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Bob And Brad C2 Pro Heat Ice Review

Bob and Brad C2 Pro Heat + Ice Review: A Real-World Test and Our Take

Before we sat down to plan the Bob and Brad C2 Pro Heat and Ice review, we meticulously compared it to the C2 model. Why? Well, at first glance, they appear identical.

So, is it truly a new device, or perhaps a refresh? And what exactly do ‘Pro’ and ‘Heat + Ice’ mean?

Let’s explore the new features Bob and Brad have introduced in this 2024 model.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new C2 Pro Heat + Ice is an upgrade to the already well-known Bob and Brad C2.
  • The new features include a revamped control panel with a stall force meter and the Heat and Ice attachment.
  • Priced affordably, it serves as a great entry-level massage gun for everyday use.
  • If you currently own the C2, upgrading might not be necessary. However, when buying a new one (available at Amazon), for an extra $20, you can enjoy the new features.
Bob And Brad C2 Pro Weight 1.5 Lbs
The Bob and Brad C2 Pro Heat + Ice review by Greg (wow, that’s a long name!).

Is this a New Device or Just a Refresh?

Yes, this is a new device, in some way. We will explain shortly. But first, let’s look back at the original C2. It has been a reliable companion since 2021. Here is what we love about it;

  • As one of the best affordable options in the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun lineup, it caters well to the needs of the general public.
  • The attachments provided are well-suited for daily massage requirements, and despite prolonged use, they have maintained their durability admirably. 
  • The performance is top notch for a device that doesn’t break the bank. 

You can see more details about Bob and Brad C2 in this review

Back to the question, is this a new device or a C2 refresh? In certain aspects, yes. Why? The C2 Pro looks very similar to the old device. We’ll give more details as we explore it further. But expect new features and improved overall value for the user. Let’s explore this question further below.

Bob and Brad C2 Pro Heat + Ice Review


Bob And Brad C2 Pro Heat Ice Device Box Img
  • Overall quality and specs
  • 10mm amplitude; ~30 lbs stall force
  • Heat + Ice therapy
  • Great for beginners and everyday use

Our review score:


Buy it at Amazon.com.
Check Price
FeatureBob and Brad C2-J Heat + Ice Specs
Stall Force~30 lbs (advertised: 44 lbs)
Stroke Length8.5 mm (advertised: 10 mm)
Percussion range2000 – 3200 rpm (verifed)
Attachments5 included
Weight1.45 lbs
Noise (decibel)45 – 55 dB (verifed)
Battery Life / Capacity3 hours / 2000 mAh
ProsHeat + Ice attachment
Stall force meter
Carrying case included
Overall quality
ConsOverstated amplitude
So-so ergonomics
Current Price$109.99
Where to buyat Amazon.com
Bob and Brad C2-J Pro specifications – our measurements and brand declarations1.

Our Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


The Bob and Brad C2 Pro Heat and Ice is a notable upgrade from the original C2 model, incorporating advanced features into the 2024 edition. Key enhancements include a redesigned control panel equipped with a stall force meter and the innovative Heat and Ice attachment, making it a standout option for those seeking a versatile massage gun. Priced as an affordable entry-level device, it presents an excellent value for everyday use. While current owners of the C2 might not find the upgrade essential, new purchasers will appreciate the additional functionalities available for a modest increase in price. This model continues Bob and Brad’s tradition of delivering quality, user-friendly massage guns suitable for a wide audience, further solidified by its availability on Amazon.

User Review
4.5 (2 votes)

First Impression

First things first, our C2 Pro came in a massage gun case, a gesture we’ve learned to appreciate from Bob and Brad.

We popped open the case and found the gun, attachments, spare gaskets for the attachments, a charging USB (awesome addition), and a decent user manual.

Our initial impression indicates that, despite being an iteration, the C2 Pro maintains its status as a commendable device. The construction materials remain of high quality, now featuring a slightly enhanced glossiness in its design approach.

The massage gun impressively maintains a solid assembly, and a subtle color change is evident, particularly noticeable in the motor casing. Check out the photo!

Bob And Brad C2 Pro Solid Assembly

Another thing, the C2 Pro is still rocking the same T-shape as the original C2 – we’ll chat more about that in a bit when we dive into the ergonomics.

And you know what else is sticking around? That cool pill-shaped handle that Bob and Brad decided to keep. Hello old friend!

Size and Weight

The C2 Pro decided to go a bit bigger than its predecessor. Why, you ask? Well, it seems like Bob and Brad needed a bit more room to squeeze in all those fancy new features for this bad boy. Bigger size, bigger features – seems like a fair trade, doesn’t it?

Clocking in at 1.5 pounds, the C2 Pro throws a bit of a curveball in the world of mini massage guns.

If we were to draw a comparison, it vibes a bit like the Hypervolt Go 2. You might recall the Hypervolt Go being labeled as mini by Hyperice, but we’d toss both of these into the mid-size category – not exactly tiny, but not venturing into the large territory either.

