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Flyby Massage Gun Review – Simple And Affordable, But Is It Efficient?

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If you want to know everything about this budget-friendly massage gun, keep on reading to know all our thoughts in this comprehensive Flyby Massage Gun review.

It’s hard to look for a massage gun that’s affordable but still efficient. The choice always seems to be between an affordable one with weak features, or a powerful device with a high price tag – rarely is there one that has both. 

Recently, we came across the Flyby F1Pro on Amazon. With its promising features at an affordable price point, we were curious about how it performs. And that’s why we decided to write this Flyby massage gun review. 

Flyby Brand

Flyby is yet another massage gun from an Amazon-only company. Since the brand doesn’t have its official website, it’s hard to find more information about them. 

But, we do know that they sell a variety of products, like telescopic drinking straw and other supplements and accessories. This means that it’s not only dedicated to manufacturing massage guns. 

Nevertheless, their best-sellers are two massage guns – the F1Pro and the F2 Pro. Since the F1Pro is the newer model introduced only by the end of 2019, this is the one we’ve decided to review. 

Initially judging by its undeniable resemblance to Hypervolt, we thought it would be like other clones – loud, bulky, heavy, and underperforming.

Surprisingly, the F1Pro has some good points despite its incredibly low cost

Flyby Massage Gun Review

For a better appreciation of this Flyby Massage Gun review, here is a table of its key features for your reference.

Flyby Massage Gun Specifications

Flyby F1Pro features
FeaturesFlyby F1Pro
Stall Force 50 lbs (advertised)
Stroke Length10 mm
Percussions1800-3200 ppm
Speed options3
Battery Life4 hours (2000 mAh)
Weight1.8 lbs
Noise 45 dB
ProsReasonable stall force
Lightweight and portable
Low noise operation
ConsShort stroke length
Limited speed levels
Warranty1 year
PriceCheck at Amazon
Flyby F1Pro Specs

What’s Included

Unlike most of today’s massage guns, the Flyby Massage Gun doesn’t come with a carrying case. Everything is organized in a neat cardboard box, which is quite understandable for the price.

Inside the box, you get the device itself, 6 attachments, a dedicated wall charger, and an instruction manual. 

  • The massage gun reminds us of the Hypervolt – and that means it looks like a power drill. It doesn’t have an LCD, which is common among budget-friendly percussion massagers. 
  • It comes with 6 attachments: two different-sized ball heads for soft massages, a fork for spinal areas, a flat head to pack a powerful punch in a large area, a bullet head to concentrate the force in a small area, and a wedge that’s best for scraping movements. 
  • The ball heads are made of a foam material that will surely deteriorate over time. We think rubber ball heads will offer better longevity. The others are made of hard plastic, and we think they’re quite durable. 
  • The charger isn’t USB-C, which is a bit disappointing. 
  • The instruction manual contains very basic details. Don’t expect too much from the manual. 

All things considered, we’re quite impressed with what we’re getting for the price. It’s a pity that there’s no carrying case, but we can’t complain considering the low price point.

Flyby F1Pro attachments
Flyby F1Pro attachments.

Size, Ergonomics, and Build Quality

One of the features that first caught us by surprise is its weight. At only 1.8 pounds, it is a lot lighter than most of its competitors. It’s also well-balanced, so we think it’s the perfect weight for a massage gun. 

Also, it’s not as bulky as the others, which is a good thing. Its handle diameter is not too big, so users with small hands can get a good grip on it. 

But, it does have a power drill-like shape, which we’re not a fan of. This makes it hard to reach certain points in the body, especially if you’re giving yourself a massage. The shape also tends to put a lot of tension on the wrist, so long massages can be uncomfortable. 

As for the build quality, we find it quite acceptable. It does have plastic parts that make it feel a bit cheap. But since it’s put together nicely, it still left us with a positive impression. 

The Flyby Massage Gun doesn’t have an LED screen, and it only comes with one button that helps us switch between speeds. To turn it on, you have to use the switch at the bottom of the handle.

Overall, the minimalist design makes it easy to use. Perfect for first-time massage gun owners. We also love the weight and size. If only the handle was a little more angled, it would have been built perfectly. 


Now, let’s proceed to the most important part of this Flyby Massage Gun review – its performance. This is the true test to see how it fares against the others.


The F1Pro only comes with a 10mm stroke length, which is kind of disappointing. This is the common amplitude for mini percussion massagers, so we expected more from a full-sized device. 

But then again, it’s one of the most affordable units in the market, so we did expect a bit of compromise with its internal workings. 

