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How To Install Firmware Update For Theragun

How to Install Theragun Firmware Update

This guide will walk you through the steps to install a firmware update on your Theragun Pro, Elite, Prime, and Mini models. We’ve successfully done this update process many times on our own devices. All you’ll need is the Therabody app connected to your device and a few spare minutes.

And if, for some reason, you’re stuck with a frozen Theragun screen, don’t worry – we’ll provide a solution to this problem too.

Installing Theragun Firmware Update

Before You Start

  • Ensure your device is charged: It’s a good idea to have at least a 50% battery charge before starting the update process.
  • Install the Therabody app: If you haven’t already, download and install the Therabody app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Steps to Install Firmware Update on Theragun

Step 1

Launch the Therabody app on your smartphone.

Therabody App

Step 2

Connect Your Device

Turn on your Bluetooth (if it’s not already turned on) and make sure your Theragun device is on and nearby.

Go to devices section and tap on Add New Device and follow the on-screen instructions to pair your Theragun with the app. The app should automatically search for and find your device.

Theragun Pro Pairing Device For Firmware Install Step 2

Step 3

Access Device Settings

Once your Theragun is connected, navigate to the device settings within the app.

This is found under the device icon and name at the top left corner of the app screen.

Theragun Firmware Update Step 3 Device Menu

Step 4

Check for Updates

In the device settings menu (grayed cog icon ⚙️ on the right of the device name), look for the device firmware status.

Theragun Firmware Updating Process Step 4 Device Settings

If your firmware status says Your device is up to date, then you do not need to update the Theragun.

Theragun Firmware Update Version Number In Therabody App

Step 5

Download and Install the Update

If there’s an update available, the app will prompt you to download and install it. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the update.

This may include confirming the update and agreeing to any terms.

Step 6

Wait for the Update to Complete

The update process can take several minutes. It’s important not to turn off your Theragun or disconnect it from the app during this time.

Once the update is complete, you might see a confirmation message or the device may simply restart.

After the Update

  • Restart Your Device: It’s a good practice to turn your Theragun off and then back on after the update.
  • Check Firmware Version: You can usually check the current firmware version in the device settings within the Therabody app to confirm the update was successful.
  • Test Your Device: After the update, do a quick test to ensure your Theragun is working as expected.

Firmware Update Issues on Theragun

Even with the most straightforward instructions, technology can sometimes be unpredictable.

If you encounter any issues during the update, such as the device not connecting or the update not starting, try restarting both your smartphone and the Theragun device, and attempt the update again. For most cases, this do the trick.

In some rare situations you may encounter an error during the firmware update process for your Theragun, such as the message:

Firmware Update

Update failed for your Theragun. Please try again.

Plus, your device freezes, displaying a static ‘T‘ on its OLED screen. Any attempts to reset the device – whether by holding down the power button, pressing the arrow keys, or even removing the battery – might not clear the issue.

This is what it may look like:

Theragun Firmware Update Issue Screen Freezes And Gets Stuck On Letter T

But don’t worry. There’s a simple solution to resolve this.

Solution: App Reinstallation and Update Procedure

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall the Therabody App: The first step is to remove the Therabody app from your smartphone and then reinstall it. This action can help reset the connection between your device and the app.
  2. Restart Your Smartphone’s Bluetooth Module: Navigate to your smartphone’s settings and simply turn the Bluetooth feature off and then back on. This step isn’t always necessary, but it’s a good practice to ensure we’re 100% certain that the Bluetooth is functioning properly.
  3. Log In and Reconnect: After reinstalling, open the app, log in to your account, and reconnect your Theragun device. Ensure that your device is on and Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone (should be after the step 2) for a smooth reconnection.
  4. Start the Update Again: Initiate the firmware update process once more. This time, place your smartphone directly on top of the Theragun to maintain a strong connection. It’s crucial to keep your phone’s screen active and ensure it doesn’t go to sleep mode during the update.
  5. Monitor Progress: You should see the update progress bar moving on your Theragun screen (PRO and Elite only), indicating that the software update is being successfully downloaded.

Additional Tips

  • Persistence is Key: If the update doesn’t succeed on the first try, don’t hesitate to attempt it again. Sometimes, it may require a few attempts to trigger the update process successfully.
  • Maintain Proximity: Keeping your phone close to your device, ideally laying it on top, is recommended for the duration of the update to ensure uninterrupted communication.
  • App and Phone Readiness: Ensure you have the latest version of the Therabody app installed. Also, prevent your phone from going into sleep mode or leaving the app during the update, as this can disrupt the process.

By following these steps, you can overcome the firmware update error and freeze issue, ensuring your Theragun returns to its optimal functionality.

If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Therabody support for further assistance.

TIP For troubleshooting tips on other brands and models and their potential issues, check our guide here.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, updating your Theragun’s firmware is pretty straightforward, and we’ve done it loads of times with all our devices.

Encountered a frozen screen or another issue? Don’t worry—we faced that once too, but the solutions in this guide really helped us out. Stick to the steps, and you should be just fine.

Happy updating!

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