relxbit pro massage gun review

Relxbit Pro Massage Gun Review – Powerful And Affordable

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A flurry of massage guns have come out from the past couple of years due to a constant and rising demand from the market. In this Relxbit Pro massage gun review, we will take a look at this pleasantly surprising massage device that caught us off guard.

It’s only natural that one can be skeptical about what a massage gun has to offer especially if a product is advertised as both powerful and affordable. We were skeptical too with the Relxbit Pro but we came out satisfied once we tried it out.

Curious? Read one and find out if this is the massage gun for you.

Relxbit Pro Massage Gun Review

We had a great time reviewing the Relxbit Pro and still having a great time utilizing it now especially when we found out that it does exactly what it’s advertised to do so.

Relxbit Pro Specifications

Relxbit Pro features
Key FeatureRelxbit Pro
Stall Force40-60 lbs
Stroke Length~15 mm
Percussions1800-3200 ppm
Battery Life4-7 hours (2000 mAh)
Weight1.8 lbs
Noise35 – 45 dB
ProsStrong Motor
Good Stroke Length
ConsNo USB-C charging
Warranty2 year
Retail Price$209.00 ($159.00 with code MGA50)
Relxbit Pro Specs

What’s in the Box?

Aside from the unit itself, of course, the Relxbit Pro package comes with 4 unique attachments. These attachments or massage heads ensure that you can work on different muscle groups properly and reach them conveniently.

relxbit pro set box
Relxbit Pro Set

It’s important to know that the Relxbit Pro does not only vibrates to soothe your muscles but also pulsates.

So, you pair that with these attachments and you’ll get the most satisfying ways of treating those body pains.

The four attachments are:

  • a ball head,
  • a bullet head,
  • a flat head,
  • and a fork head.

The ball head is meant for large muscle groups and would primarily be what you’d use for your arms, back, and hips among others.

The bullet head is for joints, palm, deep tissue, and trigger points. The flat head is meant for great overall body relaxation and lastly, the fork head is for your neck, spine, and other hard to massage areas like your Achilles tendon.

Completing the package would be the unit’s charger and of courses, wrapped up nicely on a sleek travel case. Speaking of which, this is one of the most portable massage guns too, so you can take it anywhere and use it anytime.

Compact but packs a lot of punch.

Key Features

Speaking of punch let’s talk about some of the main massaging features of the Relxbit Pro. And, did we mention that we were skeptical about this massage gun when we first laid eyes on its specs?

Yes, we were. We just couldn’t reconcile its price with the indicated 60 pounds of stall force. Yep, this is one of the most powerful massage guns in the business right now (although not the most powerful).

relxbit pro review
Relxbit Pro closeup views.

We needed to try it as we thought that maybe this is just one of those copycat massage guns and won’t live up to expectations. But then again we were wrong. This product does have some serious power.

It delivers well over 40, if not advertised 60 pounds of pure power and about 15mm of stroke length, or amplitude (meaning the distance the head travels back and forth)

Now, while it’s not as powerful as the, say, Achedaway Pro that has between 60 to 80 lbs. of stall force, it’s a big step further from all those cheap massage guns that overpromise yet underdeliver in that aspect.

Need a prove? Just take a look at the wattage of its motor. While most entry-level guns have about 40 to 70 Watts, this one has up to 120W.

All in all, the Relxbit does deliver a surprisingly strong punch, which at this price-point is a rare thing.

As far as the percussions are concerned, it’s got a percussion per minute range of 1800 rpm to 3200 rpm. You can also operate it in 3 varying intensity levels.

The 1st gear mode running at 1800 rpm is meant for muscle activation. The 2nd gear mode at 2400 rpm is for fascia relaxation and lastly, the 3rd gear mode at 3200 rpm is for depth massage.

That’s a lot of range and versatility right there at a great price point of $159, when used with “MGA50” coupon that gives a whooping $50 off the regular $209 price..

Design and Build

You’d think that because it’s got so much massaging that the brand may have compromised something and the first aspect to be wary of is its design, right?

Relxbit Pro Percussion Massager
Relxbit Pro

But nope, we’re also quite pleasantly surprised with the Relxbit Pros overall build.

While we won’t say that it’s got the best quality construction across all massage guns sold today.

It can definitely go toe to toe with more expensive models of Ekrin or LifePro.

It’s compact and lightweight at only 1.8 pounds and that should put it as one of the lightest massage guns in the business too.

Thanks to a combination of a smaller and lightweight motor and ultra-light materials. 

And it is definitely sturdy or durable enough for its price point. It’s also quite easy to operate with only 1 button for all 3 varying levels and with its cordless design, you’d surely enjoy its relaxing effect without having to deal with cords anytime and anywhere. 

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What about in terms of battery power?

Well, this unit comes with a non-removable, 2000 mAh battery. While 2000 mAh is about 500mAh less from its rival Ekrin B37 can offer (2550 mAh), it’s the same capacity to what you can find in the Lifepro Dynasphere.

Unless you’re traveling all the time, you won’t need more. On this battery, the Pro can run a duration of up to 7 long hours in 1st gear mode. If you just use it often in 2nd gear mode then it should last for 5.5 hours and in 3rd gear mode for 4 hours.

You’d probably only have to charge it once every week which isn’t bad at all, right?

Speaking of charging this thing, unfortunately it’s not a USB-C type of cable, so you’ll need to use a dedicated wall charger. We would, quite obviously, prefer a common USB-C charging slot that many guns now come with (especially mini massage guns).

