Opove M3 Pro Review

Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun Review

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Released on July 2, 2019, Opove M3 Pro clearly outranked the most popular massage guns, at least, in terms of their Amazon Reviews. Even the Hypervolt (that inspired it), was unable to cope with its increasing popularity.

Obviously, such fame has a lot to do with the right marketing. But features, especially the affordable price, played a more critical role in attracting thousands of customers.

In 2020, after the release of many affordable massage guns, the Opove M3 Pro is getting more competition than ever. Additionally, the significance of the brand in choosing massage guns is adding fuel to this competition. 

Therefore, in this Opove M3 Pro review, we’ll focus on comparisons and Opove’s overall brand reputation. But general features will also go side by side.

Opove M3Pro Massage Gun Specification

OPOVE M3 Pro features
FeatureOpove M3 Pro
Stall Force30 lbs
Stroke Length12 mm
Battery Life2.5-3.0 hours [Removeable]
Speed options3; Between 1800-3200 percussions per minute
Noise Less than 60 dB
Weight2.5 lbs
Number of Attachments4
ProsHighly Durable construction
Among the most budget-friendly massage guns
Easy to handle
ConsDon’t percuss very deep
Not a true Hypervolt killer
Overall Review:Good and trustworthy choice for the price.
Price:Buy at Opove.com

Detailed Opove M3 Pro Review

For Opove M3 Pro, like most of our product reviews, we’ll follow symmetry; From externals to more specific features.

What’s in the box?

OPOVE M3 Pro box
What’s Included?

M3 Pro comes with a carrying case. It’s a plus, as not every massage gun has one. Hypervolt for example don’t; you have to buy it separately.

The contents of the box include a device, four attachments, a charger, and a few instruction manuals. All things fit perfectly into the case. 

The construction of the case is good but no different from most massage gun cases. The textured pattern of slanting lines, however, makes it slightly unique.

Overall, the case has nothing to offer, except playing a role in portability.  

Design and Construction


Many people consider the Opove M3 Pro, Hyperice’s Hypervolt Replica, due to a similar design. We support those people as they are right. 

Almost in every aspect, Hypervolt had shadowed the M3 Pro design. The only difference both of these have in their grip. M3Pro offers a knitted grip while hypervolt has a plain rubber grip. 

Additionally, the construction of M3Pro is sufficient to be called a good massage gun. It features what opove called an anti-drop shell to provide additional protection. 

But despite all these things, it still lacks in built-quality against hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus. 

Percussion Ability

Massage guns work on the principle of percussion. Hence, the strength [stall force] and depth of percussion [Stroke length] play a critical role in determining percussion effectiveness.

For Opove M3Pro, these values are not very extraordinary. In fact, on our judging scale, we consider 30 lbs stall force only good for a moderately intense massage. Stroke length also shows a similar trend.

In comparison to other popular massage guns, Opove M3 Pro is even-handed in percussion, but this percussion ability couldn’t be called matchless.

More precisely, the Opove M3 Pro has a similar percussion ability as Theragun Prime.

OPOVE Massage Gun M3 Pro
OPOVE M3 Pro Massage Gun


speed controls M3 Pro
M3 Pro Speed Controls

M3 Pro speed options and range is similar to Hypervolt’s. As a mid-ranger, the speed is ordinary, but the range is exceptional for the price.

Additionally, it is this diverse speed range that compensates for a mediocre stall force.

A surprising thing we have seen during the testing is that the Opove M3 Pro percussion force feels only a few pounds less than Voxpree M30 (~45lbs). 

Thus, in speed, Opove M3Pro performed better than our expectations. 


At the time of its release, M3 Pro was considered among the quieter massage guns.

OPOVE M3 Pro motor noise
M3 Pro is quieter than many massage guns.

But after the arrival of Jawku Chrome, NoCry massage gun, Theragun Mini, and some ultra-slim devices, the spectrum of noise changed.

But still, M3 Pro is quieter than many massage guns.

One thing to note is that Opove officially mentions the noise around 35-55 dB. But, in our testing as well as other reviews, the noise revolves around 50-60 dB.

Overall, the M3 Pro’s noise is not irritating at all.

Battery Life

battery opove m3

The battery life of the M3 Pro is usually around 2-3 hours, which is not a bad feature. In fact, at the time of its release, G3PRO led the market, and this massage beats G3PRO in battery life.

Even in comparison to 4th Generation Theraguns, it still performs better.

Lastly, having a removable battery is an additional factor that plays a role in portability. 

A lot of people are asking, “Are M3 Pro and Hypervolt batteries interchangeable?” The answer is Yes. But, we recommend not doing it to prevent any trouble.

Attachments and Portability

Opove M3 Pro has four attachments while Hypervolt offers 5. But the deciding part is, Opove M3 Pro attachments don’t have the same built-quality as Hypervolt. 

For beginners, this attachment quality might not be noticeable. But those who have used the Hypervolt’s attachments might find these attachments irritating. 

While from a portability aspect, M3 Pro has all things an ideal massage gun should have. Having a built-in case, easy to carry weight, removable batteries make it a highly portable massage gun.

