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highest amplitude massage gun

Highest Amplitude Massage Gun – For Those Heavy-Hitting Punches

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What is the highest amplitude massage gun? Is high amplitude always better? This post will seek to answer these questions.

We have been buying and reviewing massage guns for a while now, and though we don’t consider ourselves massage gun experts, we know a thing or two about the amplitude of a massage gun.

We also know that amplitude is not the only thing that should be paid attention to. There are other features to look out for. We’ll list devices that we’re sure deliver what they promise.

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If you are pressed on time and would rather quickly find a high amplitude massage gun, check out our best recommendations in both full-sized and mini massage guns categories:

  • Achedaway Pro (full-sized massage gun) – does not only have the longest amplitude in the market, it also ranks best in other features – i.e. plenty of stall force, and amazing percussion range.
  • Ekrin Bantam (mini) – has 10mm amplitude which is less than the longest for a miniature gun (12mm), but have more stall force, are better equipped, and more affordable.

What is Amplitude/Stroke Length in Massage Guns

A quick definition for amplitude is the distance covered by the massage gun head as it moves back and forth.

That movement results in percussions (hits per minute) that are delivered on the skin.

The longer the distance covered the harder the punch you get, which leads to a better percussive massage.

theragun elite Highest Amplitude stall force measurement

Why Is It Important?

Well, the amplitude is what pretty much makes it a percussive massage. Before percussion massagers came into the market (before Theragun had become famous for it), vibrational therapy was the favored recovery method.

Massage guns changed the trend to percussive therapy following Theragun’s invention. Even though many massage guns came into the market, they didn’t pay attention to the amplitude, and as a result, those devices back then only delivered vibrational therapy (feels like surface-level hits).

Today however, after Theragun had made everyone realize why the amplitude is important, many brands have chosen to make amplitude count in their devices.

A long amplitude combined with the right stall force and intensity (best devices rev up to about 3000 hits per minute) is what characterizes a good enough percussive massage. There is a third element that we’ll also discuss in a minute.  

How Can You Know If a Massage Gun Has a High Enough Amplitude?

Well, during our recent testing, we had a bit of a debate about how to classify amplitude in massage guns. We couldn’t find many such classifications anywhere. We decided to come up with our own based on what we’ve learned about massage guns after doing more than 50 hands-on reviews.

Full-Sized Guns

Low8-9 mm
Moderate10-13 mm
High14-16 mm
Full Sized Massage Gun Amplitude Classification

Mini Massage Guns

Low5-7 mm
Moderate8-10 mm
High11-12 mm
Mini Massage Gun Amplitude Classification

Does 1 mm, Tiny, Make any Difference?

Based on our experience we’d say, not really. That is a very small margin to have any significant difference.

We’ll also say that even though the difference between a device with a 12mm amplitude and one with 16mm amplitude can certainly be felt, you’ll rarely feel the difference between a device with 15mm amplitude and the one with 14mm amplitude.

What is the Maximum Amplitude a Device can Have?

Well are confident that 16mm is the highest amplitude on the market today.

We have tested devices that have this highest amplitude and included them first in our list. Note that this can only be found with the full-sized massage guns.

For mini massage guns, 12mm is the longest amplitude. As far as we know, only Theragun Mini has this amplitude, which certainly makes it special.

However, it’s not necessarily the best mini massage gun on the market today because the stall force isn’t as high as some of the others.

Highest Amplitude Massage Gun Comparison

Full-Sized Massage Gun Stroke Length Comparison

Here is the list of guns with the highest amplitude. As you can easily see, the most desirable 16 mm amplitude is available from Achedaway, Bob and Brad D6 Pro and obviously Theraguns, but the rest of competition is right behind them.

Mini Massage Gun Stroke Length Comparison

At first glance it seams like the king is only one: Theragun mini. Other guns can reach a maximum of 10mm amplitude, yet as we have already mentioned, balanced combination of all parameters is important and so Ekrin is our top recommendation.

