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toloco massage gun review

Toloco Massage Gun Review: EM26 – An Okay Personal Gun But Far From Perfect

Welcome to this hands-on Toloco massage gun review. This is another budget massage gun that we decided to buy and test out. It costs just a little under $60 on Amazon.

But why select this gun? It feels rather random.

Well, not according to more than 24,000+ customers who have bought it and reviewed it. Many reviews give this device a thumbs up.

So, is this gun worth its weight in gold, or are there better alternatives, perhaps even cheaper?

We tested it extensively and compared it to the other guns in our collection. Here’s what we think.

TL/DR: It’s an okay one for the price, but it does not really live up to the advertised specs, and you can get a better alternative ↓ at an even cheaper price (read on).

toloco massage gun
Toloco is in our hands. Let’s test it.

Is Toloco a Good Massage Gun Brand?

Toloco is an overseas brand that sells products made in China.

As is often the case, brands like this start off selling different products in random niches before settling on one. Toloco experimented with mosquito traps, bubble machines, and inflatable costumes before finally settling on massage guns.

The EM26 model is their latest gun. Before this, they sold the T11 and the M63 – all of which are very similar. 

Can Toloco be trusted?

Well, the devices seem decent enough. Plus, they are not new to the market selling massage guns; they have been here since 2019. They must have enough experience with massage guns by now.

But like similar brands that aren’t easy to trace, it wouldn’t be a stretch to ask questions like: do they respect warranties? Can you return the product if anything goes wrong?

Also, there is the question of whether such devices can last for the long run. You get what you pay for—in this case, a pretty basic device. 

Toloco Massage Gun Review

Toloco EM26 Specifications (Verified)

Toloco EM26 Specifications
FeatureToloco EM26 Specs
Stall Force35 lbs
Stroke Length10 mm verified
Advertised: 12 mm
Percussion range1300 – 2500 ppm verified
Advertised: 1300 – 3200 ppm
Attachments10 included
Weight2.16 lbs
Noise (decibel)45 – 50 dB verifed
Advertised: 40 – 50 dB
Battery Capacity2500 mAh
Prosgood stall force
good size
well equipped
Consoverstated amplitude
low percussion range
too many speeds (for the range)
does not resume upon stalling
Current PriceCheck at Amazon
Toloco EM26 Specifications (measured by us vs advertised by Toloco​1​).

What is Included?

There is a carrying case. A good-sized one, but not the finest you will ever see, although we’re guessing for the price of this thing, we’ll take anything to carry the gun and everything else.

Inside the bag is a wall charger, the attachments, and a simple manual with device features and key specs, basing how-to-use information. 

First Impressions

The first site of the device is not very exciting but not very discouraging either. Maybe we have seen a few too many massage guns, but this one isn’t any different from the dozens of others out there.

It’s a full-sized massage gun with the same old, proven, but boring T-shape and a vertical handle. Another one belongs in the same category as Lifepro Sonic, Chirogun, Fitpulse, Taotronics, and many others. 

We wouldn’t call it a sleek-looking massage gun, even though they tried to complicate the obvious design by adding many edges – even though the overall design looks rounded.

We compared it to the Taotronics TT-PCA004, which looks quite similar but is a tad smaller and sleeker (albeit being T-shaped as well). 

You can choose from 3 different colors: black, silver, and gray. We chose the gray one.

The entire body of the device is plastic. The color is satin gray with black rubber around the middle part of the handle – the tiny section at the bottom is glossy plastic.

There are no visible screws, which suggests they know what they are doing here – the competition does it pretty well too. 


The model name is on a sticker on the motor case. We noticed our model sticker was upside down—it was a bad day at the office for the quality control guys at Toloco.

toloco sticker upside down

Our Take

Overall, this is far from a premium device. You get that from brands like Ekrin, Theragun, and Hypervolt. Even the cheaper Taotronics feels somewhat better. However, for a budget-friendly massage gun, we’ll take it.


Again, we have seen this type of setup before from rivals like the Taotronics TT-PCA003, Fitpulse, and the popular Chirogun.

There are touch controls for power (on/off) and speed buttons (marked with + and ). Touch buttons are good to look at but don’t offer much feedback. They take some time to respond and don’t offer the same tactile feedback as physical buttons.

However, we like this kind of setup better than a one-button control because you don’t have to cycle through all speeds to get to the level you want. 

The figures displayed on the rounded screen depict the speed setting on the left and the battery percentage on the right.

The display goes off after three minutes if nothing is pressed. We like it, and it saves the battery.

A classic on/off toggle is at the bottom of the handle. This kind of setup is functional and okay. 


