base covered. They include:

  • Extra features: for example force meters and variable massage modes.
  • Noise levels: We prefer a quiet gun not power saws.
  • Weight and ergonomics: Because these are powerful, they will definitely have a considerable weight. But don’t break your wrist trying to use one. Ergonomics are important if you hope to have a smooth experience.
  • Brand trustworthiness: We look at previous customer reviews to determine their experience with the device. A brand that has a website is a plus for us.
  • Extra accessories included: We check for carrying cases or pouch.
  • Battery capacity and quality: Generally, you should be able to use a massage gun for at least 2 hours on high intensity after a full charge. Branded batteries also give a hint on the quality of a massage gun. 
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranties! Who wouldn’t want one? Some brands though will only offer a 1-year warranty.
  • Customer care: Ekrin offers the best customer care. 
  • Value for Money: Why buy an expensive one when you can get a cheaper but just as powerful if not more.

Most Powerful Massage Guns: Our Top 3 Picks

Finally, so much for the preliminaries, and now on to the main event! What is the most powerful massage gun? These are our top three picks that cover all the bases, followed by two runner-ups.

Achedaway Pro – #1 Most Powerful Massage Gun

Achedaway Pro features

The Achedaway Pro massage gun has to be the most powerful percussion massager we have seen and tested. Why?

First, this device takes the number one position because even we couldn’t believe our experience with it. Because Theragun has got all the hype in this space, we thought it would be rare for anyone to rival it.

But with a stall force reaching 80lbs., there’s no stalling this thing once it starts revving away. We suspect the motor has something to do with this. Not many guns have a motor like this has. This is a monster gun!

Not only it has such a high stall force, the amplitude is impressive as well, punching up to 16mm deep (same as Theragun Pro).

The percussion range is up to 2800rpm. This is higher than the Theragun. Now couple that with the high stall force and the 16mm amplitude and we’re talking colossus performance here. You can see why it made our list. 

This is a powerful well-built massage gun. It is very original with its design but with a bit of an Ekrin twist with its angled handle. It’s a sturdy, durable piece that we really enjoyed using.

Another impressive feature with this gun is its battery. It’s absolutely juiced! 3200mAh is perhaps the best in the business. It’s a removable battery so you can get a spare one for convenience.

Lastly, another reason we picked up this one as our #1 choice is the noise, or the lack of it. Achedaway Pro is one of the quietest massage guns we’ve ever seen, which is hard to believe considering how much power this baby has. It’s incredibly hushed, as we proved in our Achedaway Pro review here.

It comes with 4 aluminum alloy attachment heads (we loved them!). It also comes in a really nice carrying case.

Achedaway Pro retails for $299 but if you use the MGA25 discount code, you will get a sweet $25 off that price. This coupon is only valid in the Achedaway official store here.

More to read Check out our full Achedaway Pro Review.

Ekrin B37S – #2 Strongest Percussion Massager

ekrin b37s features

After Ekrin gave us the B37 massage gun that packed a lot of great features, we were eager to find out if there was anything else in the works.

Luckily they were busy making its sequel. Finally we laid our hands on this brilliant and powerful massage gun. The B37S ladies and gentlemen!

Now, the B37 was already powerful enough with its 56lbs. of stall force and a more than enough amplitude of 12mm. But did Ekrin do anything different with the B37S?

Well, to be sure, Ekrin didn’t touch neither of the stall force or the amplitude. But they did touch something. We noticed that they increased the stall force on the lower speeds by a whopping 30%!

Now, if that’s not a banger we don’t know what is. This means that this new device will offer top performance even at the lowest speeds. The 12mm amplitude is not really a big issue now with this great adjustment. The B37S will still give you a performance better than most guns out there.

Another adjustment that Ekrin made is they increased the percussion range to 2000-3200. The B37 now revs across 5 speed gears.

The fifth gear is a special one that cycles through previous speeds in intervals of 30 seconds.

They also added a built-in retroactive Force Meter. What this does is control the pressure applied by displaying the amount of pressure. It’s the blue light at the top of the handle.

While the force meter is not a must-have, in our opinion, we have to admit this is one of the best executed pressure sensor designs we’ve seen.

