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Best Value Massage Gun of 2024 – Our Top Picks from Personal Experience

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Searching for a massage gun that massage gun that offers top-tier performance without burning a hole in your pocket? Drawing on our extensive hands-on experience, we’re here to guide you to the perfect choice.

In the early days of massage guns, steep prices were the norm. But today, thanks to fierce competition, affordability doesn’t compromise effectiveness. You can snag a high-quality, budget-friendly massage gun that holds its own against pricier models.

Join us as we dive into discover the best value massage guns, based on real-world testing and review.

Key Takeaways

  • The recipe for the best value-for-money massage gun seamlessly blends power, versatility, and price.
  • The clear winner is the Ekrin B37, hitting the sweet spot with its specs, quality, competitive pricing, and a lifetime warranty as the cherry on top. TIP Use code MGA20 to enjoy a 20% discount at checkout.
  • Close contenders include the Bob and Brad D6 Pro known for its power, the Urikar Pro 2 for its unique features, and the Bantam as the top choice in the mini category.

Update for 2023: This post has been revised to reflect the current market situation. The biggest change you’ll notice is the addition of the Bob and Brad D6 PRO massage gun. Although it comes with a price tag of $250, the value you get for it is fantastic. We also added more photos, and linked to individual reviews.

How Did We Choose?

We first took into consideration devices that scored good points in our earlier reviews (those that scored above 4 stars). We then considered devices based on their price/value factor.

Here we removed the expensive guns and the cheapest ones. We wanted the devices that give the best bang for the buck. Unfortunately, most cheap guns lack power – power is absolutely important in our criteria. 

The best value massage guns fall within the $150-$200 range.

We’ve personally interacted with so many guns it got us thinking that maybe we don’t need to include Theraguns and Hypervolts.

We mean, those guns are great, but they don’t necessarily offer the best value for money. In our opinion, they are too expensive for what they offer.

However, we also had a change of mind about some of our all-time favorites, including Ekrin B37S – one of the strongest and best guns out there that we voted as the best massage gun of 2023.

We also didn’t favor Achedaway Pro (Theragun Pro’s killer). We reasoned that these guns, though incredible, cost more than $250. We figured there are best value guns that fall within the $150-$200 range.

What Defines Value in Massage Guns

When choosing the best value-for-money massage guns, we considered the following factors:


We believe the best value percussion massager has to be an “all-terrain” device. It has to work on different muscle groups despite the level of development of these muscles.

In other words, it shouldn’t matter whether you are a regular guy, or a bodybuilder; the best value device should be effective in all cases.

We define power in a massage gun by looking at its stall force, amplitude, and percussion range.

Stroke Length

Stroke length, also called amplitude, is the distance traveled by a massage gun’s tip during percussions. Here it could either be high or low. 

  • High amplitude devices feel more penetrative, they get their intensity from the deep hits. The stroke length here is often 14-16mm. However, they have fewer percussions. All Theraguns, Achedaway Pro and Hypervolt 2 Pro are good examples. 
  • Low amplitude devices feel more vibrational. They get their intensity from the rapid percussions. But some have lower stroke lengths than others. For example, we consider Taotronics and Ekrin Bantam as low amplitude devices (they have 10mm or less), and Ekrin B37, B37S, and 365, Hypervolt 2, and Urikar Pro 2 as medium amplitude (10-13mm). 

But which type provides better value? Is one category better than the other?

We don’t believe one necessarily is better. It’s all a matter of preference. We believe you should know what you need before you pick a gun to buy. Some people prefer deep hits, while others would rather work with vibrations and shallow hits. 

Our Advice

Go for the medium amplitude devices if you’re not sure what you want. These devices fall under our “sweet spot” category, where the message isn’t so shallow but not so deep as to hurt you. And the Ekrin B37 is the best you can get here (get it here).

