medcursor massage gun review

Medcursor Massage Gun Review: Okay For First-Timers But A Burst For Pros

Welcome to this hands-on Medcursor massage gun review.

This particular Medcursor massager has been gathering quite some fame on Amazon. It’s a budget massage gun that costs under $100. We bought it and have had some fun with it for a few weeks now.

We’ve seen a few budget massage guns under $100 that have impressed us up to now. A case in point is the two Taotronics (TT-PCA003 and TT-PCA004) that we recently reviewed.

In this in-depth Medcursor review, we will share our thoughts about it and also answer whether you should settle for this gun or use the $50 to $60 on a different massager.

But first…

medcurosor percussion massager
Medcursor massage gun review (Model MG01) by Greg.

Is Medcursor a Good Brand?

Medcursor is a Chinese brand that sells on Amazon.

Their main focus is on sleeping and relaxation gear. We visited their store and found out that they sell sleep sound machines, heating pads, foot massagers, massage chair pads, and, of course, massage guns. 

MedCursor massage gun logo

But is Medcursor a legit brand? After all, we’ve heard everything we need to hear about Chinese brands selling on Amazon.

But we have reason to trust Medcursor:

First, they are not a new brand; they have been selling products on Amazon for many years.

Second, this massage gun has over 5000 review ratings.

Thirdly, it looks like they were not affected by the recent Amazon ban that took out over 600 Chinese brands for incentivized review scam (more on this marketing tactic here).


We don’t trust Amazon ratings today as we did in the past. The good thing, however, most massage guns on Amazon deliver what they promise. Most of them have at least a 4-star rating on Amazon.

But the devil is in the details and we wanted to make sure if this Medcursor is worth the money, or are there better guns at this price range?

Medcursor Massage Gun Review: MG01 Model

Medcursor MG01 Specifications (Verified)

medcursor mg01 specifications
FeatureMedcursor MG01 Specs
Stall Force16.5 lbs (our estimation)
Stroke LengthVerified: 10 mm
Advertised: 11 mm
Percussion rangeVerified: 1450 – 3050 rpm
Advertised: 1200-3200 rpm
Attachments6 included
Weight1.5 lbs
Noise (decibel)Verified: 60 dB – 72 dB
Advertised: 35 dB – 50 dB
Battery Life / Capacity2 – 3 h (4.5 h*) / 2000 mAh
ProsCompact size
Reasonable amplitude
Low price
ConsLow stall force
High Noise/Rattling
Cheap attachments
No carrying case
Current PriceCheck at Amazon
Medcursor MG01 Specifications (*our measurements vs. those advertised by Medcursor)

First Impressions

We’ve seen a similar design before, so there’s no “wow” effect when you first open the box.

It’s the same design as the Sportneer K1 or the Shogun Sports gun. It also looks a lot like the Youdgee H1 massage gun – although that gun had a different control panel than the one here. 

It’s a reasonably compact gun – it’s not too big, but it’s not a mini massage gun either.

It’s more or less the same size as the Taotronics TT-PCA004 that we recently praised for its near-perfect size. Although here the handle is a tiny bit shorter – about a quarter of an inch to be precise.

It’s also not a heavy gun; weighing just 1.52 pounds (690 grams) with the flat attachment mounted on. 

We picked model MG01 with a gray handle with a dark blue rubber stripe that has the controls on it. It also has a semi-perforated surface as the motor case. We’re not entirely sure if it’s aluminum or some other metal. 

The materials used here are okay, but you don’t get that premium feel as you would with a high-end gun. But we can forgive that because of the price. Also, the handle isn’t fully rubberized which gives it a rather “plasticky” feel. Yet there are no visible screws, suggesting a solid device.

For about $50, we don’t feel the need to complain about the Medcursor massage gun’s look and feel. However, we’ll just say that the Taotronics TT-PCA004 is better in terms of quality.

What is Included?

There is no carrying case here; which is a bummer, because the cheaper Taotronics had carrying cases.

Other items included with the device are;

  • The charger.
  • The attachments.
  • Spare attachment gaskets.
  • A manual with How-to-Use info.
  • Information on how to use the device on different muscle groups – a nice inclusion. 


The control buttons are located on that tiny rubber strip on the handle we just mentioned above – rather weird if you ask us.

First instinct tells you to click the Medcursor logo on the glossy back panel to turn the device on, but this doesn’t do anything.