How Does Stall Force Relate to Amplitude?

Another important aspect that we cannot ignore, even though this post is dedicated to amplitude, is the stall force. This is the amount of pressure it takes to stall the motor of a device, consequently shutting off the device. 

In our opinion, you cannot talk about amplitude and forget to talk about stall force (that is if you want a powerful percussion massager). That means that the highest amplitude percussion massager is not necessarily the best and most powerful massage gun.

Sometimes muscle soreness can occur deep into the muscle tissue. Simply passing the massage gun over that particular area may not be effective enough to relieve the soreness.

That means you have to apply some pressure using the massage gun, and use fast percussions as well. You’ll agree with us that it will be quite frustrating if your massage gun keeps slowing down percussions, or even stalling, as you try to apply some pressure.

Many cheap massage guns (there are hundreds on Amazon) use amplitude as their main selling point, promising the best in amplitude but delivering poorly in stall force. However, many have less than 25-30lbs. of stall force.

In our experience, this is not enough stall force to deliver the same (fast) percussions when the pressure is exerted. Eventually, you are not going to get the deep, high intensity massage you need (especially on large muscles – quads, hamstrings, and glutes).

massage gun amplitude measurement
We always verify the actual stoke length (amplitude) using a high-precision digital caliper.

It’s About Amplitude AND Stall Force

We’ll give you a little expert advice (expert; we said it!).

Always look for both amplitude and stall force information. You’ll do yourself a huge favor by skipping guns that promise you a long amplitude but have a very weak stall force.

We advise that you’d better go for a device that promises slightly less amplitude but more stall force.

Those massage guns usually tend to rev faster (due to shorter stroke), so chances are they’ll deliver the right intensity. For instance, a device with 10-13mm amplitude but has more stall force is a sweet spot.

This is because even though it may feel way below the high 16mm mark, with enough stall force, you can press such a device against the skin and actually get a much deeper massage.

Devices like Ekrin B37 and B37S have received high praise from buyers because of this. We personally tested all of them, so can confirm it.

The same goes for mini devices like Ekrin Bantam. It has slightly lower amplitude but more than enough stall force.

Is High Amplitude Always Better? 

No. Not always. We know there are certain situations that call for moderation. High amplitude means harder punches and a device with 16mm amplitude will punch harder than a device with 10 or 12mm amplitude.

However, while some people may prefer a deeper massage, some areas of the body don’t need the heavy-hitting punches. Even as a bodybuilder, you’ll probably only need harder punches around your glutes and hamstrings or other areas with large muscles.

But for other areas, like the neck area, you’ll probably just need a lower amplitude device. Also, some massage routines call for a delicate massage, when you simply glide the device over the skin. Using a massage gun for lymphatic drainage, or fibromyalgia, comes to mind as an example.

Or, if you just want to relax or get some sleep or even warm up the muscles, we think you’ll not need a 16mm amplitude gun.

In our opinion, a device with a moderate to low amplitude may in fact be more effective for such routines.

This is because such devices tend to rev faster and the faster percussion helps accelerate the blood flow and override pain signals to the brain, which leads to tension release.

Dr. Alex Stone, DPT
bantam recovery hiking 5
Bantam has a nice balance between amplitude and stall force.

Older adults and those with more sensitive skin should also consider massage guns with a lower amplitude to reduce the risk of skin abrasion or tearing. Another option for managing sensitive skin is to use a soft head attachment for your massage gun (most devices come with such).

It’s therefore important that you figure out what kind of routine you need a massage gun for. It’s also wise to check out a device based on both stall force and amplitude.

Highest Amplitude Massage Gun (Full-Sized) – Our Best Picks

The following products have the industry-leading 16mm stroke length.