If you’d rather get the Theragun experience, we believe the Bob and Brad D6 Pro (our 2nd pick) will do a very good job. It’s a high amplitude massage gun, just like Hypervolt 2 Pro or all Theraguns, but comes at a fraction of their price (check it yourself at Amazon here).

massage gun amplitude measurement
We verified the actual stroke length for every device we tested.

Stall Force

Stall force is the massage gun motor’s ability to withstand pressure. The stronger it is, the deeper the gun can hit. But where or how does the stall force matter? 

Stall force allows for deep penetration of medium and large muscle groups. You can only hope for surface-level hits if a device doesn’t have a high stall force. Surface-level hits aren’t really effective unless you just want a relaxing massage that’s more vibrational than percussive. 

We recommend that you stay away from guns that easily stall even when they have a better amplitude.

That said, low stall force devices will also shrink the percussions per minute when pressure is applied. That means if you have a device that percusses up to 3200PPM, you may end up with only 1000PPM when you apply some pressure. A medium to high stall force device will keep the percussions steady. 

How much stall force do I need? 

If we assume that the device is versatile enough to allow for an effective percussive massage on all muscles, you’d need a device with 30-40lbs. of stall force – ideally close to 50lbs. We picked devices that can work on large muscles too. 

Percussions (PPM/RPM)

Most high-amplitude devices typically have a revolution range of 2300-2700 PPM (percussions per minute), while low to medium amplitude devices have a broader range of 1800-3200 PPM.

Did You Know?
PPM (Percussions Per Minute) tells you the massage head speed, while RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) refers to the motor speed inside the massage gun. At the end, both are the same speed value you feel on your body.

So, when a device claims it can percuss up to 3400 PPM or more, it usually implies one of two scenarios: either the device operates at a very low amplitude—significantly below 10mm, or the manufacturer has overstated the range..

Our experience is that you either have a high amplitude or high percussion device, but not both. It’s all about how these gadgets are designed, so don’t get tricked into thinking otherwise!

We love devices with a wide range; our beloved Ekrin B37 has a 1400-3200 PPM range – that’s wide enough to give you a slow, precise massage as well as intensive vibrations.


Most devices come with 3-6 speeds. This is the optimum setup depending on the percussion range. Keep in mind that low stall force will slow down the percussions. That is why we didn’t include such devices here. 

Measuring Massage Gun Percussions Bantam
We verify devices’ actual percussions-per-minute using a high-quality digital laser tachometer.


Apart from the power of a device, you also want to ensure the device has great ergonomics. It’s important for DIY massage. Massaging your lower back and calves may be difficult, especially for bigger guys or the elderly.

We don’t believe you should go for the T-shaped, power-drill-like guns. We picked our top budget-friendly massage guns with good ergonomics in mind.

Good examples would be Theragun’s multi-grip handle, angled handles like Ekrin’s B37 or Bob and Brad D6’s, and the smart 180-degree rotation handle on Urikar Pro 2.

The device’s weight significantly contributes to its ergonomics. A massage gun weighing 2.2-2.3 pounds is easier to maneuver compared to a hefty 3-pound power-drill device.

Given the importance of a manageable weight, we’ve included a compact option in our selection – the Bantam – which tips the scales at a mere 1.1 pounds, offering a lightweight yet effective solution.

Other Things We Considered

  • Noise: You want a device that is comfortable to use anywhere. Noise is an important factor to take into account. We included devices that wouldn’t disturb a conversation or cause you to raise the TV volume. We always verify noise levels in our test lab.
  • Attachments: Our experience is that 4 to 6 attachments are perfect for massaging the whole body. Don’t fall for the marketing ploy of some massage gun brands that try to include extra attachments that don’t add any value. 
  • Battery capacity and time on battery: This isn’t an issue these days since most devices have batteries that can go for days without needing a charge. We included devices with batteries that can last for 4+ hours, which typically means about a week on a single charge.
  • Warranty: Cheap brands don’t offer any warranties. When they do, it’s often just a 1-year warranty. The best brands offer more or a lifetime warranty.
  • Additional features: Heating modes, dynamic speeds, carrying cases and many more. 
  • Price: Of course, we chose guns that offer the best bang for the buck. 

