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lifepro sonic x review

Lifepro Sonic X Review – Lifepro’s Underrated “Professional” Percussive Device

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Our Lifepro Sonic X review covers an interesting percussion massager that we are certain is a great device to have.

Lifepro is an established brand that sells all manner of fitness products. From gym equipment to recovery tools like foam rollers and recently massage guns. They have the highest number of massage gun products most of which we have bought and rated highly in our reviews.

We recently got our hands on their Sonic X massage gun and we must admit it felt like déjà vu. Like we were looking at an exact copy of the Ekrin B37. Not that we haven’t seen devices that are dead ringers for the B37, we recently reviewed the NoCry, and looked at Jawku, another same-looking device.

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lifepro sonic x ekrin b37
Lifepro Sonic X seems like an exact copy of the Ekrin B37, but is it so?

What we discovered was, looking like Ekrin B37 (design and shape) doesn’t mean it’s Ekrin B37, at least not as far as performance features are concerned. For instance, NoCry had a 10mm amplitude and not 12mm like the B37.

But we know Lifepro’s revered reputation and how their products are well thought out. As a result we were not sure what to expect with the Sonic X.

Is it the same as Ekrin B37, or better? We tested it and here’s what we think…

Lifepro Sonic X Review

Lifepro Sonic X Specifications

Lifepro Sonic X features
FeatureLifepro Sonic X
Stall Force56 lbs
Stroke Length12 mm
Percussions1400-3200 ppm
Speed options5
Battery Life6 hours (2550 mAh, non-removable)
Noise 60-70 dB
Weight2.2 lbs
Number of Attachments4
ProsA lot of stall force
High-quality components
Good ergonomics
Overall quality
ConsNon-detachable battery
Handle diameter a little large
Price$174.99 $157.99
10% OFF with MGA10 coupon
Lifepro Sonic X Specifications

First Impressions

The Sonic X percussion massager comes in a nice two-zipper carrying case – perhaps something similar to what we saw with Ekrin B37.

Inside we found the device and everything else (attachments, charger, and manual) arranged nicely.

Lifepro Sonic X package
Lifepro Sonic X Package

The Device

Again the Sonic X percussion massager is similar in many ways to the B37 massager and the first look gives you the impression that perhaps the two were made by the same manufacturer. Who copied the other here?

lifepro sonic x massage gun
Lifepro Sonic X Massage Gun

The device feels good to touch. It has an impressive build and feels sturdy and durable – the same thing we said about the B37. But perhaps there is a bit of a difference anyway.

Whereas we saw Ekrin adorn their maiden product with a stylish color scheme, the Sonic X we’ve tested was sporty blue with a black handle.

It has the one button on top of the device – just like Ekrin B37. The button does pretty much everything. To turn the device on, press and hold the button. To change the speeds, quickly press the button.

It doesn’t have LCD or touch screen but simple LEDs around the button that indicate speed and battery level.

We like the simple approach because it means you can easily get the hang of how to operate it.


The Sonic X has four nicely varied attachments. Here again something very similar to what we saw with Ekrin B37 with the quality of the attachments:

  • Ball – Preferred attachment for massaging all body parts, especially large muscle groups. This one is covered with foam. They say it’s the high-quality EVA foam. We would’ve preferred silicone over foam as the latter tends to wear out fast.
  • Flat – Great massage head for overall use as well. We love it over our glutes, pecs and hamstrings. It’s always our favorite attachment. This one is made out of hard plastic.
  • Bullet – This one is used for pinpoint treatment especially hands, feet and muscle knots. This one is hard plastic as well.
  • Fork – This is designed to massage the spine and neck area. It can also be used for the Achilles area. It’s also made of hard plastic.
Sonic X attachments
Sonic X include 6 attachments.

We also found a detailed instructions manual – the most advanced we have seen so far. It has information on all massage heads, device data, how to use the massage gun, and how to safely handle the device.

Size, Weight, Ergonomics

The Sonic X is a full scale massage gun and – wouldn’t you know – it’s the same size as the Ekrin B37.

lifepro sonic x percussion massager
Lifepro Sonic X Percussion Massager

It’s not as bulky as some of the power tools we have seen and reviewed before (Hypervolt, Legiral etc.).

