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Naipo Massage Gun Review – Is It More Vibrational Than Percussive?

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Hello and welcome! Today we’ll do the Naipo massage gun review. We saw it, got our hands on it, tested it, and now we’re here to tell you about it.

Who is NAIPO?

As you are probably aware by now, we love doing massage gun reviews and love sharing information about these great wellness products. We are athletes ourselves, absolutely obsessed about being fit and healthy, and massage guns have rescued us from muscle tightness and soreness and lactic acid accumulation. 

Today we found another massage gun that we like – this percussion massager by Naipo.

Straightaway from the name you can tell it’s not a big-name product. However, we would caution you against judging this device by its name. It’s a serious device capable of delivering excellent service and at a great price too. Actually, it could be better than the so-called premium massage guns – we’ll talk about this later in our Naipo gun review.

But first, Naipo is not a new company at all – it’s not one of those massage gun brands that rise from nowhere. They have been around for some time now selling massagers at Amazon. We went looking for a bit more information about them.

We checked their website and realized they have a touch of class too. The first thing we noticed is that they won the 2021 red-dot design award.

We noticed they didn’t sell massage guns before – this is their first product in that space. We were curious whether the award was for their massage gun design, because it certainly looks sleek.

But is that all there is to it? Let’s find out!

Naipo Percussion Massager Review

Naipo Massage Gun Specs

Naipo percussion massager
Key FeatureNaipo Massage Gun Specs
Stall Force ~40 lbs max.
Stroke Length10 mm
Percussions / min2000-3200
Battery Life5-7 hours
Weight2 lbs (just device)
Noise53-65 dB
ProsNice design
Decent stall force
Varied attachments
ConsLow amplitude
Current PriceCheck at Amazon
Naipo Massage Gun Specification

First Impressions

The Naipo massage gun comes in a two-zipper, sturdy carrying case. We have always highly rated brands that present their devices in a carrying case. It may not seem like a big deal – after all what you’re interested in is the product, right?

Naipo package
Here’s what you get with Naipo percussion massager

But a carrying case makes it easier to carry your device around, whether you are carrying it to the gym or to your picnic.

Also, these devices are not cheap and it just feels right that they should come in a carrying case. Anyway, enough said here.

Inside the case is the device, a wall/dedicated charger, the 5 attachments and an instructional manual.

The device is nicely built with a few noticeable deviations from traditional massagers.

One such deflection is where the speed gear button is located. It’s to the side of the device, allowing you to easily reach it when you are using the device.

The power button is located at the base of the device. It’s a switch button – just like in Hypervolts. . Once turned on you’ll notice the battery LEDs at the lower end of the handle. There are speed gear LEDs right next to the speed button as well. 

The design is a power drill – long straight handle. We have seen many such massage guns on Amazon but we appreciate how Naipo made this one, even though they didn’t vary the design so much, the stylish appearance makes up for it. The top part is a shiny silver plastic with the handle being black and rubberized.


This device comes with 5 attachments that are nicely varied. We have seen devices that have up to 15 attachments (hello, Chirogun) and we feel those are unnecessary. Five attachments are enough for a full-body massage. 

  • Ball attachment
    It’s the attachment that works on large muscle groups. You can also use it for a general massage, only make sure that you lower the intensity when going over bony or sensitive areas.
  • Flat head
    This is perfect for large muscle groups like the quads and hamstring. It’s a power attachment for those with a lot of muscle mass.
  • Bullet attachment
    It’s used to home in on trigger points. Ligaments and shoulder blades are the right areas to use this attachment on.
  • Fork/ spine head
    It’s the double pronged attachment that works along the spine. It also works on the neck area as well as the Achilles.
  • Cushion head
    This is a variation of the flat head only that the top is covered with soft material. It can be used on quads and hamstrings, but because of the cushion head you shouldn’t be afraid to pass it over bony areas, such as the knee.
naipo attachments
Naipo’s nicely varied attachments.

Size, Weight and Ergonomics

This Naipo is a full-sized massage gun but it looks rather compact. Apart from the conspicuously long handle, it feels stable and just the right size.

Come to think of it, the long handle could actually be a blessing in disguise, you could hold the extreme end when you want to reach those tough spots to get to – the lower back for example.

It weighs only 2lbs. That’s just below the usual 2.2lbs threshold for most guns in its category. Theragun Prime and Elite both weigh 2.2lbs. But Theraguns are ergonomically better than this device.

We appreciate how they tried to make everything else stand out, but we have a bit of a bone to pick with the shape of this thing. You know how from the beginning we’ve always had issues with the T-shape power-tool types of guns. This one is a ringer for a power drill.

However, we think you’ll still quite comfortably be able to hold it for a while as you use it. The handle is oval and just the right size even if you have small hands. You will also love the silicone sheath over the handle that will greatly improve your hold.