Best Value Massage Guns – Our Picks, Explained

Ekrin B37 – Best Value Massage Gun Overall

Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Box Bg
Why we like it:
  • Versatile and reliable massage gun
  • Great value for the money
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty
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Let’s talk about the Ekrin B37 – this massage gun is an all-rounder and offers exceptional value for money. In fact, in our tests, we’ve found it to be one of the most versatile massage guns available today.

First, watch the video where we unbox and conduct first impression tests of the B37:

No, here’s why it’s the best one on our list…

Perfect Performance Balance

The B37 really strikes a balance when it comes to power features. It doesn’t punch as hard as a Theragun, but it offers a deeper amplitude compared to models like the Bob and Brad T2, Toloco, or Mebak, which tend to have a more vibrational, surface-level impact.

In our testing, we measured a stall force of 56lbs on the highest gear. This level of force allows for deep, intense massages, especially on denser muscle groups like the glutes, hamstrings, and the entire hip area.

On the lower gears, the stall force is still more than adequate for a slower, yet deep massage, given a reasonable amount of pressure.

We were also impressed by its wide percussion range, running between 1400-3200 PPM, spread across a 5-speed setup. This enables a great deal of flexibility, from slow, soothing massages to intensive, aggressive ones.

Superb Ergonomics

The ergonomics of the B37 are unquestionable.

  • It was one of the first guns we saw introducing an angled handle, which we found reduces tension and fatigue in the hand, and allows for a more natural grip.
  • This handle design also makes reaching the back easier than with a T-shaped gun.
  • It also only weighs 2.2 pounds – very light if you consider the motor power and battery. 
ekrin b37 15-degree angled handle

Even More Value

The battery life is phenomenal. With a single charge, we got an impressive 8 hours of usage – the longest among all our tested massage guns. Even under pressure and at high speeds, we found that it could easily last for two weeks with normal use. Credit goes to the high-quality Samsung battery.

The B37 comes with four quality attachments and a strudy carrying case, adding to its overall value.

And lastly, it’s quiet. Even at its highest speed, it’s less noisy (up to 61dB) than many other massage guns we’ve tried. It’s a powerful, reliable, and highly versatile device, all at an unbeatable price.

Ekrin Brand

Furthermore, Ekrin Athletics is a trusted American massage gun brand that has sold tens of thousands of devices, and our experience with the B37 only reinforces this. After two years of use, our unit is still going strong.

They offer a lifetime warranty on their products, so you can feel confident in your purchase. The build quality is excellent, and the use of premium materials makes it feel just as high-end as a Theragun.

Ekrin B37 usually costs $229.99, but you can use the MGA20 coupon to get it for just $183.99 – a 20% discount

Full Review For more details, refer to our hands-on Ekrin B37 review here.

Bob and Brad D6 Pro – Best Value High Amplitude Device

Bob Abd Brad D6 Pro Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
Why we like it:
  • Really powerful deep tissue massage gun
  • Top-notch design & quality
  • Excellent Value for Money
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We initially considered featuring the powerful Achedaway Pro in this section, but after testing the latest release from Bob and Brad, we knew we had a serious contender in their all-new D6 Pro model.

This Theragun-like massage gun offers impressive value for money. It’s packed with notable features that can rival some of the more expensive guns in the market.

TIP: This is a video from our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe.

The D6 Pro differentiates itself from Ekrin B37 with a striking similarity to the characteristics of Theragun or Achedaway. For instance, it matches the Theragun with a high amplitude of 16mm.

In our everyday use we found it to be aggressive, much like its more well-known competitors. If you’re someone who prefers a punchy massage, this might be the ideal fit for you.

The stall force is equally impressive. While the advertised figure stands at a whopping 80lbs, our tests resulted in a measurement closer to 60lbs. This still puts it in an excellent power range, even for the most demanding users, and comfortably within our recommended range.