It’s a one-button operation device but the button isn’t marked out on the rubber strip. It’s probably because this is a budget device.

The LEDs are also located along that strip. It may take a minute before you can get a hang of how to operate it, but once you figure it out it becomes easy. 

To start the device you have to long-press the power button. Short presses will change the speed. The 5 LEDs indicate the speed gears. The lightning icon indicates the battery charge status. 

medcursor mg01 controls


You get 6 attachments with this device – not bad for the price of this thing. However, the attachments aren’t so cozy – there is no soft attachment in the collection, just hard ones. We found that a bit odd because most brands add some sort of cushioned head for tender areas.

The only one that comes close to soft is the Ball Head which is made of EVA foam with a slight give to it. Even so, it feels pretty hard on the skin.

The other attachments are all hard plastic but look a bit cheap – you get what you pay for (and here is why)!

Expect the following apart from the ball attachment;

  • Wedge Head
    Medcursor touts it as being good for soft tissue, but we believe it works better on calves, quads, and the hamstring – especially when you press the device at an angle.
  • Bullet Head
    This one is for trigger points and foot massage.
  • Fork Head
    It’s good for treating the area along the spine, trigger points, and the neck area. Don’t use it directly on the spine. 
  • Flat Head
    This one is for larger muscles or if you prefer a punchy massage.
  • Flat Head with Metal Cover
    Medcursor says the metal is stainless steel. We take that with a pinch of salt. We believe it’s cheap aluminum. It’s very light and it’s not cold to touch as metal tips often are. Good examples of metal tips include the ones that come with Achedaway Pro or Bob and Brad’s X6 Pro

Overall we believe it’s awesomely generous that Medcursor chose to include 6 attachments for a device this cheap. However, the quality of the attachments is wanting – it’s so-so at best. You get 2 flat attachments that are supposed to do different things, but they feel pretty similar.

We like the attachment set on the Taotronics better. Those weren’t perfect, but they were better, and there was a cushioned head. 


There is no wow effect here either. It’s the same generic T-shape we have seen before from other devices. But we won’t complain because it’s not heavy, and may not strain the arm so much.

But we have beef with the design of the handle. There’s nothing wrong with the length; we think it’s decent enough. The circumference is also not very thick – most folks will hold it comfortably.

But where’s the rubber to make the grip firm? There’s the tiny strip with the button and the LEDs and that’s it! Everything else is plastic. Compared to the Taotronics – same price range – the Taotronics had better handles.

We also don’t like where the button is placed. Accidental pressing will be a problem when using; especially the speed gears – it won’t be easy, but it’s possible. 

Overall, we feel they should’ve added rubber throughout the handle – from top to bottom to make the grip a bit more comfortable.

Otherwise, there’s too much plastic that may prove difficult to use for longer. Certainly, Taotronics did it better with their devices. 


So what’s the performance like with this thing?


Amplitude, or Stroke Length, It’s how far the head travels during percussions.

The advertised stroke length here is 11mm – that’s pretty decent if it is confirmed, but is it? When we did the measuring, it was 10mm. That’s still pretty good for a gun this size, and this affordable.

It’s actually longer than the Taotronics TT-PCA004 which has a 9mm stroke length. 10mm is vibrational at best, but not the worst you will ever get. With decent stall force, this device can do well.

Stall Force

Medcursor says it’s 16.5lbs. We did our own tests and it’s pretty close to that figure.

It’s nothing impressive if you’ve used guns with more than 50lbs. of stall force, but if you are just starting with massage guns, it may be good enough.

You could use it for a relaxation massage where you don’t need to apply a lot of pressure. That said, it stalls very easily on speed 1 but the higher you go, the harder it is to stall it. 

Speeds and Percussions

The advertised range is 1200-3200 rpm – a very nice and wide range for a device this affordable.

However, we did our own checking with a laser tachometer and got 1450 to about 3050 rpm. That’s a slight discrepancy but still a good range of vibrations per minute. This device will allow you to start slowly and gradually get intensive.

We also love the 5-speed setup. Since it only has one button for everything, more would probably mess things up.


Unfortunately, this is quite a noisy device. They claim it revs from 35dB to 50dB – which would be pretty quiet and pretty awesome too.

However, we measured it and it is 60dB to 72dB – that’s close to deafening territory for a massage gun. It’s also pretty off that it has a small amplitude and yet still revs quite loudly.

