Chirogun Massage Gun Review

Chirogun Massage Gun Review: A Must-Read Before You Buy

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We recently came across an interesting Hypervolt massage gun clone that’s been gaining quite a following on Amazon. It’s called the Chirogun Massage Gun, and it comes with an impressive line of accessories at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. 

It promised multiple attachment heads, an impressive speed level range, and ease of use that made us eager to write this Chirogun Massage Gun review. In this article, we’ll break all of these down to see whether it lives up to the hype.

We guarantee that once you’re done with this Chirogun review, you can easily decide whether it suits your percussion needs.

About Chirogun

There’s not a lot of information about the Chirogun brand. It doesn’t have an official website yet, so we can only rely on its Amazon store for information. 

With impressive reviews on Amazon, it’s easy to see why the Chirogun Massage Gun instantly became a hit for a lot of users. It seems that the brand is living up to its promise of helping us relax better, recover faster, and live better with the help of its products. 

And let’s face it – for less than $100, it is one of the most affordable percussive guns in the market.

Chirogun Massage Gun Review

Before we proceed with the Chirogun Massage Gun review, here is an overview of its key features for your reference.

Chirogun Specifications

chirogun specifications
Key FeatureChirogun
Stall Force10 – 30 lbs
Stroke Length10 mm
Percussionsup to 3200 ppm
Battery Life6 hours (2500 mAh)
Weight2.2 lbs
Noise60 dB
ProsPercussion range
Low noise
ConsLow amplitude
Low stall force
Feels bulky
Too many speeds
Attachments hard to pull out
Warranty1 year
Buy nowCheck at Amazon: Silver or Black
Chirogun Specs

First Impressions

Chirogun Massage Gun
Chirogun Massage Gun (Silver)

As soon as we saw it, the first thing that came to mind was its striking resemblance to the Legiral Le3.

They share the same shape and size that if they were placed next to each other, it would be hard to tell them apart.

Also, we were instantly excited about all its attachments and accessories.

The number of choices was overwhelming, so we were all the more excited to test it out.

What’s Included

Upon opening the box, we were surprised that everything was tucked safely inside a carrying case. The purchase comes with a sleek black carrying case that’s stylish and padded to keep everything damage-free. 

chiro gun massage gun
Chiro Gun Case

The case has a molded interior, so everything inside won’t move around when it’s being transported from place to place.

Aside from the unit itself, it comes with a charger, two massage balls, washer rings, and a separate pouch containing all the attachment heads. 

The Chirogun Massage Gun comes with a whooping 15 heads that help massage specific points across the body.

While this seems like an impressive number, remember that you might not use all of them at all – and that can be a waste (most likely will, unfortunately).

The heads seem to be made of premium plastic material, which is not bad for its price. It also has a foam ball head for those who prefer a soft and low-impact massage.  It also seems to be of good quality. 

These attachments are easily mounted onto the gun through the push-type installation mechanism. That keeps them in place even with all the vibrations. 

The tricky part is taking them off – especially for the bullet-type heads. You don’t have a lot of material to hold onto, and makes it hard to pull out. The push and twist mechanisms, like the one Ekrin is utilizing in their new B37s massage gun would definitely come handy!

It’s also impressive how the brand thought of keeping the heads in place when the locking mechanism starts to go loose. It comes with silicone washer rings that you can put at the bottom of the head in case it needs extra traction later on.

Chirogun 15 attachments
Chirogun Massage Gun comes with 15 head attachments.That’s a lot!

Aside from these attachments, the Chirogun Massage Gun also comes with two massage balls. One is soft and smooth, while the other is hard and spiky. These make great alternatives when you prefer manual massages

You also get an instruction manual when you buy the Chirogun Massage Gun. It features diagrams that inform us which head to use for particular muscle groups. And that’s quite a handy guide we must admin.

Size, Ergonomics, and Build Quality

Let’s proceed to another key portion of this Chirogun Massage Gun review:  its size, ergonomics, and build quality. 

Chirogun Massage Gun black
Chirogun (Black option)

Generally, this massage gun does feels heavy and bulky.

Now, to be fair, 2 pounds of weight isn’t a lot when it comes to massage guns but this device, as you’ll see in a moment, doesn’t feature a powerful motor.

So, with the weight of over 2 pounds, we expected better in terms of performance. We were a little disappointed in this aspect.

Moving forward, the Chirogun Massage Gun has a 90-degree angle with a wide handle.

The thing with those T-shaped guns is that they can be quite uncomfortable to hold for longer.

If you have small hands, they can also be a little hard to grip. Also, this angle makes it hard to reach certain parts of the body, especially if you’re giving yourself a massage. 

And as for the build quality, it seems that it’s made of durable plastic material. But we’re not gonna lie – it does feel a bit cheap. 