Now, the big question: Does this size play to its advantage when it comes to ergonomics? Let’s dig in and find out.


Now, the C2 Pro is still T-shaped as its predecessor. But, here’s the kicker – we’ve got a few reservations about this shape. When it comes to getting that perfect massage, it might throw a curveball.

Trying to work on your lower back might turn into a bit of a wrestling match due to limited grip options. And let’s not forget the wrist drama – the T-shape could be a bit of a challenge during those marathon massage sessions.

Now, is this T-shaped situation a total dealbreaker? Not really. Despite the potential wrestling match with your lower back, the compact design gives you some pretty good control over the device.

Sure, the added weight compared to the C2 is a thing, but hey, the new features swoop in to make up for this tiny setback. Now, let’s spill the tea on those new features – what’s the buzz?

Control Panel

JJust like the previous C2, the new C2 Pro has a single-button operation that makes using it a breeze. But that’s the only thing that remained untouched here. All the others have changed.

There is a new LED display that the C2 doesn’t have. The display mostly shows the speed gears. In the C2, all you have are LED light dosts.

Is this something good? We believe it’s slightly better, for aesthetics at least.

We love that now we can see bigger numbers instead of having to constantly squint over those itty-bitty LEDs. 

Bob And Brad C2 Pro Control Panel

Another visible feature on the control panel is the glowing stall force meter (commonly known as the pressure sensor). Yes, this new C2 Pro has this feature built-in. That’s a cool addition

Here it’s represented by a snazzy LED ring around the panel that glows in four colors.

Bob And Brad C2 Pro Stall Force Meter Colors Meaning

But does a pressure sensor give this new device more brownie points?

From our seasoned perspective, pressure sensors are like the icing on the cake – they make things look nice, but they’re not exactly a game-changer.

After spending some quality time with massage guns and getting better at using them, you kind of become a pro at knowing the right pressure for different spots. The sensor? A cool visual treat, but definitely not a must-have.


We were excited by the original C2’s 5 attachments – mostly because its peers back then offered a measly 3.

The new C2 Pro are still rolling with the fantastic 5. They’ve got the gang back together, mostly the same crew as the C2: the ball (made of EVA foam), the bullet and fork (both crafted from durable plastic), and the Air Cushion Head.

But here’s the plot twist: out with the flat attachment, and in comes the Heat and Ice attachment. Get ready because our next chat is all about this shiny new addition!

Bob And Brad C2 Pro Includes 5 Attachment Heads
Here we have one significant change: the flat head is now replaced with a Heat + Ice attachment, which is also flat, in fact.

Heat + Ice Attachment and Therapy

First, heat and cold therapy has been used for a while to treat common ailments such as exercise-induced injuries or pain. The cold numbs the vessels to stop the pain, while the heat expands the vessels to increase the circulation of nutrients and heal tissues. These methods are widely recognized and researched 23.

By including this new feature and attachment, Bob and Brad are hopping on the trend train that’s been chugging along – introducing new treatment features to massage guns (see Theragun and Hyperice do the same).

Build Quality

At first, we thought the attachment had some sort of electrical connection with the massage gun for this feature, but we were wrong. It works just like a typical massage gun head. And in fact it’s the flat one for the set.

However, it does have an inbuilt battery that you can charge via USB-C, and its own controls to set up the heating or cooling feature.

The attachment’s built-in battery capacity is 900mAh and runs for about 60 minutes. You’ll need to charge it for at least two hours. Pay attention to the LEDs – blinks green continuously until fully charged. When the battery gets below 20% you’ll notice the LED flashing. 

How It Works

  • The controls and mechanics are in-built. 
  • There are two levels for both therapies.
  • The Heat therapy has two levels of temperature depicted by colors; Orange for 104F and Red for 113F.
  • The Ice or Cold therapy also has two levels with Green for 50°F, and Blue for 59°F 
Bob And Brad C2 Pro Heat And Ice Attachment Led Controls
Settings: Red 113°F, Orange 104°F, Green 50°F, and Blue for 59°F.

Does it work? Well, sorta. The temperature changes can quickly be felt – takes a few seconds to get there.

Heat Therapy

You get two temperature levels: 104°F (orange) and 113°F (red).

Now, as for the benefits, the heat is like a cozy hug for your muscles – you can feel the relaxation vibes. We’re leaning towards it being a handy companion for tackling muscle soreness, although our crystal ball is in the shop, so we can’t confidently predict the full effect.

Cold Therapy

For the cold treatments, there are two temperature settings: 50°F (blue) and 59°F (green).

Important Note

We’re not exactly gung-ho about mixing cold therapy with percussion therapy.

Here’s the deal – cold or ice has this nifty trick of numbing the treatment area, and that’s a bit of a buzzkill for the whole percussion therapy vibe. If you can’t feel the intensity, there’s a risk of going all out and potentially risking an injury.

Now, we get it – cold therapy is a champ at reducing inflammation and pain, while percussion therapy is all about boosting circulation. But when they team up, it’s like a superhero duo turning against each other – counterproductive city!