We would’ve preferred a slightly angled handle like Ekrin does it – and we’ve certainly seen many other brands adopt it – but we guess you can’t have everything, can you?


The Naipo massage gun may not offer much ergonomically but does it have anything in performance? Let’s find out!


Amplitude (stroke length) is the length travelled by the massage gun head as it hits your skin to give you the percussions. Many devices on Amazon seriously underperform in this category.

The Naipo gun has a 10mm amplitude. Is that enough? Not really, not in 2021 anymore.

For a full-sized massage gun, this may not be enough to punch deep into the muscle tissue. Most devices in this category boast a much longer amplitude. The best to ever do it are Theraguns, or Achedaway Pro with their 16mm amplitude – not many do it quite like they do.

We’ve however, seen notable brands – Ekrin – sacrifice the amplitude but offer a higher stall force. Even so, Ekrin’s full-sized guns have 12mm stroke lengths.

Naipo would’ve been a better device with at least 12mm amplitude. Even though 10mm may not offer a deep tissue percussive massage, it can still get the blood flowing and help with soreness.

But does the stall force redeem it in any way?

Stall Force

This is the amount of force it takes to stall the motor of a device. We couldn’t find the stall force information on this device. It’s a bit disappointing that they didn’t include this information, since this is where it matters most.

We were, however, able to test it and it feels like ~40lbs. of stall force. That’s actually pretty good if you consider that this is only an entry-level massage gun. To be honest, not many massage guns on Amazon have this kind of stall force.

With 40lbs. stall force the device will not stall easily. Even though the amplitude is too short to go deep into the muscle, you can still get a decent vibrational therapy for soreness, blood circulation, relaxation, and dispel lactic acid.

Just to compare, Theragun’s entry-level percussion massager – Prime – has only 30lbs. stall force. Even though it has the long 16mm amplitude, it stalls rather easily.

We have always felt that a long amplitude should be matched by a decent stall force. Otherwise, a shorter amplitude, say 12mm, with a decent stall force, is even better. 

You should, however, note that the stall force on this device is progressive. What this means is that on lower speeds, you should expect the device to stall with much less pressure. The 40lbs. stall force only applies to the highest intensity, which is the 5th speed gear.

Percussions and Speed Levels

The Naipo has a percussion range of 2000-3200rpm. This is the standard range for most massage guns. But 3200rpm as the top speed is high enough to offer the much needed intensity for this device considering it only has the 10mm amplitude.

Even vibrational therapy – which is what we think this gun can offer at best – needs more intensity to be effective. 

Naipo massager construction speed levels
Naipo massager – 5 gears, decent range

We still think the lowest speed should’ve been slightly lower than 2000rpm.

We recently looked at the Butyce which starts revving at 1300rpm. Another thing that the Butyce gave us that the Naipo device doesn’t have, is the high intensity but an even longer amplitude – 14mm. It rivals the Hypervolt BT Plus.

Naipo has 5 speeds to go with the percussions as follows:

  • 2000rpm – first speed
  • 2300rpm – second speed
  • 2600rpm – third speed
  • 2900rpm – fourth speed
  • 3200rpm – fifth speed

Some brands try to sell their products by suggesting up to 15 or even 30 speeds. That may sound impressive but we believe it borders insanity. Consider how long it will take you to cycle to the right intensity. We believe 5 is just about enough. There may be grace for a couple more but not more.


The Naipo device impressed us here. The noise level is advertised as 43dB but this when it’s revving at the lowest speed in a laboratory room (total silence). In reality, you should expect about 53 – 65 dB or thereabouts.

This is still very quiet for a full-sized massage gun. The thing that makes a percussion massager rev noisily is when the amplitude is long. Devices with shorter amplitudes, such as this one, tend to rev rather smoothly (we’ve got the very similar results with the base-level Hypervolt, just so you know).


Naipo massager battery
Naipo – you can expect 5-7 hours of battery time.

The Naipo massage gun has a 2500mAh capacity battery. This is standard battery juice for most massage guns.

Expect 5-7 hours of use with a single charge. That’s pretty decent for an entry-level massage gun.

Also, large capacity batteries tend to contribute to a device’s bulkiness. That is not a problem here.

One bummer here is that it doesn’t have USB charging, which adds a bit of convenience to things. We are not complaining though, because most guns in this category have the wall charger.

Who is It For?

We would recommend the Naipo gun to regular gym goers. It will be perfect to loosen tight muscles, dispel lactic acid, warm up your muscles before a workout or running, and improve blood flow.

It’s also a nice gun for novices looking to buy their first massage gun and don’t know where to look. If you want an entry-level massage gun and don’t want to spend over $200 on a premium device, this is a fairly decent device.