There are 10 attachments included with this device. That’s a good number to have (perhaps one too many), but they are not entirely unique from what we know.

toloco 10 attachment heads
Nine hard plastic heads plus one EVA foam option (the ball). No soft or cushioned options here. Just a heads-up: that white square on the flat head is just our test tape. Don’t worry, yours will be all black.

Many of them also seem to be repeated—different versions of the same thing. Nine are hard plastic, and only one, the ball, is covered with foam.

The foam has a slight give, although a cushioned head wouldn’t have hurt here—for delicate areas.

The set includes:

  • Bullet and Elbow Heads – These are good for trigger points. The elbow head can treat the palm and the sole of your feet if the bullet head feels too aggressive. 
  • Flat Head – The most universal after the ball head. It can be used on all body parts but works well on large muscle groups.
  • Convex Head – We didn’t find this one particularly useful. It looks like an alternative flat-head version with added protrusions for a more aggressive effect. 
  • Y-shaped and Crescent Heads—These are the interesting ones. The Y-shaped head is larger and good for treating quads, calves, or arms (if your arms are big, wink). The Crescent head is smaller and good for biceps, triceps, and calves.
  • Wedge and Shovel Heads – These can be used for more aggressive treatment but won’t have the same pin-pointed effect as the bullet head. They are likely meant for larger muscles where deeper penetration is needed. They both do the same thing and have the same effect. 
  • Fork Head – This is the standard one used along the spine. Runners sometimes use it to treat their Achilles​2​ as well. The space between the two prongs is narrow here. It should be longer, as we saw with the Ekrin 365 and the Bantam

Overall, having so many attachments to work with is a bonus. However, this is a marketing ploy that we have noticed from brands that sell cheap guns.


Don’t pay too much attention to the many attachments.

Good brands typically include only 4 to 6 attachments, which we believe are sufficient to work every part of your body (we discuss why). So, while having many heads doesn’t hurt, we advise that you check for specific heads.

For instance, find out whether there’s a soft or cushioned head. Some brands only include hard plastic ones. Toloco only included one slightly soft head–ball. However, we like the Y-shape and Crescent heads. 

toloco em26 massager attachment socket
Note that it’s a classic push-in attachment mounting system.


There’s nothing special here; it’s just the same old T-shaped, vertical handle – as basic as possible.

The handle looks pretty thick, but we like that it has plenty of rubber (the middle) to make the grip better. We would’ve liked the rubber to cover the entire handle, though. That means you can hold it at the top end without any issues. Taotronics did it with their guns, covering the entire handle with rubber to make holding easier. 

The handle length is also shorter than that of Taotronics. It makes the gun slightly more compact but takes away about an inch of reach when you are trying to massage your mid or lower back

Verified Fact

The device weighs 978 grams or 2.16 pounds with the flat head attached.

That’s light enough for a massage gun this size. The weight is also well-balanced, with the battery in the handle and the motor at the top. 

This one holds like the Hypervolts and other similar guns (Hypervolt clones).

It’s not the same as modern guns with slanted handles that help to reduce tension in your wrist as you massage away for long sessions. There is also not enough rubber. 


How does this Toloco EM26 percussion massager perform?


Amplitude, also called stroke length, is how far the massage gun moves back and forth as it percusses.

Toloco says their EM26 model has a 12mm amplitude. We took that with a pinch of salt and decided to measure. It’s not what they claim; instead, it’s less than 10mm, 9.9mm, to be precise. That means they have overstated it quite significantly.

Toloco Em26 Massage Gun Measured Amplitude
Capturing our hands-on measurement of the massage gun’s amplitude. Contrary to the advertised 12mm, we’re clocking it in at a precise 9.9mm.

But 10mm isn’t so bad for this kind of massage gun (and the price).

Just remember that the gun will be vibrational and not deep percussive​3​. But with enough stall force, you might just press it to a more intensive massage.

The question is, is there enough stall force in this Toloco gun?

Stall Force

It’s the maximum pressure the device can withstand before it stalls.

We have to say we’re positively surprised here. Stalling the device on the highest gear isn’t easy. We’d say it’s about 32-35 lbs. or more at top speed.

Another pleasant surprise is even at lower speeds, where motors tend to be weak, this one is reasonably strong.

That means that even with about 10mm of amplitude, this gun can still deliver a decent massage when pressed hard against the skin. 

What’s more important, having enough stall force means the percussions won’t slow down drastically when the gun is pressed hard against the body.

In terms of stall force, Toloco performs better than similar guns – especially the recently reviewed Medcursor

Just one thing that didn’t please us:

When it finally stalls, the gun doesn’t resume automatically (as is often the case with most guns). Even when you press the three buttons to try to resuscitate it, you have to go back to the switch button at the bottom of the handle to restart it. However, this doesn’t happen often.