Still, a 10mm stroke length is good enough for personal use. If you’re not after that deep and high-impact massages, the Flyby Massage Gun would be a good choice.

Stall Force 

Fortunately, it has a decent stall force that makes up for the limiting amplitude. 

The Flyby Massage Gun has a maximum advertised stall force of 50lbs. This allows you to push the massager deeper without worrying about stalling the motor. But, we must admit that it feels like it’s only somewhere in the low 40s – similar to the Theragun Elite. Still not bad!

Also, it has a progressive stall force. This means that the stall force is lower at lower speeds, but it increases as you reach the top speed. Keep this in mind when you’re using it. 

flyby f1pro features construction
Flyby F1Pro Features

Percussions and Speed Levels

We are also impressed by the F1Pro’s percussion range of 1800 to 3200ppm. This allows us to enjoy soft massages to deeper punches – not bad for the price. 

But, we’re disappointed with its 3 speed levels. While we’re not fans of 20 or 30 speed levels, we believe a massage gun should have around 5 to 6 speed levels to provide us with optimal performance. The 3-speed option on this unit is quite limiting. 

Overall, the Flyby Massage Gun took us by surprise. It offers a decent performance, which is unexpected for its price. If it had a longer stroke length and a little more gear, then it would be the best for its price range. 


The Flyby Massage Gun is rated to have a maximum noise level of 45dB. And after trying it out for ourselves, we can confirm that it’s quite noiseless. It’s not the quietest, but it’s up there with other good massage guns. For your reference, we find it much quieter than full-sized Theraguns. 

At the lowest gear, you can barely hear anything. While it gets louder as you reach the top speeds, the rattling and vibrations aren’t that bothersome. 

But, we do have one concern. From our experience in reviewing affordable massage guns, affordable units tend to become noisy over time. We’ve seen it happen on Legiral, and some Flyby users also mentioned that in their reviews. We’re yet see if it maintains its noise level after some time.


flyby f1pro battery
Flyby F1Pro battery.

The Flyby F1Pro Massage Gun comes with a 2000 mAh battery that allows it to run for up to 4 hours on its most energy-saving settings.

It can range between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the speed setting and pressure you use. 

To give you an idea of how often you need to recharge the battery, you can use it for 10-minute daily sessions for up to 10 days. And that’s not a bad battery performance at all.

While this massage gun doesn’t have a screen that displays the accurate battery status, it does have LED lights that give us a good idea of when it’s time to charge. 

Also, the Flyby Massage Gun comes with a dedicated wall charger. It doesn’t offer USB-C charging, so it takes quite a while to recharge.

Who Is It Best For?

Deep Tissue Massage Gun Flyby F1Pro under $100
Flyby is best for personal use.

Considering its short stroke length and average stall force, we believe it’s best for personal use.

If you’re in the market for your first massage gun, this would make a budget-friendly choice, better than the Chirogun or a rather average Fitpulse.

Thanks to its 1.8-pound weight and compact dimensions, it easily fits inside most workout bags.

This portable quality makes it perfect for people who are always on the go.

The Flyby Massage Gun also features a good percussion range and stall force, so it will be good for releasing lactic acid, treating sore muscles, breaking up scar tissue, and other post-training rituals. Gym buffs will surely love that about this massage gun. 

Generally, if you need a decent massage gun without breaking the bank, the Flyby Massage Gun is a reasonable choice. 

But, if you’re a demanding muscle-packed user, or a professional therapist or chiropractor, you might want to consider more powerful alternatives.

Price and Warranty

The Flyby Massage Gun retails at a crazy low price. It way below $100 as of time of press, but it’s best to check the current price here. Considering its decent features, we think it’s one of the most budget-friendly massage guns on the market.

Also, this massage gun comes with a 1-year warranty. This is quite common among Amazon-only massage gun brands. While it’s better than having no warranty at all, it’s still no match for most established companies that offer lifetime warranties.

Flyby F1Pro vs. Theragun

flyby f1pro vs theragun
Flyby F1Pro vs. Theragun Prime

When it comes to massage guns, the Theragun is one of the names that often come to mind. Considering how the brand established itself as a premium manufacturer of massagers, we believe it’s best to compare the Flyby F1Pro with its devices to give you an idea of how it performs. 

Specifically, we’ll test the Flyby F1Pro vs Theragun models Elite, Pro, Prime, and Mini for your reference.

  • While the stall force on the Flyby F1Pro is rated at 50lbs, we feel that it’s only at 40lbs – similar in performance to the Theragun Elite’s 40lbs. While this is more powerful than the Prime and Mini, Theragun Pro is more powerful at 60lbs. 
  • The Theragun’s smallest unit, the Theragun Mini, has a stroke length of 12mm. This is still longer than Flyby’s 10mm amplitude. All other full-sized Theraguns have longer stroke lengths.