It also weighs the same 2.2lbs as the B37. Now this is not the lightest device out there but it’s acceptable weight. Also, this one feels just right and very well balanced

When it comes to ergonomics, Lifepro made this device with plenty of that in mind. Many massage gun brands struggle to innovate here, most settling for 90-degree handles.

Lifepro made the Sonic X with a 15-degree angled handle which makes it ergonomically better than traditional devices like Hypervolt.

The 15-degree angle means you can reach the tough spots on your body and not fatigue your wrists quickly. It’s the same thing Ekrin does with their devices, in case you were wondering. 

That said, we had a bit of a problem with the handle diameter. While it’s nicely rounded, it feels slightly swelled for people with small hands. Even so, we appreciate the silicone rubber on the handle that provides extra grip.


Amplitude / Stroke Length

Also known as the stroke length, this refers to how far the massage gun head travels back and forth to give you the percussions per minute.

The amplitude gives you an idea of how deep into the muscle a device can hit. The longer it is the better. Sometimes, however, the amplitude may not be as long. In such a case, if the stall force is enough, the device can still punch deep if you press it hard against the muscle.

Unlike the NoCry which looked very similar to Ekrin B37 and had a dinky 10mm amplitude, the Sonic X has a 12mm amplitude – same as Ekrin B37.

Now, 12mm may not be as hard-hitting as say Theragun’s 16mm, but with enough stall force, it’s enough to give you a deep percussive massage. But does the Sonic X have enough stall force?

Stall Force

This refers to how much pressure it takes to stall the motor of a device. This happens when you need the device to hit deep into the muscle and so press it hard against the skin. The more force a device can handle, the better it is as a percussive massager. 

The Sonic X percussion massager has 56lbs. stall force. Again, this is similar to Ekrin B37. We have seen devices with more stall force like Theragun Pro and Achedaway Pro (60 plus pounds). As much as these are impressively powerful, the Sonic X’s 56lbs. is enough stall force for a deep tissue massage

Despite having the same stall force as Ekrin B37, the progression on each gear is not the same, as seen in this comparison:

  • 1st – 35 lbs (Ekrin: 28 lbs)
  • 2nd – 40 lbs (Ekrin: 32 lbs)
  • 3rd – 45 lbs (Ekrin: 40 lbs)
  • 4th – 51 lbs (Ekrin: 52 lbs)
  • 5th – 56 lbs (Ekrin: 56 lbs)

This interestingly suggests that the Sonic X is harder to stall on lower gears. But, this is not necessarily the case when you hold the device and test it. We couldn’t feel the difference when we compared the two devices.

That said, in practice, we found it hard to stall this device, and this is why we like it so much.

Percussions and Speeds

Same as Ekrin B37, Sonic X has a percussion range of 1400-3200rpm across 5 speeds. This is impressive, not because it can vibrate a lot, but because the range is so wide and allows you to have a delicate massage if you want to.

Unlike Theragun for example, which starts at 1750rpm and may be too intensive for a delicate massage, 1400rpm for a start is slow enough. There are 5 LEDs on top of the power button to indicate the speed gears.

Lifepro Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun
Lifepro Sonic X Personal Percussion Massage Gun


The Sonic X has a 2550mAh battery. Again this is the same as the B37’s.

It’s a well juiced up battery and it’s actually surprising that the device is not heavy. One thing we couldn’t tell was whether the Sonic X’s battery is Samsung branded as the B37’s. If we could make a guess we would say it probably is, given the many similarities – it wouldn’t be surprising, would it?

We point this out because we have seen devices with no-name batteries and these tend to deteriorate fast (40-50% drop in efficiency within 3 months).

That aside, Lifepro Sonic X promises 4-6 hours of battery life on continuous run depending on speed and pressure applied. In comparison, Ekrin promises 5-8 hours which perhaps means that the batteries aren’t similar.

There are 4 LEDs under the power button that indicate the battery level. The device will automatically shut off after 10 minutes of non-use.


It’s a quiet enough device advertised as revving between 35-55dB depending on speed. On our decibel test it registered 50 to slightly over 60 decibels. This is still okay since we didn’t have to turn up the TV volume when using it in the evening.

Another thing we noticed is that it doesn’t rattle as much when pressed against the body. We have seen this even in high-end products like Theragun. It also doesn’t transfer the vibrations to the handle which can sometimes be really uncomfortable.