Achedaway Pro – Our #1 Pick – 16mm

Achedaway Pro features

Alright, here’s a gem we’ve come across in our search for high-amplitude massage guns: the Achedaway Pro. This machine takes the crown with an industry highest 16mm amplitude.

We’ve verified this ourselves (photo below), and trust us when we say, it’s a power-packed percussion massager. With a hefty 60lbs of stall force, it provides a deep, intense percussion, able to withstand considerable pressure.

achedaway pro Measured Amplitude
Achedaway PRO – we confirmed the 16mm amplitude.

The Pro has awesome build quality. It also features an ergonomically designed angled handle which makes handling easier, even though the device itself leans towards the bulky side.

Interestingly, despite the intensity it delivers, it’s surprisingly quiet – actually, it’s one of the quietest models we’ve tested in its category (and one of the quietest massage guns in general).

The Achedaway Pro comes with a set of aluminium attachments and a convenient carrying case. You have two package choices: a standard one with a removable battery, and an extended set that includes an additional spare battery – a handy option to have.

In our expert opinion, the Achedaway Pro is a robust and efficient tool for those serious about their percussive therapy. It offers not only power but also a deep, hard-hitting massage experience.

Considering its high-amplitude performance, it stands out as the best value-for-money option in its class.

Achedaway Pro is awesomely priced, costing $299 regular but you can get an extra $60 off when using the MGA60 coupon. The final price will be $239. Buy it at Achedaway.com.

MORE INFO In our hands-on Achedaway Pro review →

Theraguns: Prime, Elite and Pro – 16mm

high amplitude theragun massagers

We had to give Theragun a nod here, considering they are the pioneers of long amplitude massage guns. Their line-up of three full-sized models – Prime, Elite, and Pro – all boast a hefty 16mm amplitude. We’ve personally verified this, and it does make a difference in terms of the depth of massage.

The models vary mainly in terms of their stall force. Prime, their entry-level model, has the weakest, while Pro, unsurprisingly, tops the chart with the strongest. Elite sits somewhere in the middle, leaning more towards Prime’s level.

Theragun Pro Measured Amplitude
Theragun Pro amplitude – we verified it to be a 16mm stoke.

One aspect where Theragun truly stands out is ergonomics. Their patented multi-grip handle design is yet to meet its match. It offers fantastic versatility when it comes to handling the device, and in our experience, this is a game changer.

However, every rose has its thorns, and for Theragun, it’s the price tag. Their models, while impressively powerful and ergonomic, come at a steep cost.

Just to put things in perspective, their entry-level Prime is pricier than the Achedaway Pro, which packs a similar punch in terms of power. This might make you pause if you’re hunting for a budget-friendly option.

Therabody is offering up to $170 off on gifts for Dad, including the Theragun massage guns and other recovery tools. Explore all the available deals.

You can compare all Theraguns here at therabody.com. You can also get one from RecoveryForAthletes.com (an official retailer). The latter store accepts FSA/HSA cards, so you may even get some tax benefits (read our post about HSA and FSA eligible massage guns for details).

MORE INFO In our Theragun comparison, or read the individual reviews: the Prime, Elite and Pro.

Bob and Brad D6 Pro – 16mm

Bob And Brad D6 Pro Massager Specification

So, the new D6 Pro slightly veers away from what we have seen with many other Bob and Brad massage guns. It’s not the usual generic design used by the duo for many of their devices.

This one has multiple handles – just like Theraguns. It’s not exactly a Theragun, at least not by name. However, most of its features are Theragun Pro-like. The D-shape is reminiscent of Theragun’s rectangular shape. 

But it’s not the semblance to Theragun that makes it appear here. It has a 16mm amplitude. Yes, we are seeing a Bob and Brad device with a 16mm amplitude for the first time. As you can see on the photo, we were able to verify it with a caliper.

Bob An Brad D6 Pro Measured Amplitude

Is it better than our top pick – the Achedaway Pro? In some aspects, we think it’s slightly better. For instance, in our test the stall force at lower gears felt slightly more powerful than in Achedaway Pro. It also has multiple grips. On the other hand, Achedaway Pro’s slanted handle will do the job as well.

