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Top Massage Gun Brands

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If you consider ‘Brand’ as an essential factor in the choice of massage gun, you are different from 90% of the people. 

But, massage guns are not very old, and therefore, brands have not been in business for years. It is the reason customers get entrapped by some random brand “SPECIAL PRODUCT.

We, however, recommend only those brands with a good reputation. That’s why we are making this list of “Top Massage Gun Brands” with the best customer support. 

Broadly, we classify brands under two sections, the first one is a high-end massage gun brands, and the second is mid-range massage gun brands.

Also, we’ll be absolutely unbiased and mention things as they are.

The High-End: Top Massage Gun Brands

High-end brands not only offer a good massage but with additional luxury features. Also, the prices are comparatively on the higher side.

Theragun by Therabody

TheraBody took their start as Theragun. But later, they rebranded themselves. TheraBody has the honor of being the pioneer of massage guns. Massage guns industry without Theraguns is like the ‘Internet without Google.’   

Currently, TheraBody holds a monopoly in the massage gun industry. The reason for such domination is their continuously evolving products, along with unique features. Customer support is also excellent.

4th gen theragun massage guns
4th generation of Theragun devices

Therabody always remained one step ahead of their competitors. When their first two generation massage gun got competition, they completely rebranded themselves. Similarly, in 4th Generation massage guns, they introduced Bluetooth and app control technology. Both these features made their competitors look like beginner level massage guns.       

Currently, they have the most innovative massage guns in the market. The only drawback they have is their high prices and limited warranty. 

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For years, it remained the real competitor of Theragun. It was Hyperice that made their handheld massagers so famous.

hyperice logo
New Hyperice logo.

Despite coming into the business in the early days, they currently have two products in the market. But, those two outperform the majority of other massage guns.

Hyperice employs an excellent team of medical professionals that work to make their products therapeutically useful. They focus more on health benefits than anything else.

At the start of August 2020, hyperice became the recovery partner for the NBA. This collaboration results in an immense increase in popularity. Now, the number of new customer hyperice is more than any other brand.

Hypervolt massage gun lineup
Hypervolt Lineup

Besides this, the customer support of Hyperice is brilliant. Hyperice has the honor to introduce pressure sensors to the massage guns. Now, due to increasing competition, they are working on bringing innovation along with therapy. 

Recently, they introduced the Hyperice app, and Bluetooth massage guns. Also, In the near future, we’ll see some more fantastic massage guns from Hyperice. Slightly overpriced, and no built-in carrying case are the two drawbacks in their massage guns.

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LifePro Fitness

Besides percussion massagers, lifePro fitness creates other fitness products as well. In the massage gun business, they became the best within only a few years.

LifePro Fitness has the best customer support. All of their massagers come with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, they have a vast library of videos that tell you about using techniques, maintenance, and all things you need to know. 

lifepro dynasphere Package Contents
Lifepro DynaSphere Package

If you have even the smallest problem with a massage gun, Lifepro fitness will always be there. Due to their User-centered approach, they have the most number of happy customers. 

Unlike many new yet reputable companies, LifePro has a good range of massage guns. But the best part is their price. Despite having brilliant features, it is the most inexpensive high-end brand. 

One thing LifePro lacks is the presence of advanced features. But still, we consider it the best massage gun brand.

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TimTam Tech

Due to distinctive features, TimTam Tech holds a good reputation in the massage gun industry. Mostly deep tissue therapy lovers prefer TimTam tech.

Same as Hyperice, they don’t have a considerable number of products. But all of them are worthy enough to be called the best. 

TimTam Power Massager theragun alternative
TimTam Power Massager

TimTam not only provides excellent customer support, but they also give a 30-day money-back guarantee. A good number of professionals recommend TimTam massagers. 

Tim Tam has the honor of having the most potent massage guns. Additionally, their massagers also have more unique features than any other one. Before the 4th generation models, TimTam was the only brand to beat the authority of TheraGun.

Since TimTam always astonishes people with its massagers, we are expecting the same in their upcoming models. Noise, design, and battery life has remained an issue of their massagers.

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The Mid-Range Massage Gun Brands

Currently, Mid-range massage gun brands are becoming more popular as they provide excellent features for the price. For your first massage gun, these are the ideal brands.