Price vs. Features

As valid for most mid-rangers, the price vs. features ratio of M3 Pro is brilliant. What that means is; Opove is offering the same features as other massage guns but at an affordable price. 

It is these price vs. features ratios that made M3 Pro a good massage gun under $200.

Here you can see the Opove in action:

Opove Reputation as a Brand

With the increasing popularity of percussion massagers, the brand is becoming a significant thing in the choice. The decline in Kraftgun also played a role in increasing brand importance. 

Unlike many other inexpensive massage guns, Opove is not limited to Amazon. It has an excellent online presence and enjoys a good reputation. The best part is that the number of buyers’ reviews on their Amazon page and the official website has a little difference.    

Moreover, Opove owns many other massage guns like M3Pro Sport and M3 Pro Max for intense percussion lovers. Many newly emerging and trustworthy brands have only one product right now.

Besides these subordinate facts, we talked with more than ten people who purchased the M3 Pro. 8/10 are perfectly happy [it was their first purchase]. Two reported about not having percussion strength as expected, and battery lasting less than 2 hours. But all of them were happy about customer service.

Under the guidance of all these things, along with our experience, we consider Opove as a trustworthy massage gun brand.

M3 PRO Comparison to Other Massage Guns

We have made this section to do a comprehensive Opove M3 Pro review in comparison to other massage guns.

Opove M3 Pro vs Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus

Opove M3 Pro vs Hypervolt
Opove M3 Pro vs Hypervolt

It would be challenging for anybody to differentiate these three from a 5 yards distance due to the similar appearance. Not only the shape but features like battery life, speed options, and range are also the same. While in stroke length (not against Hypervolt Plus), noise and price Opove M3 Pro is the clear winner.

But, can we call the M3 Pro a Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus killer? The answer is No. Here is why:

“Even though many features are the same, and few are better, hypervolt offers a powerful percussion. Hyperice recently upgraded its massage guns to Bluetooth devices. This feature will allow controlling the device via the app. Additionally, the hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus has features like pressure sensors that M3 Pro lacks. 

Lastly, after Hyperice became a therapy partner of the NBA, they hold more authority than any other massage gun brand. In short, Opove M3 Pro could prove an affordable substitute for Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus, but could not be labeled as a Hypervolt killer.”

Fore Enthusiasts: Complete Review, Hypervolt vs Hypervolt plus.

Opove M3 Pro vs Theragun

Opove M3 Pro vs Theragun
Opove M3 Pro vs Theragun

It is useless to compare M3 Pro with devices like Theragun Pro and Elite, as they are many times expensive and ultimately better. 

Theragun Prime and Mini are the budget massage guns and the right competitors for M3 Pro. Against Theragun Prime, Opove M3 Pro is somewhat similar in percussive action but failed miserably in every other aspect.

While it outranks Theragun Mini in many of the features except portability, weight, and attachments quality. 

We have not compared it with Theragun G3Pro and Theragun Liv, as both of these devices are now replaced by Theragun Pro and Prime, respectively (Theragun G3 Pro and Liv are no longer available).

Opove M3 Pro vs. Budget Massage Guns

Due to a massive number of budget massage guns, it would be tough to compare M3 Pro with all of them. However, after analysis, we reached this conclusion:

“In comparison to most budget massage guns, the Opove M3 Pro will perform well in percussion strength. While the depth of percussion is not as great as in other massage guns. While usability features like weight, battery life, speed options, noise are somewhat similar.”

Should you Buy It?

The answer can depend upon budget and usage. Therefore, we have made separate categories.

Check the current price at Opove.com here.

For Beginners

Those purchasing their first massage guns can be called newbies. For such people, the Opove M3 Pro is the best under $200 massage gun.

For beginners, not only will the features serve brilliantly, but the massage gun will last for years. 

Additionally, if you are not a fan of solid percussion, M3 Pro is among the few very best choices.

Lastly, if your budget is under $200 and you need a device for therapeutic purposes, Opove M3 Pro will not disappoint you. 

For Professionals

Mostly athletes and massage experts are considered professionals. Sadly, in 2020, for strong percussion therapy lovers, M3 Pro will not be the right choice. We are now moving towards innovative devices, and Opove M3 Pro is a traditional massage gun. 

So, if you want an elite level of therapy, better prefer than advanced devices like Theragaun Pro or Hypervolt. But make sure to have a reasonable budget when looking for remodeled devices.

Closing Thoughts on Opove M3 Pro Review

The Opove M3 Pro review took an unusual effort as we had to make a lot of comparisons. Although it was a demanding product, we make sure to maintain a just and fair review policy.  

Moreover, we keep on improving the review as the arrival of new massage guns never stops. If your opinion, questions or criticism can help us improve this review, we are ready to take it. 

Those among you looking to purchase their first massage gun, we recommend reading our step by step guide on “Choosing a Massage Gun.” 

Opove M3 Pro Rating
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


In comparison to most budget massage guns, the Opove M3 Pro will perform well in percussion strength. While the depth of percussion is not as great as in other massage guns. While usability features like weight, battery life, speed options, noise are somewhat similar.

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