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is a massage gun a good gift

Is a Massage Gun a Good Gift Idea? Holiday Guide for 2024

Is a massage gun a good gift? What is a good gift anyway?

It all depends on who’s giving and the recipient of the gift, right? Whichever way you look at it, gifts are awesome! If you’re going to buy someone a gift, can we suggest a massage gun?

hypervolt massager gift
Is this a massage gun gift for me?

Massage guns are popular these days, and everyone who’s heard of them loves what they are touted for. Celebrities are hanging out with them, and athletes keep one handy in case fatigue sets in. A massage gun is a nice device to have and can be an incredible gift to that special someone.

What do we know about massage guns? A lot! We buy and test them, and then we talk about them in massage gun reviews and guides.

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those long guides – the 10 best gift massagers – everybody has been doing. This article will focus on whether you can gift someone a massage gun.

Read on, maybe there’s a gift for you at the end 🙂

Is a Massage Gun a Good Gift Idea?

Is it a good idea to gift someone a massage gun? We believe yes!

Why? Because a massager can be a perfect gift for anyone. It doesn’t matter who’s receiving it – well, unless you are purchasing it for a toddler – anyone would be happy to have a massage gun as a gift.

theragun mini as a gift
Theragun mini works well as a gift.

You can gift a massage gun to your dad, mom, grandpa or grandma, or a friend. It could be for their birthday, Christmas, or employee of the month.

It all depends on who’s receiving the gift and not so much the reason for the occasion – all occasions can have a massage gun as a gift. 

The thing is, it’s never really easy to pick a perfect gift for your loved one. There are numerous questions to answer and the constant worry of whether they’ll like the gift at all.

Well, we can assure you they will like a massage gun. Even if they have never heard of or seen one before, unpacking one will fill their faces with a smile. 

Plus, as the giver, you have plenty to choose from given the variety on the market. There are all kinds of sizes, colors, and embellished ones to choose from.

We often advise our readers to always be aware of the specifications advertised about the device. So if you are looking for inside information about what to look for, we have plenty of posts you can read (pardon us for advertising ;).

Another reason you’ll want to buy your loved one a massage gun as a gift is that they are very easy to package. All you’ll need is a nice gift wrapping paper and you’ll be good to go. Plus, most massage guns will fit perfectly under the Christmas tree.


Our quick guide on how to pack a massage gun for a gift:

  1. Choose a nice paper …
  2. Measure and cut …
  3. Wrap it …
  4. Add a gift bow …
  5. Voilà!

Please don’t thank me!

And oh, there is often a nice little case to carry the gun whenever you need to take it with you. The cases are often high-quality and can be used as small cases for travel sometimes. A gift that gives, how awesome!

Could it be a Bad Idea Though – What If?

It’s always good to cover all bases – and we are not really trying to shove massage guns as a gift idea down your throat.

There are cases when it wouldn’t make sense to offer someone a massage gun as a gift. Rare as they may be, we acknowledge them. Some of them include;

  • When someone cannot receive a massage gun as a gift because of health issues. Again, it’s recommended that you consult your doctor or physiotherapist before using a massage gun. 
  • Some people may not like a massage gun. We know everyone’s different and different people prefer different things. So, if you know that your loved one won’t like a massage gun – that’s not why you are reading this though 🙂 – then you don’t have to force one on them. 
  • The recipient may already have a percussion massage. Unless they are open to having more than one, then you probably should find them something else as a gift. Although, we have seen people who like to experience different massage guns. They don’t all feel the same.

As you can see, the case for a massage gun as a bad gift is pretty weak. It’s probably one case out of a hundred. The other 99 will gladly accept a massage gun. 

theraface pro massager gift
The newly released TheraFace PRO is an excellent gift for a woman, but not only …Read our Theraface Pro Review for details.

How to Choose a Massage Gun for a Gift

It would be unwise to buy a massage gun as a gift because it looks cool, a friend has one that looks the same, or because some people loved it and have a lot to say on Amazon.

If you want a massage gun that will impress the recipient then you have to go about choosing one carefully. That will satisfy the recipient and also provide value for your money.

So, before you pick one for a loved one, pay attention to the following aspects…

The Intent Behind the Gift

This is probably the key aspect when you are choosing a massager gift. You want to make sure it’s useful to the recipient. So, figure out what their needs are.

Are they huge with large muscles? Do they have back or shoulder pain? Are they seniors?

Each of these people will need something unique for their specific needs. You need to go for a device that has proper ergonomics and can perform better.

We have a number of useful guides, with device recommendation for different things. Examples include:

The Specs of a Device

You need to check for three specific aspects of a massage gun: stall force, stroke length, and the percussion range.