Who is it Best For?

The Lifepro Sonic X is a pretty versatile device and we would recommend it for athletes who will find it very useful after a workout. You can carry it to the gym with you.

It’s also a great all-rounder device that can be used by the entire family. It’s also a great buy for amateur users who want something strong to use at home.

Also, if you are looking for the best value for money device and can’t choke up $599 for Theragun Pro, this is a quality device that will serve you just as well.

Chiropractors and professional therapists will also love this device. The only downside is you won’t get the removable battery option that means uninterrupted operation.

Price, Warranty and Where to Buy?

Lifepro currently sells the device for $174.99. However, if you use the MGA10 coupon code you get 10% off the normal price. This means the actual price is $157.99 when you buy it here.

Lifepro have a lifetime warranty for all their products, Sonic X is no exception.

Sonic X vs Ekrin B37

lifepro sonic x vs ekrin b37
Lifepro Sonic X vs. Ekrin B37

We just can’t resist the temptation to find out just how similar these two devices are. Is one the clone of another, or is this all just coincidental. Just check out the specs comparison (key features only)…

Key SpecsLifepro Sonic XEkrin B37
Stall Force56 lbs56 lbs
Stroke Length12 mm12 mm
Percussions1400-3200 ppm1400-3200 ppm
Battery Life6 hours5-8 hours
Price:$174.99 $157.99
10% OFF with MGA10 coupon
$229.99 $183.99
20% OFF with MGA20 coupon
Lifepro Sonic X vs. Ekrin B37 Specification Comparison

Here is our summary points on how these two great devices compare:

  • The two devices are identical. It would be difficult to tell them apart if not for the different color schemes.
  • They are both 2.2lbs heavy, have 4 attachments each and come with a carrying case.
  • Same 12mm stroke length.
  • Same 56lbs. maximum stall force. The stall force is progressive and feels the same in all gears even though on paper, there is a slight difference in stall force distribution.
  • The only standout difference may be the battery. Even though both batteries have the same capacity, we couldn’t tell if the Sonic X’s battery is Samsung branded as well. There is a negligible difference in battery life – 5-8 hours vs 6 hours.
  • Both brands offer lifetime warranties and lifetime customer support.

Ekrin B37 retails for $229.99 but with MGA20 (20% OFF) you can get it here for $183.99.

Lifepro Sonic X retails for $174.99 but with MGA10 (10% OFF) you can get it for $157.99. That’s a $26 difference.

Our Verdict

Lifepro Sonic X may be a better deal considering how similar the devices are (90% or more similar). Both brands offer a lifetime warranty and have superb customer support. The $26 difference may be tiny but it’s something.

Lifepro Sonic X vs LX Professional

lifepro sonic x vs lx
Lifepro Sonic X vs. Sonic LX

We’ve had questions from our readers wanting to know how Sonic X compares to Sonic LX Professional. We have the answers right here in this comparison.

Apart from both devices having the same 12mm amplitude, there are differences in all other aspects.

Here’s what we can tell you.

What Sonic LX Professional has

  • 7 attachments compared to Sonic X’s 4. LX Professional has 2 metal attachments.
  • LX Professional can be slightly more intensive than the Sonic X – 3400 maximum percussions vs Sonic X’s 3200rpm.
  • Has 9 speeds. In our opinion, this is not a plus, we actually prefer Sonic X’s 5 speed gears. 

What Sonic X has

  • We have an issue with the fact that the LX has the “professional” tag. This is because compared to the Sonic X, it only has 33lbs. stall force. That’s too small for a deep percussive massage which is 56lbs. on Sonic X can deliver. The huge difference in stall force, in our opinion, means that the LX is an entry-level device. You may have a problem using it to massage the quads and hamstrings.
  • Sonic X has a better juiced battery with 2550mAh capacity vs LX Professional’s 2000mAh battery. You should, therefore, expect about 20% more time on battery (realistically 4-5 hours vs 3-4 hours; Sonic X vs LX, respectively).
  • Sonic X is quieter than LX. It’s not a huge difference but it’s noticeable.
  • Sonic X is slightly lighter at 2.2lbs vs LX’s 2.3lbs.
  • Sonic X is more compact whereas LX feels bulky.
  • LX may be more “professionally” looking, but it’s Sonic X that feels better to touch and has better ergonomics with the slanted handle. 
  • Sonic X is more affordable; costs $174.99 compared to $179 for LX Professional. Don’t forget that for both devices you can apply our 10% OFF coupon code MGA10.

