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Tracking This Year’s Hottest Deals!

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Welcome to the section dedicated exclusively to massage gun Cyber Monday deals! We’ll be tracking this year’s hottest Massage Gun Deals, starting from pre-Black Friday, through Black Friday weekend and including Cyber Monday.

Massage Gun Cyber Monday Deals 2022

Massage Guns (also known as Percussion Massagers) are not the cheapest items out there. While there are many decent under $150 massage guns, the best value for the money devices out there tend to cost above $200.

Sale events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be a perfect opportunity to buy devices with some massive discounts. And this is exactly where we aim to help you this year. Because, hey, what’s better than getting a top-of-the-line piece of gear while paying much less than you normally would?

With that in mind, here are a couple of pro tips to keep in mind:

Pro Tip 1 Don’t Wait or You Might Miss Out

We’re hearing from some brands that inventories are limited after high 2022 sales so far, and major shipping delays, so they expect to sell out of certain models.

So if you see a good deal on the model you want, you may not want to wait to see if a better deal comes along… lock it down!

Pro Tip 2 Look Beyond Amazon

Amazon is a super convenient platform for most people, and without any doubt brands that tend to sale on Amazon will offer some great Black Friday deals. This year, however, we have found that some of the most exciting upstarts in the field have chosen not to sell on Amazon and focus on their own e-commerce stores.

You will be seeing more deals directly on the brands’ sites, and we wouldn’t be surprised if those deals actually turn out to be better ones!

Pro Tip 3 Allow for Shipping Delays

Keep in mind that most massage guns are delivered by ground shipping. If you are hoping to get your percussion massager delivered in time for Christmas, you’re safest bet is to order by or before the end of November.

You could wait, but why risk it? FedEx and UPS have issued their shipping deadlines for the holidays, but some are anticipating delays similar to last year.

Now that you’re prepared, let’s jump into the Cyber Monday massage gun sales…

Best Massage Gun Cyber Monday Sales – Hottest Deals You Can Get

1. Ekrin Cyber Monday Deals

Ekrin Black Friday Deals 2021
Ekrin massage gun

This is an American brand that we have sung praises for many times in our blog. Ekrin guns have become so popular in 2021 that the company might soon run out of stock on some models – don’t wait until it is too late.

DEAL ALERT: Use MGA20 code to claim the 20% discount when you shop on their site, plus get the lifetime warranty!

  • Ekin B37 – in our opinion, the most versatile massage gun in the market today, and the best value for the money overall.
  • Ekrin B37S – the stronger version, with more stall force, pressure sensor, locking heads, and one attachment more vs. B37.
  • Ekrin 365 – the latest addition, a fantastic entry-level device. Light, ergonomic, and affordable.
  • Ekrin Bantam – the brand’s premiere mini massage gun. Small, handy, yet very powerful.

You can compare all above devices on this page or read our Ekrin massage gun reviews here.

2. Achedaway Cyber Monday Deals

Achedaway Black Friday Deals 2021
achedaway logo

Achedaway is an established brand that started with massage guns before moving on to also explore other avenues in the recovery technology space.

Use the MGA50 coupon to get a $50 off when shopping in the Achedaway Store The discount applies to the following:

  • Achedaway Pro – the highest amplitude massage gun, with plenty of power and a removable battery. Voted by us as the Best Theragun Pro alternative.
  • Achedaway – the more basic yet very decent massage gun. Not as hard-hitting as the Pro, but lighter and smaller instead.
  • Achedaway Cupper – the innovative, dynamic cupping device that we have recently reviewed – speeds up the recovery.

3. Lifepro Cyber Monday Deals

lifepro Black Friday Deals 2021
lifepro massage gun

Lifepro is a well known brand, especially in the fitness industry. They have so much to offer. From massage guns, Yoga gears, treadmills and even exercise bikes. Last year they were quick to sell out, so hurry up.

Get a big 20% OFF when you shop Lifepro’s curated deals, or click any massage gun just below. Ps. You get lifetime warranty – only Lifepro and Ekrin offer this!

Lifepro’s massage guns discounted for Cyber Monday include:

  • Sonic Pro – the brands’ first professional massage gun.
  • Sonic LX – one of the better T-shaped devices out there.
  • DynaFlex – highly adjustable, reasonably powerful device.
  • DynaMini – super compact, quality massage gun.
  • Fusion X – a fantastic heated percussion massager.
  • Fusion FX – another heated model, a bit more advanced.
  • Sonic Plus – affordable, lightweight, with enough power.
  • Sonic X – strong and ergonomic device, last units left on sale.
  • Sonic – one of the earliest Lifepro models, not the most advanced, nor the quietest, but still a solid percussion massager.

You can read our Lifepro reviews to learn more about all of them.

4. Theragun Cyber Monday Deals

Theragun Black Friday Deals 2021
Theragun by Therabody massage gun

Theragun is the big kahuna of the percussive therapy industry. We have purchased, used, reviewed and blogged about all of their devices throughout the year.