You may also want to check the battery capacity and lifetime, noise level, and ergonomics, but those are less important here.

This reiterates the point we made above about the intent of a massager as a gift. We won’t take too much of your time here explaining what we just mentioned, but we’ll refer you to some posts that will guide you;

The Budget You Have

Price is always an important factor when you are choosing a massage gun. The price will vary depending on what your loved one needs and how much you can spare on a massage gun.

Under price you want to check for;

Price Range

Massage guns can cost as little as $50 – like Taotronics massagers and a bunch of other no-name brand devices on Amazon – or as much as $600 (Theragun and Hypervolt are the two most expensive ones).

But the sweet spot in the price range is $150-$200. Here’s where the real value for money is.

TIP Here are the best massage guns for under $150 and a bit closer to $200. You may also want to see our list of the best massage guns on Amazon.

Higher Price = Higher Quality ?

Often yes, but there are exceptions – both ways.

For example, mentioned Taotronics massagers recently surprised us with top quality even though they are cheap.

For example, the mighty Theragun Pro is the most expensive device out there, but Achedaway Pro is half the price and still pretty much the same quality (even better, because it is significantly quieter).

The Brand Factor and the WOW Effect

Ever wondered why some brands charge so much money for products that are “normal” or worse? It’s because everyone wants to be associated with something expensive.

A branded massager (from a reputable brand) will curve a bigger smile to your gift’s recipient compared to a cheap one. It’s just how we humans are wired. So, it’s not a bad idea to add a few more dollars for the added WOW effect.

A lifetime warranty is also awesome because it gives you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about the device breaking down sooner.

Here we can recommend Ekrin Athletics’ devices. They are reasonably priced and awesome quality. Plus, Ekrin is one of the few American massage gun brands – worth supporting!

But How to Use It?

Your loved one will want to know how to use a massage gun. After all, it’s not a toaster or an iron.

Different devices come with different user manuals that don’t always explain clearly how to use the device. Sometimes it’s a mere brochure with a bunch of unreadable symbols.

So, if your loved one has never used a massage gun or isn’t tech-savvy, you’d want to get them something that they can quickly get the hang of.

Theragun and Hypervolt devices are great because they are equipped with Bluetooth technology.

They connect with an app that guides you on using a massager on a section of your body. It is a nice bonus feature (albeit not a must-have one).

Another gun with guided routines is the Lyric Massager – you will see everything on the massager display (and the device looks incredibly sleek).

Final Words and… Our Gift for You

That’s a lot to take in we know. But bear with us, we have a passion for massage guns that borders OCD (but not in a bad way 😊). We had to explain a massage gun as a gift.

Hopefully, we have convinced you that a massage gun is a perfect gift for your loved one.


Ok, I showed you how to pack a gift; now I feel obliged to show you how to unpack one 😉

  1. Tear off the paper …
  2. Repeat until done …
  3. Enjoy!

Remember how we promised a gift at the beginning? Well here is our gift for your – call it a cheat sheet. It’s a table listing recommendations. Bummer, huh? Wait, you haven’t heard it all. 

You probably won’t have time to read 100+ posts of recommendations to compare different aspects of a massage gun or analyze photos. Just head check the table and pick what you need. No misses here, just hit! Guaranteed happiness to your loved one!

We have also included discount coupons for some devices. You get to save 5-20% – that is our gift!

Recommended Massage Guns (With Promo Codes)

Happy Shopping!

Massage GunFor whom or for what occasion?Discount coupon
ekrin bantam massager in hand
Ekrin Bantam
Best mini
• For folks on the move
• For gym bunnies
• For mom or grandma
• For elderly people
20% OFF
Use it here
opove apex massager
Opove Apex
Best ergonomic
• For a back and shoulder pain
• For runners, gym goers
• For an employee
$34 OFF
with this
special link
ekrin 365 percussion massager
Ekrin 365
Best entry-level
• For beginners
• For women
• For grandpa
20% OFF
Use it here
achedaway pro shape design
Achedaway Pro
Most powerful
• For big boys
• For bodybuilders, athletes
For therapists and chiros
$60 OFF
Use it here
b37 massager ergonomic handle
Ekrin B37
Best value
• For a stronger massage
• For a best buddy
• For a basketball of soccer player
20% OFF
Use it here
holding theragun prime massager
Theragun Prime
Most known brand
• For the WOW effect
(the famous brand)
$10 OFF
Use it here
Our cheat sheet table with our device recommendations, along with some sweet discounts.

thank you for the massager gift
WOW… Thank You!

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