The percussion range of the D6 Pro spans from 1400 to 2500RPM (we measured it). Sure, our top pick, Ekrin B37, offers a wider range. However, this range is nearly identical to what’s available in Theragun devices.

It’s worth noting that Achedaway Pro surpasses this with up to 2800RPM, but the D6 Pro counters with six speed options, offering a satisfactory setup considering its range.

When it comes to ergonomics, the Bob and Brad D6 Pro is definitely competitive:

  • Its handle design appears to be heavily inspired by Theragun’s patented triangular design, though it presents a D-shape here. The resemblance is striking, though.
  • The upper and lower handles are tilted to provide a better grip and to reduce tension on the wrist.
  • The arm is adjustable and can be locked in one of five positions.

For a massage gun with a long amplitude, the D6 Pro is reasonably quiet, reaching only 67-68dB during our tests. This is a pleasant surprise considering how loud some long-amplitude devices can be.

The battery life is also satisfactory. The device charges via USB-C, and we were able to use it for 2-3 continuous hours on a single charge.

This means you can expect over a week of use from a single charge with normal use. All these factors combined make the D6 Pro a solid and affordable choice in the high-amplitude category.

Any cons? Well, not many:

  • at 2.8lbs, it is the heaviest massage gun on this list, and one of the heaviest guns in general.
  • The handles are more like oval-shaped, but have edges on a side. Those edges are rounded, but we feel not rounded enough, so after holding the device for a bit longer, it starts to feel uncomfortable.
  • You get a 1-year warranty, which is a bare minimum, and certainly not as great as Ekrin’s lifetime.

Other than that, we found it a high-quality, well-equipped massage gun that costs the fraction of Theragun Pro, even though it performs at the similar level.

It many not be as versatile as the Ekrin above, but if you are looking for a punchy option, then this is it.

You can buy it at Amazon, normally for about $250, but there is a coupon that you can use. You will also get an extra 10% off if you apply the MGAD6PRO promo code at the checkout. The total price will be under $200 – awesome value for a quality high amplitude device!

Full Review Read our hands-on Bob and Brad D6 Pro Review.

Urikar Pro 2 – The Heated Option, More Affordable

Urikar Pro 2 Massage Gun Specification Device Box Img
Our testing impressions:
  • 12 mm amplitude for deep tissue massage
  • Variety of attachments and rotating arm
  • Heating massage option
  • Excellent Value for Money (with the coupon)
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While Urikar Pro 2 may not boast the high-performance features of some of the other top guns we’ve tested, it has its unique appeal that earned it a spot on our list – its heated mode.

Not many massage guns come equipped with this feature, not even the heavy hitters in the industry. In fact, we’ve recently named Pro 2 as the best heated massage gun available in the market.

One notable feature apart from the heated mode is its rotating handle, enhancing its reach. We personally tested this function and can confirm its effectiveness.

The Pro 2 also has dynamic speeds – the only gun on our list with this particular feature. Moreover, it’s the most affordable option we’ve featured here.

The heated therapy function allows for simultaneous heat and percussive therapy. The heat can help to alleviate pain during muscle spasms and speed up the recovery process.

To implement this, Urikar has provided a special ceramic-coated attachment that warms up to 104-113 degrees Fahrenheit – we measured the temperature ourselves to confirm this.

However, when it comes to performance (amplitude, stall force, and percussion range), the Pro 2 falls short. Despite advertising an amplitude of 15mm, our tests revealed a true amplitude of 12mm. While this still meets our criteria, it’s significantly less than advertised.

The overstatements unfortunately don’t stop there:.

  • The advertised stall force of 50lbs is misleading. Our tests estimated it to be closer to half that amount.
  • They also claim a percussion range of up to 3400RPM. However, our measurements gave us a range of 1040-2050RPM – a significant overstatement. Maybe the heating option and dynamic speeds could impact the percussion range and stall force?