Theragun Advantages over Flyby

Now that we have the basics covered, let’s now discuss the advantages that Theragun has over Flyby. 

  • Without a doubt, Theraguns have better head travel with their 12mm and 16mm stroke lengths. 
  • The Theragun Pro comes with replaceable batteries for more convenient charging. 
  • Theragun offers a smartphone app that provides users with an interactive guide. You can also control the gun via the app. This means that Theraguns come with more technologically advanced parts. 
  • Theraguns have more speed levels.
  • Theragun Elite and Pro come with a pressure sensor that lets us know the amount of pressure we’re using with every massage session. 
  • Theraguns have two more attachments available with the purchase. 

Flyby Advantages over Theragun

On the other hand, here are the advantages that Flyby has over Theragun. 

  • At its highest gear, the F1Pro offers more power than the Theragun Mini and Prime and is at par with Elite. 
  • The F1Pro comes with a maximum percussion of 3200ppm, which is a lot faster than the Theragun’s 2400ppm. 
  • The Flyby F1Pro has a battery life of up to 4 hours, longer than the Theragun’s 2.5-hour capacity. 
  • Flyby comes at a fraction of the cost of Theraguns. It’s around three times cheaper than Mini – Theragun’s cheapest unit. 

Verdict: It’s hard to provide a Flyby F1Pro massage gun review comparing it to Theraguns, especially considering the different price points. If you want an affordable massager for personal use, then Flyby would be a reasonable choice. But if you’re willing to spend on a premium device, you can’t go wrong with a Theragun. 

But, if we were to choose, we would probably pick either of the alternatives below. 

Flyby Best Alternatives

lifepro DynaSphere massage gun
Lifepro DynaSphere

Lifepro DynaSphere

If you’re looking for a massage gun with more power, the Lifepro DynaSphere would be the best alternative. To give you an idea, here are its key features.

  • It has a stall force of 66 lbs. There’s no doubt that it packs more forceful punches than the Flyby’s 50 lbs. 
  • It offers a good stroke length at an amplitude of 13mm. This is 3mm longer than the F1Pro’s, and you can really feel the difference. 
  • It comes with 6 speed levels. This feature gives you more percussion options than Flyby’s limiting 3-speed offering. 
  • It comes with a travel case while the Flyby has none. 
  • Lifepro is a reputable company that’s known for the top-tier build, high-quality parts, and fantastic aftersales support. The brand even offers a lifetime warranty, so you know you’ll be taken care of. 

Nevertheless, the DynaSphere is more expensive than the F1Pro. If you use the code MGA10 with your purchase, you get 10% off so you only have to pay $107.99. Get it here.

But despite the higher price point, we think it’s still a great deal – especially considering all the improvements under the hood. 

PRO Tip Here is our complete Lifepro DynaSphere review.

OPOVE M3 Pro Max
Opove M3 Pro Max

Opove M3 Pro Max

Another big competitor is the OPOVE M3 Pro Max. For demanding users who need a device that goes deeper into the muscles, this massage gun would be the best alternative. 

  • It has an impressive 15mm amplitude that guarantees to penetrate the muscles deep enough for that high-impact massage. That makes it perfect for users with high muscle mass or serious athletes. This stroke length is similar to the Achedaway Pro, so you know it’s good. 
  • Thanks to its powerful motor, it can handle a stall force of up to 50lbs. This works well with the amplitude to give you a powerful punch. 
  • It comes with a travel case for improved portability. 
  • Its noise level is between 45 and 63dB, which makes it one of the most quiet massage guns on the market. 

The Opove M3 Pro Max currently costs $169 at That is 24% less than the normal price of $220 – a decent $51 discount.

Considering the better features and upgraded quality, we find this to be quite an attractive deal

Flyby Massage Gun Review: Bottom Line

To conclude this Flyby Massage Gun review, we must say that its features are quite impressive for the price. It even comes with a decent 1-year warranty, which is better than having none at all. If it had 5 speeds and a longer amplitude, it would have been near perfect.

Overall, the Flyby F1Pro would make a great entry-level massage gun for users on a budget.

Flyby F1Pro Rating

  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


We are quite surprised by the Flyby Massage Gun’s overall performance. It is built with features that are better than most affordable massage guns. While we have some concerns about the stroke length and speed levels, we find it fair for its price point. But If you want a more powerful device with added speed levels, there are available alternatives for a few extra bucks.

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