Speeds and Percussions

Toloco disappoints here. The advertised range is 1300-3200 RPM. However, when we checked with our laser tachometer, we only got about 1300-2500 RPM.

That’s disappointing, and about 500 RPM less than Taotronics TT-PCA004, which can rev up to 3000 RPM.

We could hear and feel that the vibrations were slower than the competition offered. We love it at middle-range speeds, where it does well. However, it massively underperforms at higher speeds.

The Taotronics, Bob and Brad’s T2 and C2, and Lifepro Sonic all outperform it here.

Besides, it has 20 speeds—that’s 10 to 15- too many, considering its percussion range. Five gears are the typical range for similar devices. There are too many gears to cycle through. 

toloco em26 percussion massager 20 speeds
20-speed setup – considering the narrow percussion range, it’s way too many.


We often don’t expect devices with 10mm amplitude to be noisy. This one isn’t very noisy but is not as quiet as possible. We measured between 45dB and 50dB (the ambient noise in our room was about 35 dB).

This is still okay even though it revs only up to 2500 RPM when most devices can do 3000 RPM or more. 

The sound isn’t rough and doesn’t rattle as much as the Medcursor that we recently tested and reviewed.

The handle doesn’t vibrate too much, either.

We don’t expect the Toloco to be quiet for long. Many cheap devices tend to get louder over time, typically after 6 to 12 months of use. 


The battery’s a 2500mAh capacity battery.

That’s quite decent for a device that is this affordable. It’s awesome that it’s still a pretty light device with such a battery. It’s a fixed, non-detachable battery, so don’t expect to replace it.

The battery works fine. It drains slowly when used with low to medium pressure applied at medium speeds.

Toloco says you’ll have plenty of juice to last 6 hours if you need such a long session. That’s probably slightly exaggerated, but expect 3-4 hours of use when used at high speeds and when more pressure is applied. Even so, expect it to last at least a week on a single charge if used normally.

We noticed a battery indicator that accurately shows the battery percentage from 01 to 100% during our use. There’s also a simplified LED under the handle that;

  • Flashes green when fully charged
  • Flashes orange when about half full, and
  • Flashes red when nearly empty – below 20%

Charging fully takes about 4 hours, so you must be patient.

We found it helpful that it has a 10-minute auto-shutoff feature to prevent overheating. We often prefer to allow for at least 20 minutes, but that’s not a luxury you get with budget devices.

toloco chargin port and on-off switch

Who is it Best for?

From our experience, this is another entry-level massage gun at best. We learned not to let the motor power fool us. We’ll have to use this device for a while before we can tell whether it will last a while. Our experience tells us otherwise.

But you’ll still love this gun if you want something to use at home. We’ve even seen videos on Amazon of people using it on their pets.

If you’re on a tight budget and need a massage gun, this will serve your purpose for now. You’ll get to relax tense muscles, treat soreness, massage your lower back pain and tired shoulders, and warm up the muscles before you exercise. 

However, from our hands-on experience, we wouldn’t recommend this Toloco massage gun for demanding users who are looking for a true deep percussive massage. There isn’t enough stroke length and stall force to allow for that.

We also discovered that it’s not a true Theragun alternative because it falls short in amplitude and doesn’t have as many percussions per minute to compensate for that and provide the same intensity.

Based on our comparisons, we’d recommend considering some of Toloco’s competitors, which we’ve listed below.

Warranty and Price

Our research found that it has a 1-year warranty, similar to many such devices.

For peace of mind, you’ll need to get an Ekrin or Lifepro, two brands that back their products with a lifetime warranty—the latter of which costs the same as Toloco (after coupon). 

Regarding price, we found that Toloco is comfortably under the $60 mark. Check the current price at Amazon.

Based on our tests, you can check out the two alternatives below if you’re interested in even better deals. One may be slightly more expensive, but the second one is cheaper. 

Toloco EM26 Best Alternatives

urikar pro 2 massager balance

Urikar Pro 2 – Better, Similar Price

In our hands, the Urikar Pro 2 felt larger and not as compact as the Toloco gun, but it brought many unique features to the table even though it costs about the same (a few dollars difference with a coupon – see below).

Urikar has a similar percussion range but a much higher amplitude. It is a rare example of an under $100 massage gun that comes with a stroke length of above 10mm – it has a 12mm, verified with a digital caliper.

It means that Urikar will feel more punchy from the start. The stall force. The percussion range is quite similar to Toloco’s, though.

