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The Future of Massage Guns: Trends Plus Our Wishes

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As the New Year dawns, it’s a perfect moment to explore massage gun trends for 2024 and perhaps even further.

Are these trends something to be concerned about? Will your darling massage gun brands spice things up, or will things worsen as we go into the New Year and beyond?

We explore trends that we have already seen and discuss what the future could bring. Stay along for the ride!

Trend 1: New Technologies

New tech will always take the top spot because what else could you expect in a techy world? Even so, this is probably the most natural direction you can hope the brands adopt.

But what exactly will the new tech be?

Here’s what we think:

Trend Watch: Supercharging the Massage Experience

We’ll likely see brands incorporating advanced features into the basic functionality of massage guns. Have we seen this trend before? Plenty of times.

Think Therabody adding pulse readers to their new models. We’ve seen Zarifa somehow include temperature gauges in their devices.

What about Therabody’s app? Has that improved? Well, we expect them to ramp it up as time goes by.

We also believe it might only be a matter of time before other industry players pick this up. 

Our Perspective

Call us the devil’s advocates, or just your friendly neighborhood skeptics, but we’re not throwing a tech party just yet. Don’t get us wrong though, we love tech, but we have mixed feelings about this trend.

While it’s all convenient – who wouldn’t love an intuitive app to go with a DIY massage? We feel only top-notch execution of individual solutions would make sense. It’s like baking a cake – it’s all about the perfect mix. This is not just a hunch, we’ve seen plenty of wows and oopsies to know better.

Trend 2: The Growth of Heat and Cold Therapy

For all the praise new tech gets in our current world, the old ways still hold some forte. The heat and cold therapy technique has been around for quite some time.

In some way, you could argue it’s been improving and will likely get better.

Trend Watch: Cool and Warm Twists on the Rise

Many more brands will introduce heat and cold therapy into their massage guns. Although this is not new, we only know of few examples, and it’s starting to blow up. How? 

Therabody recently did it with their TheraFace Pro Hot and Cold. The new Theragun PRO Plus also now has this new addition.

Before you know it, more and more brands will embrace this. Why? Theragun always sets trends, this is the privilege (or maybe bane) of the largest brand in the industry.

So at the end of 2023, Hyperice released theit Heated Head Attachment and Bob and Brad arrived with their C2 model including Heat and Cold therapy functionality.

Our Perspective

We love this trend. It makes a massage gun more than what it already is, adding even more effective capabilities.

Unlike some of the new technologies mentioned earlier, we believe this innovation contributes significantly to the daily process of recovery and relaxation. The application of heat and cold is a time-tested method, proving its effectiveness in enhancing the massage experience​1,2​.

Trend 3: Evolving Design and Quality

Let’s face it, once many massage guns are on par in terms of functionality, something else will have to give. We think these guns’ overall design and quality will get even better.

Trend Watch: Style and Substance 

Brace yourselves for a parade of prettier and tougher massage guns – improved overall materials and build quality. Perhaps this is where even the lesser-known and cheap massage guns will get on the bandwagon.

Some examples we’ve seen recently include the new Bob and Brad Air 2 Mini massage gun. If Theragun Mini ever needed competition, this lesser-known new kid on the block offers it.

We also know of Taotronics TT-PCA004, which surprisingly only goes for $39 despite looking quite ravishing. Call it finding a designer dress at a thrift store price.

Our Perspective

This is a very encouraging trend that we hope can pick up real quick.

We have had a lot of concerns about cheaper and potentially unsafe Chinese products flooding the market. The move by smaller brands to focus on quality and design is a reassuring development for buyers.

Trend 4: The Future of Ergonomics

Ergonomics isn’t just a fancy word in the world of massage guns; it’s the cornerstone of their effectiveness and user satisfaction.

How a massage gun feels in your hand, how easily it reaches those tight spots – these factors transform a simple device into an indispensable tool for self-massage.

Trend Watch: Evolution of Ergonomic Designs

We have seen brands tirelessly try to work out the best shapes for their massage guns. In some instances, we’ve seen brands try to outdo each other here.

The journey towards ergonomic perfection in massage guns has been intense and competitive. Initially, the industry had a narrow focus.

Brands like Theragun stood out with their premium designs, but their high price points were a barrier for many. Ekrin Athletics, with its innovative slanted handle, offered a more accessible alternative.

Meanwhile, other brands seemed content to mirror Hypervolt’s design, overlooking the crucial aspect of user comfort and practicality.

Now, we’re witnessing a renaissance in ergonomic design. Therabody, never one to rest on its laurels, is pushing boundaries building on their iconic triangular shape.

