Cansou massage gun review

Cansou Massage Gun Review (Preview)

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Hello and welcome to our Cansou massage gun review. We’ve just received this one and have been playing with it for a day. 

We are yet to write a full review and share with you all the nitty-gritty details, but since we know many of our readers wait for our initial impressions, we thought it makes sense to share them here, even before we have a full post ready.

Cansou Massage Gun Review

Cansou Massage Gun Specs

cansou features
Most important Cansou features.
Key FeatureCansou Massage Gun Specs
Stall Force / Amplitude~25 lbs.
Stroke Length16 mm
Percussions / min2400-4800
Battery Life3-5 hours (2500mAh)
Weight2.6 lbs.
Noise50-58 dB
Current PriceCheck at Amazon
Cansou Massage Gun Specification

Our Initial Impressions

  • The device is most definitely an entry-level massage gun. We haven’t expected it to be anything else, and to be honest, we didn’t set our expectations high. As it turned out, we were right.
  • It’s a cheap, introductory device that costs unbelievably low, even less because there’s a $10 coupon to be claimed during the checkout. So about fifty dollars for a massage gun. Is this a new record? It probably is.
  • The shape of this device is kind of novel to us. While the Cansou looks like most other guns, the main part where the engine is slightly different. Almost like the roof line in Tesla’s Cybertruck!
  • The carbon-fiber-like body is obviously plastic, and it does feel quite cheap, even when compared to other cheap guns from Amazon.
  • The massage gun itself weighs over 2.5 pounds, so it’s not the lightest one (just for comparison’s sake, Theragun Prime and Elite weigh 2.2 lbs).
  • It does feel kind of bulky, and the ergonomics aren’t great due to increased weight and the T-shaped body with a vertical handle. This causes fatigue on the wrist and hand when holding it for longer. But the good thing is that a handle is rubberized, as it ensures firm grip.
  • Eight attachments are included – good variety, no complaints here. The ball one has a rubberized texture on it, which is nice.
  • The carrying case is included as well.
Cansou Massage Gun attachments
Cansou has 8 attachments – a good variety for this price.


Cansou Percussion Massager control panel
30 speeds available – way too many!
  • 16mm amplitude is impressive. That’s on par with Theraguns and other strong massage guns like the Achedaway Pro. But the big question is: isn’t that 16mm wasted by low stall force? Unfortunately, it is. 
  • At this price, we haven’t expected much power, and indeed, the stall force is very low. We estimate it at sub 30 lbs., it probably is closer to 22-25 lbs which in 2021 is more common for mini massage guns, not the regular sized ones. 
  • In our opinion, pairing a 16mm amplitude with stall force in the 20-ish is like putting 22-inch rims on a Mini Cooper – it just doesn’t make much sense. Cansou only pretends to be a percussive massage gun – it is a vibrational massage gun that just happens to have an above-average amplitude. Unfortunately, it is completely wasted here (due to low stall force). We bet the device would have been as effective with a 10mm stroke length.
  • Our thesis that it is more vibrational than percussive device is backed by the fact this baby has a high-rpm motor. Where Theragun maxes out (at 2400 rpm), Cansou only starts up! It goes up to 4800 RPMs, which is, wow, seriously impressive.
  • What this means is that this vibrates over 33% faster than the Hypervolt (also vibration therapy gun), and 50% more than the Theragun (percussive therapy gun).
  • 30 speeds available, which is way too many. Cycling through those is time-consuming and just frustrating. We would prefer 5 to 6 speeds. Less is more.

To wrap up this part
Really weird specs, high amplitude but low stall force and very high RPMs make it a high-intensity vibrational device, good for surface-level massage only.


  • Relatively quiet, especially for how much it costs. 
  • 35-55 dB advertised, but as usual, this is exaggerated. Expect about 50-58. This is still very quiet, much quieter than Theraguns, and on par with the Hypervolt (the regular one, not the Hypervolt Plus).

We’re yet to see how Cansou performs over time. Based on what we saw in some other cheap devices, noise levels tend to increase with use.


  • 2500 mAh battery, so a standard capacity for a device of this size. 
  • It lasts for about 3 to 5 hours, depending on which speed you use.
  • That’s OK. It will last for about 3-5 days when using the device for 10-15 minutes a day.

Price and Warranty

  • Warranty is 1 year with 90-day free return policy.
  • The price is super attractive, and there’s an additional coupon to be used during the checkout.

Cansou Massage Gun Review – Bottom Line

Cansou massage gun is an interesting product, with unusual specs that we haven’t quite seen before. Very high intensity is a plus, as this device can actually be an effective vibrational therapy device. 

Just don’t expect a Theragun-like experience. The 16mm amplitude, even though it’s the same as in Theraguns, doesn’t provide deep hits due to the very low stall force on this device. 

Still, for such a low price, why not give it a try and see how it works for you?.

NOTE: the above was just our preview. The actual Cansou massage gun review will follow as we spend a bit more time with this device. Stay tuned, and refresh this page in about a week or two for more content to read.

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