What else do you get? You get a gun with great ergonomics. The angled handle is a great feature if you love a smooth massage. Apart from that, it weighs just 2.2lbs. and feels really well balanced.

It comes with 6 attachments (2 more than the original B37). It has a Samsung branded high quality battery. Lifetime warranty is included!

The regular price of Ekrin B37S is $329, but if you use the MGA20 coupon, you can buy it at only $263.99, which is 20% off. Get it right here and save big!

More to read Check out the full Ekrin B37s Review.

Strongest Massage Gun – 2 Runner Ups

Opove M3 Pro MAX – Runner up #1

OPOVE M3 Pro Max specifications

Opove has been doing well with their Hypervolt-inspired percussive devices. However, we got wind about the latest M3 Pro MAX gun and decided to test it.

Turns out the rumors were true because this device is interestingly powerful. It has an advertised 50lbs. stall force but when we tested, it felt just slightly little less. Somewhere between 45-50lbs

The amplitude is also impressive at 15mm. combine that with the best average stall force and you are getting the best punch with this device.

The percussion range is an impressive 1500-3300, which puts it at par with some of the best massage guns out there, especially when you consider the long stroke length it has. It’s also a very quiet gun (45-63dB). It’s the second lightest gun here, weighing in at just 2.3 lbs

Any Cons? Perhaps only the warranty, which is just one year, and to be honest, it’s the least powerful of all the guns in our list. But it’s a great option for bodybuilders who want something that’s kind on their wallet.

The price is only $169 at, so it’s a very attractive price-point for all the specs this gun has to offer.

More to read Find out more in our Opove M3 Pro Max Review.

Lifepro Sonic – Runner up #2

lifepro sonic features

This is a more pocket-friendly option. If you want something just as powerful but you are unwilling to spend on a premium product, then here’s something for you. It’s by no means poor quality. No chance at all. In fact, it’s a nicely built massage gun. It feels stable and looks very durable

Not only that, the power is impressive as well. It has a telling 75lbs. stall force. If we selected our recommendations based on stall force to price ratio, then this gun is the clear winner.

As you can see, not even the Theragun Pro rivals this kind of power. To sweeten the deal even more, Lifepro gave this massage gun a 12mm stroke length. This is the same as the Ekrin B37S and will work perfectly with the surprisingly high stall force.

The percussion range is 1200-3000rpm. Now, this is good because you can start your massage at a low intensity and go up as you like it.

The only thing that’s uninspiring is the speed levels. This device has 15 speed levels! We don’t recommend anything that has higher than 6 speeds because it’s just too daunting trying to get to the right setting. However, we’ll give them a plus because the gun is 50-70dB quiet.

Another advantage you may like is the 8 attachment heads that can be useful if you want to target different body parts.

Any Cons? Unfortunately, yes. It’s still heavier than both the Opove M3 Pro Max and the Ekrin B37S. It weighs 2.5lbs. Also, it has the power drill T-shape that can really put pressure on the wrist. They tried to slightly curve the handle, but an angled one would’ve been better. However, it’s well balanced.

The price is only $116.99 if you use the coupon MGA10 that gives you 10% off the normal price. Lifepro offers a lifetime warranty for this gun. Get it in Lifepro store right here.

More to read Check out the full Lifepro Sonic review here.

Honorable Mention: Theragun Pro

So why didn’t we include the Theragun Pro? To be honest, we had a debate on whether it should feature.

Theragun Pro Review
Theragun PRO is one of the strongest massage guns and by far the best equipped one.

It actually ticked all our boxes to be included, but the price gave it away. It’s 3.5 times the price of Opove M3 Pro Max and 2 times the price of the Ekrin B37S.

Even so, the Theragun Pro still deserves an honorable mention. It’s still the strongest massage gun. And even if some gun beats it in this, it’s still by far the best equipped gun of them all.