However, this device is vibrational at best. With 10mm amplitude don’t expect a deep tissue percussive massage. Demanding users may have to look elsewhere. You can take a look at the alternatives below.

naipo percussion therapy massage gun
NAIPO massage gun is a vibrational therapy device – surface level massage only

Warranty, Price and Where to Buy?

You get a 2-year warranty on this device. This is pretty good because the best what most massage guns on Amazon can offer is a 1-year warranty or nothing at all.

We recently reviewed Butyce Y8 Pro Max and couldn’t find warranty information. We noticed that you can only purchase this device from Amazon. We tried doing it from their website but we were directed to Amazon.

The Naipo gun costs just over a hundred dollars on Amazon, you can check the latest price here. This is still a fraction of what it would cost you if you bought a Theragun or a Hypervolt.

But, for a device with only 10mm amplitude, this price is still on the steeper side. There are better devices with longer amplitude and even better stall force at that price.

Naipo Massage Gun vs. Theragun

naipo massage gun vs theragun
Naipo Massage Gun vs. Theragun Prime

Sad to say that we can only use Theragun Prime to compare with this device. Theragun Mini serves a different niche, and the other two – Elite and Pro – are way too advanced.

First Prime tops this device with its ergonomic design. Not many devices can outdo a Theragun here and we simply do not like recommending devices that look like power tools.

Prime also has a better amplitude – 16mm is more than you can ever need. Prime would also rank better than the Naipo gun because of the Therabody app. Anyone that hasn’t used a massage gun before can benefit a lot from what the app can do.

However, there are a few things that Theragun Prime lacks that this device readily offers.

For starters, Prime doesn’t even come with a carrying case. It may not be such a big deal, but a carrying case can be handy when you need it. Also, even though the amplitude is rather disappointing, the Naipo has a decent 40lbs. stall force. The best the Prime can offer is 30lbs.

Even though the Naipo gun offers vibrational therapy at best, you can still press it on the skin and it won’t stall easily. 

Theragun offers premium products and can stand up to anyone in the industry. The Prime may have the long amplitude but that’s about it. Apart from being cheaper, the Naipo gun has a better stall force and offers you the comfort of a carrying case.

Naipo Best Alternatives

lifepro DynaSphere massage gun
LifePro DynaSphere

Lifepro Dynasphere

This is the perfect alternative to the Naipo massage gun. It offers a different proposition with its design and looks more compact in comparison.

It has a powerful 66lbs. stall force and an even longer 13mm amplitude. Not many devices under $150 can give you this kind of power.

What this means is that the Lifepro Dynasphere will provide a true, deep tissue percussive massage, whereas Naipo will only do a surface-level massage.

It has a percussion range of 1200-2800rpm – slightly less intensive but with a low starting point, you can have a more accurate massage with it.

It has a 2000mAh capacity battery that lasts 5-7 hours per charge. It’s slightly heavier at 2.1lbs but you won’t even notice it.

Lifepro Dynasphere retails at $119.99 which is cheaper than the Naipo gun. To make the deal even sweeter, you can use the coupon code MGA10 and get 10% off the original price – that means you now get it at only $107.99. 

PRO Tip: Here is our full Lifepro DynaSphere review.

ekrin bantam massage gun
Ekrin Bantam

Ekrin Bantam

This Ekrin’s mini massage gun. We have included it here because even though it serves a different category altogether, it packs better features than most full-sized massage guns.

Obviously as a mini gun it’s lighter than the Naipo – 1.1lbs. However, don’t let the weight fool you. It has the same 10mm amplitude as the Naipo but boasts an almost similar stall force – 35lbs. 

Other advantages that the Bantam has over the Naipo gun include a lifetime warranty, and a lifetime customer support from one of the best brands around.

It also has a Samsung branded battery which gives you a hint that you’re buying a quality product. Naipo’s battery does not bear any branding. Also, it has a USB charging port which means you can easily charge it.

With a coupon code MGA20 you get 20% off the $159 original price – that now makes it only $127.99.

Naipo Massage Gun Review Conclusion

Hopefully you now have as much information as you need after reading our Naipo massage gun review.

This is a good entry-level massage gun on Amazon. You don’t get many devices in that marketplace that gives you 40lbs. stall force and a nice carrying case. The 10mm amplitude is not good enough for its category but there are things this device can do – especially if you prefer gentle massages.

There are other alternatives to this device that you can check out if you want more depth and more power.


Naipo Massage Gun Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


A good starting device if you don’t want to spend more on a premium massage gun. Decent stall force, low noise and nicely varied attachments, but very short amplitude (a.k.a strong length). Like the first Hypervolt, it is better suited for vibrational therapy massage, so if you want to start your journey in percussive therapy, you might want to look for something else. 

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