Achedaway still has an edge, though. It is the only 16mm amplitude device that can rev faster than any Theragun, not to mention this Bob and Brad. The latter two rev up to 2450 percussions per minute, the Achedaway can do 300 percussions per minute more – 2800rpm.

In terms of equipment, the D6 Pro is just as well-equipped as Theragun Pro. In fact, it’s like they looked at what Theragun Pro did and replicated everything.

It comes with 7 attachments, some of which, again, look exactly like those Theragun Pro attachments. They just named them differently.

Either way, this is a good Theragun alternative if you don’t have the money to spend on the premium brand but want something that looks and feels Theragun-ish.

It’s also slightly cheaper than Achedaway Pro when you apply the Amazon coupon AND our MGADVICE discount code that gives 10% off the final price. Get it at Amazon right here.

MORE INFO In our hands-on Bob and Brad D6 Pro Review

More High Amplitude Percussion Massagers

These do not have a 16mm amplitude but have something close – the difference is minimal and can barely be felt.

Hypervolt 2 Pro – 14mm

Hypervolt 2 Pro - massage gun under $300

The Hypervolt 2 Pro from Hyperice sports a 14mm amplitude – a fact we discovered through our own measurement since Hyperice is somewhat tight-lipped about this stat.

When it comes to stall force, the Hypervolt 2 Pro sits in the so-so category. But it compensates for this with a whopping 25% more intensity than the Theragun models, churning out a maximum of 2700 percussions per minute versus their 2400. That might not sound like a lot on paper, but trust us, the 2mm difference in stroke length isn’t as noticeable when you’re dealing with such power.

hypervolt 2 pro Measured Amplitude
Hypervolt 2 Pro’s 14mm amplitude at a glance.

In our individual testing, we found the Hypervolt 2 Pro to hold its own quite well against the Theragun Elite in terms of power. It also shares the removable battery feature with Theragun Pro and Achedaway Pro – a nice touch for convenience and longevity.

The Hypervolt 2 Pro’s control panel got an upgrade and now features a sleek dial for powering up the gun and switching between its five speeds. It’s a striking feature that eradicates the need for buttons on the main control panel and adds a touch of style to the device.

But the Hypervolt 2 Pro isn’t without its flaws. The quality is certainly there, but the price tag may seem steep considering what you get.

It’s not as well-equipped as some of our top picks, and ergonomically, it’s not our favorite. Weighing in at 2.6lbs, it’s on the heavier side for a device that only offers about 35 lbs. of stall force.

Plus, the lack of a carrying case and only one-year warranty can be a significant downside for some.

Want to buy? Consider buying it at RecoveryForAthletes.com – They are Hyperice’s official retailer. You can use the HEALTH5 code at checkout for the extra 5% off. Get it right here

MORE INFO In our hands-on Hypervolt 2 Pro Review

Opove Apex – 14.5mm

opove apex specification

The Opove APEX made our list as the most affordable high-amplitude massage gun we’ve laid our hands on.

With a unique design and ultra-quiet operation that rivals the Achedaway Pro (though it revs slower, which contributes to the decreased noise), this massage gun delivers quite the punch for its price point.

Sporting nearly 15mm amplitude – we measured it to be precisely 14.61mm (see photo below) – and a solid 45-50lbs. of stall force, the Opove APEX impresses, especially when considering its affordability.

Opove Apex measured amplitude

While it won’t quite match the speedy percussion rate of the Achedaway Pro or Hypervolt 2 Pro, it’s neck-and-neck with the Theragun’s 2400rpm, clocking in at a close 2300rpm.

The Opove APEX may be simplified in its features – you won’t find an OLED screen, Bluetooth connectivity, or a pressure sensor like you would on the Hypervolt or Theragun Elite/Pro. However, what it lacks in tech, it makes up for in build quality and ergonomics.