The Pro 2 does come with an impressive array of 8 attachments, with one of them being the ceramic-coated one for the heat function. The other 7 are fairly standard but varied, including cushioned ones for sensitive areas.

Despite its larger size, the Pro 2 only weighs 2.2 pounds, which is comparable to the Ekrin B37.

Its quality is inferior to Ekrin B37 and the Bob and Brad D6 Pro. It’s also not the quietest gun out there; it sometimes makes a creaking sound when pushed hard against the body – but you can’t have everything at this price…:

Urikar Pro 2 normally retails for $169.99. However, a special URIKAR02 coupon code (when applied at the checkout) gives you a huge 60% discount, so you can get it for only $63

Full Review Read our in-depth Urikar Pro 2 review here.

Ekrin Bantam – Best Value Mini Massage Gun

Ekrin Bantam Mini Massage Gun Box Bg
Why we like it:
  • Compact but powerful, up to 3200rpm
  • Great size and ergonomics
  • Excellent quality overall
  • Lifetime warranty

Our review score:


Get 20% OFF with the MGA20 code.
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We can confidently say there is no better value mini massage gun than the tiny Ekrin Bantam. It’s by far the best mini gun on the market right now.

It also happens to be the best-priced mini gun (around $120 with our coupon applied at

In our opinion, it’s the only mini that can be mentioned in the same breath as the Theragun mini; heck, it might even surpass its Theragun counterpart (we proved it in our Ekrin Bantam review).

Here is our video where you can see the Bantam up close and in action:

Our Take

If you love hiking and road trips, this is your go-to gun. We know because we have put it to the test multiple times en route.

We found out how great it can be during one full-body evening session. After carrying a hefty backpack for 12 hours, the massage helped calm fatigued muscles and helped us recover. For best results, try it with an ice bath session. 

But what makes the Bantam so special?

For starters, the Bantam is one of the lightest massage guns around. It weighs just 1.1 pounds. It’s also very tiny and can easily fit into your pocket.

However, despite its miniature size, it packs quite a punch. We’re talking up to 30lbs. of stall force – that’s right up there with the bigger (and supposedly more powerful) Theragun Prime.

Even the Urikar Pro 2 we just talked about doesn’t pack that kind of power, and the Hypervolt Go 2 (reviewed here) is twice weaker than the Bantam even though it’s overhyped. 

The amplitude is almost 10mm – so pretty good one, especially for guns of this nature.

It’s even better when the amplitude is supplemented by a nice percussion range of 2000-3200RPM – just like the bigger Ekrins. Since the gun won’t stall easily, the percussions remain steady even when you press the gun on your body.

Other great features include:

  • the angled handle, which is slimmer and makes holding it easier even with small hands.
  • The materials used to make it are also great – the rubberized handle stands out.
  • It comes with 4 varied attachments, including the large soft ball attachment.
  • The Bantam is awesomely quiet and won’t disturb your peace. It doesn’t vibrate excessively, and there are no creaking sounds like Urikar does. 
  • Lifetime warranty and hassle-free return policy in case you change your mind.

It’s a great bargain if you like the features that come with it.

You can get the Bantam for a reasonable $149.99. However, there’s an MGA20 coupon that gives you a 20% discount, so you can buy it for $119.99 only

Full Review Be sure to check out our in-depth Ekrin Bantam review.

Best Value Theragun – Which One?

Theraguns basically started the whole percussive massage guns industry. Theraguns have the following unique features:

  • They have the highest amplitude in the business – only Achedaway Pro rivals this.
  • They are best suited for deep, punchy massage – the amplitude delivers stronger hits. 
  • They each have different stall forces and come equipped differently.
  • All three large Theraguns have superb ergonomics – the triangular-shaped handles.
All Four Theragun Massage Guns

But which one would we call the best value Theragun?

We have seen other sites suggest Theragun Elite. However, having personally used the Theraguns for so long, we’d argue for Theragun Prime.