However, the Urikar has a few other advantages over the Toloco;

  • The Urikar can give you a soothing, heated massage. In addition to 7 regular attachments, it has a ceramic head that warms up to 104-113 degrees Fahrenheit (we checked with a thermometer).
  • The Urikar has better ergonomics by far. Its handle can rotate 180 degrees so that you can hold it differently. It also adds about 2 inches when reaching the lower back area.
  • The Urikar has dynamic speed modes where intensity changes automatically during a massage session. There are three of them.
  • The Urikar looks sleeker and has better materials

If you apply the coupon URIKAR02, which takes off a massive 67%, you can get it here for just $62.9.

Overall, we’d rather increase our budget slightly and go for the more robust Urikar. Higher amplitude and heated mode are worth it.

Read our hands-on Urikar Pro 2 review for more details.

taotronics tt-pca004 mid-size massage gun

Taotronics TT-PCA004 – Better, Half the Price

Again, this Taotronic is very similar to the Toloco in many ways. It has a similar shape and design, and even the ergonomics are comparable.

They also share the same amplitude and stall force (minor differences), even though the Taotronics has better aesthetics.

And perhaps better execution in other areas, including;

  • There are more percussions per minute—it revs up to 3000 RPM; we checked and confirmed it’s true. 
  • More rubber on the handle increases the grip and makes it comfortable for longer sessions. 
  • It has a real aluminum on the top – looks great!
  • It has a cushioned head to massage delicate areas – Toloco doesn’t have soft attachments.
  • It has a slightly juicier battery with 2600 mAh, even though it weighs slightly less than the Toloco. 

But the key advantage is that it’s even cheaper without the discount:

Deal Alert Taotronics Sale. You can get 50% off the Taotronics massage gun now! It will cost you a mere $39. Get it right here

It now only costs $59.99 and $53.99 when the TT10 coupon is applied at checkout (10% off). Buy it at Taotronics.com.

That is significantly cheaper than the Toloco gun; you get a better device.

Lifepro Sonic Massager

Lifepro Sonic – Same Price, Lifetime Warranty

The Sonic might not be the latest model in Lifepro’s arsenal, but it still performs well and has many fans nationwide.

In our test, we found it a classic, T-shape device that is slightly bigger than the Toloco gun, but it betters it in many areas, such as:

  • Better handle shape – it is oval, thus more ergonomic and better to hold.
  • Longer handle – adds an inch or two when reaching the mid and lower back
  • It is the only alternative that has a removable battery!
  • It comes with 8 attachments – an impressive device for ~$70!
  • It has a juicier battery with 2600 mAh, just like the other alternatives.

But the key advantage is that it’s backed by Lifepro’s lifetime warranty even though it costs about the same as Toloco:

Check the current price at Amazon (and clip the coupon that is located under the price).

Review Bottom Line

Before we end this Toloco massage gun review, it suffices to say that this is an entry-level massage gun for personal use at home.

  • It’s simple but well-equipped. It will be good enough to do the job. If you have never had a massage gun and are excited to get one, this would be a good place to start – especially if you don’t have the budget for a high-end gun.
  • However, this gun’s biggest drawback is the less-than-advertised percussion range. The amplitude is also slightly overstated.
  • We love the price and the value for money it may offer, but we can think of at least three alternatives that beat this gun. We just talked about them above. One is a tad expensive, costs the same but has a lifetime warranty, and the other is half the price… but still better.

Take care!

Our Toloco EM26 Massage Gun Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


The Toloco massage gun is a decent entry-level device for those just starting with massage guns. Despite having more than enough stall force for a budget gun, the amplitude is slightly overstated and the percussion range isn’t what Toloco says it is. For the money, the value is good overall, but we feel there are better devices at a similar price point.

User Review
3.86 (7 votes)
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    • Hi David, thanks for sharing your experience with the Toloco massage gun. We’re really sorry to hear that your unit stopped working after just 2 months. Unfortunately, this is a risk with more affordable options, and it’s something we’ve been cautious about in our reviews. While our unit is still functioning, we share your concerns about long-term reliability.
      We recommend here Taotronics TT-PCA004 and Urikar Pro 2; they not only offer better build quality but also a more reliable performance. Hope this helps, and thank you again for your feedback.

  1. this thing completely quick working after about 2 months. called and they said it would be taken care of. Have called 5 times, left messages and talked to a woman that I could only half understand and still no replacement or even a reply. had to buy a different brand to replace toloco. would NOT ever consider buying from them again

    • Hey Dale, appreciate you sharing this with us. It confirms our worries – low-quality, short-lived devices, and poor customer service are common pitfalls with cheap Amazon massagers. Sorry to hear your unit’s down. Let us know if you manage to resolve it. P.S. In the future, it might be worth considering massager with a lifetime warranty from Lifepro or Ekrin, or at least a well-known brand (we list them here), just for peace of mind. Take care.

  2. The unit is wonderful. Easy to use, very effective. I misplaced my charger, have a few around,
    is it safe to use another charger. Please advise.

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