Our Perspective

This is a positive trend that we would love to see in the future of massage guns.

We don’t mind a few experimentations here and there as long as they aren’t impractical. Should you find anything that doesn’t tickle your fancy, read some of our articles on what to choose.

Trend 5: Attachments Exploration

This one has perhaps been one of the most explored trends in massage guns thus far. How?

Do you remember us telling of massage guns that have up to 20-30 attachments? We’ve always called this strategy a marketing gimmick, but you don’t get points for not trying. 

But this is not the only trend, albeit negative, we’ve seen as far as attachments are concerned.

Trend Watch: Diverse Designs and Materials

The evolution in attachments isn’t limited to sheer quantity. We’ve observed intriguing developments like dual-head massagers, epitomized by Therabody’s Duo adapter allowing simultaneous use of two heads. Urikar even pushed this concept further with a three-head adapter.

There’s also been a noticeable shift in the materials and designs used for attachments. Brands are experimenting with plastics, EVA foam, silicon, and introducing novel shapes.

For instance, moving beyond the standard flat attachment, some are now incorporating small bumps for a varied massage experience (here’s more on massage gun attachments).

Our Perspective

It’s all well and good to have as many attachments as possible, but only if they add any real value. It makes very little sense to have 20 attachments that all feel the same. This marketing ploy has now outlived its use.

Massage Gun Tend Attachments Exploration
Variety in attachments is great, but more than six might be too much. What we will see new here?

Trend 6: Beyond Massage Guns

The future of massage guns might not be confined to just guns themselves, but rather a broader embrace of wellness products. This trend represents not just diversification but an evolution, building upon a foundation of successful products to explore new territories in wellness.

Trend Watch: The Expansion Into Holistic Wellness

We’re witnessing an interesting shift where established massage gun brands are branching out into a wider array of wellness offerings. This isn’t about abandoning their roots but expanding their reach to encompass a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

Case in point are major brands like Therabody and Hyperice. We have reviewed a few of their recent products, including vibrating rollers (Wave Series) and massage guns for the face.

Other brands like Achedaway, Bob and Brad, and Renpho have also ventured elsewhere. Reathletes, for example, has added leg massagers and compression boots to their lineup.

Our Perspective

The expansion into diverse wellness products is a positive sign of an industry that’s constantly evolving. It’s refreshing to see these brands not just resting on their laurels but actively seeking new ways to enhance overall health and wellbeing.

This trend also speaks to a greater understanding within the industry of the diverse needs of consumers.

What would we like to see in the near future? 

Call us dreamers, skeptics, or just plain enthusiasts, but our vision for the future of massage guns is fueled by real-world experience and the chorus of feedback from our readers (via email, comments, social media channels and discussing group).

Here’s our wishlist, straight from the heart of the massage gun community:

  1. Uncompromising Reliability
    Ever felt the sting of betrayal when your new massage gun gives up after just a couple of weeks? We’ve been there. We’re yearning for a world where overheating batteries and whimpering motors are tales of the past. It’s high time brands prioritize durability and honesty over flashy marketing. Let’s build on the solid foundations first before leaping into the unknown.
  2. Generous Warranties
    A 12-month warranty for a mechanical marvel? That’s so last season. We’re calling for warranties that reassure us, that whisper, “We’ve got your back.” Longer warranties are like a love letter to consumers, a sign that manufacturers really believe in their products.
    Shoutout to Bob and Brad for that extra year of peace of mind (details here), and hats off to Ekrin Athletics and Lifepro for their lifetime promises. And hey, while we’re at it, let’s have brands that actually pick up the phone when warranty issues come knocking (check out our reader Edouard experience with Achedaway)!
  3. Meaningful Upgrades, Not Just Facelifts
    We’re over the whole “new look, same old” routine. It’s time for upgrades that actually upgrade things. We’ve seen some ‘makeovers‘ that turned Cinderellas into pumpkins (looking at you, Hypervolt). And why on earth would you take away a beloved feature (a moment of silence for the Theragun Pro’s battery)?
    But let’s not forget the success stories – like Therabody turning down the volume on their Theraguns. Now that’s music to our ears! Ekrin Athletics, we’re watching you with hopeful eyes – dazzle us with your next move!

Final Words

The landscape of massage guns is like a fast-paced thriller – always changing, always surprising. What’s trendy today might be a vintage collectible tomorrow.

And here’s a twist: just three years ago, these gadgets were practically unknown territory. Now, they’re a staple in the wellness toolkit.

We’re on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating what’s next in this dynamic market. Stay tuned – the best, we believe, is yet to come!

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