Our Verdict

In light of what we just saw in our comparison above, the Sonic X clearly has an edge over its “professional” counterpart. What confuses us is the pricing strategy adopted by Lifepro for these two products. In our opinion, Lifepro gave the Professional tag to the wrong product! If you consider the performance features for both devices, Sonic X is clearly the better device for professionals. 

You can also read our Lifepro Sonic LX review for more details on this one.

Another Alternative Worth Checking Out  

OPOVE M3 Pro Max
Opove M3 Pro Max

Opove M3 Pro Max

Opove’s M3 Pro Max offers something slightly different from what we see in Sonic X.

Instead of a great and powerful stall force, it has a great amplitude. It has a 15mm amplitude, something that we see with the powerful Achedaway Pro or perhaps Theraguns with their 16mm amplitude. What this means is that the M3 Pro Max will punch deeper than the Sonic X.

However, Sonic X has a better stall Force – 56lbs. vs 50lbs. That’s barely a large enough difference but in our experience it’s noticeable. 

Another thing that impressed us with the M3 Pro Max is that for its long amplitude, it can get really intensive. It has a percussion range of 2000-3300rpm.

It has 4 speeds to cycle through but can be switched between manual and auto mode – in auto mode the intensity changes automatically. Even so, it’s quiet enough with a maximum 63dB. 

Like the Sonic X it comes with a carrying case but has 5 attachments. It’s also slightly heavier – 2.3lbs vs 2.2lbs for Sonic X. Sonic X is better ergonomically because the M3 Pro Max is a Hypervolt clone.

It normally costs $220 but with this link you can get it for only $169. It may be a good option for those who want a longer amplitude.

Lifepro Sonic X Review Conclusion

Hopefully this Lifepro Sonic X review has given you enough information on this great percussion massager. Sonic X is not just the Ekrin B37 lookalike, it’s also surprisingly just as great in performance.

It’s greatly balanced with its superb ergonomics and is one of the gems in the sub $200 category.

It’s a better professional grade device than its more expensive LX Professional counterpart. It’s a bang-up massage gun for athletes and gym goers. Novice users will also greatly appreciate it as their starter device.

Happy massage!

LifePro Sonic X Rating
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


Great percussion massager amazingly similar in many ways to the great Ekrin B37. It has a great stall force capable of a deep tissue massage. It’s superbly balanced and has great ergonomics. Professionals will appreciate it. It’s one of the best sub $200 percussion massagers.

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3.65 (23 votes)
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  1. So it’s identical to the B37, yet you try and pass it off as “90% or more similar” in the following points. Honestly all these “unbiased” reviews are starting to come off as not wanting to directly acknowledge that Ekrin’s B37 isn’t at all the uniquely great deal your reviews continually claim it to be.

    • Jeff, when we wrote this review, the Sonic X was indeed nearly identical to Ekrin B37, but this is currently not the case. Lifepro changed the device later in 2021 but kept the exact model name (and price).

      The current version of the Sonic X is more like the entry-level Ekrin 365, and it is the device you should be comparing the Sonix X to. Unfortunately, many customers aren’t aware of the change Lifepro did, and they think that they are buying a B37-like device for less.

      It ain’t easy to spot differences without a careful inspection, especially those technical ones like different stall force, percussion ranges, etc. But some of those differences are easier to spot – things like different charging types, battery capacities, attachment mounting systems, handle length etc.

      We are going to update this dated review soon to reflect the change.

      Also, last time we checked, Ekrin 365 was cheaper than Lifepro Sonic X – discount matters here, as Ekrin gives 20% off, and Lifepro only 10%.

      I hope this helps!

  2. I almost came to the point that order a Sonic X, until I saw your comments. I am greatly admired your review hear, but you should update this review asap. The misinfomation could ruin your reputation you have worked hard to build.

    Now I am not consider Sonic X as a good alternative for Ekrin B37 anymore. And I will stay away from Lifepro because of the way the do bussiness.

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