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TimTam Vs Theragun: Which one is the Best?

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In almost every percussion massager, aka massage gun recommendation, TimTam and Theragun are a sure bet. It is because both have a diversity of products and are in the recovery industry for years. 

TimTam’s public image is of deep tissue massage guns, while Theragun is popular for its advanced features. But surprisingly, both prove useful for different types of people.

Therefore, in this TimTam vs. Theragun comparison, along with making a detailed comparison, we’ll be addressing their individual benefits. If you want to make a quick decision, jump to the “Verdict.”

Massage Guns from TimTam and Theragun

Theragun, now rebranded as Therabody, offers a significant number of devices. These include Theragun Pro, Elite, Prime, and mini. In addition, Theragun G3PRO and Liv were 3rd Generation devices that are no longer manufactured.

In comparison, TimTam has only currently two devices. Power Massager and Power Massager PRO. TimTam discontinued its TimTam 1.5 massage gun.

Currently, Theragun has more diversity in products, but TimTam is also planning to release some future devices (All New Power Massager and Pocket Powermassager).

TimTam vs. Theragun Specifications

TimTam vs. Theragun comparison
FeatureTheragun PROTim Tam Power Massager ProTheragun EliteTheragun PrimeTim Tam Power MassagerTheragun mini
Stall Force60 lbs ~40 lbs40 lbs30lbs80 lbs~20 lbs
Stroke Length16 mm20 mm16 mm16 mm16 mm12 mm
Battery Life2.5 h removable1 h removable2.5 h2 h40 min removable2.5 h
Speed Options535513
Noise [Decibels]60-70 dB ~65-70 dBLess than 65 dB~65 dB75 dB~50 dB
Weight2.9 lbs2lbs2.2 lbs2.2 lbs2.2 lbs1.43 lbs
Our Rating9.5/109/109/108.5/107.5/107.5/10
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TimTam vs. Theragun Specifications

Detailed Theragun vs Tim Tam Review

From the design to brand reputation, this review will cover everything. But for those, excessive details are overwhelming, “Which one should I choose” section is enough.

Design and Built-Quality

TimTam and Theragun devices are the two opposite ends of the design spectrum. All the Theragun devices have a classic triangular framework, except for the Theragun mini with a saddle shape design.

On the other hand, TimTam devices have a unique, at the same time, odd, Jigsaw-Framework.

In terms of Grip, both the TimTam and Theragun devices provide great comfort and ergonomics. Both the TimTam devices have an adjustable head. In contrast, among therabody devices, Theragun PRO [Previously G3PRO as well] has this feature.

As reputable names in the massage gun industry, both TimTam and Theragun offer adequate built-quality devices. But as a comparison, Theraguns are slightly better than TimTam.

So, in design and build quality, there is a tie between TimTam and Theragun.


The amount of force a massage gun can apply (stall force) and its depth (stroke length) determine percussion. 

theragun pro stall force 60 lbs
Theragun PRO 60 lbs of Stall Force

TimTam massage guns are a mixture of high stall force and great stroke length as a deep tissue device. The 80 lbs stall force of TimTam Power Massager and 20mm Stroke length of Power Massage PRO is still unbeatable. 

But Theragun devices are equally competitive. Not only do they provide some fantastic percussion but also some unrivaled customization.

In short, the Percussion of both TimTam and Theragun is above the Threshold. So, we have to consider usability in order to choose the best. 


As speed is a customization feature, we have seen a big difference in Theragun and TimTam devices. 4th Generation Theragun, including Theragun PRO, Elite, and Prime, have built-in 5 speed-options. 

Additionally, all these 4th Generation devices offer custom speed control via the Therabody app. The Theragun Mini has no such app-control. 

Speed range bluetooth controlled app theragun
Customizable Speed Range

On the other hand, TimTam Power Massager has only one, while the PRO version has only Three speed-options. There is no custom speed adjustment. 

Contrary to the number of speed-options, the speed range [measured in percussion per minute] is, almost, similar in both the brands. 

Thus in terms of speed, Theragun devices are a clear winner.

Battery Options

theragun elite vs pro battery
Theragun PRO comes with 2 Interchangeable Batteries

After a massive improvement from 3rd Generation devices, all the Theragun devices offer a battery life greater than 2 hours. On the other hand, the battery of TimTam’s massage gun lasts only around one hour. 

TimTam has a less battery life due to its powerful motor, but it could still be improved. 

On the other hand, both TimTam Massage guns have a removable battery. While only Theragun PRO only has a removable battery option.   

In short, although Theragun Devices have a better battery life, removable batteries of TimTam devices can compensate for the battery. So, in TimTam vs. Theragun, we consider a tie in battery options.


Theragun Mini is one of the quietest massage guns in the market right now. In comparison, TimTam Power Massager is one of the loudest. 