The device is incredibly well-crafted, with rubberized surfaces from end to end, an aggressively angled handle for ease of use, and an excellent array of attachments, including a soft one.

Despite its modest weight of 2.3lbs., the Opove APEX boasts impressive battery life, ensuring it’s ready to roll whenever you need it.

The price is great for what kind of specs you get. Opove sells it at just $159. You can buy it here at opove.com →

MORE INFO In our in-depth Opove APEX review →

Urikar AT1 – 16mm

urikar at1 specifications

Urikar’s AT1, boasting a 16mm amplitude on par with the Theraguns and the much-loved Achedaway Pro, caught our attention initially.

This device sports an innovative design that simply bristles with tech. Standout features include massage head recognition, a smart mode that auto-adjusts speed levels, and an infrared sensor that senses proximity to the body. For a high-amplitude massage gun, it’s also impressively quiet.

However, we have to mention that we found some of its advertised specs vastly overstated. Despite the claim that it revs at a high frequency, reaching up to 3600rpm even with the long amplitude, we only measured a touch above 2000rpm using a digital tachometer. This makes it the slowest-revving massage gun on our list, unfortunately.

And it doesn’t stop there. The promised stall force of 60lbs. feels more like a meager 20-25lbs. when in use. It stalls relatively easy, which was a disappointment.

On the size front, the Urikar AT1 is the largest of all the massage guns we’ve tested – you can see how it stacks up to the Achedaway Pro in the picture below.

Sure, it’s reasonably priced for a high-amplitude gun. But, being brutally honest here, we believe the Opove Apex (discussed above) offers better value for money.

It usually costs $269 but you can use the code AT1 to get a massive 40% off that price – it then only costs $161. Get the Urikar AT1 gun here.

urikar at1 vs achedaway pro
Urikar AT1 vs. Achedaway PRO

Highest Amplitude Mini Massage Guns – Best Picks

These are the new trendy small massage guns with high amplitude.

Theragun Mini – 12mm

theragun mini features

Now, this little device is a testament to Theragun’s commitment to high amplitude even in their ‘mini’ category. It’s rocking a 12mm amplitude and trust us, you can feel that it punches above its weight class.

Theragun mini Measured Amplitude
Theragun mini is the highest amplitude mini massage gun – 12mm stroke length.

However, our tests suggest that the stall force is probably below 20lbs. This might not quite do the job for deep massaging larger muscle groups, but it proved quite efficient for smaller muscles—like the neck area or for tackling plantar fasciitis.

We found the first-generation Mini a bit of an oddity though. It felt chunkier than what we’d expect from a ‘mini’ gun and we were a little disappointed to see only one attachment and no USB-C charger.

But with the recent introduction of the Mini 2.0, Theragun has really stepped up their game. In our hands, it felt lighter, smaller and proved to be much quieter. They’ve also sorted out the accessory game, now including three attachments right out of the box.

We loved that the Mini is compatible with the attachments of full-sized Theraguns. If you have one of those, you can interchange the attachments with the Mini.

It can punch hard but has probably less than 20lbs. of stall force. This might is be not enough to massage large muscles, although it should work reasonably well for smaller muscles (neck area, plantar fasciitis, or upper and middle back).

The mini (1st generation) was somewhat oversized for a mini gun, and very poorly equipped – just the one attachment and no USB-C charger.

However, in the recently released successor, mini 2.0 (2nd generation), Therabody got it sorted out. It became smaller, lighter and quieter. It also comes with not one, but three attachments.

Moreover, Mini’s a great addition if you already have any of the large sized Theraguns because all attachments are interchangeable.

Retailing at $199 on therabody.com, we reckon the Mini 2.0 is a good investment. It really is a hard-hitting little device that delivers on its promises.