That’s because Prime is way cheaper (regular $299 compared to $399 for Elite). Prime is also the most compact of all three guns – Elite is slightly larger while Pro is the largest. 

Also, even though Prime has a low stall force compared to Elite and Pro, in our opinion it can still do the job for most folks. With 30lbs. of stall force, it’s only slightly ahead of Urikar Pro 2 (Urikar costs a third of Prime).

Theragun Prime Measured Amplitude
Theragun Prime (pictured), Elite and Pro all come with the highest, 16mm amplitude.

However, keep in mind that Prime also boasts quite a long stroke length. That intensity is good enough to make up for the stall force – you won’t need too much pressure to get deep treatment. 

But Prime also lacks some of the nice attachments available with its more expensive siblings, such as the Supersoft one. However, you can buy the Supersoft head for $30 and the others for $20. 

Do Theraguns provide good value overall?

Our Take

Well, in our opinion, they are great guns but don’t offer anything you can’t find with other guns. Besides, they go for a pretty penny.

Even the entry-level Prime is almost 40% more expensive than our top picked Ekrin B37. That’s $299 compared to $184 with the MGA20 coupon (you need to apply it at

Theraguns are also noisy. They have an annoying rough sound and are generally loud.

Their warranty is also disappointing, Prime has a 1-year warranty, and Elite and Pro have 2, but that’s nothing compared to Ekrin’s lifetime.

Related Other Theragun posts are worth checking out for more first-hand information:

What About Hypervolts?

Hyperice too is a big name in the industry, going toe to toe with Therabody. Their new devices include Hypervolt 2, Hypervolt 2 Pro, and Hypervolt Go 2.

Hypervolt Percussion Massage Guns 2 Generation

So let’s look at each gun individually:

Hypervolt 2

It’s not the strongest massage gun we have tested. It’s probably just as strong as Urikar, but it will do the job.

We measured a 12mm amplitude (details in review) which we consider a sweet spot, and a similar range of percussions as the Ekrin B37 device.

Unfortunately, we think the handle isn’t as great. Even though Hyperice made the handles slimmer by changing the shape to oval (pill-shape, as they call it), they still haven’t tilted them to make them easier to hold.

For the price, we think it is a so-so value – especially when compared to other guns we’ve talked about.

Hypervolt 2 in use

Hypervolt 2 Pro

It has a better, 14mm amplitude (verified in review) that we would classify to be between Ekrin B37’s and Theragun’s 16mm. That means you can expect a punchy massage with this device.

We also found it reasonably powerful; you can expect a stall force in the upper 30s, which is good enough. The handle is also slightly longer compared to Hypervolt 2’s.

We’d call it a decent proposition, but you’ll have to choke up a lot to get it. Ekrin B37 costs half that price even though it’s probably better. 

hypervolt 2 pro left side

What about Hypervolt Go 2?

It’s Hyperice’s new mini. It’s slightly improved on the outside but feels pretty much the same as the older GO.

In our test, we measured the same 10mm amplitude as the predecessor. However, it still lacks the stall force to withstand even the least amount of pressure, which in our opinion, doesn’t make it a viable option.

Completing the picture, all the guns mentioned here are twice more powerful as this Hypervolt.

hypervolt go 2 massage gun left

Are Hypervolts good value massagers then?

The two regular ones, Hypervolt 2 and 2 Pro, are decent devices. However, they don’t offer anything unique. They cost $199 and $329 respectively. That is too much if you consider the specifications.

Our Take

We’d rather have the Bob and Brad D6 Pro and Ekrin B37 than these two – they cost less (especially when you apply discount codes) and are actually way better.

For the record:

  • Hypervolt Go 2 (costs $129) doesn’t have the power to compete with any device on our list today.
  • All Hypervolt models only have a 1-year warranty.

We Also Tested

Other good value massage guns you could also consider include the following:

achedaway pro shape design

Achedaway Pro

This is the cheaper alternative to Theragun Pro. We voted it the strongest massage gun at one time.