This year, Theragun Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales are huge, with discounts up to a third of the price. Browse them all at the Therabody’s Amazon Store or click the device name below.

  • Theragun Pro – get an incredible 33% discount.
  • Theragun Elite – a whooping 25% discount as of today.
  • Theragun Prime – also discounted handsomely.
  • Theragun Mini – click to check the current price at Amazon.

Not sure which one to choose? Read our in-depth Theragun comparison article.

Looking for something more affordable? Look at these fantastic Theragun alternatives.

5. Hypervolt Cyber Monday Deals

Hypervolt Black Friday Deals 2021
hyperice logo

Hyperice is another big name in the performance optimization and recovery space. Hyperice won’t stand still watching rivals doing some massive price drops. They, too, have opted for an aggressive pricing strategy for their latest Hypervolt 2 devices.

You can SAVE BIG this year if you decide to get a Hypervolt. Check out the massive discounts at their Amazon Store right here – up to 25% off.

  • Hypervolt 2 – the latest, entry-level massage gun. Lighter and with a higher amplitude. Now it costs the same as Hypervolt 1!
  • Hypervolt 2 Pro – the successor to the powerful Hypervolt Plus. Now almost 20% cheaper than before.
  • Hypervolt Go – a mini massage gun from Hyperice. Now 20% cheaper!

Not sure which one to choose? Read our Hypervolt reviews to learn more.

Looking for something more affordable? Look at these fantastic Hypervolt alternatives.

6. Addsfit Cyber Monday Deals

addsfit Black Friday Deals 2021
addsfit logo

Addsfit is a company best known for their Addsfit Max massage gun, but this year they launched some noteworthy devices, and we couldn’t resist to list them here – especially that they are now discounted!

Not only there are some sweet Cyber Monday discounts on the Addsfit website right here, but with the MASSAGE25 coupon you can get a further 25% off. Save BIG!

These Addsfit massage guns should catch your attention:

  • Addsfit Max – nice alternative to Hypervolt, same high quality.
  • Addsfit Elite – compact, light and incredibly slick looking gun.
  • Addsfit Mini Pro – likely the world’s first extensible mini gun.
  • Addsfit Mini – a true mini gun, can easily fit your pocket.

More Cyber Monday Percussion Massager Deals

Opove Cyber Monday Sale

opove Black Friday Deals
oopve massage gun logo

OPOVE is known for making decent, affordable alternatives to the likes of Hypervolt.

During Black Friday week, we recommend that you keep an eye on their M3 Pro and Apex massage guns, which are very nice mid and high-amplitude percussion massagers.

UPDATE: Opove M3 Pro (new model for 2022) price just got slashed 40% from $199 down to only $119! Get it at here

Taotronics Cyber Monday Sale

taotronics logo

TaoTronics devices might not be as premium as Ekrin, or Theragun, but they are super affordable and field tested (they sold tons of them).

Taotronics Cyber Monday sales is now live, and it is a massive one. You can use two coupons to save big this weekend.

Taotronics Cyber Monday coupons are:
1. BL35 will get you 35% off for all orders above $50
2. BL58 gets you $58 off of all orders above $160

They have many models, but many look similar to each other. We’ll save you time and recommend the two of them – our favorite ones:

  • TT-PCA003 model – one of our top picks in < $100 category.
  • TT-PCA004 model – good for beginners, quiet and lightweight

Bob and Brad Cyber Monday Massage Gun Sale

bob and brad

Bob and Brad are two well-known physical therapists on YouTube. They have some good devices that also happen to be affordable.

Click on the links below to check out the Cyber Monday Bob and Brad massage gun deals.

  • Bob and Brad X6 Pro – the latest device, we reviewed it not more two weeks ago.
  • Bob and Brad T2 – the successor to the very popular Q2.
  • Bob and Brad Q2 – now also discounted.
  • Bob and Brad C2 – the mini massage gun. Light and super portable.

Medcursor Deals

MedCursor massage gun logo

Medcursor devices are affordable and while quite simplistic, they do the job well. We especially liked their heated device, but other massage guns from this brand are also worth checking out.

Medcursor offers coupons to clip directly at Amazon. As of today, it looks they have started doing some price drops.

Check out all the latest Medcursor Cyber Monday deals and coupons on Amazon right here.

Vybe Cyber Monday Sale

vybe massage gun

Vybe currently have 4 percussion massagers in their portfolio, and they just announced a cool 15% Cyber Monday discount!

What’s more, on some devices you can save up to 30% when you use the discount code EARLYBIRD.

Click on the links below to check out the VYBE massage gun sales.

  • VYBE Premium – an entry-level gun with great ergonomics
  • VYBE PRO– a very decent all-rounder
  • VYBE Flex – their latest addition, with some interesting design.
  • VYBE V2 – loud, bulky, but very powerful. Now seriously discounted.

To learn more about Vybe devices, refer to our Vybe reviews.

Cyber Monday Massage Gun Sales – Stay Tuned

We will be adding more massage gun Cyber Monday deals as they appear. Bookmark this page, and come back often – we are updating this page as new deals show up.

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