Urikar Pro 2 Review

Urikar Pro 2 Review – A Great Budget Device But A Bummer For Pro Users

Welcome to this Urikar Pro 2 review. We’ve had this gun for two months now and featured it in a number of buying guides. We’ve probably had enough time to judge it, and we can write a comprehensive review.

Just to clue you in, we love and hate it in equal measure – let’s just say some days with it are better than others. Well, here’s partly why:

  • Some features are not as polished as we would’ve liked them – it’s frustrating to use it sometimes.
  • The performance is iffy at best. Urikar exaggerates some of the specs, and we had to check just to be sure. You’ll see as we delve deep into the review. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There are some awesome features that you won’t find in a sub $100 gun (after applying the coupon). These features are what make it a value-for-money device despite the apparent flaws.

Let’s dive in…

urikar pro 2 massager balance

What About Urikar?

Urikar is one of the many brands that sell China-made devices. However, they are not as bad as the no-name brands. They have been around for a few years now and have had some successful crowdfunding campaigns.

They have fulfilled pledges to their backers and delivered what they promised. They also uniquely design their devices – unlike the me-too clones.

Urikar Massage Gun Brand

We’ve seen a few of their devices. Many aren’t as impressive as this Pro 2 will testify, but they are good value gadgets.

They recently expanded into other verticals – introducing SUPs. Unlike best massage gun brands, like Ekrin, which only sell massage guns, Urikar delved into other products.

Urikar Pro 2 Video Review

Before you dive into our in-depth review below, we’ve got something special for you. We’ve recorded a hands-on video review to let you see the device in action.

We’re talking unboxing, close-ups, speeds, modes and stall force tests – the works. This way, you can actually see what we’re talking about as you read through the review. Trust us, it gives a much better picture.

The video below is shot by us, featuring the actual device we’ve been testing for two months.

Ready to see the Urikar Pro 2 in action? Hit play!

Urikar Pro 2 Review

Urikar Pro 2 Specifications

Urikar Pro 2 specifications
FeaturesUrikar Pro 2
Stall Force~25 lbs (advertised: 55 lbs)
Stroke Length12 mm (advertised: 15 mm)
Max Percussions2020 ppm (advertised: 3600 ppm)
Battery Life / Capacity3.5h / 2500 mAh (non-removable)
Weight2.27 lbs
Noise 46-55 dB (advertised: 35-42dB)
Main ProsGood amplitude
Heating mode
Dynamic speeds
Adjustable handle
Varied attachments
Main ConsLow stall force
Low max. percussions
Feels bulky
WarrantyOne year
Price$169.99 $62.90
with the URIKAR02 coupon
Where to buy with discountGet it at urikar.com
Urikar Pro 2 Specsifications ​1​

First Impressions

We like devices that come in a carrying case, and we are glad this one comes in one. The gun itself looks different from what we are used to – definitely a unique approach.

That said, it’s a big device.

The top part looks bulky and is shaped like a football – Tom Brady will agree. Urikar calls it “bullet.” The big top that houses the motor looks plasticky – indeed, it has plastic all over.

It’s not the kind of plastic that is usually surrounded with rubber to give it a soft feel; it’s hard plastic that appears cheap. However, the device itself looks well put together. 

The handle is long (there are advantages to this kind of handle approach, and we will be telling you why in a few).

We have a feeling the designers took the time to imagine something unique, and we appreciate this effort. Not everything needs to look like a glock or drill hammer. 

We like that it comes in different color variations. Our unit is black, but you can get a blue, silver, or green one if you want.

Overall, this is not the premium feel you’d see from Ekrin, Opove, Theragun, or Hypervolt. However, it looks okay for a budget device

Urikar Pro 2 All Colors Avaliable
There are four color options: blue, green, silver and classic black.

Weight and Ergonomics

Despite the rather bulky size, this device feels light in hand.

It weighs 2.2 pounds on our scale with the ball attachment mounted. That is normal territory for a full-sized massage gun. But given its size, it feels lighter than you’d imagine it if you didn’t hold it first. 

We like the unique ergonomics. Instead of the normal T-shape or a slanted handle and glock-like appearance, this one features a 180-degree rotating handle.

You can press the “lock” button below the main control dial to adjust the handle. The handle can be fixed into one of two positions, but not in the middle.

However, these positions allow you to extend the gun’s reach by up to 30%, according to Urikar. We can’t confirm this, but we know it works – we tried it. 