It’s actually pretty powerful; the amplitude is the highest at 16mm and a stall force of up to 60lbs. It also has higher percussions than Theragun Pro (up to 2800RPM, verified by us).

It is priced at $249 with the use of the MGA60 coupon code at checkout on (saving you $60).
For the perspective, it is half the price of the Theragun Pro.

P.S. The only reason it didn’t come second on this list is because Bob and Brad D6 Pro is more affordable.

Nevertheless, Achedaway Pro remains one of our top 5 best massage guns

sportneer Elite D9 ergonomics

Sportneer D9

We were impressed by the overall quality of this Sportneer Elite D9 device when we tested it the other day. In fact, it feels better than so many massagers in a similar price range. Additionally, it offers an angled handle for ease of use.

However, compared to Ekrin B37 and Bob and Brad D6 Pro, it lags performance-wise. The amplitude isn’t as great, and the stall force is so-so.

The attachments aren’t as great too – they are not high quality, and the variety is lacking.

But the price is reasonable enough to be considered good value”

It costs $109.99 normally, but only $93.49 if you use the AFDKOF coupon (15% discount).

That is pretty similar to Urikar’s price, but we chose Urikar because of the heating element, adjustability of the handle, and dynamic modes. The attachments on Urikar are better as well.

recoverfun plus percussion massage gun

RecoverFun Plus

A solid device with a strong motor and a nice amplitude. It offers more punch than the Sportneer but not as great as Ekrin B37, Achedaway, or Bob and Brad D6 Pro.

We also aren’t fans of its rather unimpressive ergonomics. It has the classic T-shape and is quite heavy – which fatigues the wrist during a long session.

It weighs 2.6 pounds, slightly above the recommended weight of 2-2.5 pounds. However, bigger guys probably won’t mind.

You can buy Recoverfun Plus for $169 – this is reasonable, but more than Ekrin B37, which has better ergonomics and is quieter. 

Bottom Line

So which is the best value massage gun? Well, you can find one easily today as the market has expanded significantly since their debut. Focus on a versatile, well-equipped, and powerful enough massage guns that can work on all muscle groups.

Our Take

We have picked different guns, but they are all effective and will give you a great value. Need to decide now? Go for:

  • Ekrin B37 because it’s strong, intensive, and not overly aggressive.
  • If you have to have a Theragun, Prime is our choice.
  • The best value mini gun is, in our opinion, the tiny-but-mighty Ekrin Bantam.

Any questions? Feel free to comment down below.

Take care!

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  1. “Not biased”, but the B37 is the best value when the Lifepro Sonic X is the exact same thing and cheaper?

    • Jeff, thanks for the comment. The devil’s in the details, so let me explain a few things.

      First, the current Lifepro Sonic X is nowhere close to Ekrin B37. Granted, it used to be nearly identical to the B37, which we indicated in our review back then, but last year they replaced the product with a device that is more like the entry-level Ekrin 365 than the more advanced B37. Therefore, you should compare it directly to the 365 model, not B37.

      Lifepro kept the model name and more or less the same price, but the product inside is different now. Many customers wouldn’t notice the change, including yourself, but if you take a closer look, you will see that the current Sonic X has a slimmer, and longer handle, USB-C charging, smaller battery (1600 mAh vs. 2550 in the old one), power meter and master power switch at the bottom – just like the Ekrin 365 (B37 and old Sonic X didn’t have those). And quite obviously, since the 365 and Sonic X are entry-level devices, their performance is inferior to the B37.

      Second, the price. Ekrin 365 is cheaper than the current Sonic X. You can buy it for $143 with the MGA20 discount code vs. $157.5 at with the MGA10 code).

      So yes, we think the B37 is an excellent value for the money device, and we don’t like the trick Lifepro did to keep selling different hardware under the same name.

      With all that being said, we need to update our old Sonic X review to reflect the change of the device, and we will do it soon.

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