Surprisingly, The flagship of both the brands i-e Thergun PRO and Power Massager PRO, has almost the same noise level. 

Due to consistency in noise level owing to its special Quiet Force Technology, Theragun devices produce more tolerable noise.


The percussion device’s weight is not a very important factor in choosing a massage gun unless it affects your percussion. 

With a 1.43 lbs weight, Theragun Mini is one of a kind Theragun device. Other devices like Theragun Elite and Prime also weigh comparatively less. But a 2.9 lbs Theragun PRO weighs a little heavy.  

Surprisingly, despite their bulky appearances, TimTam devices are not heavy at all. This lightweight account for easy control of these devices.

So, in terms of weight, TimTam devices win by a slight margin.

Attachments and Portability

tim tam attachments
Tim Tam Attachments

Like the speed, TimTam Power Massage has only one attachment, and Power Massager PRO has three. 

On the other hand, Theragun PRO has six attachments, and the number decreases to one in Theragun Mini. But all the 4th Generation Theragun attachments are interchangeable, and you can buy them for spending extra money.

Similar to a few other usability aspects, Theragun Mini is one of the most portable massage guns. Besides Theragun Mini, other Theragun devices also perform better. TimTam devices are portable, but they couldn’t compete with Theraguns.   

So, if you want a portable massage gun with a good number of attachments, you should be looking at Theraguns.

theragun Attachments for massage gun
6 Easy-to-Clean Theragun Attachments

Unique Features

Contrary to most affordable massage guns, both TimTam and Theragun devices have some unique features. 

Released in May 2020, 4th Generation Therabody devices [Theragun Mini Excluded] has features like custom control via app, force meter, OLED display, and massage programs for a specific type of Therapy. 

Though comparatively older, TimTam Power Massage PRO has many exquisite features. These include Heat provision, vibrational Therapy, and temperature sensor. Such features are not in any other massage gun in the market.  

So, in TimTam vs. Theragun, uniqueness is always there no matter which one you choose. 

therabody app to control theragun
Therabody App


This is the most exciting part of this comparison, as it determines the choice of massage gun for most people. The Threshold of both TimTam and Theragun devices start at 9. 

But, as a pioneer of percussion massagers, Theraguns are slightly expensive. With a 600$ price, Theragun Pro is currently the most expensive massage gun. 

In terms of “value for money” TimTam devices are still slightly better than Theragun. But, with Theragun, you have several choices.

Brand: Tim Tam vs. Theragun

Theragun was the first brand to introduce percussion massagers as massage guns. But TimTam is also among the few early ones. Therefore, both of them are among the most-trustworthy massage gun brands

Besides brand reputation, both are equally competitive in providing excellent customer support. As a brand, TimTam offered other recovery products as well. 

Similarly, with the recent name change, Therabody is diversifying itself into the recovery industry. Their wave-roller and massage kits they call theraOne are two examples of this diversification.

Summarizing this talk, both brands are equally competitive and well-equipped to be called the best.

Future Possibilities

You might not know that TimTam hasn’t released its new Massage guns that are real rivals of 4th Generation Theraguns. However, there are rumors that many brands are working to create apps like that of Hyperice and Therabody. 

Compelling Read: Theragun vs. Hypervolt.

We are expecting TimTam and LifePro Fitness will be the one to soon announce their app, along with new massage guns.

As soon as TimTam announces its new devices, the TimTam vs. Theragun rivalry will be in the next phase.

TimTam vs. Theragun: The Verdict

In terms of particular features, it is not very difficult to choose between TimTam and Theragun. But those who have skipped that part, here is a final verdict:

With a high stall force and stroke length, TimTam devices offer great percussion, but its usability is not that brilliant.

On the other hand, Theragun’s percussion might not be as strong as TimTam’s, but Theraguns has top-notch usability. Additionally, due to its advanced features, Theragun will be a better choice.

~ Luke

Which one Should You Choose?

Although Theragun PRO and Elite are among the most advanced massage guns, you don’t always need to buy them. If you are an athlete and soft tissue massage guns don’t work for you, TimTam Power Massager PRO will be an excellent choice.

Similarly, if you want a recreational massager that is easy to carry and effortless to use, there is no better option than Theragun Mini.

Theragun Prime is also an excellent option for those who want to get advanced percussion and moderate massage.

Lastly, if you are exploring Powerful Theragun alternatives under 200$, TimTam Power Massager will be suitable for you.

In short, it depends upon the usage, not on the brand, which massage guns will be suitable for you.

Theragun vs. TimTam – Closing Thoughts

As our main goal was to be objective, we have only mentioned the relevant details. For more exclusive information, you can visit our in-depth Theragun PRO, Elite, Prime, and Theragun Mini reviews.

If neither Theragun nor TimTam was able to impress you, you could look at some brilliant under 200$ Massage guns. For any questions, our team is ready for your service. 

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