If the price is a bit too steep for you, don’t worry—there are some solid alternatives out there. They might not outdo the Mini in terms of amplitude, but we’ve found they offer more stall force and higher percussions per minute.

MORE INFO Read our hands-on Theragun Mini review →

Ekrin Bantam – 10mm

ekrin bantam features

Let’s dive into the hands-on experience with Ekrin Bantam, the mini version of Ekrin’s well-regarded full-sized B37 and B37S massage guns. This American, family-owned brand truly created a remarkable piece of equipment.

Our measurement showed the Bantam’s amplitude to be slightly under 10mm. That’s a bit less when compared to some of the competition, but hold on – this little guy has some tricks up its sleeve.

Firstly, this mini gun delivers a serious kick with a staggering 3200 percussions per minute. When we compared it to other mini guns, including the Theragun Mini, the Bantam came out on top. It really makes the most out of its amplitude.

We were also pleasantly surprised by its stall force. Tipping the scales at a hefty 35lbs, it not only surpasses the Theragun Mini but outperforms some of the full-sized guns, like the Theragun Prime. During our tests, we applied it with force to areas like glutes, quads, or hamstrings, and it held its own – the revolutions didn’t slow a bit.

Incredibly, while being the strongest mini gun that we’ve got our hands on, the Bantam is also the lightest, weighing in at a mere 1.1 lbs.

Overall, we were really impressed with the performance of the Ekrin Bantam. It might have a slightly lower amplitude, but it sure compensates for it with an intense percussion rate and a formidable stall force.

It’s greatly priced at $149.99. But you can get it with 20% discount if you use the MGA20 coupon code. It then costs $119.99. Buy it here, at ekrinathletics.com.

TIP Read our hands-on Ekrin Bantam Review →

Bitfinic Mini – 10mm

bitfinic bn-pca004 specifications

Let’s take a closer look at the Bitfinic mini massage gun, an affordable alternative to the popular Theragun mini.

In our hands, this device has an uncanny resemblance to the Theragun, but with the addition of a handle which, in our experience, really adds to its usability.

As for the performance metrics, we measured a 10mm amplitude, which, although it doesn’t quite reach the heights of the Theragun mini, still surpasses 90% of the other mini guns we’ve tested.

When we turned it on, we were pleasantly surprised by its percussion range. Clocking in between 1400-2560rpm, it manages to outperform the Theragun mini, which falls between 1750-2400rpm. Although, to be fair, the Bantam still takes the lead with its 2000-3200rpm.

bitfinic mini measured amplitude

The Bitfinic mini comes equipped with 4 speed gears and an impressive 2600mAh battery. We found it could easily run for 3-4 hours on a single charge. Plus, the USB-C charging was a convenient touch.

So where’s the catch then?

In our tests, the Bitfinic mini’s stall force came in at a disappointing 10-15lbs., which is lower than both the Mini and the Bantam. We found that it significantly slowed down under pressure, and didn’t require much force to stall it completely.

It comes with a carrying case and 4 attachments.

While it can’t compete with any of the guns we’ve listed, it has the amplitude for the job and might be an okay choice for a starter gun.

Bitfinic is ridiculously cheap. It only costs $39.99. You can buy it at taotronics.com.

TIP Read our complete Bitfinic review →

Highest Amplitude Massage Gun – Conclusion

So hopefully now you can easily pick the highest amplitude massage gun with the information above.

Amplitude determines how much of a punch you can get from a massage gun. The better the amplitude the more penetrative feeling you can get. Some people like it, some others don’t.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s not always the best thing to have the longest amplitude. Find out what you want to do with the massage gun before deciding whether to go for one with a high amplitude or choose one with a moderate amplitude.

Another important factor to consider is the stall force and maximum percussions. Find out if a device has enough stall force, so it can keep revving fast even when the pressure is exerted.

Read the individual reviews for some of our picks to get more details about them. In case of further doubts, please drop us a comment below.

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