To operate the Chiro Gun Massage Gun, it features a touch screen display. You can switch between speeds through this display, and it also shows the speed level and battery level for our convenience. 

But, the screen does seem a bit laggy sometimes, so we’re not a big fan of it. 

Overall, we find that there’s not a lot of impressive innovations under this category. It’s big, bulky, and a little laggy, which is a little disappointing but perhaps not really surprising considering its price point.


If there’s anything we’re least excited to write about in this Chirogun Massage Gun review, it is its performance. Upon a quick peek at its specs, we knew that there’s not too much to expect in terms of impact and penetration. 

Amplitude / Stroke Length

Let’s start with its amplitude. This refers to the distance traveled by the massage head when it’s operating. And this helps us determine how deep it can penetrate or muscles or joints. 

Chirogun control touch screen
Simple to control touch screen.

The Chirogun Massage Gun has an amplitude of only 10mm.

While 10mm seems pretty decent for a mini massage gun, we were expecting more considering Chirogun’s size..

Other devices within almost the same price range offer stroke lengths of around 12mm to 16mm, so you can easily see why we’re disappointed (we list some of the alternatives below).

Stall Force

This amplitude is paired with a stall force of maximum of 30 pounds on the highest gear (it’s about 10 pounds on the first speed).

This number makes it good enough for relaxing massages, either as a treatment for sore muscles or to simply help you chill out.

That makes it perfect for everyday use but if you are a muscular person, then forget about true, deep tissue massage with this device. For that, you’d need a massage gun that’s able to dive deeper into the muscles (higher amplitude) and one that can be pressed harder to the body without stalling the motor (more stall force).

But still, while the Chiro gun is not as strong as the Achedaway Pro, Lifepro Dynasphere, or Ekrin massage guns, you should also consider the difference in the price point.

Overall, it’s a good stall force to begin with, but not recommended for those who prefer deeper massages with higher impact.


As for the percussion, it has a good range of around 1800 to 3200 ppm. And with 30 speed levels to choose from, you get to enjoy a wide variety of pulses to help you relax. 

That said, we’re not fans of having so many speeds to choose from. Believe us, navigating through levels 1 to 30 can be quite frustrating. The touchscreen is sometimes not as responsive as you’d like it to be, so occasionally you have to press the button several times before you get there. 

Besides, you don’t feel a big difference when switching between two successive speeds. It would have been better if we only switch between 5 to 6 speeds. We think the 30-speed feature is all a marketing gig – and it works, judging by the number of reviews it has.

Similarly Priced Devices – Performance Comparison

Stall Force (lbs.)

Stall Force: at max 30 lbs., it won’t take much pressure to stall the Chirogun’s motor. We’d recommend 30-50 lbs for true deep tissue massage.

Stroke Length (mm)

Stroke Length of 10mm is common amongst entry-level devices. In that price point, it’s possible to get a device with stoke length above 12mm.


At only 60 decibels, there’s no doubt that the Chirogun Massage Gun is a quiet device. We tested it alongside the Theragun Pro, and it instantly drowned out the Chirogun’s vibrations. 

Even when we switched to higher speeds, the volume didn’t seem to change much. If you want to watch TV or listen to music, you won’t even notice that a massage gun is buzzing away in the background. 

We would have to test it out again after a few months to see it stays quiet despite the wear and tear. From experience, other units tend to become noisier after a while, like the Legiral Le3. It would be nice to see whether it stays quiet even after some time. 

Overall, we love the Chirogun Massage Gun’s quiet operation.


Chiro gun Review
Chirogun Battery Placement

Armed with a 2500 mAh battery, the Chirogun Massage Gun can last for up to 6 hours of continuous running.

It has a convenient indicator on the screen display, so you know when it’s time to recharge. 

It is advertised to charge within 2 hours, which is not bad considering its battery life.

Also, it doesn’t work when it’s currently plugged in, but that is not a surprise (most guns have that issue).

You may have to think twice about using it while it’s charging. 

The Chirogun Massage Gun comes with a dedicated wall charger, which is compatible with a 24-volt power source.

However, it is not chargeable via USB, and that limits our charging options. 

Overall, the Chirogun Percussion Massager has a pretty decent battery performance. But, bear in mind that the battery life depends on the speed level you use. The higher the speed, and the more you press it to the body, the faster it will drain.

Other Review Notes

Here are some of our other Chirogun massage gun review notes, for additional reference. 

  • Turning it on feels strange and awkward. After pressing the power button, you have to press the “+” button until you reach your desired speed level. It takes some getting used to.
  • Speaking of turning it on, you always have to navigate your way to your favorite speed since it doesn’t remember your last setting. This can be quite a hassle if you prefer the higher speed levels. 
  • It tends to vibrate a lot when you switch to higher speeds. This can be felt in your hand, and that can be uncomfortable over time.