Other Features Worth Considering

We are also quite amazed as to how the Relxbit Pro operates silently at 45 to 60dB. It also helps that there are no other parts that contribute any noise when it operates.

The unit also comes with an intelligent protection feature that is designed to protect you and the device itself. Even though this massage gun does really suffer from overheating, the brand still makes sure to shut it off after 10 minutes.

That’s to protect your muscles and at the same time protect the unit’s internal parts.

Relxbit Pro Handheld Massager
Relxbit Pro Handheld Massager

Who is it for?

We’ve scoured the internet and it looks like most of those who appreciate the Relxbit Pro are gym buffs. And, quite reasonably so. With its serious intensity and power, athletes, serious bodybuilders, and weightlifters alike will benefit from it.

People with denser or just a lot of muscle mass will feel the difference that this massage device makes. It can penetrate deep and soothe those post workout muscles effectively. 

It’s best for muscle relaxation, decreasing tension, regulating blood circulation, promote flexibility, aid in warming up rather quickly, and just a pretty convenient massage gun overall. 

We too recommended it for those who sit in front of a desk or computer daily and suffer from chronic neck, back or all sorts of body pain. Only, don’t expect that you’ll get one calming massage, this is intense and probably be a bit painful if you’re not expecting it.

As portable and convenient as it is, we don’t advise therapists to use it in clinics that much because its battery cannot be swapped with the other one (think of Theragun Pro). This one is best for personal or home usage. 

Our Verdict

Overall, this is one impressive massage gun for its price point. Trust us when we say that if you go for cheaper units than this that it’s going to go downhill fast in terms of features.

So, we advise that you consider this as the Relxbit Pro is a great bang for your buck. It’s powerful, it’s intense, and has great all-around features. We think that it could’ve gotten more speed levels due to its range or power but that’s something we can live with.

With its sleek and compact design, it’s just too nice to pass up on. You can bring it to the office or in the gym and you can treat yourself to a nice soothing massage anytime and anywhere.

It’s also quite durable so we’re at least sure that it will last you a while. it’s been getting great reviews and ratings online too.

The best part, however? The discount you can get! It’s $50 OFF when purchased with a ‘MGA50’ coupon, so it reduces the price from $209 to only $159. Check it out right here on

You get a 2 year warranty and a 30 days money back guarantee, so you don’t risk much by trying it out.

Relxbit Pro vs Theragun Pro

Aside from Achedaway Pro, perhaps the Relxbit Pro’s toughest competition in the market today are the massage guns from another popular brand, Theragun and its flagship model Theragun Pro. Let’s check out how they stack up against each other.

Relxbit Pro vs Theragun Pro
Relxbit Pro vs Theragun Pro
FeatureRelxbit ProTheragun Pro
Stall Force60 lbs60 lbs
Stroke Length15 mm16 mm
Speed Options45
Battery Life 4 hours2.5 hours
Noise35 – 45 dB65-71 dB
Weight2.3 lbs2.9 lbs
Warranty2 years2 years
Retail Price$159 with MGA50 couponCheck Price
Relxbit Pro vs Theragun Pro

It’s only natural that we compare both of these massage guns. For one, these are two of the most powerful devices right now in the massage gun category.

Both offer 60 pounds of stall force, with the Theragun Pro just slightly having the edge in terms of stroke length at 16mm, but the Relxbit Pro having more range in terms of percussions. Theragun can do 1750 to 2400 per minute while the Relxbit Pro can, as mentioned, can do 1800 to 3200.

The Theragun Pro is also a bit noisier at 65 to 71 dB and slightly heavier but still lightweight at 2.9 pounds. It would then have 6 unique attachments and 5 different speed levels. 

And, take note that the Theragun Pro comes with 2 removable batteries which is a huge plus for users that run for 2.5 hours each. 

Overall, as we also tried the Theragun Pro massage gun, you can feel the difference it makes even though you will have to pay a premium price for it if you can’t avail of any discount. Yes, it is expensive but it’s totally worth it.

It’s just built better with high overall quality of construction and materials. Ergonomically it’s also quite superior with its triangle design enabling you to hold it in multiple different ways. So, what should be our bottom line here, you may ask?

Simple, if you’re on a budget or still want to try out massage guns but need powerful and deep penetration then go with the Relxbit Pro. If you’re sure of what you need and maybe you’re going to utilize the purchase professionally then the Theragun is right for the job.

A busy chiropractor or therapist will really benefit from a workhorse such as the Theragun Pro and the convenience of how to use it.

If, however, you feel you need something stronger than the Relxbit Pro but don’t have a spare $599 to spend on Theragun Pro, we wholeheartedly recommend you checking out our Achedaway Pro review.

Relxbit Pro Massage Gun Review – Bottom Line

The bottom line from our Relxbit Pro massage gun review is that this massage device offers intensity like no other. If you’re looking for one powerful yet affordable way to soothe your body pains then we highly recommended this massage tool.

Athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters, or even those who go through intense workout programs are going to benefit from this one. It’s priced as an entry-level massage gun so you won’t waste your money either.

It’s not for everybody and definitely not for someone who’s just looking for one relaxing massage. So, we laid down all the cards in front of you, now it’s up for you to decide.

Relxbit Pro Rating
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


It may no look as a serious contender at first glance, but don’t let Relxbit Pro’s delicate-looking design fool you. This percussion massager has some serious power, with plenty of stall force available, and long enough head travel to break through the densest muscles. While it’s not strongest massage gun out there, at this price-point it’s a great deal.

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