addsfit mini pro review

addsfit Mini Pro Review – Is This Neat Little Device Worth It?

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Welcome to our addsfit Mini Pro review. Here’s a nice little professional-looking massage gun.

We know addsfit has been around since 2019, making massage guns. That means they know a thing or two about making great massage guns. We had their full-sized addsfit Max gun, saw it in action, and featured it in some of our guides in the past, e.g. in our best Theragun alternatives post.

SIDE NOTE But before this Mini Pro gun, addsfit had another “addsfit Mini” which we chose not to include in our best mini massage gun list. Not that there was much wrong with it; it looked decent, had a great design, and a reasonably powerful motor.

However, it only had a 6mm stroke length. In a list that included the powerful Ekrin Bantam, addsfit Mini simply couldn’t compete.

addsfit logo

But now we have the all-new Mini Pro which we believe is a different massage gun altogether. In short, addsfit did their homework on this one and came up with one of the best mini massage guns we’ve seen in a decent while.

It has some unique and interesting features. Let’s find out what they are, shall we?

addsfit Mini Pro Review

First, some of the key addsfit Mini Pro’s specs:

addsfit Mini Pro Specs

addsfit mini pro specifications
Featureaddsfit Mini Pro
Stall Force28.6 lbs
Stroke Length10 mm
Percussion range1100, 1600, 2000, 2600, 3000 rpm
Attachments4 silicone heads, 1 EVA head
Weight1.23 lbs
Noise (decibel)45 – 55 db
Battery Life / Capacityup to 10 hours / 2600 mAh
rechargeable, NOT removable
ProsHigh quality materials
extensible handle
good power
battery capacity
USB-C charging
Conssome vibrations on high speeds
Warranty1 year
(3 years if deviceregistered)
Current Price$159.00 $119.25
Save 25% with MASSAGE25 coupon
addsfit Mini Pro Specifications

First Impressions

First the massage gun comes with its own carrying case that handles everything including the gun, the attachments, and the charger. We mention this because not all brands choose to include a carrying case (thinking of Theraguns and Hypervolts).

addsfit mini pro package
addsfit Mini Pro comes with 5 attachments and USB-C cable that fit into a nice carry case.

The Device

It’s small but stylishly done with a metal alloy finish. It feels high-quality in hand. The design approach reminds us of what we saw with the previous addsfit Mini and the Wodfitters Mighty Mini – it’s uncanny!

What is different here, is that this one has an LCD screen attached to the back of the device. We love the LCD. It looks almost like an Apple watch attached to the gun (similar shape too).

Apart from the Apple Watch-like LCD, another intriguing thing about the Mini Pro is the slightly longer (and perhaps bigger) handle than what we saw with the previous addsfit Mini.

But another thing that makes this new device really cool is the extensible handle. Yes, the handle can be extended. How cool! We’ll talk more about it when we get to ergonomics.

For now let’s take another look at that flashy LCD:

  • There is a central physical button (not touch). We have always preferred physical buttons to touch ones, and here addsfit gave us one that is stylishly designed. 
  • The screen is nicely backlit when turned on – looks almost like an OLED screen.
  • The screen displays a number of things including a battery indicator, time indicator, force indicator, and a mode indicator (M).
  • The only complaint we have is the tiny font used next to the timer digits, but it’s a minor thing that we believe we’ll get over in a few days.
addsfit mini pro control panel lcd screen
addsfit Mini Pro: control button and a watch-style LCD display

Overall, the addsfit Mini Pro has a high quality feel that we really like and appreciate.

Weight and Ergonomics

For a mini device, we expect it to be light and compact, and that’s exactly what it is – a highly portable massage gun.

But before we go any further, we promised to talk about the extensible handle – a new and awesome feature that we’re seeing for the first time on a massage gun. So the handle extends for a whole 3.15 inches (8cm), which for us is very cool. With just a simple twist, you can convert this mini gun into a slightly larger device.

addsfit mini pro extensible handle
The hand grip can be extended for an extra 3.15 inches.

Why did they do this? To allow for an extended reach especially when you are doing a DIY massage – you can reach your lower back without sweating it out.

Another reason we believe they did this is to give you more grip options.

Instead of just holding this gun in one position, you can move your hand over the extended handle for more options. All this they did without interfering with the device’s portability – the handle retracts so you can fit it into a small space in case you need it on your travels.