Who is It Best For?

Considering its average performance, the Chirogun Percussion Massager would be a good choice for people who are looking for an affordable personal massage gun. 

It does have a wide percussion range, but the limited amplitude and stall force results in a weaker impact – not exactly satisfying for athletes and professionals.

Price and Warranty

There’s no denying that the biggest selling point of the Chirogun Massage Gun is its affordable price. At well under $100 on Amazon (check the current price), it’s one of the most affordable massage guns on the market. 

For this price, you already get a decent unit with 15 attachments, two massage balls, and a carrying case. Not bad at all. 

As for the warranty, there’s no clear information as to whether the brand offers any at all. And that’s quite disappointing.

Chirogun Best Alternatives

lifepro DynaSphere massage gun
Lifepro DynaSphere

LifePro DynaSphere

Perhaps the most interesting alternative is the LifePro DynaSphere. It’s a clear upgrade from the Chirogun Massage Gun, so the slight price difference is well worth it. Here are some of its key features. 

  • It has a 13mm amplitude – bigger and better than the Chiogun’s 10mm. 
  • It also offers more stall force – a whooping 66 pounds. That gives us a much better massage impact that will surely improve blood circulation and treat sore muscles.
  • Despite the better performance, the LifeProDynaSphere is lighter than the Chirogun. It’s also slick and stylish – undoubtedly a more aesthetic upgrade from the other.
  • It doesn’t come with 15 attachments, but the five heads that come with it are quite useful. 
  • It offers six speed levels to provide you with varying percussion for different purposes. 
  • It has a convenient USB charging point, allowing for faster charging speeds and more charging options.
  • Users can choose from lovely blue or stylish gray colors. 
  • And most of all, the brand offers excellent customer support and a lifetime warranty. 

The LifePro DynaShphere generally retails for $119.99. But it now costs $99.99 and you can get it a further 10% discount! Buy it for $89.99 when you use the coupon MGA10 before you purchase. Get the Dynasphere right here.

While this is still a few bucks more than the Chirogun, the improved features and upgraded performance is well worth every penny. 

MORE INFO: Here is our full Lifepro DynaSphere review.

rexogun MINIREX massage gun

Rexogun Minirex

While the Chirogun Massage Gun is affordable, some of its specs are quite limiting. Take the 10-pound stall force for low speeds, for example. That will result in a low-impact massage that’s not at all satisfying. A good alternative would be the Minirex by Rexogun

Here are some of the highlights of the key features of this massage gun. 

  • It comes in a small and compact size that makes it portable and easy o grip. 
  • It offers great ergonomics, so you don’t have to worry about tension on your wrists as you operate it. 
  • It has a 20-pound stall force for its lower speeds, so you can experience a more powerful performance on higher speeds. Even if the Minirex has the same 10mm amplitude as the Chirogun Massage Gun, it’s still more powerful than the latter. 
  • It charges conveniently via USB-C, which offers faster charging and more versatile charging options. 
  • While it only comes with four attachments, each one is well-thought-of, so you’ll surely get to use all of them. 

Now here’s the catch: the Minimax massage gun retails for around $259. But for our readers, you get a good discount so it’s yours for only $179just use this link to Rexogun website. And that’s a great deal for this powerful and more portable alternative. 

RENPHO R4 Pro Massage Gun

Renpho R4 Pro

If the Minirex is still a little above your budget, a more affordable alternative is the Renpho R4 Pro. At only $99, this massage gun offers the same specs and performance as the Chirogun Massage Gun. But, the primary advantage lies in its unmatched ergonomics. 

  • It has an adjustable handle that rotates at 90 degrees. This helps you reach areas that are often hard to reach. 
  • It provides your hands and wrists with a comfortable yet solid grip. 
  • The brand offers clear warranty information: users get a 1-year warranty that’s guaranteed to be hassle-free.
  • It features a similar maximum stall force of around 30 pounds and an amplitude of 10mm, so you can expect the same performance. 
  • Check it at

Chirogun Massage Gun Review: Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the Chirogun Massage Gun’s affordability is one of its selling points. While it doesn’t come with a warranty, it has strong points thanks to its 30 speed levels and multiple attachments.

To conclude this Chirogun Massage Gun Review, this unit makes a good entry-level massage gun for home or personal use. 

Chirogun Massage Gun Rating
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


If you’re looking for an affordable entry-level massage gun, the Chirogun Massage Gun would be a reasonable choice. While the specs are a bit disappointing, it gets the job done anyway – pretty decent for its price. Overall, it would be great for personal use, but there are better options for almost the same price.

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