Though considered a mid-range brand, Addaday massage guns in their performance beat even the most expensive massage guns.

Founded in 2012, Addaday is manufacturing therapy devices longer than any other brand on the list. Their tens unit, massage chair, and rollers were there in the market long ago. But they gained attention via their Addaday Biozoom massage gun.

Addaday massage gun brand

By offering some astonishing features at an affordable price, they proved a real competitor of Theragun.

When Theragun came with its 4th Generation Devices, Addaday discontinued its first Generation massage gun and released BioZoom Bluetooth.

Due to a lot of experience in the recovery industry, Addaday understands customers better than many other brands. It is the reason; they have very proactive customer support.

If you want to go with a brand that provides professional features at an affordable price, Addaday should the one.


OPOVE is among the most recent massage brands. It’s like the affordable version of Hypervolt. Currently, they have three massage guns. But their M3 Pro is more than all of the others. 

oopve massage gun logo

OPOVE is a USA-based Company, it provides the best value for the price. Additionally, they have a vast online presence. They offer a good warranty, along with the best possible support. 

In comparison to all other massage guns, OPOVE M3Pro has the least amount of issues. There is yet no announcement regarding their future products. But, for the price, it is the best thing you can get. 

However, for those looking for advanced massage guns, OPOVE will not prove a good brand.

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If someone looks for Massage guns with the best battery life, he shall encounter TokFit. Similar to other Mid-range Brands, Tokfit came into the market in recent years.

tokfit massage gun logo

The start of TokFit was very humble. They didn’t rock the market at once. Instead, they took a modest start. Gradually, with increasing customers, Tokfit became one of the top-selling mid-range brands. 

This year, they are planning to expand their products by targeting every price category. But till now, we have to go with only two variants [differ only in attachments]. Overall, Tokfit has a sound support system with a highly quick turnaround.


NoCry is not purely a massage gun brand, rather a DIY product manufacturer. Since they are in the business for a long time, they are capable of your trust.

nocry massage gun logo

As a small growing company, NoCry focuses a lot on their customer service. Also, NoCry doesn’t charge extra prices for their brand; therefore, it is budget-friendly. All the features are also up to the mark.

If anyone doesn’t want to go with the new brands, NoCry will be the best choice. 


Any affordable massage gun review is incomplete without the presence of MedCursor’s Products. Although Medcursor founded in early 2018, it focused more on shoulder and neck massagers than massage guns.

MedCursor massage gun logo

Currently, their foot and leg massagers are more popular than other products. Since it is purely a massage company, MedCursor has a better trust factor with them.

Additionally, their massage guns are highly minimalist with sleek designs. The price is less than other brands. Also, the support mechanism is trustworthy. However, it is purely a beginner level brand.    

Summarizing all things at once, MedCursor has all the characteristics to be called them the best. 

Some Brands in consideration

Since we believe in providing quality information, our team tested all the brands mentioned above. But there are many other brands with an excellent online presence and positive reviews still not written here. These include Jawku, Ekrin Athletics, and ReAthlete.

Ekrin massage gun
Ekrin Athletics

We are in the testing phase of such brands. As soon as our team reached a particular conclusion, we would love to share them with our readers.

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Not Good Brands to consider

There may be hundreds of massage gun brands in the market. But we can’t call each of them the best. Majority of brands that try to be reputable just make an inexpensive copy of some good massager, and start selling on Amazon. Salem Master (an unknown brand found only on Amazon) validates this point. 

Usually, such inexpensive looking massagers don’t have any sort of presence outside Amazon or on any other eCommerce store. 

Additionally, there are other brands whose shipping takes weeks and have terrible customer support. Kraftgun has recently been accused of this behavior. Those brands having any of these qualities will not prove the right choice.

Massage Gun Brands – Closing Thoughts

People care less about the brand, as percussion therapy is a new thing. But as new products keep on arriving, brands will have a crucial role. 

Therefore, we compiled the list of the best massage gun brands. But they are in the order of providing value and support to the user. Therefore, the best massage gun list could be different from this, as we have to look for other features as well. 

We are optimistic that after reading this, you will know which massage gun brands you can trust. If you have a query, do ask us, and our support team will be there for your help.      

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