Even without extending the handle, it’s still longer than many mini massage guns we have seen. This is a new take on adjustability. We looked at adjustable arms (Lifepro DynaFlex, Theragun Pro, etc), rotating handles (Urikar), this is a new one.

But how much does it weigh? Well, just 1.23lbs. Still not as light as the Ekrin Bantam (just 1.1lbs), but in the same weight category as the Oyeet Nex mini massage gun (1.3lbs). Even with the extensible handle, it’s still lighter than Hypervolt Go (1.5lbs).

The device feels well balanced even when the handle is extended. We felt there was extra weight on the upper part of the handle – especially when the handle is extended – but we only needed the extension when massaging the lower back. Even then the device didn’t feel that much out of balance.


There are 5 attachments included – enough to massage most areas of the body. We noticed that the head mounting system is somewhat unique. The silicon attachments snap on. For the ball attachment, you first have to remove the adapter, then insert the ball attachment – has its own adapter.

Overall these are good quality attachments.

There’s the 1 foam ball – made of the standard EVA foam – which has a slight give to it but not as much as what we saw with Ekrin Bantam’s ball attachment. This one feels firmer.

The rest of the attachments are made of silicone (skin-friendly and antibacterial):

  • The Flat head: It’s not very flat (the usual flat). The surface is ridged but just enough for it to still be suitable for massaging the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and other large muscle groups.
  • The Dampener: It’s the softer version of the flat one and can be used to massage tender areas (bony areas). We like this one so we’re probably going to use it more often than the others.
  • The Thumb head: It works on trigger points. 
  • The Fork attachment: There’s no alteration here. You can use it on your spine and the neck area. Athletes, runners also use it when using massage gun on their Achilles area.
addsfit mini pro attachments
addsfit Mini Pro attachments: 4 silicone heads, 1 EVA head (the very right one).


How does the addsfit Mini Pro perform?


Sometimes called Stroke Length, this is the distance traveled by the massage gun head as it percusses. It determines whether you can have a deep (percussive) or a surface-level (vibrational) massage.

Normally you’ll expect to find a high stroke length on a full-sized massage gun. For mini massage guns, however, like our addsfit Mini Pro here, the stroke length is not very high but just good enough.

Going by what we saw from the previous addsfit Mini (which had a 6mm amplitude), this new device seems to have been upgraded. It has the desirable 10mm amplitude. This is the standard length for mini guns on the market today – apart from Theragun Mini of course, but it has its many weaknesses as well.

With this device, you can have more impactful punches than what the previous mini had to offer. This one can go slightly deeper into the muscle tissue when pressed hard against the muscle.

But just how hard can it be pressed?

Stall Force

Stall Force is the amount of pressure it takes to stall the motor of a massage gun – how hard a massage gun can be pressed against the muscle before it shuts off. Together with the amplitude, they play an important role in determining the quality of a massage you can get. Don’t expect too much from a mini massage gun.

But we’re glad this addsfit has 28.6lbs. of stall force.

addsfit makes the stall force clear in their product specifications. We’ve often found this information hard to come by from many other massage gun brands. Hyperice is notoriously known for not disclosing stall force information for their devices.

mini pro addsfit stall force power
addsfit Mini Pro feels strong enough.

That aside, the 28.6lbs. is the stall force you get on the highest gear (5th). But how does it feel?

Well, it feels strong enough. For a mini gun, a stall force in the upper 20s is acceptable. Although Ekrin Bantam is the strongest with up to 35lbs. of stall force on the highest speed, 28.6lbs. on this new addsfit isn’t so bad either.

It should be strong enough for most people. You can still opt for Ekrin Bantam if you think 28.6lbs. isn’t strong enough for you.

Percussion Range and Speeds

We love the percussion range on this device – 1100-3300rpm. That wide range gives you plenty to work with whether you want an easy and relaxing massage or something intensive.

Another thing that we love about this device is that you can cycle through the percussion range through 5 speeds: 1100/1600/2000/2600/3000 rpm.

That is more speed gears than many other mini massage guns out there. Ekrin Bantam, Hypervolt Go, and even Theragun Mini all have 3 speeds.