So, maybe keep them as solo acts for maximum superhero effect.

What more? We couldn’t find any built-in security mechanism for this device that could prevent the simultaneous use of both therapies, which is what Therabody does for their Theragun Pro Plus device with a cold attachment.

Any Cons?

We noticed that there is a problem with the temperature differences. We struggled to feel it on our skin. There is a risk of using one temperature for either modes and not noticing the difference at all.

For cold therapy (which, as explained above, shouldn’t be combined with percussions), using classic ice packs is just easier and more effective.

Our Take: Is It Worth It?

Indeed, it’s a neat feature, particularly because it’s included without extra charge. Therabody offers a similar cold attachment but sells it separately, much like Hyperice’s separate product offering.

Yet, the real kicker is the sensation, or lack thereof, which can be pretty subtle. To us, it leans more towards a feature for relaxation rather than offering significant therapeutic benefits.


Fancy features aside, can the Bob and Brad C2 Pro handle the main gig? We sought to find out. We poked and prodded at its various performance features.


Amplitude is the distance covered by the massage gun head as it percusses. We have tested and confirmed it’s exactly the same as for the C2, at 8.5mm. So, this means there are no changes inside the device.

Is this good enough? Not always, but with better numbers in other parameters, you can get a decent performance here.

Bob And Brad C2 J Pro Massage Gun Measured Amplitude
Our amplitude verification test yielded 8.62mm, not the 10mm as advertised, but it’s still decent for this type of massage gun.

Percussions per Minute

We measured 2000-3150 RPM as the percussion rage. Bob and Brad advertise up to 3200 RPM, so it’s close enough to say it’s true to spec.

We would’ve loved a much lower starting point (say 1200-1500RPM) given the 5-speed setup but we’re not complaining.

The silver lining? That 8.6 mm amplitude we chatted about earlier isn’t looking too shabby after all. With a robust 3150RPM, you’re in for a deep and intensive massage experience.

But there’s one more performance aspect to consider. 

Stall Force

Stall force – the amount of force a device can endure. It’s not the easiest thing to slap a ruler on, but we’ve got our methods.

We bring in other devices for a little side-by-side or peek under the hood at the motor power to make a good guesstimate. The C2 Pro packs a 25W motor, which in theory should nudge you close to a 30lbs. stall force.

Note: The listing on Amazon here says 44lbs. but that isn’t reflected in the performance. 


Bob and Brad lived up to expectations in this device as well. It’s pretty quiet; you’ll not hear anything over 64dB. The sound is smooth with almost zero rattling.


The C2 Pro comes with 2 Lithium Polymer batteries. The capacity is 2000mAh – slightly lower than C2’s 2500mAh capacity battery.

It takes about 3 hours to charge and drains after 3 hours of use. Great news! You can charge it with a USB-C!

Who is the new C2 Pro with Heat+Ice Therapy for?

In a nutshell, this one is for those looking for a decent entry-level gun.

The C2 Pro is a slight improvement of the original C2 with decent additional features. Since everyone is doing additional heat and cold therapies, this one’s especially a good alternative to Hypervolt’s heated head. You get both cold and heat therapies at a bargain.

Price, Warranty, and Where to Buy

The C2 Pro costs about $109 if you buy it from Bob and Brad’s official Amazon store. You also get a classic 12-month warranty. This isn’t so bad given what you’re getting here.

Can you get anything better for the price? Well, let’s have a look:

However, none of these options combine all the top features in one device and include both heat and ice therapy. This makes it a nicely balanced device for everyday use, with a bit of extra features added on top.

TIP Ensure you stay updated for better deals and coupons on Amazon, they do that occasionally. Or just check our deals page here where we monitor and list all the sweet discounts!

The C2 Pro Alternatives

A few more words on the alternatives we mentioned above.

For the previous generation C2, we suggested the Urikar Pro 2 as an alternative because it had a heating attachment – an extra feature that expanded its possibilities. However, for this new C2 Pro, Urikar isn’t exactly the better option anymore – we got the heat and ice included now.

So, we believe there are two options you should consider:

  1. Ekrin Bantam
    The Bantam is a great option if you are looking for a mini device with lots of power. It also comes with a lifetime warranty if you don’t mind missing out on the two therapies. TIP: use our exclusive MGA20 coupon to get it 20% OFF (at ekrin.com).
  2. Bob and Brand Air 2 Mini
    The Air 2 Mini has a 12mm amplitude, which is about 30% more than that of the C2 Pro. If you’d prefer a longer amplitude and are willing to forego the two therapies, then this one will suffice. It also costs a bit less than the C2 Pro. You can check it on Amazon here.

And why not consider the Hypervolt Go 2 or Theragun Mini? The price! Both are almost twice as expensive and don’t offer twice as much more, for sure!


We can’t end our Bob and Brand C2 Pro Heat and Ice review without recognizing Bob and Brad’s eye for the betterment of their devices. This is the C2 revamped, and we love it!

How about you? Let us know in the comments or connect with us on our social media.

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