You get at least 2 more inches when trying to reach your back over your shoulders. It also feels natural to massage the calves with a reversed grip. This is definitely an advantage over the conventional T-shape approach. 

Even though we like that they added rubber that runs almost to the bottom, it’s not the best execution we’ve ever seen.

For starters, it feels thin and pretty firm and probably interferes with your grip – it’s not perfect. However, the little rubber is better than none at all.

We also like the handle diameter – it’s just about the right thickness. 

Our Take

Overall, we like the gun’s ergonomics. We believe this is where Urikar did well. The adjustability feature is awesome for a bulky device such as this one. The fact that it’s light also helps to mitigate the substantial size.


This Urikar Pro 2 percussion massager has interesting controls.

There is a dial that you rotate to activate it or increase the speed. We have mixed feelings about this dial.

We like the concept – we have seen a similar approach from the new Hypervolt 2 Pro.

It feels intuitive, and you can easily toggle between speeds. There are LEDs indicating the selected speed. 

However, we have doubts about the execution of this concept.

The main contention is how easy it is to rotate the dial. It requires very little to no force at all. You won’t encounter much resistance when going either back or forth. This just screams accidental touch, which then means turning it off unintentionally. 

Urikar Pro 2 Control Dial Speed Selector
The dial to set the speed. Below you can see the Lock button that you use to rotate the handle.

Another point of contention is the location of this dial. Because the device is bulky, the best place to hold it would be near the top. However, this would also mean accidentally rotating the dial. 

We like the Hypervolt 2 Pro’s dial better. However, we will not complain too much in this case because it’s awesome enough that they included a rotating dial on a budget percussion massager

There is also a button at the back of the panel. The button is labeled M and lets you choose a massage mode.

The first 3 modes change the percussion styles (we’ll discuss this later). There is a green LED indicator for this; quickly press the button to change the mode.

The last mode is the heated mode which is indicated by an orange heating icon. Press and hold to activate this mode. The heated mode requires a special attachment (more on this in a moment).


There are 8 attachments included with the device; quite a number, to be honest.

We often don’t like many attachments because they tend to look the same and have similar effects. However, Urikar cleverly made their attachments varied.

urikar pro 2 massager attachments
There is 8 attachments included, but they’re nicely varied.

We found the bullet, wedge, and fork attachments. These are all great for trigger points and when you need a more aggressive massage. We also found two flats, with one being a heated head. The other has little ridges to add an intensive feel to the massage. 

We also found a cushioned head and a soft attachment. The cushioned head has little ridges on it as well. However, it feels nice on tender and bony areas of the body.

Apart from the soft ones, we also found the standard ball attachment and a massive triple-ball attachment. This one takes it a notch higher than Theragun’s duo attachment set.

We are not entirely thrilled with the idea of a three-headed ball attachment (so to speak). However, we believe using it on large muscles like the quads and glutes speeds up the process.

Urikar Pro 2 Attachments
Urikar Pro 2 attachments.

Heated Head and Mode

There is a ceramic head that is used in the heated mode. It’s heavier than the others. It has two connector pins that supply the power from the battery.

Mount the head and press the M button to start heating it. Leave it for 2-3 minutes, and you’ll notice that it gets pleasantly warm. The LED will stop flashing, indicating that it’s fully heated.

But does it do the job? Pretty well, in fact.

We talked about heated therapy when we covered heated massage guns. You can check the article for the benefits of this therapy. Just to reiterate, however, heat massaging feels wonderful on your back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and calves.

It’s especially effective after running, cycling in cold weather, or just before you go to bed. The ceramic attachment is the best of them all. It can also double as a flat attachment if you don’t turn on the heat.

Our Take

Overall, we have nothing to complain about in this set. We like the regular attachments. We like the heated one even more. We’d give them 4.5 stars out of 5 for the attachments. All these for an under-$100 massage gun is awesome.


In performance, we check for 3 aspects; amplitude, stall force, and percussions per minute. These aspects separate the real performers from the pretenders.

Let us find out what the Urikar Pro 2 heated massage gun has to offer here.


Also known as the stroke length, it’s the distance covered by the attachment as the gun percusses.

Urikar says this gun has a 15mm amplitude. We thought that was too good to be true, so we did the measuring.

Our digital caliper registered 12mm instead. So Urikar overstates the stroke length.