Verdict on Performance

So the addsfit Mini Pro has a combination of really good performance aspects. The 10mm stroke length, a stall force in the upper 20s, and a wide vibration range. These make it a perfect device for those who are looking for something portable to use before and after a workout session.

If you are looking for a mini device with high amplitude and decent power, then this one will do.

If you are still not convinced by the stall force on this thing, then go for the more powerful Ekrin Bantam.


It’s highly unlikely that you will encounter a mini massage gun that makes a lot of noise when you turn it on. We tend to have noise issues with full-sized massage guns mostly because of motor power and sometimes their long amplitudes.

For this addsfit Mini Pro gun, the noise levels are what you’d expect from a decent device. In a quiet room, it measured between 50dB and 59-60 dB – almost similar to Ekrin Bantam.

There are some vibrations to the hand, especially on higher gears, but very little to cause any discomfort.


The battery capacity is also a huge surprise – 2600mAh! That is the capacity of a full-sized gun. We wonder how they put such a big battery into such a small device. We’re not complaining though.

They claim it can work for 10 hours straight, but we have our reservations. We believe half that time is doable if you are using it normally with pressure and higher speed gears. Even so, you can still get 7-10 days with this device.

Another big plus is the USB-C charging. It doesn’t come with a wall charger, but a convenient USB cable. When charging, the battery charge indicator is displayed on the LCD.


We often don’t expect much in terms of warranty with many massage gun brands (apart from a few like Ekrin and Lifepro). There are no surprises with addsfit either.

This device has a one-year warranty. However, we checked and you can extend that by 2 more years for a 3-year warranty if you register your device on their website. You can also have a full refund if you return the device within 30 days in case there’s something you don’t like.


The mini devices market is very competitive today and we wondered whether this device can compete with the market prices.

At $159 it’s definitely a bargain. Plus, you can get it for 25% less here at if you use the coupon MASSAGE25. That means for $119.25 you can get this classy high-quality device.

TIP But if you want, there are even more options to check out! Keep reading…

Best Alternative: Ekrin Bantam

ekrin bantam massage gun
Ekrin Bantam

One of the best-selling mini massage guns and for good reason as well.

The Bantam is the epitome of a portable massage gun. It’s very small and very light – probably the lightest massage gun we have seen so far. It weighs just 1.1lbs and you can easily fit it into your jeans pocket.

It’s also excellently built with Ekrin employing the same thinking as their full-sized devices (Ekrin B37, B37S and the new 365). But don’t let the small size fool you, this is a powerful device – probably the most powerful mini device so far.

It has the same 10mm amplitude (the standard for the mini category) as the addsfit Mini Pro but a higher stall force of up to 35lbs. on the highest gear.

That means if the addsfit Mini Pro can’t dig deep into the muscle tissue, this one certainly will because you can press it a bit harder against the body.

It revs up to 3200rpm – just 100rpm less than the addsfit Mini Pro. It has just 3 speeds and there are no LCDs just LEDs to indicate different things; speeds, battery, etc.

It goes for $149.99 but with our MGA20 (20% discount) coupon, you can get it for $119.99. Slightly more than addsfit but you get a more powerful device, a lifetime warranty, and awesome customer support.

TIP Check our Ekrin Bantam review to read more.

addsfit Mini Pro Review Conclusion

We have come to the end of our addsfit Mini Pro review. Addsfit finally has given us something to think about with this new mini massage gun.

Their first mini didn’t do a good job competing against many good guns in that category, but this here is something that anyone can use and enjoy. It won’t be as hard-hitting as the full-sized guns, but it will do a lot to help you with your post-workout recovery and even get you into the mood for a workout.

If you want something more powerful we believe only Ekrin Bantam comes close to beating this decent and high quality massage gun.

Feel free to drop us a comment down below, or ask us a question.

Till the next one!

addsfit Mini Pro Rating
  • Quality
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability
  • Accessories
  • Price Value


The addsfit Mini Pro massage gun screams high quality with the very first look at it. It’s a sleek little device but it’s not just the beauty that makes it stand out, it’s also pretty effective in giving you a good massage. With a 10mm amplitude and 28.6lbs. of stall force, it’s right up there with some of the best mini guns. It has an extensible handle that makes for an extended reach, is well equipped, and also very well-priced what you are getting.

User Review
3.6 (5 votes)

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