Here are some advantages it has over the others:

  • 60lbs. no-stall force
  • 16mm amplitude. Only Achedaway Pro is at par.
  • 5 built-in speed levels and a customized app experience.
  • Great ergonomics. Very inspiring the Kraftgun Force had to borrow a leaf from its design.
  • It’s the only gun with a rotating arm. Very nice but it’s not a must-have.
  • Therabody app (available for both iOS and Android) support and Bluetooth.
  • Removable battery (it comes with 2 extra). Only Achedaway Pro has this option (only one spare battery though).
  • It has a force meter. Ekrin B37S has one as well.
  • OLED screen is a sweet addition but not a must-have.
  • It has 6 attachments, Theragun wireless charger compatible (sold separately), and a carrying case.
  • Price is crazy high. This is too much given there’s really nothing very special about it (anymore).
  • Only 2 years warranty. It should be a lifetime at that price.

Hey, What About Hypervolt Plus?

Well, we had a bit of a guilt trip for failing to include the Theragun Pro but we are not sorry for not including the latest Hypervolt Plus. Let us explain.

Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Device review
Hyperice Hypervolt Plus Percussion Massage Device

It has a powerful stall force of about 50lbs. which is more or less the same as the Ekrin B37S. Hyperice won’t disclose the exact number, so this is our estimation.

The Plus has a 14mm amplitude and now goes for $349, which is expensive, yet arguably fair for a premium brand like Hyperice

Apart from that we feel it has nothing really unique to offer. Well, unless you have a thing for Bluetooth. Here are some notes to compare:

  • The Plus has the same T-shape design as hundreds of other guns out there. We are not fans of 90-degree handles, due to poor ergonomics and added wrist tensions.
  • Hypervolt has a force meter, but the Ekrin B37S costs $264 with our coupon and has one too (and it’s a way better executed one).
  • The batteries can be swapped, which is great but Achedaway has a similar feature and only costs $274 with our $25 off deal.
  • It feels bulky and the extra-long handles are unimpressive. 
  • It is heavier than our top picks.
  • 5 attachments is welcome but there’s no carrying case. The small pouches for attachments don’t count in our opinion.

Our Verdict

Hypervolt Plus is a great gun and we will be recommending it somewhere else. But today we won’t. We feel the price is somewhat high and it doesn’t offer anything special over our other choices. The Theragun Pro can have a prayer with its rotating arm and triangular design and all, but the Hypervolt simply doesn’t cut it.

And The Strongest Mini Massage Gun Is…

Ekrin Bantam – The Strongest Mini Gun

ekrin bantam features

What is the most powerful mini massage gun? Despite many mini percussion massagers available in the market, finding a truly powerful one can be a challenge (we know something about it).

There’s Theragun mini, which has an impressive amplitude (12mm, the longest in the business for the category), but lacks decent stall force. Its main rival, Hypervolt Go, is one of the easiest massage guns to stall, requiring only a minimum pressure to stop the motor from running. Therefore, these two are not the ones you should be looking at.

What you should consider instead is Ekrin Bantam. This little sucker is so impressive. Granted, the 10mm amplitude is less than what you get with Theragun mini, but Theragun aside, there are no other mini guns which come with an amplitude of more than 10mm.

Where Bantam shines, however, is the stall force. With well over 30lbs. of pressure needed to stall the motor, the Bantam is harder to stall than many full-sized guns. To give you an example, Bantam rivals Theragun Prime, which needs 30lbs of pressure to stall.

What’s more, Bantam’s power is real. These are not just advertised 35lbs., these are real.

The device weighs only 1.1lbs., comes with the 4 attachments and a carrying case. The build quality is great. It feels premium, charges conveniently via USB-C and is backed by Ekrin’s fantastic lifetime warranty.

UPDATE 11/24/2021: Bantam is temporarily sold out, but we’ve got a special coupon that you can use to get a better deal if you pre-order today! Use PREORDER25 code, save 25% and still get it before Christmas. It is only $112.49 this way. You can pre-order on this page.

Ekrin Bantam retails for $149.99 but with the MGA20 coupon, you save 20% and the price goes down to only $119.99. You can buy the Bantam here.

More to read Read full Ekrin Bantam Review here.

Most Powerful Massage Guns Conclusion 

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this most powerful massage guns ride with us. Most guns will give you just enough performance, but in our book “just enough” isn’t good enough. Get a good gun but don’t let anyone bleed you dry while at it!

Thank you and goodbye!

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