Urikar Pro 2 Measured Amplitude
Our repeated measurements confirmed the 12 mm amplitude.

However, 12mm is still impressive, especially for a sub-$100 gun. In fact, we’d argue that this is one of the very few massage guns at this price point that has a 12mm amplitude – many (99.9%) tend to have 10mm or less.

This means that the Urikar Pro 2 massage gun can deliver punchy hits. The overall effect will be percussive and not vibrational.

Unfortunately, you may not get a deep-to-the-bone feel because the stall force doesn’t really match the great amplitude.

Stall Force

Stall force means the ability of a device’s motor to withstand pressure. If you can push a device against the body without stalling it, or slowing it down, it can deliver an effective massage.

Urikar exaggerates the figure here as well.

They say it can withhold 50lbs. or even 60lbs. of pressure (depending on what you read on their website). That would be Theragun Pro or Ekrin B37S territory, if true. It would also be quite remarkable for a gun that costs less than $100 (with a coupon, that is).

We had to check just to be sure. Unfortunately, it’s not as powerful as Urikar says it is. It stalls pretty easily. We’d give it 20-25lbs. at best.

This means that when you press it against the body, the percussions will slow down and reduce the gun’s effectiveness. Press it even harder, and it completely stalls. 

However, this is to be expected from a cheap massage gun. You can’t have it all here. We are happy the amplitude is good enough for a basic massage. You can still get good results when treating muscle soreness ​2​ and managing pain. However, athletes will have to look elsewhere.

TIP The cheaper Taotronics TT-PCA003 or TT-PCA004 are harder to stall than this Urikar Pro 2 percussion massager.

Percussion Range

Unfortunately, this gun disappoints here as well. Urikar again overstates the real number here. They say it can percuss up to 3600RPM. That would’ve been fantastic.

However, when you factor in the longer stroke length, you can rule out the many percussions even without having to test it.

We were proved right when we measured it with our tachometer. The real figure is a maximum of 2020 percussions per minute.

While this isn’t so bad, it’s still pretty low. Theragun often sticks with a 2450 figure that we use to measure guns with a long stroke length.

Even so, many guns with this kind of amplitude tend to rev up to 3000-3200 hits per minute. You are missing about a third of the intensity with this gun.

One positive, however, is that it starts revving real slow (1030RPM), which would be good for measured treatment. However, if you push it even slightly at this speed, it will likely stall. The stall force gets better at higher speeds – this is where the device works better.

Speeds and Modes

You can select up to 6 speeds with the rotating dial. 6 speeds are okay and would’ve been awesome if there was a little more range to go with them. However, with just 2020 max percussions, we believe 4-5 speeds would’ve been enough. 

That aside, it has 3 dynamic percussion modes – a rarity among cheap massage guns. Another positive is that Urikar doesn’t overcomplicate the modes.

There is:

  • The regular, constant percussions – the default mode.
  • The intermittent mode – where percussions go up and down every few seconds. This is good for warming up muscles ​3​ without having to alter the speeds manually. 
  • The ladder mode – where the percussions increase from the lowest to the highest speed. This helps in lymphatic drainage and promotes blood circulation.

Even so, you can manually alter the speeds within the modes using the dial. 

Our Take

To sum up the performance of the Urikar Pro 2 massage gun: In our opinion, it underperforms. They shouldn’t promise much and only deliver a fraction of it.

The low stall force and meager percussion range are the Achilles heel of this device. The amplitude slightly rescues the situation, but only just.

We love the heating mode and the dynamic speeds. The heating mode is the best selling point of this device.


Again, it’s not as quiet as Urikar touts it to be, but it’s not a biggie.

We measured 46.6dB at first speed and mid-50dB at the highest speed gear. Just to compare, Urikar gives 35dB and 42dB.

Because it only revs up to 2020 hits per minute helps to keep the motor quiet. A bit more percussions, say 3600 (as Urikar claims), and it would’ve been too loud. 

We noticed, because it’s built mainly with plastic, it rattles quite a bit. This happens more when you press the gun against your body at higher speeds. This is typical of budget massage guns, but it’s not a show-stopper. Overall, it’s a relatively quiet gun, per 2022 standards.


Urikar says the battery has a 2600mAh capacity. We think it could be less, closer to 2250mAh, as indicated by 37.4Wh and 16.8V the gun delivers, but we could be wrong.