The price shouldn’t be the excuse here, because we got the cheaper TT-PCA003 and TT-PCA004 revving much quieter. Even Bob and Brad’s T2 and C2 have a similar amplitude and are pretty quiet. 

But the worst bit about the noise is the rattling. It rattles a lot around the tip – where the attachments mount. Every attachment mounted seems to make it rattle. This is what makes the sound unpleasant. We wonder, if it rattles this much now, how much more will it do in about a year. 


The battery’s a 2000mAh capacity – a bit less juice compared to peer devices, many of these tend to be 2500mAh or more.

But it’s probably not a bad thing given it’s a budget device. Plus more juiced batteries tend to add weight to the device.

The battery will do about 2-3 hours of continuous use before you may need to charge it again. If you use the device at higher speeds and apply more pressure, the battery will drain faster.


Our unit came with a USB-C charger. However, according to the brand itself, older versions have a wall charger instead. So be careful when you are buying. They say that they ship randomly which means there is a chance you may get an older version of the device that doesn’t charge via USB-C. We like USB charging because it means convenience. 

There is a battery charger indicator (the little lightning icon) that lights up when the device is charging. Here’s what the different colors mean;

  • Green means there’s 70-100% charge
  • Yellow means it’s 30-70%
  • Red means it’s 0-30% and needs charging.

There’s also an auto-shutoff feature that activates after 10 minutes of use. We would’ve liked it better if it was 20 minutes, but it’s a budget device that probably heats up faster.

medcursor battery led indicator

Who is it Best for Then?

Anyone looking for an entry-level device, beginners, and those who want a simple device to use at home.

Also, if your budget is tight and you are looking for your first massage gun, this isn’t a bad choice. It will be good enough to relax muscles, treat soreness, massage your back and shoulder, and warm up your muscles before you engage in some physical activity like running

It will not be the right device for demanding users who are looking for more power and deep percussive massage you’d get with a high amplitude gun. The amplitude in Medcursor isn’t large enough, and there isn’t much power to hit deep into the muscle tissue.

This will also not be a good Theragun alternative – the amplitude and stall force are way down.

Warranty and Price

You will only get a 1-year warranty – which is pretty much what we’ve come to expect with budget Amazon devices.

If you want a longer warranty (lifetime actually) you can check out Ekrin or LifePro gadgets. Addsfit is also a good under $100 massage gun that offers a 3-year warranty. 

The price is pretty low for this one. You can get it for about $50 if you apply the coupon given on Amazon.

Check the current price on Amazon.

Also check out the alternative below. It is even cheaper and has some good specs to go with the low price. 

Best Alternative – Taotronics TT-PCA004

taotronics tt-pca004 compact size massager

It has a very similar concept with almost the same size and weight. The design is also pretty similar.

However, you will miss about 1mm with the amplitude here (9mm instead of 10mm), which isn’t such a big difference, to be honest. 

When it comes to the overall value, however, this Taotronics is better in many ways.

For starters, it’s made with better materials and has better attachments. It also feels good to hold because of the rubber on the handle.

There’s more stall force than the 16lbs. you get with the Medcursor (mid 20s lbs.). That means you can press it harder against the skin and get a more thorough massage. 

It’s also quieter in comparison. Our measurements gave us 43.1dB to 58.1dB – keep in mind that the TT-PCA004 has 20 speeds.

The attachments provided are 6, just like the Medcursor. The difference here is that you get a cushioned one for delicate areas. There is also a carrying case. 

You can get it for $49.99 or apply the OTT25 coupon that takes 25% off the price so you get it for only $37.5.

That means you are getting a similar device with better materials and accessories at a much cheaper price. 

Review Conclusion

So here’s what we can say after this Medcursor massage gun review; it’s an okay entry-level massage gun for beginners and for personal use at home. If you want a first-time device and have a tight budget, then it will serve you well. The price makes it an attractive choice.

However, there are better devices that cost less. Like the one we just mentioned above – Taotronics TT-PCA004. It’s better equipped and has a coupon that makes it incredibly cheap.

You decide!

Our Medcursor MG01 Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


An entry level device that may interest beginners and those on a tight budget. It features a nice amplitude and some stall force but fails to deliver with inferior quality materials. It’s also less equipped and noisier compared to better alternatives.

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