Anyway, this is the normal capacity for a full-sized massage gun. We were actually hoping for a bigger battery based on the size of the device. It partly explains the disproportional size-to-weight ratio.

The battery is fixed and not detachable.

Urikar says it can last for 600 minutes on a single charge. But with all the exaggeration thus far, we’d take it with a grain of salt. Plus, we believe it will only do anything close to 10 hours if you use it at lower speeds and do not apply any pressure. 

However, we noticed that the battery drains slowly if you use it on medium speed gears and apply low to medium pressure.

Also, expect it to drain faster when you use the heated mode. We’d say it can do about 2-3 hours if you use it normally with a bit of heating here and there.

That is still plenty of juice, and you might have enough to last you a week if you do 15-minute sessions daily. 

There’s a simple LED ring at the bottom of the handle that:

  • Flashes green when it’s fully charged.
  • Flashes orange when it’s about half empty.
  • Flashes red when it’s nearly depleted – below 20%.

A wall charger is provided. The charge turns off when the battery is fully charged for safety reasons. 

Who is it Best For, Then?

This is a good percussion massager for beginners or people who don’t need a strong massager. It does the job at a basic level and has certain impressive features.

If you are looking for heated massage therapy, you should definitely consider this device (we actually voted it the best heated massage gun).

It is good enough to relax tense muscles, treat soreness, massage your back around the neck and shoulders, and warm up the muscles before physical activity ​4​

However, it’s not a Theragun alternative because:

  • It lacks a decent amplitude. The ergonomics aren’t that bad, but the stall force is a total letdown. 
  • It lacks the percussion range to provide the intensity.

It’s, therefore, not the right device for demanding users who want a true percussive deep tissue massage. You’ll have to find one with a higher stall force and many percussions. 

Warranty and Price

It comes with a 1-year warranty, which isn’t great but typical of budget massage guns.

The price, though, is hard to beat if you have the coupon.

The usual price is $169.99, but it will be under $100 if you use the code URIKAR02 at checkout. The code gives you a 63% discount – making the price $62.90. Get your Urikar Pro 2 here.

If the above code doesn’t work, use the PRO2 code for 55% OFF – the price will be $93.50. 

The price is incredible, given the number of great features you get on this device. You get 8 attachments and a carrying case as well. However, you won’t get top-notch performance with it.

Let’s discuss some alternatives then.

Best Urikar Pro 2 Alternative

taotronics tt pca003 right side
Taotronics TT-PCA003

Taotronics TT-PCA003

This one is simpler in appearance but isn’t heated. However, it’s more powerful than the Urikar Pro 2 percussion massager. What does it have that the latter doesn’t have?

Well, for starters, even though it has a much lower amplitude (10mm instead of 12mm), it revs up to 3000 hits per minute, making it more intensive.

It also has a better stall force compared to Urikar Pro 2. It can withstand well over 30lbs. of force – closer to 35lbs. to be precise – without stalling. 

It’s not ergonomically superior to Urikar Pro 2 – it doesn’t have an adjustable handle. However, it’s smaller and slightly easier to maneuver. It also weighs about 2.15 pounds. 

We also like the build quality. It’s made of similar materials as the Urikar Pro 2 massage gun. Even the attachments feel the same, but you won’t find the triple ball attachment with this one. 

Overall, this Taotronics is not as feature-packed as the Urikar Pro 2. However, it performs better.

It’s also cheaper – it only costs $45.99. It has a small brother (model 004) that costs about the same. Together they’re the cheapest guns we have recommended on our blog.

Urikar Pro 2 Review Summary

Hopefully, this Urikar Pro 2 review has shed some light on this budget device. Even though it packs plenty of features, the performance specs are exaggerated. The actual specs are actually abysmal.

However, for beginners, it will do the job. There aren’t many budget devices with a 12mm amplitude. It’s a good entry-level device and a good choice if you have a tight budget.

The big winning feature here has to be the heated massage mode, and adjustability.

This is probably why you should pick it over other guns in its category. Even better, it costs less than $100 if you use the URIKAR02 coupon codes.

Do you own this massage gun? What do you think about it? Drop us a comment down below.

Urikar Pro 2 Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


If you are looking for a beginner massage gun with some awesome features, this is your device. Urikar Pro 2 packs some great features, including a heated mode, adjustable handle and dynamic speeds. However, it disappoints in performance, so we can only recommend it as a starter device, for those who don’t need a powerful device. 

User Review
3.53 (15 votes)

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